Solution to SU 42118-6 PS4 Update Error

Yo, here's a more in-depth tutorial on how to fix error SU 42118-6. My first one was just explaining stuff.

But yeah,
that's a tutorial on how to open your PS4. It will void PS4. Call Sony and talk to them first. They may fix your PS4 for free. IDK.

Also, is the update page.

If you have any questions or concerns or wanna let me know this worked, do it.
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Expose2kbtw -
I’m getting it in 6.50
Basan Gaming
I got it in 6.50 version
Im switching to Xbox
Petr Mautska
Thx so much from Czech Repubic!!! It works for me!
Julian Hernandez
Hey man I just tried this and when I did the 1 gb file it didn't recognize but it does for the 409 mb. Also mine doesn't beep when removing the ribbon cable
Expose2kbtw -
Make sure the blue ribbon is plugged in
Charles White
People, have first chance cable flat drive blu-ray. We need a new cable flat, and working good.
Yassine Mahfoud
Trying to update to 6.20 by the way
Keshab Gurung
its the blueray connector problem,change the blueray connector.if u had open the ps4 den this update problem will come,what u guys need to do is just check the connection of blueray drive,u need to check if the blueray drive wire is connect properly.easy fix
Oh my blue ribbon is broke 😭
Yassine Mahfoud
Tried initialize quick and full and rebuild database and still mate . Opened my ps4 and realize i got slim one which dosent have these things that u have . Any help would be great
Brooke Coshatt
Im on a newer version of the ps4 and we dont have a flex cable what other cables are there?
Kaizer Soze 85
I go to safe mode, have the usb plugged in with the 1gb file. All it says is error su-42118-6 all over again
john smith i did this and its deleted everything on my account yaay
Not Xeno
Getting error at 6:55
Kaizer Soze 85
i plug in the usb dongle, turn ps4 to safe mode. press initioalize, the it gives me 42118-6 error. tells me to shut off ps4....what do i do
I dont want to take apart my ps4 and the error is still occuring what do i do
Hell Guy
Well I didn't have to initialize ps4 I got the error then turned it of unplugged the disc reader while turning it on and updated with the 400+ mb file and there u go got all my data ps the update thanks anyway
Andrew Bennett
Got this after the 6.50 took apart everything still seem to get the SU-42118-6 error, super frustrating as it was working perfectly fine
Achilles Grimes
We got this error doing the 6.50 update. The problem was the controller had to be connected to the system through the usb charger.
I have error code ce-35888-2 and su-42118-6 as well icant play bk4 now😱😱😱
Gary Grayson
Is it a way to fix
Harveer Gill
Hey John, my PS4 home screen (with all the settings and stuff) everytime I turn my PS4 on the error just pops up
James generalao
Ey is your ps4 working now ?
abdullah hamadeh
I did the update without the delete thing ... On the old update ... But didn't remmeber how
Steven Romme
We had the same problem after updating to firmware version 6.20 it gave error SU-42118-6 we found out that the cable underneath the power supply to optical drive was inserted upside down after we changed the fan 2 months ago. Since this the the first firmware update since then it blocked the update because the optical drive was not connected right. (this cable has contacts only on one side en needs the black indicator on top) after reinstalling this cable right the update worked perfectly!
Dwain David
Thank you father u save my life 🙏
Aaron Cataulin
i have a different model so there are only 3 ribbons on the bottom of my ps4. what exact;y is the ribbon with the silver tab connected to?
John E. Sanz Flores
So listen, this error occurs only when the PlayStation automatically decides to check that everything is in its place and running correctly, just like in this video the guy's cable has to be broken that's why he has to connect it and discontent until it's connected properly in my case the problem lies in the disc ejector, one of the bottom plastic moving things that eject the disk was stuck so I took it apart and put it back together correctly and once I turned on my PlayStation i ran the update online and as usual the PlayStation checks again that everything is in it place before processing to the installation once everything is plugged correctly or nothing is blocking anything or the fan is spinning correctly the PlayStation will go into installation mode
You guys needs to repair the PS4 mother board fuse that's the reason why you keep on getting errors
Jair Gamboa
I have a ps4 slim
Andrew Schiappa
I followed the steps and even unplugged all 4 blue cables on my slim. Nada. Any suggestions or maybe im doing something wrong?
Thanks! This worked for me. Omg. I can try to help someone if some1 needs
LeGeNd-_-KiLLoR Singh
Cant i do all the steps but instead of step 7 i do step 3 so i dont lose all my data?
When I try to reinitialize it Just tells me the same update eror
Soft Downer
My Ps4 stay on that error after having turn off
abdalqado s
- Poseidon-
Thx I haven't tried it but ill try tomorrow cause its late hopefully works !!!
Noo Dle
~ PLEASE HELP !!!!!!~ ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Do you know how to delete an update file that has already been downloaded ?? I’m on 5.03 and I want to update to 5.05 but my ps4 has an update file of 6.02 downloaded. Will initializing my ps4 work ??
Rhino Tech
Has anyone tried to contact sony about this problem since the 6.50 update? Please lemme know what they have to say about it if anyone did
Yusuf Mustafa
And I hv the slim model so do I need to pull only the biggest flex cable as there are 4 cables alligned at the same position
gundam fan
This just happened to my pro installing ver.6.50

