Sony PS4 Unboxing

Unboxing of the new Sony PlayStation4 game console and the Dual Shock 4 controller.


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Hunter Assassin
PS4 vs Xbox 1

KFC vs McDonalds

Pepsi vs Coca-Cola

Apple vs Samsung

Likes vs Comments
Omar Nadeem
hit like if you still can't afford ps4 😭😭😭
Kaden Cassanova
I have to keep watching this... Until mine arrives
maytham ali
Another year without ps4😭
Svsca 2020
I can afford a PS4 but my parents won't allow me 😭
Frussgaming FR
i dont have ps4 i am so unlucky😢😢😢
Wish me luck I asked for a PS4 for my birthday which is in may
2018 - still cant afford🙄
Doom Guy
"I hope I get one for Christmas."
"I hope I get one for my birthday."

Lucky bastards. I had to buy my own because I'm old.
Lol Nekonya
Xbox 360: Help I'm on fire
PS4: Wait I'm going to call the ambulance
Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U
I Have The PoWER!
Why were you going so fast and rough unboxing things ,chill out.
Mauricio fortnite Mobile
Joel Souto
I used this video to see how it was packed so I cold put it back in the box and sell it.. yeah
mohamed is
I'm watching this because I can't afford one... I have strict parents.
Ahmed Is Here !
Thank God
I have PS4
But it’s Getting Fixed 🙃
Hamda Production
I'm just getting a ps4 uncharted 4 bundle with call of duty extra remote control
Meesh Mathers
I wish the PS3 games worked with the ps4.
Faizan Boy4
I think this is the best original ps4 in boxing 😎👍🤘
I waited 5 years and still havent got one
yea ight
AY AT MY GAMESTOP IT'S FOR 250 FOR CHRISMAS (like if u want to know were) goal for me to tell u is 100 likes :3
Anjani Sharma
I like my own comment 👍👍
Mr. Clean
i can just watch this everyday😂😂
Skyrecruit5454 - The King of Nonsense
Wait, it released 3 YEARS AGO?!?!?!
Jack Vox
me and my parents can,t afford ps4😢😢😢
uzair malik
Please do unboxing of ps4 pro
That Taylor Kid
i got a ps4 today hyped
The Matrix
2018 PlayStation 4 and still looks brand new.
Genrey M.
watching a ps4 video and saw a xbox one ad
david_ cbro!!!1
Your unboxing and review videos are simply the best on youtube!
Liam amanna
I wanted ps3 I did not got 10 years ago
i was like should i buy this i was a pc gamer and thought lets go and its odered i will get it 9th July, 2016 with GOWR and TLPUR bundled version i will order bo3, gta 5, uncharted 4, asassin's creed and Tom Clancy's The Division as well.
Faizan Boy4
Bro i still watch this video over and over,in in 2017
Lazy_Gamer 911
2013:the PS4 is not loud
2017:the PS4 is SO LOUD
Comic Sans
I got a PS3 a month ago, it's going to be a while till I get this but I am grateful and really like my PS3
Why you reading that?
im wait 2021 for ps5
Sanery 123
I love ps 4 but nobody is buying for me so I don't have any consoles xbox also
Bernard Simon
Gentle gentle
Muhammad Ali
I might move to X box plz add cross play
Faizan Boy4
Anyone know how to use the Apple earpods Mic on ps4?
Mario Tomagan
2 salary more and I'm going to buy ps4
From the moment I set foot in this world, Sony took me home. I had years of fun with the PlayStation (1). I used to stay up all night to finish a game. Me and my friends and cousins used to have sleepovers just to play on the PlayStation and finish games.
Then Sony did what I, at that time, thought was impossible. They released an even better console with graphics that looked so life-like to me at that time. I remember when one afternoon, the doorbell rang and I opened it only to find my dad back from work with one hand holding his jacket and the other hold a PlayStation 2 box. I still have that box. I grabbed the box, ran to the living room, violently took the console out, and connected it to my TV. The then-new Dualshock 2 with the two analogs was almost orgasmic. I fell in love with the analog sticks at first sight. It was something new to me. Of course we had to run to the store to grab a couple of games afterwards but that wasn't much of an issue. 
And of course after years of unforgettable fun, a new generation of consoles was introduced. Microsoft released the Xbox 360. I didn't buy that straight away, however. I waited for Sony to make its move and release the PlayStation 2's successor. And after a year of waiting, when the PlayStation 3 came out, I was hugely disappointed. I waited a whole year for this when I could've just gotten the Xbox 360? Only God knows how disappointed I was. Sony has been the love of my life. I've worshiped them.. and this is how they reward me? To me, Xbox 360 seemed to crush Sony's PS3 into little bits. Sony had a year headstart and they couldn't get too far ahead of the Xbox 360. And I never cared much for BluRay so I didn't have to worry about that not being in the Xbox 360. And so I bought the Xbox 360. I fell in love with its controller. The controller was simply out of this world. It fit perfectly in the palms of hands. I instantly turned against Sony and became a Microsoft fanboy. I was in love with the 360. I was in love with its design; in love with its controller; in love with xbox live; in love with the dashboard. And to this day, I am still in love with the 360. Between gaming on it and using it as a media center, the xbox 360 has been my best friend for almost 7 years now. Oh if you only knew how much I thank Microsoft for this piece of artwork.
