PS4 Pro "RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2" Console Unboxing (Playstation 4 Bundle) + Bonus

Unboxing Playstation 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 console, Xbox One Ultimate Edition, Special Edition and solving the jigsaw puzzle :D
Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector's Box unboxing
Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition
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red dead redemption 2 ps4 red dead redemption 2 ps4 pro ps4 bundle ps4 limited edition
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Red Dead Redemption 2 fans here?
This qualifies as ASMR
Leesa Drone
damn this game is awesome, i got a horse that has a real attitude, he even kicked out at another horse riding behind me, its amazing the attention to detail in this game.
I need to be doing something better with my life. You know you need to step back and re-assess things when a dude with a knife is making bank off of opening expensive stuff.
Nothing worse than watching this video, then have it suddenly interrupted with a commercial.
A person that doesn't talk nor shown his or her own face.......

has 2.7mill subs......
Unbelievable, I'm so proud. Here's a thumbs up👍
I feel the smell the box in this video
Sasa Philips
I love how extra this video is
nice unboxing knife
I got the PS4 Pro RDR2 package (same package as the one in the vidoe) already! This is ths best game of all time! Great video and keep up the good work! :D
Game To Tv
Year is 2019 and I can't buy ps4 and never play ps4. I am Legend! !!
zikos zaki
I like how you treat things with the utmost care and accuracy thank you so much 👌👍
I remember this being a zombies channel. Not a unboxing channel.
Capt'n Ron & Capt'n obvious
Sweet I almost like that better than my Taco Bell Gold PS4
This Man Must Have At Least 50 PS4s! he Should Giveaway Them
Noah Douglas
Roses are red violets are blue relaxation is the best YouTuber
Watch him!!!!!!!!
Arun Kumar
This dude's actions looks a lot like howtobasic's XD
Shoreline Mafia
You are a god at cod i remember all the world records you set on bo2 zombies you are a inspiration to me and these unboxing vids are really relaxing
This is better than asmr
Fabian Muller
RelaxingEnd I love it that you don’t talk because when people talk it is weird
You are the best unboxed of everything
I bought that Bundle 5 days after RDR 2 Release 😍
Zlobni Kotlet
God damn it, it's so relaxing to watch this videos :D
Shoulda got it all on xbox, way better

