Shadow of the Colossus 2005-2018 (PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4) Comparison

A comparison of the original Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 with the PS3 and PS4 remaster and remake from 2011 and 2018 respectively. The graphics are much better but the controls are still not optimized.
Shadow of the Colossus 2005-2018 Comparison (PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4) ps4
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Desert Rain
Love seeing the leaps each version took between generations. The PS4 version looks stunning as hell.
PS3 resmater
PS4 remake
Edgar Escobar
They didn't changed the soundtrack, that's the BEST PART
In another 6 years we will see this for ps5
Erwin Retamales
i never played nothing of Teams Ico, i think is time to give a try
Hobby Bill
I'd like to see a comparison alongside the Faded filter on PS4. It makes the bloom look similar to the ps2&3 versions.
The PS4 version looks great.
Nicolas Martinho König
Ps2 Have more soul
The PS4 version looks great and all, but the world feels less lonely and desolate due to the focus on realism. Everything is bright and colorful and pretty whereas the PS2 and PS3 versions went for more of a decayed, dreary, barren vibe with the art style. However, the PS3 version had problems with the FPS change affecting Wander's response to colossi shaking, resulting in so much unnecessary shaking and flailing. So I'll say the PS3 version is the definitive version in terms of visuals, but the PS4 version is the definitive version in terms of gameplay.
The remake looks splendid, but in terms of the ending cinematic scene, I still love it in the original PS2 release the most. That over-brightness was and still is spectacular.
Gustavo Henrique Arantes
So I played the version with the best visuals! It still lost so many points because of the frustrating controls...
i prefer ps2, the white light looks beautiful, and it feels more spiritual.
ShAcKo B.
Love this game on a 55 4Ktv. KEF sorround speakers audio and PS4 Pro... jeje
Nick Es
THIS is how you do a graphics comparison video! Nice job, dude.
Also, the PS4 version looks almost like they built it from the ground up. So crisp.
PS3 version is nice and clean as well, but the PS4 one is just leagues above the previous 2.
Osorno 1314
The PS4 version looks a lot less bright which I really like. I did change the style BUT the atmosphere is...different, but still really particular of the game
Bootlegged Terrorist
Everything is gorgeous, the only problem i have is the character face models,
Joao scanferla
joguei lo no ps2 e no ps4. Cara esta mil vezes melhor no ps4. Existem novos detalhes no cenario e este esta muito detalhado chegando ao ponto de parar pra ver a paisagem !! top
Cat 5
I'm having nostalgia to the earlier versions now..
looks amazing, but some areas look waaay to defined and realistic. It somehow misses the atmosphere of the original
The ps4 looks insanely realistic
This game is really beautiful on big tv screen
Bony Chiarelli
Best soundtrack ever!
Josh Evans
The incredible story will live on from one generation to the next
Rickard Frick
A true masterpiece.
This is my all time top game no matter the platform I got this game day one or two and have loved slaying colossi ever since true masterpiece. If more games had remakes like these for ps3 and 4 I would buy more games.
the scarecrow
to me this looks like the best playstation remake after Resident Evil 1&0 :)
P.O.M. Keeper
The PS2 version lighting...

