PS4 External Storage Loading Time Tests - Upgrade Options Compared!

It works brilliantly, but what are the best ways to use PS4's extended storage feature? Tom runs through the merits of buying a sizeable 4TB external drive versus a smaller SSD (inserted into a USB enclosure). The results are surprisingly promising all round.

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USB is the greatest invention since the computer mouse.
The Arcade
I lived in the tape cassette era...
don't moan about load times until you've tried Commodore 64 game loading times. 👊
Didn't realise it would wipe the Hard drive and make it unusable with anything else when you use it with PS4. All my porn... gone.
Joseph Pekkar
Makes me sick that people give a dislike... Digital Foundry is amazing, and you are the very best out there!!! Keep going... ;)
500GB SSD as my internal. 2TB hdd via usb :)
Marcio Del Bianco
You missed testing a 7200 RPM with an external USB drive and also internally to see if the internal SATA 2 and external USB 3.0 connections makes a huge difference...
So, obvious top option for any PS4 atm is internal SSD + huge external HDD for storage.
Hey Digital Foundry, know what would be really informative? A list of games that get the most benefit from running off of different types of drives (Mechanical, Hybrid, SSD, etc). For example, a game like Fallout 4 would benefit the most from running on anything OTHER than an internal mechanical, whereas something like a CoD title wouldn't benefit as much and should be the one left on the internal mechanical. While most of us can use deduction, your tools have no bias. Even just an article would be helpful.
Well by the looks of it the 4tb external drive seems to be a 7200rpm drive while the stock 500g in the PS4 would be 5400rpm.
Taran Charlton-Blore
just a word of warning; if you're going to use an external drive you should definitely remember to go to [devices/stop using external storage] before you turn off your console, otherwise you may find yourself getting hit with a drive corruption when you next turn on your console. it allows you to repair the drive, which is usually fine, but not always. it happened to me a week or so ago and I had to reformat the drive from scratch to get it working again. bit of a pain in the arse if you're on a slow connection.
anyway, with some luck they'll automate the safe disconnection of the external hard drive in a future update, but for now, be aware.
I was just searching for info on this an hour ago and you finally do the video! Thanks Tom.
Better late than never I guess.
Didn't even notice you had a cold Tom! Hope you get over it fully soon :)
Lily Flower
I'm using a 2TB Seagate Firecuda for internal and a 500GB Samsung Evo 850 for external. Works like a charm!
My PS4 pro still has like 600GB left, so I'm good. I love my pro!
Indeed one of the best features released! can't complain about loading times it's pretty much the same as the internal one
Gummycore Gamer
The stock internal 500GB is 5200 rpm, of cos it will be slower than the 7200 rpm HDDs. You should take the 4TB out of its casing and swap it into the PS4 internally. Let us know the difference between using the same HDD externally vs internally. This will answer the big question of whether the USB external approach comes with performance penalty.
Georges Frédéric Gubert
"What's a loading screen?"
PC Master Race
NordicOnur Honca
ps4 is a great gaming system.
Honestly it's be best to use both together. Using an ssd internally to install multiplayer titles and a hefty external for single player games. That should give you the best of both worlds.
TheYoutubeUser 78
i got the same seagate 2TB version exellent choice people 👌
Alex Atkin
All these "tests" and I never once have heard anyone mention if the SSD performance drops over time, as AFAIK these consoles do not support TRIM as they weren't designed with SSD in mind.
Brunz M
ur voice was fine. good job. thanks 4 this vid. exactly what i needed. cheers
Xellos Metallium
bestbuy WD (red) 8TB external $160.
newegg 480GB for $100

this is a good deal?
should of been available day 1 but at least its here now
Christopher Lampley
Still a useful and great video in 2019, thank you!
Vince O.
Hey DF! Can y'all do a test on how well the new FFXV update holds up with the new "stable mode"?
It's Akile
my boy Tom, 500gb SSD internal with a 4TB external seem like GGs
And then theirs me running a 120GB SSD in my 2006 PS3.
Dakang Mane
Your review was great!! I've been trying to figure out should I go for speed or size. Thanks
Soooo 4TB SSD internally installed is the best choice.
Wallace Rigby
I needed this video thank you so much!
Lunar Breeze
No Bloodborne test? COME ON!
That was the perfect game for testing this even after the patch.
Thank you very much for this video! I've been using that same 4TB drive with my PS4 for over a month now, so this information was very useful to me.