Thiago Santos De Sousa
Eu comprei o PS4 pró com 2tb do god of war, paguei 3000 console personalizado com as runas lindo de mais
One of the best videos of THE RELAXING END. 👍🏼
Younus Ahmady
This is so satisfying to watch
Loved the video keep going
Burak Güven
Bro you are crazy, that's crazy unboxing dude
Djole Gamer 99
I think that everything that this man unboxes goes to charity,cuz he is a good person,and WHERE WOULD HE PUT ALL THIS!
you like ps4 ?
Conor Ward
100% this guy has ocd
black negger
Right now if you get this it’s the same price as the original ps4 pro because of Black Friday deals so you pretty much get the game for free with your console
A3aan Doelman
Tip: buy a Xbox one x
Or buy a old ps4 and save the money/disappointment..
Your unboxings are more relaxing than my back therapy!😂
How freaking Manny PS4 pro's does he even have.
I imagine a lot.
Ariel Somekh
This is just an ASMR video
Did you realize Gta v started on the snow and rdr2 started also with snow
This is the only ASMR Channel I like thanks TheRelaxingEnd!
Snow Man
Sick , I'm getting this tomorrow thanks for the epic video
Dragoner Productions
I got mine today, it's nice for rockstar to include the pre-order bonus too
PS4 PRO 😍😍😍😍
IBlind Samurai
Was just relaxing to your videos and got a notification for this video, best unboxing channel out there.
yogesh goalla
I like your unboxing style show your face
Dr. Trigger-Finger
When you unbox an Xbox disc for a ps4 review.
My man
Can u please spend more time with controller and the knife in these PS4 unboxings. They are my fav part. Thanks love your channel keep it up 👍
best unboxing ever i like the noise you make when cut them off and open so sexy haha keep up the good work man
ES6 DiabloX
Relaxation i love You bro 💖🔥🔥
MarkusdeX 8835
There’s one of these rdr2 bundles on eBay for $2500 🤯
jon jon
Yo bro what do you do with does ps4 and games 😂🖤how many do you have ?
Just bought this actual box. I'm friggn livin😲
lol did you mean to give away your pre order bonus code xD
El mas rapido del oeste ndeaah
The Weekend Tours
watching you video in 1080p 60 fps is a different experience
this game is awesome thanks for unboxing man <3
Muhammad Rahadiansyah
So happy to own this exact console, same bundle packaging and everything
Honestly i’m jealous watching your videos...
Man I don't know what it is about these vids.. I can't get enough.. my ears tingle every time! :>)
Christian K Dorescar
I got this 2 months ago and the game is amazing 😉
Flamin Tea
This game is so realistic and fun to play. I love it!
Puto Puto
Xbox graphics are not that good compare to ps4
B renegadde
He just taught us foreplay with this whole presentation 😂😂😂😂😂
even the console design god of war beat this game 😂
xx D3V xx
Damn. Wish I could get views by being completely silent opening a simple box in slow motion hahaha
Lieutenant_ JG
I'm just going to wait until the game of the year edition comes out
Love it this is like a ASMR but this guy must have like 20 ps4’s for real
Subbed, you motivate me to clean my house.
Alberto Hernandez
Solid Beast
Soon i Play RDR2 IN Xbox
This Unboxings are Relaxings Like!
I’m a big kid now.
Great video! Keep up the good content. I had the original and the undead version but never finished them.
Angel Colón
Low key unboxing asmr lmao
Igor Matheus
3:05 😂😂😂
Graham Kelly
This relaxing end guy is 1 of the strangest on YouTube. Proper creepy guy.
Ok, now I'm a bit jealous.
Kieran Oof
ASMR for gamers.
Sam Winchester
the ps4 pro quietest ever produced😍😍
How to Android::
I like your vids because you are nice with all the item you put in the table unlike unbox therapy. Unbox therapy always smash the item in the table.... 😅😂
El M0CO!
Sos un capo,crack te amo ❤❤ saludos de argentina
Edmond Chinian
this video was smooth asf ... great job bro ...
Grey Fox
Lol was.almost a asmr video when unboxing the ps4
Natthakit Korsawatpat
it would be a hell of a plot twist if this guy do a face reveal and turn out he's a pair of robotic arms funded by major game platforms
Ravon Wynns
I lowkey expected the PS4 pro to have designs on it tbh.
Joshuah Arroyo
H34RT b4e3k3r
This man is serious about not showing how his identity he really use a grabber just to put on his gloves
This guy has become the ultimate flexer
Melker Clasén
I have completed RDR2 on xbox one👍🏼
Armando Corona
How can you do a video so perfect..
Paco LS
You're a pro about sounds, all is very relaxing
relaxingend plz do a bo4 zombies video or stream
Legend has it he will never do zombie videos again
Fernando Valdespino
What does this man do with all these extra consoles?
Vincent Rowland
I love ur videos
Why don't you giveaway your consoles that u don't use to fans
Like all those you got from Sony
Just give them away to fans
So much relaxing and awesome
Mahmoud Mohammed
I Wish I Have One...❤
Connor V734
How is it not a limited edition console with a rdr2 wrap on the console and controller
Tyrone knight
Why this have me laughing 🤣😂🤣😂
Erik PS4 Vids
Damn its a great vid wish I could buy the game though
Laur Tanase
On ps4 pro run 60 fps ?
CyberCom Gaming
and the relaxing part is...EVERYTHING, love your channel man!
The way he presses the buttons gives me anxiety
Half of the comments are ASMR bye the way your the best