UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Full GAME Walkthrough - No Commentary

UNCHARTED The Lost Legacy Walkthrough
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Dan Won
"You'll die"
"I can live with that"

....umm, not really. XD
Nadine: You know of any selfish dickheads who might be in need of a partner?
Sam: Alright-
Nadine: Not you.
Sam: Okay.
okay but how is her phone not corrupted with the amount of bloody times they went in the water lol
grace calis
**has a shotgun. Takes aim at airborne chopper** "Yeah, I'm sure this'll work fine"
Vito Prasasta
*finds a new area with enemies, enters stealthily
"They don't know were here. Good."
"Amazing. All things considered.

Hunter Lavallee
I love Sam lol
olympia k.
This is my second time watching it
I love it so much
Faith Baez
This one of the best games I've ever seen I would never get tired of watching people playing it over and over again its just that good
“You boys really dont want me shooting from down here”

Major W
Laehcim Bryan
I really miss Nathan drake
beryl gilligan
Absolutely fantastic!!!! Nadine and Chloe make a brilliant duo
Mohamed Ali Daghmouni
Am I the only one who finished the whole game in a day ?
Armani Warren
So we got Chloe from the 2nd uncharted and Nadine from the 4th... Where Charlie at tho???
this was an amazing story
Aaand yes. I need more of Uncharted.
This is like a quarter of uncharted 4! I’ve been playing for 10 hours and still only half way through.
Kat Glamkitty Panther
funniest part sam chuckling at chloe telling asav to stick the tusk up his arse :D
My phone fell into the water
Their phone fell into the water
*still alive*

