FIRST TIME COLOSSUS HUNTER! - Shadow of the Colossus PS4 REMAKE (BLIND) - Part 1 Valus and Quadratus

I'm thrilled to finally play Shadow of the Colossus! With the PS4 Remake, I thought it would be a good time for a blind lets play / gameplay playthrough! Playing on PS4 Pro (Performance mode)
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Hi! My name is Christopher Odd and I’ve been playing video games on the internet for a few years. I really enjoy a variety of games but generally lean towards games with a unique and engaging story (Bioshock, The Witcher, etc), strategy/roguelike games (XCOM 2 War of the Chosen, Darkest Dungeon, etc), and RPGs (Dark Souls, Dragon Age, etc). Of course, I am always looking for great indie games too!


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Thanks to Sony for providing me a copy of Shadow of the Colossus.
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I can't believe I've never had the opportunity to play this gem! I'm pretty excited! Have you guys played it before? What did you enjoy about it?
Wow I'm actually jealous you can play this game for the first time. And a bit happy that we can be a part of it through Youtube.
Some info for you that the game doesn't really tell you:

-You can walk up to the idols of your defeated Colossi to rebattle them in various special modes. This unlocks special weapons, arrows, etc.

-Some trees have fruit hanging from them. Shoot them down and eat them to upgrade your health bar.

-If you see a lizard with a white tail, shoot it and eat it to upgrade your grip meter.

-Keep an eye out for shrines as you travel. They always have a save point and atleast one white tailed lizard.
Blind!? Odd's never played this? haha , well this should be interesting
Oooooh can't wait to see this. Never seen someones blind reaction to this game
Horse goes through a desert and your first question is does the horse have a name. Subtle America reference.
Surrender No More
O MY F* GOD!!! I do not have words to express the feeling that I have at this moment, I played this gem on PS2 so many years ago, my childhood man, nothing more to say that thank you very much mr. odd. <3
Matheus Schneider
This is one of my favourite games and I'm happy to see you playing it, enjoy the game, this is a masterpiece
I get fucked by nee-chan's and okaa-san's futa dicks every night untill my asshole bleeds™
first thing i have to say is Agro is female.
she's a beautiful mare
TJ Dilashow
everytime you pass by or see a tree with big trunk or a shrine of some sort i suggest you stop and explore it, it's some kind of a way to heal or level up or your character
Should pump up the audio for the music.
The music is awesome in this game.
Notty Rainbow
Oh dank, didn't expect this!
Royce Bracket
A blind LP of SotC in 2018? By one of the coolest youtube gamer? Count me in.
Curious to see what the remake looks like too, and if they added anything (I doubt it).
Hey Odd, hope you enjoy this as much as we will. I was quite sceptical with this remake, after all the remaster wasn't that long ago. But the game is looking fantastic and sticking to its source well.
When I first played this as a kid I spent eternity before I noticed the glowing bits under the mammoths feet. Odd spots it in
Never played this either. Play station is killing it this gen.
shrek is life shrek is love
This is one of the best games ever,i played it on PS2 a Lot years ago and i asure you this 2 colussus are NOTHING compared to the others
Judgement Edge
Besides from eating the glowing tail lizards

Did anyone know theres fruit you can eat on trees?
Oh god I already own this in both PS2 and PS3 but this looks so damn gorgeous I knew following you so long ago was worth it! I'm gonna keep an eye on this playthrough
It's a great game. Good to see it blind.
Sondre Pettersen
I felt a tingeling sensation in my body when I saw this in my subscription feed.
OMG ... you actually decided play this game ... nice!!!
and you had the exact same reaction to the game as I had when I loaded it into my PS2 ages ago ... just so beautiful then, and even more so now ... and seeing the new grafics and the light effects, I'm hyped to plug this game into my TV again all over
Er asmus
On PS2, if you had a savegame of "ICO", Agro has the "I" from it at his Head instead of this... Diamond form spot.
"You are a hot young stud, who brought his questionably alive ladyfriend to a forbidden land in order to request that an imprisoned demon bring her back to life. Because these arrangements always work out beautifully for everyone concerned."
I'M LOVING your reactions and joy playing it. Please keep spending your time on it. <3
And keep your mind and heart open. The narrative has a lot of tonal presence,a story communicated through a lot of ways. Like Dark Souls.
This is gonna be amazing.
Charles h
So pumped, I've never had the chance to play this. At least I can watch it now!
"Does the horse have a name?"

