PS4 Update 6.0 OUT NOW With These Big Features Likely Coming Later (PS4 6.0 - PS4 New Update)

PS4 Update 6.0 (PS4 Update 6.00) Out Now. New PS4 Update Is PS4 6.0 (PS4 6.00). New PS4 Update No New Features? (PS4 Pro)
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Would have loved to do a regular walkthrough video as I did for all the major updates, but since this is a weird situation I thought let's dig deep and see what is going on. I think we will likely see the changes & features from 6.0 later. Will keep you up to date!
Anyone else make a really bad username when they were younger and regret it? I'm so glad we can change our name soon...
Raging Gamer
Yes let's goooo, I hope we'll be able to change our name
Watch them drop a bomb on us and actually give us backwards compatibility.
Hope we can finally change our PSN name!
ToonNut1 ToonNut007
5 minutes of my life wasted
Let's be real. Everyone here is trying to get info about the name changes.
ツ Morgan
I think everyone wants to change there shity names 😂
Blck Strikes Back
Am I the only one thats happy with their psn name...?
Alex Black
The most anticipated feature is not name change but backwards compatibility
Did anyone else get error on Updating their ps4?
Hutch Hutchinson
Will there be backward compatible on the PS4 soon? That would be awesome!!!!!
Tsukinohikari Elmo
I want to be able to change country not name
Nearly at 200K already! Keep up the great work.
If you go to settings and then to system you can change the name

Of your ps4
Adam Lowe
I can say beta tested 6.0. From what I saw it seemed like a update to get ready for bigger things to come. Who thinks once PS3 and Vita leave PS Plus next March do you think PS Now will be included with PS Plus?
Version 7.0 should give you more RAM and 8k support
Close to 200k subs Raptor YAAAY!
So is Sony drip feeding this software update?

6 6 6
Is the new feature to break your PS4? My PlayStation was completely fine, but now it’s a safe mode Loop... great
Captain Ereo
6.0 IS OUT! Whats new!?!?!

Dimitris Patse
Jailbreak for version 6.00 when release;
How do you install it because every time I try it says error plz help I can’t even play online
Vault x
I’m I seriously the only one who made a decent psn:xocry btw😎 and not : xxkillerrysn76xx
Aeon Calcos
Having problems now with my usb music player.
Doesn´t recognice my USB Stick, don´t know why...
Keep up the good work love your channel... I like how you get to the point and not say nothing that doesn’t have to do anything with video 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
Is it gonna fix the flickering and black screen on ps4 pro and some 4k TVs?
Give me the Downloads!
I will take back what I've said about PS NOW if this is true.
Love your channel because you keep us up to date, and tell us everything we need to know ❤
Manic Grin
Having trouble downloading the update...
gee baby
This update isn't right
Ahmed Tarek
Darious is confirmed to be in assassin's creed Odyssey season pass
In addition to a dlc about Atlantis
Mythical creatures and first civilization artifacts
And assassin's creed 3 remastered
James Ryan
Update 6.0 bricked my PS4 and I'll never be buying from Sony again.
I have extremely small penis and gay but
Just a xbox player passing through
Barack Obama
User 135790
I Found Out How To Get The Update Working
Alfonso Rubio Rioseras
To say that this update shit does not bring anything you used a lot of time
I'm goin to change my name to ChunkyLover53 lol
Hope we can change our current ps4 to a brand new one after the major update.
Mike Solo
I just downloaded 400mb of Sony future feature game changing secret stuff. Just lets wait until the next 20mb big update unlocker.
After the update, I can't trim videos 😢
I can't prioritize game chat since the update
zardoc swinder
This update fixed my trophy system so now they pop up on my screen
Anti jail break coding probably
Supra Evo
Hell yeah! I want a PSN name change. It’s been too long since 2008.
Donavan Skink
Bro, have you seen how many skateboarders want a skate4 & there has been no response. Skate3 remastered or just on the ps4.. Dat, will be Epic💯
Please when can change our psn name
I cant be asssniffer11 anymore 😫😫
Prince Groove A.K.A. Your Favorite Pony Boy
Pretty hyped about PSN downloading feature.
Did u hear PSX 2018 is cancelled
Captain Pipsqueak
What they say: '6.0 will do eeverything but make sammichs and give you a handjob.'

