Easy fix to PS4 error code (CE-30002-5) Make sure ya turning ya systems off properly to avoid this!
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blaze the goat
Who still watching this for the 6.50 update
Brent Moglia
Good stuff, still does the trick for v6.50
Alex Uwumarogie
It still works for 6.50 thx so much
Pizza Man541
omg thank u soooo much u helped me a lot with this problem!
Fioka Gaming
Hey bro thank you sooo much but it didn't work for me so i found out a new way! If you can't update the system software just go to your other user and just go to sign in for playstation network and when it says system software needs to be updated and just click and it will update! You can do it with your other user! Btw thank you sooo much
Me: Cool okay hit next
Ps4: 12 seconds
Me: 😀
Ps4: 13 hours
Me: ☹
zainea Mario
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you did this video. Thx
Marshall Finc-Calhoun
I absolutely love this video it actually helped lol I couldn’t download update 6.50 and i got frustrated thanks for making this video
Wavy Guyzer
I was about to go and buy a new PS4.. Good looks man you the GOAT💯💯💯
Ali Saffi
Thanks 🙏🏻 good information got my PS4 fixed
Ziyaad Abdool
Bro you saved my life bro thank you thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💯💯💯
gamingwith danny
I did it for 6.51 thanks bro usually people be making them fake videos
Remmio _
Thank you so much man this has been annoying me for 2 months 🙏. U just earned a new sub
Glooks bro just got new wifi and got this problem, you got a new sub
Z H 3
Thank you so much ! You Saved My Day
Michael Geng

Mona Mroue
idk if you will reply but i tried it but there is no internet in my ps bot other devices yes there is
Just so evryone know , this same thing works on slim too
Chris Ishmael
Thanks for the info 👍🏽 it worked !!
Thanks so much i just waited 2 years to buy it and i cannot sign in playstation store and i just installed it and now i installed fortnite 😻😻😻
Legenden max
Well i was about to kill my ps4 before i see your video <3 Thx for the help dude.
King Murese
You legit man. Preciate it mane. Only video I found helpful.
Ily weaver
OMG BRO!! I thought my ps4 broke
VoLT Silky
do we have to reinstall apps
Vanzyl Jonck
Thanks bro you help me out alot you just urned yourself another subscriber
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Bro thanks u MVP😎
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Russell Owens
First off!!! That intro slap!! Keep up the good work on the music, &Thanks bra for the info,me and my chick was goin crazy like damn these electronics,my iPhone had a Similar error ,long story short you saved the day ,& I had to log in ,you deserve a sub for that.stay up bra stay humble.thanks again!!
AvEy Censored_YT
I thought someone hacked me

Edit:thanks man it really worked
{GMD} Infinity
Bro thank you so much dawg it actually worked
Kilaboyz Kik
Thank you so much helped me a lot subscribed and liked👍🏻👍🏻
Thx dude, you helped me out sooo much.
Edit: P.S.all the other tutorials where already on safe mode and I was puzzled, thx.
khalifa Albazzi
My legend you deserve a like for that 👍👍
hella thicc
U God u helped me fix my ps4 I was about to cry thanx bro God bless
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Yo!!! Thx man you don’t know what a life saver you are 💪🏽
Happie Nasty
Thanks man , I was about to threw it out the window 😂
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Best vid on YouTube
Dennis And More
Thanks man!! didnt knew What to Do brother!
Booyah up and working great. I was getting heated with this shit. You da man.💪👍👏👏👏👏
Im Dronn
Thank you so much it was pissing me off
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Thanks dude you really helped out I had that problem a few minutes ago and you helped out!Thx dude
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Gacha Marlowe
Still says error code for me
Luqman Nazir
Dude thanks so much you saved my life my brother was gonna beat my as
Maximillian Nading
When j went to update it it said “an error has occurred” (SU-30634-6) so fml thank for the help on the first part doe 😂🔫
Giles Becraft
First it popped up as SU-42481-9, then this. Thanks a lot for the help bro you the BEST! 😂💯
Gello Z
Thanks man I thought my ps4 broke
Vannesha Smith
This helped sooooooo much thanks for this
Sonny Ellison
Bro,you’re such a legend bro I love you
Rishabh Trivedi
You are awesome bro! It worked thanks alot bro
i did it it said it installed then wen i go on ps4 it says it still needs to install it
Garfield Gtt
Thank you man, you saved my PlayStation!💪🏻
Thank you so much bro! Earned my sub
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Thanks bro, this was very helpful!
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Thanks sooo much it worked I started to freak out until this video came up
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martin spencer
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Mila Cope
Thank you I was on red dead redemption 2 I was trying to grow my beard out and hair but it kept saying error and it did it for like 4 times I had to restart my game but anyways thank you so much I appreciate it!
حبيبي يا رسول الله mess play
Thank you so mutch you have helped me and i subscribed and liked plus turned on notifications
Typical Tuber
You saved me bro thx for the fix bro;)
Xander TV
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Colm Gardner
Straight forward fix, no bullshit, with some character I appreciate it brother
I'm trying it now. I will give you a thumbs up if it works.... Thanks sir.
Wacky Weeaboo
Thank you so much!! I was bout to buy a new ps4 but this work!
Oh yeah yeah
Itz LazyTYGA
am tryin bro.. wen it works for me i owe u some gift bro..
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Really helped a lot. Good stuff
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Does it work on ps4 pro?
Mary Elenes
hell yea it worked !! 💯💯💯
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Thanks bro it worked
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You saved my life, outta everything I've watched your the ONLY ONE who fixed the updating issue!!! Thank you !!!
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Say Less, Mans r bless . Thought I had to Cop a new Station
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Cesar Sanchez
man good looking fam appreciate this alot
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This video was wayy more helpful than the confusing ass ps website thank you man
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