How to Change/Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive 4K Video

This is a video on how to change your PS4's hard drive. It's actually fairly straightforward. First you need to decide on what hard drive (2.5inch SATA) you want to replace it with. There are not that many options actually. I replaced the original PS4 HDD with a HGST Travelstar 7K1000 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive. Here are the steps to complete the swap:

1) Back up your PS4 (I chose not to back up the applications cause I wanted a fresh install)

2) Turn the PS4 off and unplug it.

3) Remove the shiny plastic cover by sliding it off.

4) Unscrew the caddy that holds the PS4 Hard Drive. Then, unscrew the HDD from the drive enclosure.

5) Install the new HDD into the drive enclosure. Put the 4 screws back on and screw the drive caddy back into the PS4.

6) Go to and download the latest system software. Do NOT download just the update as I see many people doing. You need to scroll down like I've shown in the video until you find the full system software.

7) Format a USB stick to FAT32 Format first. Then, create a folder within that usb labelled PS4. And within PS4, create another folder named UPDATE. It's important to capitalize the letters. Copy and paste the file(PS4UPDATE.PUP) you downloaded from the PS website into the UPDATE folder.

8) Now comes the tricky part. Make sure your PS4 is hooked up to a controller via USB cause we are doing a fresh installation here. Plug the USB stick you just created and hold the power button for about 7 seconds (until you hear a SECOND beep) and then let go. The PS4 should start in safe mode where you can install the system software.

9) Select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) and you should be good to go.

10) Restore your PS4 via the backup you made.

11) Enjoy your new HDD with more storage =)

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Lily Fenix
Thank you very much. We were having trouble installing a new hard drive and your video helped a lot. Thank you again.
Helpfull video!! I have a new ps4 with a 2Tb Hdd thank a lot :D
Divyesh Reddy
Would this improve the psvr quality
hi I have a provlem I did all the way that you do but it gives me error
my hard drive that I use is
"Toshiba Mobile hard Drive L200"
i have something hard drive
JL Thomas
will this upgrade play 4K movies?
Anthony Cooke
Prefect video. cheers
can I use the old hard drive that I have on my ps4 500 GB ? :)
Opio Tia-Okwee
Hi, what size USB do I need ?
Thank you very much! I've tried so hard and it didn't work until I saw that you were suppose to scroll all the way down of the website to download the software! :)
will this hard drive upgrade make it 2160p 4K???
Blocky iffy Stiffy
i did everything right but when i try to reinstall the software with the download it says that it cant be found
Parsa Sadeghi
Having an issue with it not recognising the software on my USB? Any thoughts
So I already bought a flash drive for the very purpose of using it to install a 1TB hard drive into my PS4. Will I also need to purchase an external storage unit, like what was shown in the beginning of this video, as well?
Benito Cardenas
Wat was the 4k business about.. U just updated the hdd
Kemuel Tavarez
My ps4 cant access any of my external hard drives. Help please
Emmanuel Espinal
If I play ps4 games will it run 4k graphics if I do the steps?
Can I put 4TB?
Rishav Goyal
Hey! i want to know that will i have to update all the games again after upgrading my ps4 ?
Drake Hanson
It keeps telling me "the update file cannot be used". What am I doing wrong?? The only thing on the USB is the update file so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
So does this change the video output to 4K?
Zafiro Blue
i was wondering if you can give me an answer for a few concerns i have. i want to do a fresh install and not backup anything, but for example i am currently playing the division will i lose the level i'm currently on if i don't back up? and also if write the season pass again will it accept it on the new hard drive or will it tell me that it's in use from my old hard drive? thanks.
Burna Beatz
this video only demonstrates how to replace and upgrade hard drive but does not prove and display the results of a 4K resolution compatibility ...thumbs down for this video only because it does not prove that you get 4k but it's a perfect demonstration of how to uninstall and install a hard drive