PS4 Error asking for reinstallation Update ### or later [What To Do]

This video tells you what to do First so you do not lose all your game save data.

If you ever get an error message asking you to use a USB with a reinstallation update 5.55 or any other number dash Do not click ok or download and try to install the update untell after trying this at least 3 times

There are 4 videos on this topic a link to each of the 4 videos are at the end of the video watch them all and one of them will get you back up and running if not you need a qualified repair shop and I'm not talking about some game store where the owner learned off of or trains his employees from youtube.

If you Need the Update link this is it:

Use the Update file at the bottom of the page that asks for a USB that has at least 1.1 GB or more of free space on it.
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There are 4 Videos that cover this topic the link to each video covers the next step you should take if this video did not work for you each link to the next step is at the end of each video [Good Luck]
Steven Thompson
It’s giving me the 6.20
Aidan 16
Mines on 6.20 and pretty much happens every time I turn my PS4 on, it’s my ps4 fully messed up?
Jung Ook
wish i watched this first...
Curry Chicken
4:23 I'm stuck there. Ver. 6.20 . It's stuck in loops. Even if I tried the USB thing it's still messed up
Alex SniperLyfe19xx
My stops at 26% im trying this now i hope this works
Fortnite Clips/streams
What if I pressed ok and I didn't put the update in...will it still work
Awake Fresh
It seems like a lot of people are having this problem recently
Jorge Salazar
I restarted my ps4 more than 100 times it still ain't working
I’m on 6.02 but if I buy a new ps4 can’t I just put my box thing on the new ps4? Plz answer
one minute I’m watching a movie next minute my PS4 turns off then this pops up🤦🏾‍♂️
ghostman gaming
I already pressed ok like 4 times😂
My PS4 keeps saying it over and over, Even though i did exactly what you did.
Felicia Persaud
It stopped going to that page so then it turned on and is now rebuilding database does that mean it works now plz help????
Anyone else was using their PS4 and then the power went out?
mines is only going to 24% :( and says checking system storage do not turn off ps4 after the check has completed the ps4 will automatically start idk what to do
Someone please help me! When it says "checking the system storage status..." It will reach 100% then it will say "cannot start Ps4" can anyone help me.
Arda Ali Arslan
i dont have anough space for the update 6.51 what do i do
Nicholas Porras
Thank you soooooo much no way in hell i was gonna reinstall 700 gb of games
Pimp Daddy House
I’ve been doing this multiple times and it keeps popping up same screen. I’m freaking out.
Thoughts Dcuo
It won’t let me initialise either ..
I feel like because I installed Red Dead redemption 2, it’s been corrupting my ps4
Dream Beatz
What If I Already Clicked Ok
Zen jeong rebelle
Sony just wants more money
What if you pressed ok but did nothing else
amin _0162
By 25 procent iT again Goes to safe mode
Bearboy 1212
well good thing Christmas is in 2 days
fehmi yildiz
I fuckimg clicked ok
Yash Samani
If we press ok there is no way we can save all data?
Davy Kim
And then go to update software and then click internet then install pretty easy
ox-PowerGunFightSaski -_
Thanks so much ✌🏽
Hasnain Tariq
Hey, you know I have this issue too for version 6.something. Would I need to purchase an external hard drive and is this caused because too much memory has been used up.
Would be amazing if u could give some sort of advice
Terrez BTW
I just unlocked ice king the day before this happened to me and I still havnt got it working so I'm so screwed also coinsidentaly my cousin made the system fall but it was a small fall so idk
yan soccer
U just reset it like he did and initialize it and it’ll reset to new ps4 and just sign back into your acc but it’s worth it 🤷🏾‍♂️
uno reverse card
Thanks man had this happen before but it was a while ago so I couldn't remember what to do, great video dropped a like
pro gamer
Today one i clicked turn off my ps4 the electricity went off i turned my ps4 back on and that thing popped off i clicked cancel and it worked.thx
Tell me please man it dosent work what is a hard drive I don't know what to do plz help
Miller Fidler
When his ps4 started I got exited and thought it was mine 😂😭
Daniel Tang-Daramola
Thank you so much u really helped me
Goon Gang
What if I pressed okay and have been having trouble with PS4 starting up
Koba TheDon
Thanks alot man...keep up the good work..
Leon Hunter
It's not working will it ever work again
trainsforever 2019
The damn thing doesn’t turn on
Moon Lord
I Freaking love you man 💗
cristian Cascio cascio
Thank god this not happened to me
I clicked ok but didn’t connect any usb does anything happen to my PS4??
George Paul
i pressed ok and it said i need a USB device and download the update on a computer so do i do all that and im ok?
Stupidd Starving Marvin
My guy thank you bruh oh my god it worked thx fr
Miguel Garcia
I accidentally pushed ok can I still restart my ps4 to the normal screen?
I haven’t hit cancel and it keeps the loop
This happened to me 2 times first time it just stopped and I did a reinstall and now this time my dickhead dad pulled it out and broke it
Barry Alcantar
Thank you so much!! Been trying to fix this for an hour already! Tried this method, and bam, it worked😁
Justin Hidalgo
I love you man!!!!! Thanks a lot I seen this video a long time ago and this happened to me rn it worked thanks dude
Alexis Rangel
I pressed ok before watching this video what do I do I'm screwed
Dylan Williams
Whenever I select a safe mode option no matter what it says an error was found and tells me to turn off Ps4
I never comment but much respect brother! After coming across this video as i searched for ways not to lose ps4 data before i pressed OK and before I used a usb to download the update that way which i would of lost all my data. PRESS CANCEL as soon as you see that screen and restart your ps4. Worked first time with all my data restored. THANK YOU SIR!!!
Yojeong Chim
unfortunately i found this video a little too late and already hit OK, looks like i'll be trying it with the usb T_T thanks anyways for the upload
kris koehoorn
Well its too late for me... gues ill initialize
Dont work sadly this is why I have a xbox RIP my brother
Davy Kim
Just go into safe mode
Nitrate Nether
I’m pretty sure if you click ok you still won’t lose your data cuz then it will check to make sure you have the data. I clicked ok but it didn’t work. Thank goodness. 😅
Thank you man this video helped a lot
Razor bus
I'm done I'm switching to xbox
Laurynas Pasilis
What happens whn you press OK
Gaming G
Life saver
abdallah adan
Thank you so much. Much appreciated
Icy Grifon
What happens if you pressed ok but you did not install the file
I just Come Home and i see Need to Connect Controller , Then i do that then i need a Reinstallation Then i pressed Ok, Then it did it again , Now i searched this up And im trying it and gonna keep trying , Imma Edit this comment if something happens