Still the best game I've ever played on PlayStation
Jayesh Singh
I still prefer ps2/ps3 version... They made it way too much realistic for ps4 and doesn't have fantasy feeling to it, you know for example, how bright the game used to be... They should keep the lighting same as before, all other things are on point... Still great job by bluepoint games
Hex Styx
I still own a ps2 version of this and a ps2 slim
Meh, that ones ok, GOD DAMN ITS BEAUTIFUL
Great video! To be able to see the progression of a great game from past to present like this is jaw dropping, too much eye candy even back then and I played all of them! Keep up the good work.
They only changed the graphics to ultra 4K that's it
μton Janvier
Wiffleborough Spaticus
Still a big fan of the ps2 for lighting and fog. The original really has a better overall art style.
como hacer un remastered y un remake BIEN HECHOS
Ps2 has way better graphics and runs at such a higher fps than ps4 pro
The only thing i don't like about the PS4 version is that wander has a baby face
Samuel Lucas
Ótimo vídeo. Obs: porque ninguém comentou em português? Kkkkk
Low Horvath
The should just make a sequel at this point. I’m in the middle of playing it now it’s fantastic I can see why the keep remastering and remaking it
Would not have played before ps4
Peach Gamerlovers
But the PS3 is amazing too
l sorry PS2
The ps3 And 2 look quite the same
ps2 and ps3 looks like paintings which brings a lot of emotions and sentiment. ps4 is a technical upgrade on graphics though.
Gran trabajo con el vídeo, felicidades
Ali Golzar
graphic on ps2 is great ;o
Justin Krickovich
Nice video! Great game too.
Abdullah Ahmed
If they made a remake in ps3 like they did in PS4 the game would look really good in ps3
Milbox R
Yea wanders face definitely looks worse in the ps4 version, he looks more determined and serious in the other versions while in the ps4 one he just looks sad all the time
Renato Talma
Have to say, PS3 version looks really good. If the ps4 version would have more colossi It would justify it existence, my opinion
gamer92 xp
In another 6 years we will see this for ps5
Rik James Zupko
Jesus CHRIST, the jump from ps3 to 4 is insane. I can definetelly see now the resemblance when Team Ico had allegedly said they restarted from the ground up. I'm currently playing this on ps4, it's as if I'm playing it for the first time.

Last time was about 6 years ago...
Laith Jaber
Ps 4 😍
As I'm going for a second run of the PS3 edition I am REALLY hoping that the many flaws have been corrected ! I still love the game but this damn camera, slow and stiff character, silly horse, the popping 3D and odd collisions. Have they all been fixed ?
Reynaldo Torres
Is that Epona? 🤔
Cmin man ps4 is a best☺☺☺
Leandro Gonçalves
Best ost ever;

RGB full + hdmi black level normal or
RGB LIMITED+ hdmi black level low??

what u guys think is better?
dogtor whof
in my humble opinion, both the remake and the remaster fail to convey to the player the mystical atmosphere of the original, and I do not say this for nostalgy because I just played the ps2 version after playing the ps4 and ps3 versions.
ionutz car
didn't know it was a remake thx
Absolutely astonishing seeing them side by side like this. I've played every version and loved it each time and this will still never fail to impress me.
Leilani Guira
I have ps4 so I am going for ps4
Sega Sonic
I'd be surprised if they made a remake for the PS1
Super Cell
In my country shadow of the colossus ps4 costs 18$ and for ps2 it costs 50$...
PS4 looks absolutely stunning, the only thing I didn't like is how they took some of the excessive light away from the original game (which was present in PS3), probably to give it a more realistic look, and also made Wander running animation less clumsy.

I think the excess of light and the clumsiness of Wander are contained in the artistic part of the game and help to make the poetry in it (IMO the excess of light representing divine powers ruling the land and the whole dangerous "game" Wander plays with it in his journey, and his clumsiness showing that he's no prepared and trained warrior, but just a boy doing whatever he can to get the girl he loves back to life). They also could've kept Wander's original face instead of the babyface look.

