Yakuza Kiwami 2: Kaoru Sayama Romance (Full Relationship)

Full relationship of Kiryu and Kaoru in Yakuza Kiwami 2 including cutscenes that add to the development of their relationship.


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44:00 kiryu showing his true power
I like to imagine that after the end of yakuza 6, kiryu found kaoru and enjoyed a quiet life with her
Dundun dun
Damn this story cutscenes is better than some movies out there.
Amanda Anaya
Quality romance. Kiruy's one and only love and a strong woman
grimreaper shinigami
wish they could include kaoru in judge eyes, since it's a detective version of yakuza.
Luiz Alex Phoenix
You know, Yakuza is such an underated series and the fact that people barely mention the main characters and their emotions... That might be one of the biggest wrongdoings of the industry.
Yuki Kuran
I'm giggling like a little girl when he kissed her omg 😆😆😆💖
Game Master
51:44 Stop smoking, its bad!!!! :)
if the bomb was real, Haruka's last few moments of Uncle Kaz is him making out with Kaoru
The rooftop conversation had me heart broken. I know Kiryu has to be cold but still... mannn.... Thank goodness she did the cutest thing ever with the bear!
TaTs Joseph
Justice for kaoru! LOL BRING KAORU BACK IN THE YAKUZA SERIES!! Damn she can be a good asset on kiryu's story and a girlfriend... i hope they didnt add the new main character there going to put on yakuza 7. But they should continue kiryu's story on 7 like how he leave the orphanage to look for kaoru and at the same time kaoru is in the pinch and at the ending kiryu went back to the orphange with kaoru would be a perfect ending for kiryu's story cause kiryu face alot of troubles so he deserve atlease a taste of good memories cause in all the yakuza game he have alot of friends that died so i have a feeling that he really deserves it.... if you guys know what i mean
YouTuber King
When I found out she wouldn’t be on more games it broke my heart! PLEASE BRING HER BACK SEGA!!!
Miyamoto Shun Masaki
Better than Twilight
better relationship than majima had in 0, don't @ me
Arthur Morgan
12:02 you know what you came here for. I gotcha covered :)
MI The Player
59:03 Oh, look at that!
33:03 that son how i in love whit your mother
Alec S.
It made me sad when I finished the remastered version, a good sad though.
Leslie Handsome
That piano during the laptop video playback is amazing
Bruce Wayne
Me: 🤨
Memes Are key
Damn I can't believe they didn't use Crazy Ken bands december & kuroi kizuato no blues for the pivotal moments
I love how she just gets naked in front of him like it's no big deal
Jack F
*takes robe off*

*robe is back on a few seconds after*
Aryo Setyo

Anyone got the name of the track that plays in the background at 1:20:34?
Raulin Plays
Is this even out yet ?.
Omg :'(
Anh Tien Quang Nguyen
Haruka is the best Wingman.
Jack Salvin
Giffari Fardiaz
1:05:54 the piano background sound remind me of Majima and Makoto during the epilogue xD
Agung Rizki
Kazuma, from Konosuba to Yakuza
Young Goblin
What is the name of the soundtrack that plays at 12:33
Lily Dogkid
I wanna know what the song is at 1:09:32
Autumn Kosky
Just got the game today, can't wait to get stuck in. :D
Kiryu Chan!
Yakuza Kiwami is the Remaster/Remake of the original Yakuza on ps2... Pretty solid game. The characters aren't expressive as they should be but, ever talked to a Japanese person? They aren't that expressive as they are in anime...
Nevertheless they did a good job on the Remaster..
Daniel Hao
in 2019 we can play as sayama.
Lipishere W
You made it so great to watch, even some story battles were included. I’m really into it.
Leonard Castro
Kiryu telling her ma hes the opposite of a police. Since when hes like the whitest knight of the yakuza world.
A Guy
y my pp hurt
Shinichi Takahiro
They made koreans look like shet lol
Doge of Dojima
I hated the part where ryuji died... So sad 😢
Ucchia Itachi
I want this game on pc
Jhed _Maniac!
Is this really necessary when both of you are doing that, while the bombs are almost counting down to 0?
Chai Ligen
how long did you take to finish this game ??