And after nearly 7 years of Microsoft fanboyism and after waiting for Microsoft's Xbox 720 for such a long time, when they finally announced the PS4 and the oddly named Xbox One (I always had 720 in mind), an old love hit me once again. The love of my life that I had lost when I bought the Xbox 360 came back to me.  I never expected to return to Sony once again but Sony's PlayStation 4 is something else. To me, Sony redeemed itself. The PS4 reminded me of why I was always in love with Sony. And for that, I thank you Sony. I thank you for redeeming yourself. I thank you for taking me home once more. I haven't been the perfect son but you haven't been the perfect mother either and I still forgive you. 
I am coming home, Sony. I am coming home. 
Samir Islam
If I do GOOD in my exams
I will get a ps4 for my present
Just waiting for the results
Should i buy ps4 just for gran turismo??
Tumininu Okanlawon
Pls speak English at the begging
Almost 3 years ago and I just unboxed my PS4 Pro yesterday.
i keep looking at ps4 unboxing. i'm getting one next week. i'm so excited i can't stop looking at unboxings!
Savage Scrub
Bought the same model about 2-3 years ago and it does not disappoint.
Raseal Hussain
Both Ps4 and Xbox one are THE BEST! :)
Davi e Gui da pc
Eu quero um ps4 na promoção (cod:subm3191)-activate
Razchard Naimono
His not even being careful of that Beutiful ps4 ;o Wtf
1 God Squad
i love you
Dragon Knight I
Whos here after the PS5 spec announcement👀
I Remember getting this on launch
isain ornelas
who else is watching this because they want one for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Find your way
I very enjoy to see this video and i love ps4!!!!!
Terrnisha Savoy
I'm getting one when me and my mom move
I waited 3 years later to get it because of the slim
Jenny rodriguez-fito
lol i have a ps2
Mani Kalejahi
when you still really want a ps4 but you can't syeel afford it in 2019!!..
electric slimy
Galaxi Tufi
Thx mate! You helped me to box my ps4 back and sell it! (changing to PS4 pro muhehehe) :-)
Hey Baby Daddy
Getting mine this week I'm HYPE af LoL im late af tho 😂😂😂
I like both the XBOX ONE and the PS4. I'd get both consoles.
Morgan NotFreeman
after 5years i got mine
Hanna Williams
im still on ps3 because ( FREE MULTIPLAYER GAME ) no need PS+
It looks Amazing 😍😍
blackflag 321
Stay awesome man 💙💙
I got it the day it came out
Jeez when you unbox it calm down
Neil James
DetroitBORG does the ps3 controller come with a charger?
Jawad Khan
I want one well I'm getting one on 2017 black Friday so I love the ps4 pro.
I regret buying xbox one so badly man i wish i got ps4 in the beginning
RacSaif Kenobi
Happy anniversary to my ps4
3 years together 😭
Redon Playz
I will cry because i don't have any gaming console or controller😥😥😥😥😓😓😓
TheFirecracker Mne
1TB is more amazing than 500GB
Mas Ayu
Hey detroidborg do a psvita unboxing
360 is better than ps3
Ps4 is better than xboxone
Aryy Films 1
I got the launch day edition and I got two controllers. LOL
Victor spams LT
I'm getting one on December 1-5 lmao can't wait 😂
Foxtroll Killer
I Got this in 12/25/15
Jimmy Cricket
i cuddle mine every night and give it kisses
Ali Mawali
I need one /cry I 've been waiting for years
Pablo Martinez
Detroitborg is the best unboxing and reviewer on YouTube
Raj Sigh
I got one yesterday by begging for years!
TransitToronto BusFan
I never noticed the middle power button
Ratiø Ground
When you were taking the wrapping off the ps4 i thought you would have broken it 😂😂😂
Wadeeha Rasul
Man the memories
God pls give me
Detroit become The walking dead
So lucky :( i wish i had one
I'm getting on my birthday whooo!!!!!!
e.m 1324
178.43 out of 300 €!!! Just 121.57€ moree!!
If someone could ship me one that would be great
Umank Pandey
Sangha Jota
cant afford ps4
Double8 Productions
Who else still prefers Dualshock 3 2 1?
Will PS4 Games Work On The PS3?
dhruv pathak
"Red if something is going wrong." You mean orange when it's on sleep mode.
Cairo M
Your standing it up the the wrong way.
Charles Hutchinson
getting one next month (: the wait is killing me...