Apart from that, the game looks awesome as always, and even more. Now I wish I had a PS4 to play it again.
Matt B
I think the ps3 version looks the best. Ps4 would be awesome if they didn't change the textures and lighting so much.
The Manzilla Show
Wish you wouldve shown the statue shattering, but other than that great video
Porschen Hund
No differences between PS3 and PS2
I was about to appreciate the PS2 but the level design in the PS4 it gives it more life rather than the plain looking grass and empty spots in the older renditions.
A masterpiece is timeless
It also gets darker the newer
Mr. Birdasaur
Why does Wander have a baby face now?
ps4 looks like a pre-rendered cutscene
nice xd nice xd
I prefer the PS3 ver. in some aspects, one of them is that it takes the color palette from the original game and make it cleaner and better. And in the other hand PS4 has a way more focus in realism (like almost every game nowadays) and lost the style of the original game. Im not saying PS2/PS3 vers are better in terms of graphics But they still use and mantein the style thats make us say "That's Shadow of the Colossus" instead of aiming to a more realistic graphics.
The PS3 version is the true original in HD, PS4 we need to look at it as its own game. His face the only problem I see on ps4 :(
Peach Gamerlovers
PS4 is amazing
Why does the PS3 version look worse than the PS2 version in some scenes?
Mr Mostach88
All of you saying that Ps3 version it's the best 'couse blablabla... Are you saying that for real or just for pretend to be old school? lmao
R.A.R 108
A la mierda es un refrito de otro refrito. Bravoo Sonyyy
This isn't fair for the ps3, it tried to fix by using more shadows all obsolete visuals of the ps2, improved resolution and fps. It's a direct remake from the original source, ps4 is a complete new game made it from zero.
David Beier
I wonder why the PS4 version couldn't have some additional graphics options to make it look more like the original. It has filters but none of them give the desired affect. So many modern games give advanced graphics options. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to have the option for increased fog, more faithful lighting, and slightly de-saturated colors. GTAV let's you do similar things in the director's mode. I think the new visuals are beautiful (and prefer aspects of them) but I would have loved the option to try out things that would make it look closer to the original and it doesn't seem like something that would be that hard for the developers to implement.
i can't tell the difference between 20 and 60fps and i consider that a gift
Андрей Громов
не думал, что на PS4 она будет настолько реалистичнее, чем на PS3
My God the jump from PS3 to PS4 is surreal. Bluepoint Games did a FANTASTIC job, and I’m so fortunate that my first time playing it is on PS4.
Julian Martinez
Hermoso en cada una de las versiones
Dan Krisna
love how this game is still there for every generation of playstation,never get old
Nathan Silva
Tenho ps3 queria ter esse jogo
Hard Mode
Haha sony recycling exclusives
Nairon Gonçalves
Agora entendi,PS3 é o Remasterizado,a mudança da plataforma PS2 para PS3 apenas.E no PS4 eles não apenas mudaram mas adicionaram mais vegetações,texturas e infinidades.Sendo totalmente um novo jogo!Vou ter comprar um PS4 e deixar meu PS2 descansando um pouco...Ótimo vídeo,e sem dúvida.
Edward Hernandez
Stephen Davenport
I feel like this game isn't so much a remaster or a remake... but a reimagining. Almost like the developers were like "Guys, remember that one we made like, 13 years ago? Well, pretend that one doesn't exist...". and to be honest, with so many ports and remasters coming out that are just higher resolution and possibly frame rate and nothing else, it's really nice to see a game we made completely with this much time put into it. This and Resident Evil 2 actually feel like new games. To me, remakes are not designed to just make an old game run on a new system. They're to allow you to do new things with more powerful hardware, make fixes and changes the things that maybe you as a developer didn't like, maybe the fans didn't like, or maybe just didn't work. also remakes are important to modernize the experience to today's audience. Not just graphically, but gameplay-wise aswell. Like how Resident Evil 2 took the game from the isometric view and moved it to over the shoulder. Not only is it something that the Playstations hardware limitations simply would not allow, but it's also much less clunky, and more approachable to a modern game with a more modern palette. This game did the same thing with the frame rate option, seeing as the original PS2 version would chug along in a good 10 FPS in some parts. Yeah, I get that it loses much of the original art style, but still, they did so much to it that I was more than glad to buy it again, simply because it felt like I was playing a whole new game.
Garrett The Piano Weeb
I have this game for my PS4 Slim. The game quality is great and it works just as well but the framerate isn't 1080P. But that doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to experience this game myself, and it turned out to be one of my most favorite games of all time. I'm getting a tattoo of the colossi weak point symbols on my back on my birthday in 5 months.
عالم الأندرويد
Вячеслав Скочеляс
I like it
xJordanMM Productions
IF THATS THE DIFFERENCE FOR 2005-2018 JUST IMAGINE THE DIFFERENCE BY 2018-2031 AND THEN 2031-2054!!!!!!! THEN 2054-2067 AND THEN 2067-2080!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowdestroyer 9089
Wait WAIT normal shadow of the colossus had a remaster that had a remake did anyone notice? Only me oh... like if you agree that is weird
Your Nightmare
Who's playing on 77" lg oled?
Your Nightmare
I prefer ps2 version 👌
So a ps2 game pushed hardware to the limits, got a remake(or remaster?) for ps3, got a remaster for ps4 that pushed ps4 to the limits. Huh.....