Hey everyone for this review I take on Yakuza Kiwami 2 for the Playstation 4. This is a remake of Yakuza 2 back on the PS2 and uses the Dragon Engine that Yakuza 6 used. Overall Kiwami 2 is another solid Yakuza game that just doesn't feel as strong as the modern titles like Yakuza 0 or 6.

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sasuke aro
Low point this is consider one of the highest points in The series, yakuza 3 is consider the lowest point in the series
I'm one of those that just love the yakuza games. Been playing this now for maybe 10 hrs and having a ton of fun. I have to say that the passion and love the developers of these games puts into them is rarely seen in any other game out there.

Great review btw!
Tiger Festivals
Low point? Any time I've heard people mention Yakuza 2 I've heard them say it's the best one, especially because of the story.
Hey everyone thanks for watching I love the Yakuza series and am just happy I can provide a small amount of coverage and hope if you have never tried a game in this series that eventually you give one at least a try but not saying you need to go out and grab this one today. I personal loved Yakuza 2 and was actually the first one I beat I didn't have the original until a few years later so nostalgia wise 2 is my fav but I can't help feel Kiwami 2 while a joy to play through and relive the story it lacked a bit combat wise for me bosses for example felt a bit limited as they didn't change a ton move wise for them from the original. For those wondering about Yakuza 6 I played it all the way through back in March/April my mental health was awful during that time and while I love the game I wasnt able to record a review I was happy with and the stress wasn't helping my mental health at the time so I didn't finish it however I do plan something for Yakuza 6 by years end just haven't figured out what yet.
majima teaming with the rainmaker?

In the Yakuza community most consider 'Yakuza 2' the best game...
Cubic Man
They should finally bring Ishin here too.
OverKnight Gamer
My new favorite YouTuber! Good stuff brolo! Here to stay now
Mountain Jew
Could you review inquisitor martyr for the ps4 ?
lance lindqvist
Are u going to review the new Fist of the northstar game?
Yakuza 6 is actually has the weakest story kiwmai 2 is way better
Play the demo that they released a while back. It was ok but didn't blow me away either. Should I be able to get it for a reduced price I'll consider buying.
Man In Shorts
What About Play It Through of Super Mario Advance 2, 3, 4 for GBA & Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for PC Engine?
For now, it will be last remake, Yakuza 3-5 will be re-released on PS4, but it will be simple conversion with 60 FPS boost (If Y3 will be released in West, hopefully  they wont cut content again)