Hello guys!! Welcome to my channel and today, I'm going to be showing you how to fix the SAFE MODE LOOP!!! THIS COULD POSSIBLY WORK!!! CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS CHANNEL FOR FUNNY MOMENTS AND FUNNY RAGE VIDEOS WITH ME!!!!
Ps4 safe mode loop
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SaMrOn I سامرون
Thanks You 😍😍 Ilove you
Kevin Ekström
nothing works for me.. It only flashes my controller white then orange and it stays on the safe mode screen
It asks me for a USB storage device that contains an update file for the 6.00 version reinstalation
Derive Firas
Are we gonna ignore the fact that his kitten is adorable?!!😭❤️
Death Row
Not all hero’s wear capes...

You sir, are my hero. Thank you.
Ok guys I forgot to mention something in the video. If this does happen again, try it again. I know its gonna suck to wait but I had to do mine more than one time! I am so sorry for not mentioning it in the video! And trust me all your stuff will be there no matter what because I had to try more then once and all my stuff was still there. If you continue to do this it will eventually stop. Sorry for not adding all the details, but well this was my first video where I had to explain afterall. I hope this helped 😁✌️
meme expert420
Thank you, You're literally the greatest human ever.
Dragon Ball
Everyone read this comment pls I just talked to a guy online in the PlayStation service and if your experiencing this problem do the option 6 and initialize your ps4 but you don’t need to use a USB port with the data cause if you have ps plus ok that account you can access all your saved data from that account I just did this and it saved my life pls look at this comment
Peter A
As above all step work for me, after restore default setting and go to Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software):
Can restart normally mode.
It’s 2018 may and it’s working for me ! Just letting y’all know
Dark wolf knight
It takes me back to safe mode plz help
Does this still work in 2019? I’m having this problem now
Mo El
I'm not on the same screen as you, when I first turn the power on. I'm on the screen where it says:

Cannot start the PS4

Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable, and then press the PS button.

This does not take me to Safe Mode options 1-7. It takes me start to the initializing.
Fitu-Jr Vaivai
bro .. my ps4 slim won't turn on
can you help me fix it
chucha chuy
i should have never trusted this video after he said his cat wasn't revelent to this video
Mr Droozle
DO NOT do this
Dan Truby
U literally jus saved me couple bills on a new one
Fumikage Tokoyami
thanks so much I was pissed off and thought I lost everything
GalaxY__ NerO
Finally, A Proper Video. Thanks.
amer bouali
bro i need your help I did everything right but in the moment of the blue screen where he says to connect the joypad, the screen remains so I don't know what to do ..
taciturn david
To everyone thinking your stuff will get erased: no all your game progress is saved along with your psn, only thing that will be lost is the stuff you downloaded
amba peterson
It didn't work and I followed every single thing u did and tried 3 times same out come :(
Inspectah Depressed
the u helpd me :)
Ty so much, I was considering returning my PS4 because I thought this was going to be like the red ring of death on the 360.
Moutandew boi
When u click the 4th option so u lose everything
Somebody that’s done it pls answer because I download most of my games on the store
Welp looks like i tried everything looks like im going to have to restart everything 😭😭😭
hennency gamer
when i put my finger on power button it give voice two times
Edin Mehmedi
Mine just turnes off my tv then says safe mode again
Yeah bro this helped out a lot just bought ps4 a week ago and already having problems doing the safe mode loop and did everything to do and it worked I appreciate you're awesome...
Guy Playz
All of those options I tried Garbage!
Logan Nowak
You is a blessing, a god, heavenly treasure! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanks dude, saved my life. 😂😂
Hello should I leave my PS for the rest after I’ve unplugged it from power
Thank you so much dude. Just got of the phone with Sony 5 minutes before I saw your video and was told the only way to fix the issue was by sending my console in for service (cost 150usd). You just saved my day. Thanks.
When I plug my controller in it’s yellow on the top of the controller still
aye bro bro, mine said an error has occured HELP!!! I was just trynna play 2k
It says connect a usb storage device
Dominic Ciaramitaro
this is the only thing that worked thank you so much I would give you one million likes if I could thank you so much you're the best
Moses Okot
I have tried everything I'm almost prepared to give up
It literally cleaned my ps4 lmao
this really worked even when I went to gamestop where I bought it they did it but it still did it and everything I tried didnt work but this did thanks so much
Terra Chudley
Thx it really help thought it was gone I've spend thousand on my ps4 stuff
Sanket Mishra
To be exact chill for 15 min and standby for 5 min and everything goes back to normal (just for modification to ur theory) 😊 love ur method tbh
I’m actually crying right now I lost my account and don’t know how to fix it
Stewart Soete
OMG THANK you i almost wantend to smash my controller
Jonathan Balmaceda
Thank you man this really worked I thought my PS4 wasn't working anymore
Ali Baruc
Thank you for your help your the best ever
Julius Ragin
Ok. That part when the screen asked to reconnect your controller to the console and then press the ps controller is not responding and I don’t know why
CZ Champ
I had this problem 3 times it happened to me like in April, then it stoped then it happend agian in may, then it started happend again in September. And it’s freezing a lot and idk what to do it gets me mad
Hai_Fis 91
Bro!!! Thank you so much! You’re a life saver
Frost Drops
how’s snowball?
i tried all the options 1-7 still in safe mode!!!!!! please help
Anthony Sis
The first vid I saw didn't work but this vid saved my ass
Jamil Nazario
Works great for once someone who actually knows what they are doing Thank you!! You are the man !!!nothing lost!!
Youp9 Matrax
it just says eror when i try to restart defualt settings
Srh Grc
It worked for me on two separate occasions. life saver!!
Kohlt 22
Finally got hit with this when I was about to play D2.. Praying to god it works. September 2018. Thank you Sony.
Trysten Danielson
Bro I had this safe mode thing for 6 weeks and it was annoying and my parents said I can't get a new one and your tutorial helped it worked thank you so much
Timothy Edingfield
Thank you SOOOOO VERY MUCH! I have been fighting this for the past 3 hours. And you have saved my PS4!!!! Thank you.
Lol that resting for five minutes for me is so new, it actually worked
my ps4 starts so freaking slow, jsut gets stuck between 24-27 for a while wtf
I did that and lost everything completely. I was finishing Ghost Reacon Wildlands
Frankie Lombardo
I. Literally tried every thing

