PS4 Automatic Downloads

Learn how to set your PS4 system to automatically download updates for system software, games, and other applications. Also learn how you can remotely initiate downloads to your primary PS4 for your account.

Check out these videos to learn more about PS4 downloads.

To learn about Downloading PS4 Games, visit

To learn about Pre-Ordering PS4 Games, visit

To learn about Troubleshooting PS4 Downloads, visit
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Uchiha Kaido
People: Show us the ps5!!
Sony: Here is information that we should have told you 6 years ago
Gavin Bartlett
Next video: "how to turn on the PS4."
Aputsiaq Lennert
PS4: *was released 6 years ago*

Sony 2019: PS4 Automatic Downloads
Cliff racer
"Learn how to use your console at the very end of its life cycle."

- Sony 2019
-Diego- DFmanga
Who's here in 2019? Oh, wait...
Diamond Man_YT
Next up: “How to send messages to friends”
H. Animacije
*"hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor"*
Mr. Toasty
Me : After 6 years of playing PS4. Time to save money for PS5

Sony : so here’s how you download on PS4 ........
Falcon Manrammer
Is Sony stuck in some kind of time loop that puts them 6 years behind the current time?
Pizzatime 4200
0:25 thought it was cross
Still waiting for "How to eject your ps4 discs"
kai ming chan
Now please teach me how to turn on wifi
Been waiting for 6 years
Jonathan Galdino
Tomorrow: What's a PS4?
QueZ miZ
Its 2019 btw😂

Sony in 2019:
Fadi Abdala
2019 SONY!!!
Eico Ck
Did Playstation YouTube time travelled recently?
Subscribe to PewDiePie
Couldn’t have posted this earlier 😂😂😂
Endersheep ちゃんです
2020: PS5 released
2030: 10 years after PS5's release
Also 2030: hOw To tUrN oN yOuR pS1
0:18 the lady says "functions" but the option clearly says "features"
Spider - Man
Wow 2019 SURe ID LIKed To Download ThINgS In 2019
Belle OTK
Cool I can now download gears of war on my Nintendo 64 '-'
Nicolas Corsini Santolaria
Sonny 2019: Here is a feature of the PS4 from 6 years ago.
Me: Am I a joke to you?
Me: pauses all downloads

My ps4 at 2am: DOWNLOAD THEM ALL
[RisE] FuTur3 _
Sony: Releasing PS5 in 2020
Also Sony: hOw To gET aUTomATic dOwNLOads
Supreme Wavee
Can we get any updates on the PS5?

PlayStation: Drops a ps4 video that should’ve been released at launch
Random Internet Person
Next video: “How to insert the game”
sander van der meulen
Sony:Let's show info that we should have showed 6 years ago.

2019:Hi Sony.....
Denis Sulovic
Ps5: announced,

Sony: oh I forgot something about PS4
Wait, did she say X ? I thought it´s officially called cross? :P
Don’t we already know this
Алексей Мех
2025 year: how to insert disc to PS2
This is nice to know especially since the PS5 is coming out
Samurai DanNy
Who’s here in 2019 ✋✋
Heman 993
*PS5 release date announced*
Sony - "Let me tell you about Automatic Downloads on PS4."
Mario Pllumbi
October 2019 here?! 💪🏻😎
So Ni
Congratulation to Sony for discovering of the YouTube in 2019!
Damy HueCa
00:26 she said press X, and Sony was telling us it's cross! So Ha! It should be X not cross!
King Triton
What are the smoking in sony studios?😂
Next time on PSN lessons:

Starting Applications
- Learn how to play a game
Ah yes, the *floor is made of floor*
Bloodline EightySix
Stay tuned for the next installment in this series, "How to launch a game or application"
Falcon Manrammer
This is the kind of thing that makes you run to your 5 year old childs room just to make sure he wasn't part of a 6 year long dream you just woke up from.
Just Monika
Now? In late 2019?
C Wolf Vlogs
Why does her S's sound like she has a broken piece of a clarinet in her thought
Crimz0n Ragersaures
People who didnt know this existed:

Oh yeah, this is big brain time
Hajduk Besmrtnik
Me: Dont need to download...
Sony: yeah... You do!
J-Ray Mac
Sony: okay we need to help those who still don’t know how to download!

Gamer: I..Don’t need the help. We all don’t need the help.

leandromendoza galvan
Sony: Automatic downloads...