Me:I want to buy their phone _(._.)_
Karrsyn Daniels
I really like that Naughty Dog Games are actually giving the female characters some spotlight to actually see the stories in their perspective this is an Amazing Story I love the interactions between Chloe and Nadine very hilarious 😂
Luminous Light
Uncharted just keeps getting better and better. Got Sam in the game?
Hell yea. Lost legacy chapter revealed.
Man I really love Sam. He probably should have his own Uncharted.
Seeing how useless they made Nadine in this game makes me appreciate sully even more tbh.
Jason Voorhees
I just love Sam
Jules Gch
That's the best video game scenario I've ever seen, the dialogues and interactions between the two are so hilarious full of emotion, shame it's a PS4 exclusive, though😔
Maria Cristina
I really like this game,ended franchise with golden key
Zak Gaming
I don’t know why but when Chloe, nadine aspens asav we’re fighting I started to laugh
Good game.
Ev Cruel
This game is better than most movies nowadays. Totally awesome adventure!
Chloe, Nadine and Sam are the best trio ever- love their dynamic together!
800 rupees? No problems. I just go find some pots to break and......wait...wrong game.
Thabang Mphahlele
It`s the second time i watch the gameplay, and i gotta say this, you the best bro.....
john poulios
It is amazing
Chloe reminds me of Lara croft and Nadine from the last uncharted
Naydien-you first
Chloe- you go ahead
Sam- mutch obliged
Chloe- Wow
Rachanta Rach
That ending was magnificent. It felt so real. Chloe and Fraser made a very good team. In fact, this chapter had an amazing storyline
27:33 Someone Took down the whole team. AND HIS NAME IS SAMUEL GODDAMN DRAKE
Yesssss !!! I've been waiting for this !!!!
Adriel Torres
You guys know why they keep getting showered with bullets and never really showing any signs of injury the red around the screen is to show in a way that their luck is running out
MajorityK5 -postsmemes
Do u Know Nate’s story this is Like The Same
Asterix Obelix
Loved this - thanks for the upload
29:03 Michael Gove is that you?
Dijon Brown
You appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece so much more from watching it than you do playing it.
Fairouz Borno
Me and my dad finished yesterday am sooooo sad am really hoping they make uncharted 6 we never know at least make 6 the last one am in love with uncharted
shichika yasuri
great gameplay with tons of action scenes i loved it!
That Woofle
Wait when I looked in the box there wasn’t anything in there!!
1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge
I'm so hyped to play this! I LOVE naughty dog games. I have played and beaten all of their games and all of their dlcs except this!
Cool Dude
1:49:50 I dare any trained engineer or architect to tell me how is that even possible
Sheneil Shirley
This was awesome thanks a bunch! :D
Luminous Light
Literally can't stop commenting. Ladies know how to give a guy a good time. lol!(4:40:36)
Also a perfect ending for all three characters. Best game so far.
2:15:18 I thought Nadine said "I love you."
Tom Hallett
I feel like they tried to drag out chapter 4 a lot by collecting those gold tokens around the map to make up for the fact that the games very short with not that many chapters
Blackheart Inferno
42:00 you missed a treasure
Call Of Duty Foxy
This reminds me of Tomb Raiders
James Williams
Why, yes I just so happen to know a small company of like minded dickheads who run a small "salvage" company...
matthew mason
does anybody know where i can find a 100% completion of this?
Justin Kyke
“Indian army’s not messing around”
S Hunt
Great game! Had me on the edge. Good playthrough!
Raymondo B. Pahula
This took me days to finish watching
am i the only one that feels like i'm watching Nathan Drake with a Chloe skin applied, the animations and actions look almost identical
I loved it! Thank you for sharing :)
Mr Experience
this is one of the few games that I really like very much....and I have never played it
Its Andreaa
I gotta say tho... uncharted 4 really hit the spot for me 😔 I think its the best one yet. I really miss nathan, sam, sully, and elena.
good game. pizza improves any moment
Christopher Mattis
This game really suck i mean finished the whole entire game and I thought it would've had more storylines it ended so quick I really proffer Nathan Drake!!!
Luminous Light
(2:12:27) It's nice to see Nadine with a sense of humor. Glad she's back in the game.
Cause once you think your out, they drag you back in.
PsychoYT Gaming
Finally Nadine decided which side is better cause race told her the bad side
Omar Hussein
3:12:39 im dead xD
GTA Fan '99
I think the last mission is an easter egg to Gta Sa
jay maddox
I'm the only one that kinda shipped Sam and Nadine?
I like how in every uncharted they have no problem to lift 100ton stone/iron door in two and one is able to keep it opened for the 2nd
SiyaM Ma
My Stomach is boiling with every jump......!!!!!
Agingger Gown
Sam did the role of Sully amazingly, if Chloe taking the torch of Uncharted series
This + platforming puzzles = a really good Tomb Raider
Ammar Tarki
3:17:20 friend request by darkelite0
Dung Pham Anh
The first scene, it's not epic as the trailer :(
The action in this game is better than the previous uncharted imo i was hyped as fock playing it on crushing mode
Notorious boy
Thanks with ur help i can beat the game
Kiro Bogoev
The game is amazing
This game's pacing is different from the previous games. It takes a while for the narrative to pick up, but once it does, it's very good!
Red Ify
Great video game! Hey, for more tricks and tactics used in uncharted walk through, you can check my walk through video games upload.
Taha Ragheb
Your play is good im playing the same game
No Man's Sky NEXT and Beyond
That magic gliding phone at 6:19 was funny. It just magically rotates....
Such a cool game, sometimes reminds me of uncharted 4... ehh i miss nate and sam...
Curiosit y
Holy crap that structure in the beginning looks like the book and under was a key from Nate's daughter.. coincidence?
9 hrs and 40 minutes and its 2 hrs 24 minutes in the video cool i still half the game left to be played
Is he playing with aim assist?
Thanh Son Nguyen
I know it's a Sony game but do they have to overuse that product placement? It's like a 5-hr advertisement for the Sony Xperia XZ Premimum. Good phone, tho.
mahesh kumar
tamil in a video game!!!
i dont got the turn thing at 1 hour and 49 mins why
fire dance (mj sachin prajapati)
Realy enjoy good game play bro.but I miss sam brother real hero this game.
I don't know why but when I think of last game, I'm kinda satisfied and glad to see Nadine getting her ass whooped by Asav
the last fighting scene against asaav was soooo cool i watched it like 3 times
Michael Underwood
Great gameplay! I just bought a PS4 yesterday and the first 4 Uncharted games. I wasn’t aware of this one.
Jay Bohner
you had one job, .... to swim underwater. you blew it
Kaiden Barnes
Chloe!!!! I made her in rdr2 lmao
I love the story
keep it up!!!!
Great playthrough thanks.
2:55:14 - Ah. Aaaaaaah! I saw that! I saw what you did there with that jump cut. :>
14 hrs my gameplay 3 h 52 mins yours