Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Take revenge by any means necessary. Become the “One-armed Wolf” and rise from every fall when Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice releases on 3.22.2019.

Winner of “Best of gamescom” and “Best Action Game” at gamescom 2018, Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice is the next adventure from developer FromSoftware, creators of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series.

Explore late 1500s Sengoku Japan, a brutal period of constant life and death conflict, as you come face-to-face with larger than life foes in a dark and twisted world. Unleash an arsenal of deadly prosthetic tools and powerful ninja abilities while you blend stealth, vertical traversal, and visceral head-to-head combat in a bloody confrontation.

Take Revenge. Restore Your Honor. Kill Ingeniously.

Available 3.22.2019

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Bloodborne is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Dark Souls is a trademark of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Sony and Bandai Namco are not the publisher of SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE. Activision has no affiliation with Bloodborne or Dark Souls.
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Mike Wlodarski
0:30 the scariest part of the trailer.
Space Dani
EA: “So what’s the plan? Make them buy extra lives?”

Lyndon Fredericks
*Teleports behind your wallet*

Nothing Personel, kid.
For those who haven't buy this game, here is an important information:

Every single frame in this trailer is 100% in game.
Herman Vukusic
I'm 53 years old, playing games since 1997, absolutely adored Souls games (loved Nioh too), and after seeing this trailer I'm biding farewells to my family and friends cause I'll be going to medieval Japan very soon.....
Pixels Blocks and TNT
Their mouths move
From Software truly has come long way
Juan Collazos
It could just have been a black screen reading "samurai/ninja game made by the Dark Souls guys" and i'd still buy it.
Dr. Satoru
At this point FromSoftware only makes games to flex on other studios
10 more days boys and girls. Super hyped for this one, can't wait to die over and over
Kelvinator X
SEKIRO: Shadow Die A Thousand Times
March 22nd needs to hurry up
Jon Doe
Take a bow, one of few videogame developers who never fail to deliver.
super nova
2:36 rise from every fall , it's guardian ape not you
*incoming no hit run gameplay one day after release*
S.K. Lim
*jumps down from a higher platform behind The Commander*
Sekiro: Hello there.
The Commander: *turns around* General Shinobi.
*unsheaths swords*
Is the argument that the game is too hard valid? Thoughts.

Actually being serious for once, I will play devil's advocate on both sides.
2:10 where is that song in the game ?
Japan has risen to a new level even In games
Mohammed Adeeb Alam
Can anyone please tell me the name of the composer of the music at 1:54
ryan schreffler
A moment of silence for all the pending broken controllers.
Abyss watcher collective account
2:22, best single frame of any game trailer ever.
Michael So
A normal man cannot survive this journey, but maybe a wolf can.
Could it be... Could it BE.... That Charles Smith from RDR2 voices the Wolf?
Jergus Krc
No fancy cinematic, just gameplay. I like it
TheDude 1909
After beating the game i gotta say

well thats a hella spoilers my fromsoft boys
Dmc5 last week and now this...180$ in three weeks. Last time wallet ...Last time
Johnny Boy
Nioh: Hey lets make a dark souls style game in feudal Japan

FromSoftware: 👀
Mario Pllumbi
In FROMSOFTWARE and Hidetaka Miyazaki we trust.
Minor spoilers below..

2:40 people are going to be "rising and falling" here
whats up with fromsoft's obsession with skull ghost magic they in souls,bloodborne, and know sekiro
Sever Robert
Why are you torturing us?
this will be my longest 1 week..
Plot twist: Sekiro is Shiva of the East.
Abysswalker ASMR
"I've come for you."
"That's already the 22nd time."
zero impakt
The thing I love the most the trailer clearly shows and states you WILL die learn from it. My collectors will be proud.
March 23rd, the day weeaboos around the world will learn a new kanji ,死 . get used to it you'll be seeing it a lot.
Sloth Tonight
Best trailer of all time, and best game...
iTz Olie
This is going to be both my new favorite game and most hated game of all time.
David Holden
The Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne are the only games I've never got rid of. After seeing this trailer, Sekiro will be added to the list. I absolutely love From Software.
Joseph Daniels
Oh and I'm sure there will be MANY "falls to rise from" lol.
Skullomania Izu
Give me a proper Techu Reboot or better yet an HD remake of Tenchu Stealth Assasins with Japanese voice option
The PAIN has arrived boi
Brian Douglas
The protag's master is Gwyndolin, who is the Moon Presence. Connection to Souls and Bloodborne confirmed.
Daniel Billesbach
Finally a quality,finished game with no loot boxes.
Ryan Crabb
Is this a new tenchu?
Fero indicka
Never opened YouTube so fast when i Saw this in notifications
So devs?? you see !? don't need those micro-transaction thingy" to be successful economically
Is it Infinity Blade for PC?
Wow, this guy is speeding toward the badass video game character hall of fame.
They call me Nugget
I just got a copy of this. The artist formerly known as Grimes said it’s amazing so here I am. Getting ready to play it. Thx Boucher
I'm NinjaDarkovia
This ain’t a Tenchu game but as long as I get to play as a Shinobi, count me in!
Sai Gungurthi
EA: “Single player games are dead”