Even calling them don't even work
Ali Pour
Try this:
First pull your ps4 plug and wait 30 seconds

Then plug it back in and hold the power button for 7 seconds.

Then turn on your controller and click on
Initialise ps4

Also Called nr 6

Then it Will work
Shannjay STUPIDboy
For me it took all my stuff and I am really sad because I had loads of things
Outlaw clan Gamer1Tony
Oh man thank you so much this really helped me fix my PlayStation
Bonnie Ruth
Gav Singh
After i hit restore default settings, my ps4 turns off and doesnt come back on?
the LAN cable strategy worked best for me, i did it twice, and it's pretty fast, but the same error occurred for my brothers ps4 and i get the loop when i move my ps4 to a different tv
Brah wtf I didn’t wanna start over 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lar Wait What
I reinstalled before I knew about this it got it back but still goes into loop
javies Tv
yashonta Smith
Man I love u so much I have two ps4 I had to erase everything off of one this so much that 's so much dude I love u man when u come to Ohio the drinks are on me
FPV Stuff
If it still doesn't work for some people like me, you have to initialize it the way guy did in the video, and then initialize it again in the settings on the main screen.

When you initialize it from the main screen it will literally take about 12 hours but it actually worked in my PlayStation was like new again.
Michael Romano
When I did what you did it goes and says there's an error
Nawaf Farrash
Thanks a billion, that really saved me
Christian Snider
when I do the thing at 2:57 it goes to 34% and then it restarts and then I have to do all the steps again plz help me
Diego Brando
This is happening to me but when I connect it says some stuff about having usb hard drive and when I click ok I don’t have a usb hard drive or close it resets my ps4
tired of ps4 man, don't know how to act, xbox call my name u even if u gay 😔👊🏽
AndreGó Craxy
Wtf Thank You so much I lost so many clips and downloads And safe mood happend again you saved me bro I’m only 14 abt to cry this happened 3 times and I lost everything thank you so much😭(It Works)
Totally worked. I almost shat myself in terror. Thx dude
This really helped thanks
London Buckley
thank you!! now i can get back to uncharted 4
Merlyn Williams
Thank you it work you the man
Javier Ortega Corea
when I did this it deleted my acounts
minecrafter 462
Bryan Oles
Raj R.
Thanks, it worked. Unplugging it was not mentioned in other vids. that's all it took for mine to get out of the loop.
yasser go
and do I need to sign in
Reid Picken
this helped me out so much
3:33 works up to that point... but starts over again.
big chungus
Thank you 😊
Phantom Reptiles
Ive tried every option ive found on YouTube and mine still wont get out
NeiloGaming - Gamez
Hello answer to this asap I put the 4th option and i cant hear any beep and it goes back to the thing where it says connect the dualshock.... blah blah blah. Please i dont want to lose my sta wars battlefront data
The Goat
Bro i did it and all of my nba2k16 my players deleted and i was like a 95 overall can you tell me y or how to fix ?
When I click the psn button on the controller it just flashes??
tayler evans
Ayyee thx Falcon this really helped me I didn’t wanna have to delete anything, worked just fine for me
Thank u so much bro, worked 100%!!
It’s Holt
Omg thank u so much i was so scared i was about to cry this tutorial saved me