Also, I hope you feel better soon, Sir!
Pariah _30
Buena comparativa, solo faltó medir el rendimiento del SSD en PS4 pro via USB.
Darren Hodgson
I was hoping for a more in-depth analysis of games beyond their loading times as this has been a long time coming.

On my PS4 Pro, for example, I have noticed several games that run with stuttering audio or FMV cutscenes when installed to my Seagate 4 TB External USB drive (it seems to be the same one used in this video) but when copied to the internal drive they run fine. These games include Mass Effect: Andromeda and even Persona 5. I'm really confused as to why this happens as streaming audio and pre-rendered videos shouldn't be an issue. Loading times appear to be the same whether located on the internal or external drive.

Has anyone else come across this issue? It's annoying to have all that space available on my external drive but I have to move them to my internal 2 TB drive in order to play them without stuttering audio and FMVs.
Very informative. Thank you.
thanks for​ the video great work
any chance of a giveaway of the 4tb hard drive?
General Zubbis
Personally, Im rocking a internal ssd for games that suffer from slow loading textures, and a 4 tb external for the rest!
OldSkool 4 Life
Will get the 4tb Seagate next week 👍just in time for far Cry 5 (and 3)
Cordax G
Haha i never even thought about your voice ^^
These movies are great !
Good Job, keep this up.
Holy crap loading times are brutal.
I currently use a 500gb SSD for my PS4. Don't have spare cash for an external again currently but I have had in the past for my PS4 and it's a great investment :)
Thejok3r 96
Honestly I can wait 5 more second.
Elementalism :D
!!!Reminder: formatting a storage device removes all data from it!!!

So make sure no important data is on it.

I'm sure some console users are not aware of that, and will skip the warning without giving it a second thought.
TheKnight OfCydonia
5400 slower than 7200... no... you don't say
Hector D. Cruz
I got the seagate 4TB HDD and a 1 TB internal HDD but I've never compared the loading times, I thought the internal HDD was faster 🤔, Thanks!!!
Zachary Goterch
My guess is the OG PS4's SATA II interface is the main bottleneck on HDDs whereas it's less on Pro, but probably still a bit of a bottleneck there. SSDs are still the route to go for your more frequently used games it seems (or buy a 2 TB FireCuda drive and cache the games you'll most frequently play onto the SSD portion through frequent bootups and whatnot.
mister mister
Ps4 pro also has a 5400rpm drive.
Zoli Kat
still don't understand how tf a 4TB hard drive going through 3 different connections is faster than the PS4's stock internal 500GB. I suppose RPM is a major factor here but still, WHY?
Frank Nakamo
Great Video Tom, what about an M.2 and there are some devices that do raid0, which allows to use both SSD and HDD.
You should now do the XBOXONE version test just like this, and also include an M.2 and a raid0 enclosure.
david ellis
Covered everything I needed. Nice one.
There is also SSHD's from seagate available. They come in sizes from 500gb to 2TB. They have an SSD cache built in that will give you near SSD speeds after the first few loads in any game. They don't cost much more then a regular HDD either.

