How to Create a PSN ACCOUNT ON PS4! (EASY TUTORIAL) 2019

WELCOME TO PS4! So in this video I show you how to make a PlayStation Network account for the ps4 in than than 5 minutes! So when making an account on the ps4, you can also use this account to log in on your ps3 and your ps vita!
I also forgot to mention you get 2 days free of playstation plus when you sign up! SO YOU CAN RIGHT AWAY START PLAYING ONLINE GAMES WITH YOUR FRIENDS!
It's very easy just follow what I do!
how to create a master account on ps4 playstation network ps4 slim playstation plus
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Zaheer Shaikh
he sounds like he is really tired
ahmed selmanovic
Thx this is 2019 I'm downloading fortnite now
Such a good intro, what's that song called in the intro?
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Your name is jack goff?
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When you no longer have ideas to clickbait us
Thanks man I'm so happy to sign in ps4 thanks again alot😀❤😙
Madge Shiver
*get it here : P S N D I B . P W*
Wavy Sonia
Thanks it helped me😂❤️
Antero Uibos
when i go to create a account but i cant create one because it says error and theres an error code too plz can someone help me?!!
May attack
I tryed but it failed with me :(
Ayaan K.
It says 2019 when it was uploaded in 2016
FishFly NightSkyDrive
You're talking too fast
Thankyou SO MUCH spllitz!
Biggest Thanks From ME
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Yo! It’s help me a lot bro! Thanks man!! Keep up the good work 👍🏼 god bless 🙌🏼
I got 4 letter psns cheap hmu kik: Wyzra
Camryy Baylor
thanks it helped me out a lot now i got 400000 people that are my friends in 2k17
cheto stuff
He skips the 50c money paymant
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CH4S3R _
ok so i was scrolling down and i saw this HOW TF DOES THIS HAVE 70K VIEWS
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you said 2017 the video was uploaded 2016
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You saved my life
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Thx u made my day👊🏾
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Thank you man you helping me alot
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You helped me a lot thanks bro
Thanks it helped a lot now I can play overwatch
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You saved me time becouse I had been trying it didn’t let me since 10 days ago thx you 😎 bro
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Thank you for the help. 😀😀
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Bro I'm gonna subscribe it worked finally
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I used to think this costed money like xbox.
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Thank you so much you save my life you are the best
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How do I add my country or region if mine isn't there cause I'm from the philippines
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I made it under 18, can I change it? Pls reply
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The best YouTuber off-road thank you
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Dude your a legend you are da best
Black Beard
im from macedonia.why i cant make i psn account?
but how do you get play station plus?
Claudia Galvan
Zpeedzy YT
Thank you so much i had problems signinh in but now i can play online i am so greatfull
Brandon Connolly
At 4:12 why did it say sign in to playstation network >3
Xero G
can u fake the name of a city and postal code?
Rhys Thomas
This was a lot of help thank you so much!!
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You literally showed your email but i dont care i got my own dont worry
thanks it helped a lot ive recently got signed out so thumbs up to this
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Love how you said 2019 in 2017 and now it is 2019
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Amazing this really helped me thx :) keep it up my guy!!!
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I don't reach the Verify Email Address part. It says sign in a master account something
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It works thanks!
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How do you get past the family management when you first sign in
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Thank you Bro But good video😎😋😂👍
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Thank you alot god bless you
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this helped alot thnx man
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Thank you so much it wouldn't let me play my games without the PSN account and you saved me
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thanks bro it really worked🖒
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thx i was having problems logging in!
hey how to draw??
Bro can you make me free account plzz
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What if I just want to play with my friends
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Really good vid this got me online such is awsome
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Edgar Martinez
How do you accepted
Help its say "an error has occurred" how i fix this
how is this 2017 when its uploaded at 2016? also i need a tutorial for how to make a master account in 2017 like for real...
abdullah Faique
how did you do taht
When you make it a master account, does it give it ps plus if you already have it on another account
Faustino Rolen
dang, *psn toriknew* is great. search it on google.. wont be let down.??

eAsY TutOrIiaL 2018. Uploaded in 2016 AhAhAHhaAHAH
Thanks a lot it really helped me get an account I was new to the PS4
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thanks man you helped me alot
it really helped me thanks bro
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A sub from me!!
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How did you avoid master account!?!?
I did a blow

Did i add the "low"?
im new on ps4 or owning a console to be accurate...this is helpful. thanks
Jalen Vlogs
thanx you helped so much i was very confused and you helped me\
jacquon nelson
I have too sign out of someone's account and create a new account and I can't find any options to create a new user when I go to sign into PlayStation Network
KO Clan
Pls reply I need help , when I click create a new account it says an error has occurred. What I have to do pls help😭
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xxsluutEkittyxx i lowkey like that namee lol its so hard to make a good name
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thank you soooooooo much. i just got a ps4 for christmas and i needed help setting it up!
Spllitz this video helped me a lot thank you so much👏👏
Mark Wheeler
The very first time you start up PS4 and your not already a member do you set up a PSN account as part of the first time start up? only I see in these videos people starting up for the first time and at the end they only have the option to choose USER1? How do you join PSN and personalise your profile when your on the dashboard signed in as USER1??? I'm getting a PS4 in a couple of weeks and have been watching to see but can't find out??? Thanks!!!👍
Bernadette Matos
This was very helpful! Thanks 😊
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thanks man for the video✌
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Thank u so mutch bro I love u now I could play fortnite