System Software update 4.00 | Coming 13th September | PS4

PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen), will be available 13th September. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folders, a new Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library improvements, and much more…
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Purple Alpha
I want to be able to send videos of minimum 1min to a friend like the pictures
Clorox Bleach
If you really want to impress us, than let us change our Account name, FFS!
Ambient Joe
what about the ability to hide things no one uses.
Melted Cheese
The fact that No Man's Sky was on this video offends me.
Theres gonna be so many 18+ cover photos 😂
I only have one complaint. The fact that No Man's Sky was on the menu.
2 years since the console has been released and the simple feature like customize your library is finally added. Jeez
Six Cycle
Wonderful! Just one question, why would anyone "want" No Man's Sky? =D
1:32 why would you want No Mans Sky?
But does it fix CE-34878-0?
There's a petetion for anyone who wants mods on ps4 look it up and help the cause "For the Players"
this has to be one of the best updates in a while, though it dosen't help the modding banned in fallout and skyrim but oh well, still good 🙄
luis paez
But I still can't put any picture I want as my background
Seth Richard
pls sony just want ps2 backwards compatibility...PLEEEEAAASEEE
Aurora España
We can get a refund for No Man's sky in this update?
Miguel Puccio
Update the browser please!!! We deserve a better browser :(
Is this also the HDR update?
Yasin Erdal
Psn id name change come ooonnn
Patrick Kaduce
so, the beta testers must of been color blind, why the fck did they like the new color of the notification popup?? white, are u kidding me.. why not make it to where we can choose the color
Captain MeowMeow
*Ahem* And what about our MODS?
I hope the Trophy offline/see hidden trophies feature works well. Next I want to be able to copy videos/music from USB onto PS4 like we could on PS3.
BugsBunny671 -
I dont know why people are complaining about the ps4 pro does not support blu ray 4k it is a gaming system after all not a blu ray system I think playstation is going in the right direction. they are smart to ps4 for gaming and a blu ray system for movies it is a win win for sony on my point. oh and do we need internet to download the software update? my internet is currently down so I am just wondering.
They should add like a file for video clips where you can type in it montages or let's plays.
Dr Gr33nthumb79
Xbox has already had this lol ps4 trying to catch up
Koncz Dávid
LOL, even they said "No" to No Man's Sky at 1:28 :D
Nicely roasted turkey leg
Just give us mods Sony...
Sagara Sousuke
Its great, been using the beta for awhile, and its definitely improvements that this console needed!
ala slipknot
"searching for No Man's Sky"
said no one ever.
We still can't set our screenshots as our Wallpapers on the main menu bg?
Ray Pen
ps4 pro
no native 4k
no HDR 10
no 60fps
no games in near future
skimppy 1tb
Luis Calvo
well well well!
Leonardo Caelum
this Update is just beautiful and can not wait to put my hands on it
Andy Tu
This update is awesome. It can finally do what the PS3 can do lol
For the players! Pffft the players want mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.
Daniel L
excited for the new software update
not so much with the No Man's Lie.... Sky.
how about you give us the option to turn off the light bar on the controller
Jack Bentham 15
HDR graphics I'm hyped about
Name change
Micolash, Your host tonight.
Great pick using No Man's Sky gameplay....hahahaha
The Incandescent One
Some New Features:
Upgrades to features that nobody uses
"FOR THE PLAYAS" Rejects Fallout 4 mods
Make new folder!
PS plus monthly indie games :D never open! DANGER!!! xD
I hate the white notifications, they are to present.

love holding the PS button now, much quicker especially for trophies
nothing can beat the 2.0 update, it is the best one yet.
nothing can beat the 2.0 update, it is the best one yet.
Chris Brown psn ID
according to this video
Ethan Richie
Why does this somewhat look like the Xbox UI? Idk maybe just me.
xopt Oo
I don't like this update, 3.0 "what's new" is better also the notification all became white when 3.0 was semitransparent very futuristic!! Now just like a ordinary game machine...
miguel molina
about time you can put your games in one folder
DWH Gaming
looking good but WHERE is our External HDD Support?
after updating is everything slow for anyone else?
Corey Mckee
I still want to have custom photos as my ps4 backround! !!!
How do you make your PS four inform you when there's a friend of yours now online
Death Note
Tamás Horváth
No Man's Sky WutFace
Nakashatra Sharma
just installed this, it's amazing..!!
nice update thanks ✌
David Vonderhaar
I have 2 suggestions for Sony: Change PS ID and allow mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim special edition.
Richie's YouTube
Accessing folders was available on windows 95. Meh
Tejmur Šihmamedov
PlayStation FTW
Can't wait for the PS4 PRO! :-D
Nuclear Winter__
it's amazing and everything is so much faster!
Finally!, can't wait for the update tomorrow. Hype!! 😄
Yes thank god I've been waiting for this update
Mr Bubbles
I've been waiting for the damn folders forever. Thank you.
Don Al Capone
It's actually amazing - love the new UI.
OMG I love it
thanks playstation
Some One
When y'all gonna add a bigger capacity for parties?
Gravity Slayer
This is awesome!! The best thing that is gonna be added is the quick menu
my ps4 donst work.this update
I wish they would add the ability to store music and videos onto the Ps4 without having to use media player. And even download them straight from the Internet browser like Ps3 did.
Mohammed Rahma
so.. I cannot change my username in 4.0 ? :'(
All I need is the folder part! FINALY
Oppa Lolo Chan
pleasse fix more We cant Redownload our DLC game that we've purchase please fix as soon as you can :) thank you.
Yes! Finally, I've been waiting anxiously to get these improvements. I'm glad the What's New feed and Quick menu have been renewed.
Stephen Wright
Trophies aren't on the quick menu!?
How about allowing Mods for Fallout4
including my beeters!
gotta applaud you Sony, but hopefully you add the function of seeing how long ago a friend has been offline for like on PS3.
I love the new quick menu, just like the Xbox, I can't wait
Risman Anriansyah
no trophies offline???
Itz Parsa
it's great.
Lucian Wong
No Mans Sky? more like No guy buy...
finally organized the interface, loving it
for the players ... :D
sejo botonjic
means: everything gets slowlier again and needs more systemspace....
Fix the data corrupted thingie pls!
Is it possible to connect/pair my Bluetooth headphones/speakers with your hardware now?
Finally quick menu.. Thank god.
I tought this update was going to have offline trophies?
Joey X
Looks like a good update, the folders especially since i got so many games😭
Mr Piddles
Jonathan Holmes?..... PODTOID?!?!?!?
Mad Zen
finally I've been waiting for folders since the launch
Paul King
Hmm. Getting kinda humid in here.

Steamy, one might say.
Never thought I'd be so happy to see a folder!
Some pretty great updates in here. Can't wait to try Shingen out. Thanks!
The Wii U had folders since launch

will it have mods