Downside to these drives is if you switch back and forth between a bunch of games you won't see much of an advantage. If your the type who starts a game and keeps playing until the end then it's an easy choice. Honestly unless you need more then 2TB there really isn't much reason not to use an SSHD over a traditional drive for an extra 10 or 20 bucks.
Rob Carnage
great vid, I had been wondering about this!
Leon Forde
+DigitalFoundry what if I use a 1tb hdd, would loading times differ from regular ps4?
Thanks for this video. Can you check/review for the AC powered external hdd?
like WD My Book 3TB 2016 model.
Nathan M
Tom's voice is really nice to listen to!
Mario Guerrero
I have the exact same external hard drive with a PS4 pro but I get between 5% and 25% slower speeds. I'm thinking digital foundry lied to us.
why would you believe that a 4TB 3,5" HDD was slower than a 500GB 2,5" HDD?
Chris Bullock
So why not just say your best bet is a 1 or 2 Terabyte SSHHD?
4TB External SSHD FTW!
I AM A GTX 1080!
Mike WiLL
Love seeing all these collaborations
Kid chaor
i heard the switch can read 2tb sd cards thats incredible imo for a hybrid because you don't need to carry a big portable hard-drive everywhere
external ssd in game have best loading extures in game? for example rpg open world.. ac odyssey... or not?:)
Eli Levi
you havent done bulletstorm full clip edition.
Do all games work on external drives? I know Xbox one had big performance issues on an external drive.
Jin Kazama
These informative videos are unmatched.
Very informative, thank you!
I am thinking of picking up a PS4 Pro and when i get extra cash i am gonna use a 240GB SSD internal and a 3TB external HDD.. is this a good idea ? i already own a custom build pc with a RX 480 and a i7 6700k so no "just get a pc comments" lol
Stock PS4 drives are SATA II! How did you forget this!
So does this work best for PRO or is slim also a good candidate for SSD upgrade internally?
Mark Davenport Jr
Dual hard drive dock support? if it does ooooh :)
Brecondo [Digital Renegade]
I've got a 1TB SSD on the system itself with a 2TB external SSHD.
To my understanding that segate drive is 5900rpm, whereas the stock drive is 5400rpm....

In theory, buying an external drive with a 7200rpm speed would make loading times faster?
Tom, can you test Seagate Firecuda SSHD 2TB?
Please test dualshock 4 input lag
Praveen bn
Just the review I was looking for. Thanks a lot.
Robert Winter
This video was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
Edgard Neto
I go for a large SSD.
Grumpy Ageing Gamer PSVR
thanks for this, great video
i wouldn't trust Seagate products even if they hold my balls
I'm finding my WD 3TB standard external drive faster than my internal drive, which I will admit is a bit of a surprise.
Brilliant video mate! You're freakin awesome. Thank you
how about.. VS hybrid drives anyway to make M2 drives work on ps4?
Counterpoint Gaming
again not including SSHDs
Buttery Skater
fast drives are only worth for single player. you cant start the game in multiplayer until everyone has loaded the game.
Thanks a lot for this video because m thinking for change the hard drive on my ps4 pro 1tb to 4 tb👍👍👍
Eric Eberle
I got a 480 gb SSD in a external usb 3.0 caddy works great
I would like to know speeds for PS4 Pro: SSD internal VS SSD internal + another SSD external
I have a PS4 PRO and i am glad i switched from the original PS4. The
upgrade for the difference in price between the original PS4 and PS4 PRO
is an absolute steal. Having SATA III in the PS4 PRO and a Solid State
Drive installed in it, makes the PS4 PRO a super fast, powerhouse of a
console. I should know, as i have a 1TB SSD in mine and the loading
times in games are near non-existent. Mass Effect Andromeda loads in 10
seconds when going to a planet. Installed games load even faster! Get a
PS4 PRO, get a solid state drive, put that inside the PS4 PRO, use the
1TB hard drive that was originally inside the PS4 PRO as an external
hard drive and thank me later.
Harley Norris
or just buy a pc
Darth Revan
Been waiting for this patiently... very, very patiently.
You should used a 3.5'' external instead of a 2.5'' external.
That 2.5'' external you should have put inside the ps4 as replacement of the stock ps4 500gb.
Imam Hossan
does the 120gb internal ssd work on ps4?
Anyone want a $200 PS4? I barley use mine and want to put money towards a HTC Vive.
Carlos Eduardo Mejia
You guys are the best!👍
What is the best for ps4 WD or seagate?