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Today Peter gives you the run down on this remake of a PlayStation 2 classic on the PlayStation 4! "Only one dragon can remain." Can Kiryu still pull it off? Find out!


Ryu ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 OST - Outlaws Lullaby

Ryu ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 Limited Edition Soundtrack - 02 The End Of The Dogma
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It is interesting that several negative things you state in your review, especially about story, contradict what many other critic say in their reviews. Can't wait to play the game in a few days, and figure out who is right by myself.
Kiryu + best waifu.
4k magicjay
Thank you for being honest. I'm a newcomer and have only played 0 kwami 1 and 2, and kwami 2 kinda felt like the last Jedi of yakuza, everyone hype it up in the community but then I left the game disappointed because kwami 1 honestly made me extremely satisfied
Stevanus Pradipa
wow man, spoilers.
Salat Ala Nabi صلى على النبي
This reviewer is a spoiler machine.
Stupid reviewer
If you've played one Yakuza game you've played them all. Aside from the mini games and story progression there is nothing interesting about the gameplay loop to bring most players back