*Crashes PC*
Samuel Ortiz reyes
Please Sony make a tutorial on how to turn my dualshock on been waiting 6 years for that!!
The Divine Protector Of Mangos
"Press X"
I thought it was Cross.
Next up: "How to launch a PS4 game."
Kenneth Lloyd Verastigue
Next video: “PS4 connecting to the internet”
Mercury Gaming
Wait, since when could we do this!? This would of helped about six years ago
Redd Kraken
Employee 1: Hey you uploaded those videos for the ps4 right cause I don’t see it

Employee 2: yeah I uploaded it with internet explorer

Employee 1: wait what?!?
Sony 2014: You can now automatically download games and updates on your PS4 🙌🔥👌

Sony 2019: *_Here's how to do it..._*
Is that the Unfinished Swan soundtrack I hear in the background?

Next video: How to turn on you playstation 4
sean eves
atta girl, “ “eks” to place a check mark next to this setting.”
De'Avin Mitchell
*PS5 Release date announced*
Sony: Heeeey guuuys, what'zz going oaaaawwwnnnn
Christoph L
Had all done, just came home, started PlayStation and am waiting for the downloads that started when I turned it on...

0:19 "Set *functions* available"


I feel like they're uploading these to see how many people actually watch this channel for future PS5 videos or just to see how much interest there is on YouTube for the PS consoles.
Cole Edits
6 years too late mate😂
Sony: 6 years ago in 2019
PS5: how to automatic download on the PS4

Last of us 2 having no multiplayer makes zero sense just like this comment
Did they plan these upload so they will upload 6 years after the release of the PS4, or what the heck is going on?
Saud M
This video was probably uploaded using Internet explorer 😂
Ahmed alrobaye
وينكم العرب تعالو نضحك شويه 😂😂🤣
Me: clicking this video thinking we're getting new information

Sony: This is how you use your ps4
All this time I had to manually touch my controller after a while every time I download. Thanks for this after 6 long year, Sony lol
Gamer Gaming
oh so you didn’t know that
It’s stopped working for me about a year or so ago , once I go in rest mode then come back on I suddenly have loads of downloads , which automatic downloads should have fixed ...
Oscar Rodriguez
A little bit late to the party but I'm "down"loading with it
Rodrigo Araújo
Ice Rydaa
Next video: "How to turn on the PS4 Controller"
Faris Fitri
"How to say the X button"
Tbh i wasn't even know there automatic download 😂😂😂😂😂
Finally sony made a useful video

Lol i think mine is already on and it downloading automatically 😂😂😂😂
Ivan Soedjono
Oh boy, can't wait what more they'll tell me about the PS4 when I've brought my PS5 home!
Random Man
This has to be one of the most useless videos on YouTube
sometimes updates wont even download on their own when theyre available. they start updating when i turn on the playstation
yandel r.m.
Lol yes pls automatically yessssss 💯 cause then a new season comes and I'm waiting till I get home pls make it with ps 4 off
Dogeacion Dogeacion
should’ve posted this when the console came out
Next on Sony: How to connnect the AC cable to your PS4!
If I keep it always connected to the internet, won’t it slow down my internet??
That One Guy
Oh thanks sony we didnt know that for the past 6 years
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!
Yeah I've had them on since I got my ps4 they literally never download anything unless I go onto the game and start it myself. And putting it in rest mode is completely pointless for downloads too as that never happens
Gerardo Montoya
6 years later, thanks!
Sixth Sense
No seriously why are you showing us this ?
SoulflY 99
funny they need years to release this and downloads still automaticly start when you start an application
Anis Zbd
Live saver for my slow internet connection, I already know this feature 6 years ago though 😅
Rafalio Nobunn
Sony after this: How to connect the ps4
And this is what happend when you upload a video with Internet Explorer..
AleXiz Luna
I'm selling my Nintendo Switch to save up for the PS5.
Unnamed Account
0:24... I thought they said it was a cross, but let's let them be different
bEtchaos7 gaming
If it's so automatic why do I need a tutorial? Shaking my head smh
Diceroller 27
How do I turn on my PS4 ?
Click on my channel and you will get a bread!
5 Years late but *OK*
ِ 2Krach2
This comment section is exactly what im expecting before I even click on the video.
Desmont Paisley
*Ps4 was released 6 years ayo*

*Sony uploads PS4 Automatic Download*
Aleksander Dobrowolski
Thank you, I can finally play some games after having my ps4 for so long