How To Get IPs On PS4 After 7.00 Update

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This Method with lanc v2 is found by me.
But Octosniff is even better.
Lanc Remastered and Consolesniffer won't work at the moment (until they get updated).

Lanc v2: #!qVdDQajY!gRNgkhAeRLB7KTS9-hHDXSwuJpJEmmdXqSCnSGXP25M

How To Get Octosniff?
1) Go to the sng link
2) Create an Account
3) Open a Chat Window and ask for the Sniffer
4)An Admin will help you

How To Use Lanc v2:
1) Download Lanc v2
2) Open it and Load Your Adapter
3) Connect to your PS4 (with internal ip)
4) Don't put any destination Port in
5) Start Scanning
6) Look at the Packets. The IPs with most packets are your IPs in your Party (most of the time)
7) go to to check the ISP from your filtered IP.
Now you can see what provider the IP is from and from where it is.

Octosniff does filter the Home Connection IPs for you but it costs like 20 bucks.
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