5 min later... Agro...Agro...AGRO...AGROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Joseph Roth
must say hes figuring stuff out much quicker than i did when i first played it lol but then again it came out when i was 10 or 11 so
Tania R
its awesome that you have never played it, brings back memories of when i first played.
-I did not know that the Collossi had names. I really hope you put their names into each title as a sort of tribute to them. Also I am pretty freaking hyped to see you play this. I think you might actually come away as a different person
Bree jordan
I love love love the music in this game. The visuals, the story, just everything about it. Makes me want to cry
Angel Santos
I never played this either. Tbh I was always dismissive of Japanese games but this actually looks alright
This is my fifth times watching this video. I just love Chris's reaction on everything!!
Jacob Swartz
The first time playing this when you thought the main character was female. XD At least till he spoke.
You’re in for an adventure with this one Chris. Glad you’re playing it.

Looking forward to more of this awesome game.
No. No it doesn't, but it felt good to be out of the rain...
I was smiling the whole time watching this - I love it when you clearly love the games you play and immediately get engrossed in the feel of it. Like some of the other comments say, with regards to scale, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
oh boy, I can already feel the feels when Odd gets to a certain part...and Im not prepared :/
Kailob Moore
So i already feel like killing these colossi is a bad thing... The music certainly makes it feel that way.
Dylan Thomas
Hell yeah!! I love this game! I was too lame to beat it when it first came out, but i'm already loving your playthrough. Great work, man!
Tyler H
8:05 ...or some say, "Kosm"
英 Ying
They should change the title to Massacre of the Gentle Giants.
the memories are all coming back ! all these feelings.... happiness, sadness, wonder !! i cant wait to see it all again. actually makes me want to start crying
Marc Pelosi
Chris: The scale is INSANE!
Me: You ain't seen nothing yet

Love this game so much.
Lord Snow
Such a raw reaction to an amazing game, this has to be one of my favorite videos of this channel.
Morrow The Wizard
man, thank you for playing this.
i never played either this is awesome.
Thank you as always.
James Sanderson
One of my favorite games of all time, such a classic. I can't wait to see what you think of this
Turned on notifications for this. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this playthrough!
Just Sam
This looks absolutely amazing. Playing it for the first time with this kind of stunning visuals is something i whish i could do.
A game that fits you perfectly, Mr. Odd. I am definitely intrigued. Looking forward!
Le Docteur
I remember this game struggling to run on a PS2 and now it runs at 60fps in glorious HD with amazing how times have changed
Man, Chris this is beyond cool! never thought I get to see a LP of one of my all time favorite games with one of my favorite YT content creators! Thanks for this! Much love!
lieutenant Pliskin
"we are dormin" oh shi looks like ermac got some companion
Wel Wyrmin
31:20 Shines at ass
Trophy: Paint the Target!
Leonardo Vizeu
i loved watching you playing, looked like my first time, gonna watch it all to see your reactions
Christopher Barnette
This video more or less forced my hand - I HAVE to subscribe to you now. Love this game, great narration - nice to meet you!
Fluffy Knight
Now that I finally got to play through the remake for myself I can finally watch your blind playthrough of it. Even though I played it on PS2, I didn't want to spoil the visuals of the game. Especially with the final boss. Onwards through the series!
I'm so happy you're doing Shadow Of The Colossus, I've always wanted to watch a playthrough of this game !!
Pepito Grillo
Surpassing expectations? This is one of the best games in the whole history. I'm sure you've heard about how good it was before to play it xD
I'm impressed you were able to figure out the first one so fast, having never played this before. It took me a while back in the day, on the PS2 version.