FROMSOFT: “Hold my beer”
Dan Niton
OK so who's ready for more anger management therapy.
Mister Lurk
FromSoftware, Rockstar, CD Projekt Red, the 3 remaining studios who will get my preorders.
Decard Cain
Ребята вроде он(This is it?)
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)
Benj Heard
ErebosS BIG
Song name ? But the versión of this video
Snehal Swadhin
FromSoftware game : exists*
Me : "Shutup and take my money!"
Liirum Laarum Pewkele
Owl: I expected no less from you, my boy.

Me: Ok maybe he is proud of me.

Oh.. he says it when I am going to kill everyone who trusts me.
I’m so hyped for this! Even though, I haven’t finished Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne yet lol
So I showed this trailer to my friend and he said "yo is that yasuo from league of legends?"
Me: smh 0_0'
Fahim Doula
Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. And.....we're still only in March.
I am walking to my house with sekiro in my hand as I type this.
Albino Beaner
I'm doing a marathon of the soulsborne games leading up to sekiro. I'm on DS2 right now
The Dark Side
Am I supposed to be playing as the shadow? Because I will be dying more than twice
Corrie Kayomp
I've played and beaten every dark souls game and beaten bloodborne including dlcs, this is going to be my new obsession
Games Online
Need to buy 5 controllers before playing this game
Thunder Aesthetics
Hidetaka parou de ler Berserk e começou a ler vagabond, só pode.
Hot DogSoup
Once I seen the big juicy title "FROM SOFTWARE" my pants overloaded oooh sweet baby
Nima Sarabi
the word magnificent falls short of describing this game faithfully
Ryan Sinclair
Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 5 and now Sekiro!!!!!! Does the awesome drops never cease? I have got to buy this asap!
Some Kind of Rodent
That ape boss looks just as aggressive as Ludwig and twice as fast. I can hardly wait to die twice to it 18 times.
Someone needs to hurry up and find the trailer theme from 1:54
Wildlife HD
Legendary Trailer
this has goty written all over it
Noah McGill
Uchigatana is back boyssss
Almost broke the pad but man.. It's addictive.. I'm lovin It!
Mix Box
EA: Single-player games are dead.
FROM SOFTWARE, Capcom, Santa Monica Studio, 4A Games, CD PROJEKT: *AM I JOKE TO YOU?*
Nathan Hamilton
2 more sleeps!!! Lol. I'll be there to pick up my preorder 10 minutes before the store opens.
Aryan abdollahi
Amazing game amazing battels🔥
Anindu Bandara
who fed yasuo?
Egon Dyr
Need to know the music that starts at 1:54 cannot find it within the OST
Rise from every fall with the guardian ape next to him? Oh i saw what you did there
Amazing. From Software has earned the Legendary Epic Developer badge. Single Player games are on fire.
I felt sad when FROM SOFTWARE said they're done with Dark Souls.
But seeing this? It' makes me glad they're making *new* masterpieces.
Jay Jays
So many games, so little time
shadows die twice....
lucky shadows - I'll die about a gazzilion times!
Me during the intro: this looks aight but idk if it’s my cup of tea

*march 22 release*

Me: how many days is that....
No doubt that this game will be a masterpiece
In you go into the Hall of Legendary Games!
Sun bro
Goodbye social life...and mom i love you.
Thought it was an Onimusha reboot.
Still...glad for any samurai game.
ju ka
R.I.P random buttons clicking!! lol
Mato Z
Yasuo mains already bought this game
I just hope the soundtracks will be as amazing as bloodborne and dark souls 3. 😍💀💀
Umbra Intus
I'm going to need an HD wallpaper of the still at 2:22. Please.
H Sweenz
the real question is , where is the moonlight greatsword this time?
Peevxwm X
Departamento de T.I
0:52 Undead Champion, you should ring the Bells of Awakening
Markus KLTEA
Oh don't go 'round tonight
It's bound to take your life
There's a GREAT GAME on the rise