What we get: 'Improves system performance'

Nice one, guys.
F0rget Men0t
Yeah and I got error su 421186 thaks sony...
John Gordon
You deserve more subs
Butt-Dumpling Fart-Goblin
I once had a guy on my friends list named 'CumMcJizz'. Beautiful ;)
Damien Montgomery
ive always meant to tell u this i like your ascent
Dude the update is giving me error and it is giving me error why I can’t use network features
James T.
Can't you speak like normal so that we could understand what you're talking about... Oh well, doesn't matter, never coming back, anyway
Lored Burris
Are you still doing God of War update
Woah you typed Des, thats my name 🤣
Ace Silver Gaming
All i want is to change the music for my background without having to change my theme.
Caliel Johnson
They should fix all games that crash the PlayStation
Im happy you can use psnow without having amazing internet.
Jack the lad
The 6.0 update was only to maximise system performance
Vincent Jan Bernales
Ive tried to update my device, after the download it says that its corrupted.. what could be the problem? Ive tried it 3x already.. any help pls?
christopher marinho
The update it bad I can't evening login to my psn
Moulay Abdelkarim
The 7 days don't work
Bill Jones
Where I'm from, the ps4 updates you.
Jason Kim
Just give me 1440p support for christ sake its 2018
this update made my ps4 unusable
Jirou Lierge
Damn i hope i can change my psn name.
Made that name when i was young and thought it was cool, know it's just sad.
SiLeNt_ GaMeR336
To get this update I had to wipe all of the data off of my ps4 I got my account back tho
G-city 6ix
I'll never update 😈😈😈😈
Dhani Jones Parrish
Mine wont update lol
Arthur Morgan
6.0 update made my ps4 break xD it was stuck on Error and my disc was stuck inside of ps4
Gaming Instinct
Yes cant wait to see what they have installed for us
all I noticed was that internet browser is worse now, loads longer and if you have multiple pages open and you switch between them they are in pixelated state and have to load before you can do anything.
after the update now i have no sound..
Naeshaun Edwards
Can someone help me? It keep saying error when I try to update it
Shahed Ali
You can change your name from XxxtentacionxxX to something without XxxX
Icy Soft
its in Februari? 5 months left why not just buy a pc or make new account....
When I try to update it it takes for ever to load
Bassam Abdul
This version i downloaded is a virus is shiit my ps4 stucks from when i doenloaded it crap version
mrswreck yovaaag
I did every step so many times and so many different ways and still when I stick the usb with the "right" file it still says cannot find update file with an error code
salem yousif
Sony just let me change my 15 character name that is with 2 underscore and the word "cool" in it 😂😂😂😂
Michael Wight
the vr had an update aswell
Demichael Walker
Ayy that my bday🤠
sj mak
5.05 is Tha best fw, free games and jb!! Stay low as possible for next jb!
Scott Dixon
That questionnaire shows that Sony don't really listen to their customers. They've been asked over and over by everyone who interviews them about when we'll finally be able to change our psn name, and yet they still need further confirmation?
Is it really such a big deal? PS4 has been out for years and this option still isn't out...
A lot of people are saying the update broke their PS4s :/
Julian Davis
I need freesync for my new samsung Q8 QLED please!
I am tired of these performance improvements...
Marlen Styles
after this update my PS4 starting working slow little bit, and sometimes I tried a great party but I failed every single time, even my internet connection has a good speed
orlando perez
the PlayStation store is down after update? right now
Gamer Hamdy
Does it will fix my error code?
I want to make a new account with a different username but I don’t want to lose all my progress. Now I don’t have to anymore. PS4 is starting to be better then the Xbox...

There a war coming
BOI_ 69
Succ my wong jong
Money says its just a security update to stay ahead of the hackers.
User 135790
I Wanna Play Fornite It Won't Let Me Update NY Ps4
Scorpion Suebma
I'm interested in PS4 doing CrossPlay
Matias Roman
Horizon Zero Dawn 👌💯