I adore this game. I remember being blown away by it when it first came out. While the graphics in this version are definitely improved, that's pretty much all they touched. Gameplay, scale, etc, all the same. This masterpiece was light years ahead of its time.
Do you know that people have spent 10 years searching for the final secret/easter egg in this game?
I love how excited you get for every new game you play. It makes me smile from ear to ear.
Pleb Failsworth
i remember this game being amazing but i have forgotten just how amazing it really is.
"Does the horse have a name?" ...just you wait.
dujon merrick
your reaction to this beautiful game is EXACTLY like mine when i was playing for the first time! please play as much as you can, explore, investigate, and dive right in to this world! big love to an old friend Agro
Irn Bru Boy
I would love to be able to play SotC for the first time again. Enjoy.

Also, you can put your sword away.
Matt Jones
Oh my god, that's beautiful. It was pretty special on PS2 when I played it but now... Wow! Are they also doing Ico? If you haven't played that, it is also well worth the entry fee. I also saw that Okami is getting a make over. Literally three of my favorite games.
The remaster looks good! Excited to join you on this journey. :D
Oh my goodness 10 seconds in and the graphics are already amazing. I played this on the PS2 years and years ago and it was amazing. But it's somehow managed to become even MORE gorgeous. AGH I'M SO EXCITED.
UB LoOnia
Keep the videos coming, I'm loving it already! I. want. more. 🙃
Christopher Guinn
Man, the last time I played this game was with the Mirror World, and so I felt almost a form of vertigo watching the screen turn the right direction at the start of this video.
Colossus in plural is colossi 😉
I'm so happy that you're playing this, it has been and will probably always be my favourite game. Thank you, Chris.
James Goree
Im so excited for this release!!! Ive actually never played it myself even though i tend to call it one of the top 5 best games ever made lolol!!
Mars Farnham
Please, continue! I love this game!
Liam Brasier
i really hope you enjoy this game friend, it was amazing back on ps2
Ricards Augstkalns
This brings back some good memories. Thanks!
Chris Soriano
I've never played it either, excited to see this from your perspective!
This brings back memories. I hope this remake has multiple endings.

*And that music.* The music in this game is one of the best.
Game Switch
Loved your Observer walkthrough. Keep doing such series, they're great!
So excited this got a remake and that you'll be playing it, thanks Mr. Odd!
Mark Jacobs
Holy crap, the original looked great but this is amazing!
This is the best surprise I've ever witnessed! Thanks a lot for bringing up the game of my childhood! I'm actually crying but those are happy tears...
Jacob Hensel
I can't wait to see you get to my favorite Colossus and the Colossus that gave me the most the trouble. You're going to love the third one
Karenina Kahler
This soundtrack is incredible
The first 2 are just a warmup. I look forward to seeing the rest of this play through. Very excited.
Simply watching you experience this for the first time is almost as good as being able to do so myself, all over again.
Lincoln Noronha
Why is it whenever some ominous voice says: "you will pay a heavy price" nobody asks: "what EXACTLY is the price?"
Dan Brennan
It's funny just watching the shroud blow away in that opening cinematic. One of the most valuable items in the game. Gone to the fuckin' wind because Wander couldn't just pick it back up.
Jaim Diojtar
did you know that you could move the camera in all cutscenes? at least in ps2 version you could even in the main menu
Also - I think this game has one of the best OST's of any game ever!
The Crimson King
Just finished watching the tlg playthrough, and now u gift me with this
Glad to see it surpassing your expectations. It's hard for classics to live up to the hype but I hope this one does for you.
Oh my god, Odd you are the -perfect- dude for this game. It's all about atmosphere and environmental storytelling. Can't wait!
JM Landon
It's like fighting furry ATATS from starwars...
Gerry Djohan
I'm excited that you're excited. Cant wait for the next episode!
Never herd it never seen it, the map is very big. Killing the Colossus is going to be interesting, they can't get any bigger or can they!! If there is more then one your going to have a problem. Chirp
John Sappington
There's nothing quite like watching someone encounter their first colossus. Thank you for playing this!
Otaku Riser
I can already tell that this is gonna be so awesome. Especially since it's blind.