Tried unplugging the drive from board via ribbons but this was patched out from 5.00

I'm unable to sign In install update or use my ps4.

My blu ray drive don't accept discs it's like it's dead so it's a hardware issue which is a repair job.
Im yanking as hard as i can on the ribbon. its not coming out. How do remove the ribbons?
James generalao
And help me plss it happen to me now
Jeremy Bree
this dosent work
gabriela rojas
hi, will account be deleted if you do a new system install and update?
Marcus Guy
i messed with the cable a few times and tried pulling it in and out during different steps. it sort of worked for me. i played with it until my power button was working, the eject button was working, and i heard the disk drive actually spin and beep. tried it for about an hour and finnaly got it to where it installed the update. frustrating thing is that ill have to play with it like this everytime there is an update
PlayStation Gamer
I'm so pissed off I came home from work and it says this bs I'm just gonna switch to xbox
animegodguy ken
so i wont lose all my game data?
Yusuf Mustafa
Can I do all these steps but using the internet instead of the USB
Doesn’t work, just sits on error message after unplugging and plugging back in
- Poseidon-
hope it works
: D
My ps4 just reseted my ps4
Arbab Shahbaz
Read for FIX!!

I appreciate this video for giving me a basic idea of what was wrong, I had opened up my ps4 a month ago to clean it out and it became really quiet during the dissembly process I damaged the Blu-Ray disk wire that goes under the Power Supply and due to the damage I switched the sides of the wire so the damaged part was under the power supply after re-assembling the ps4 I realised the Blu-Ray disk wasn’t working so I kept playing, after getting the error I dug stuff up and tried the solution provided in this video and it didn’t work so I switched the cables around to their original position and BOOM it started to update, so try to switch the sides of the cable and make sure you plud them so the cable is in contact with the connector, if not replacing the cable would be the cheapest solution. Hope it helps someone...
Everything went the right way from intelize and the download to the usb but I get a error code not in “system software update” but I get my error in safe mode he will read the usb and that will go smoothly but then it gives me the error again please help me
downloaded the gig file and it cant find it
Dylan Romer
If anybody experiences this error on the 6.5 update, all I did was take the bottom shroud off the PS4 and made sure the battery and the ribbon cord John showed in the video was plugged in properly, another words, I applied little pressure towards the plug and wiggled it in at the same time. I kept the shroud off and made sure it installed the update. It worked first try. I did initialize the PS4 before I tried this method, idk if that did anything but there you have it. Don't spend any money or delete anything. It takes 2 minutes to take the bottom shroud off. Remove the 3 torque screws on the back, pull the shroud off carefully. If you have to remove the two Phillips screws and 3 torque screws holding the battery pack in and make sure everything else is plugged in. Good luck
martin mc laughlin
This is a problem with either a faulty drive or a blown fuse,i have just fixed this error by replacing fuse on the mainboard and i am currently playing fifa on the ps4,any questions just ask
humberto pedroso
How do i do it if i have a ps4 slim like what cables do i unplug? Please help
Atomic_jamzzeyy Btw
I’m not deleting my data fudge that
Brian Baron C
Thank you! Just fixed mine 5 mins ago.
Move cables around and repeated process and works just fine