Edit: So i Had To Initialize My Whole Ps4 Which means I Have to Reset Everything my Data , Users , All those So yea
David Ramberan
I did this around 6 times it doesn't reset
Jayden Rocks
I’ve tried over 3 times it did not work
Evan Sylliboy
It’s not working please help me anyone
Speedy Boi
says file currupted
Kingu Raid
I let it turn off then I turn it on
Daniel Cowell
Xbox all day
Alex Lopez
Mine keeps asking me what do I do?
You noticed how everyone is getting this problem around the same time? Seems pretty weird to me
ian dalton
What happens if yes was pressed. Asking for a friend. Not even joking either.
FREE 6ix9ine
if you buy a new ps4 do have to update this? plz answer
Tryhard Alex Reacher
What if you pressed ok without a usb(it still works)
Knighthuntergtkr Pro
Tech from Earth is irritating at times, this is a good example
Anthony Tarula
I was going to click ok but accidentally clicked cancel and watched this vid and said thank GOD
Jessica Long
My controller was not working
Is this happening to everyone?
My mom is gonna kill me dude 😓 Is this happening to a lot of people?
Thx alot m8 really helped
S1nners R3venge
I pressed ok. And it said usb storage not installed. It doesnt work. I tried everything
elite_ asian
This isn't working for me😫 RIP PS4
The Caveman
What if I drop my PS4 and it’s was sayin I need a new hard drive at first but took it out and put it bck in now it’s sayin I need this update would this method still work
what if the bar dosent load in the beginning
@thehgcgamersclub I pressed ok but I didn’t put usb in will it still let me not have to update or pop up again
Ethan D Van
Bro I pressed okay like 20 times so fu#k
My world ur world 2 My world ur world
He sounds like my father when im in trouble also the paster test at gym. thank you for helping use millions of people
Lewis Duffie
Thank you so much I was about to do the update when I saw this video. THANK YOU
sHaDeD_Delta_ H
How do i get through the safe mode screen if you messed up by pressing ok
Fahad Moh
Thanks, very useful information 👍👍👍
Thank you very helpful❤️❤️
thank you so much man
Dominik-Nico Bednara
Love u♡
animal girl_vlogs_andgaming
edups ____
You are a legend man i thought i was gonna have to re-download all my games but this worked