Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) unboxing, setup & system config video

The Sony PlayStation 4 video game console released on November 15, 2013, in the USA. Gamebits editor Ken Gagne offers this video of the unboxing and initial setup, looking at the controller and hardware, downloading the day-one patch to update the OS to v1.50, setting up a PlayStation Network (PSN) account, and looking at the Playroom demo, which requires the PlayStation Eye camera.

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0:39 -- 6:50: Unboxing
6:51 -- 10:49: Power up!
10:50 -- 14:39: System update
14:40 -- 18:46: PSN
18:47 -- 31:11: System tour
31:12 -- 35:55: Playroom


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PlayStation 4 (Computer) PS4
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Who Are Watching Alot Of Ps4 Unboxing Just Becouse They Will Get Ps4 Soon ??

Lionel Messi
ps4 is better than xbox one..who thinks plz like😀😀
Boba Fett
Who's watching even though you don't have a PS4 and it's 2017.
hackgamestop hacker
Who's watching in 2018 and 2019
King Shock
OMG it has been 4 years and i still don't have a PS4 Wish me luck
I am almost 4 year late but now i will finnaly get it on this Christmas. Like if your first console was also ps2 like mine
Forb Hot
Instant replay buttons, just tap

Unboxing: 0:39

Power up: 6:51

OS update: 10:15

PSN: 14:40

System tour: 18:47

Playroom: 31:12

( i left space so it'll be easier to tap on phones XD)
muhammed riza
Am i the only one who dont have ps4 in 2017
Rijul Bhambry
And I will spend my whole life trying to convince my parents to buy the ps4. And when I will finally get it ps6 would be going to launch. My life 😭
Who's watching in 2017
llYung Godll
This Video Just changed my mind to Get rid of my Xbox One and to get A PS4
Schizhoe •
"Friends? I have no friends." damn that hit me hard
Miguel Benitez
This guys a savage he said "The safety guide, huh who cares about safety".😂😂😂
Quick story for you guys.

Around Christmas there was a ps4 sitting down stairs on the table,so I got excited that it was mine because I had asked for one!so as I'm unboxing my other presents I then get to the ps4.i try to grab it and then my mothers boyfriend grabs it and says this isn't yours and smiles,I was mad 😡 but didn't show it.Its so messed up that I asked for one for Christmas and he got one for his self!😞
Bradplays Gamage
I have wached this video like 10 times
Daniel Duarte
Who is watching this in 2018
Like if wanna ps4 so I know how much people are down and I can bring them up
For real, all these kids getting parents buying them PS4s, and I have to work anywhere I can for another 10 weeks to hopefully have enough $$
Adolfo Delacruz
is it only me but dosent he sound and act like sheldon from the big band theory
Nascarfan1478 Cavs
I am finally getting a ps4 with nascar heat evolution and uncharted 4
Abraham Uzamaki
who Likes Ps4
Boba Fett
I'm still in highschool and it hurts to see all my friends jam PS4, playing 2K18 in the holidays and here I am reading anime mangas and watching YouTube videos! I need to get a job asap!
Holly Thorne Official
I found this like... couldn't stop watching this.
The only reason I want a PlayStation 4 because of the game ratchet and clank, lol
Are you doing an unboxing of the ps4 pro/ xbox 1 s? It would be exciting to see you do unboxing vids again :D
Lethal Stinger
I got a PS4 slim ad before this 😂
Hi I just want to know is it easy to use the PS4?
Hulk J26
It only has 1 controller:-(!!
I'm going to get one this year
Ashley Caissie
I have a ps-vita and a ps4 when I play games sometimes on my ps4 I can play it with the ps-vita as a controller it's cool
freedom aiomata
can i have a ps4
manoj kumar
i have ps4 i bought on 2016
p.s.s. santosh
Published on Nov 15, 2013
huy en
sorry for my stupid question but i want to buy a ps4. It can run a tv that is not a sony? or i need a sony to play on a ps4?
Aakash G Nair
anyone having a spare ps3 my parents cant afford
Xforce gamerZ
Finally a 3 months of hardworking to ask my parents to buy a ps4....finally I'm getting this tommorrow....but I know this is too late but I cant wait for ps5....
Solo Yung
compare this model to the one now
wait, so if you redeem for example a 12 month ps plus card, you still have to put in your CREDIT CARD?!?'
Who's watching in 2017 and dont have PS4 :(
Zack Playz
Illuminati confirmed
jappreet kaur
Omg it has been 3 years I don't have PS4 wish me good luck
Vortex Gaming
Man,i don't know to say what. i wan't ps4,but my parents prohibit me to buy ps4 because its useless.anyone else like me.
How you can make it
you can tell me about this price?
rashad main
yo trying to sell that.
Say Yolo in replays if getting a ps4 in 14 days say (favorite pie) if feel bad but I can bring your level better then a ps4 and most likely getting one
I already got a PS4 Slim 1TB with free 5 games :3
Elizabeth Roy
I have no friends

...basically my life
Xavier fucking McCarthy
That guy would be beast at bobs and statues
ps4 gamer boy master
I  have   a  ps4     Already   from   2016
Ag Vines
Can you make a video about convincing parents to buy a ps4
one Gamer
U really didn't have to take that long to create a name
Nikke Tmzee
I know I'm a bit late to the party but, I'm getting a ps4 on Sunday, and I'm just watching a lot of unboxing videos 😭 Oh man I'm so hype 😍
mohammad islam
Those who has given unlike they are mad
عيني اخوي ايريد هاذ البيلي تنطينيا لو اجيك بلعوده
SKB MasterChip
Lol “snip” at the start
Nick Milledge
I have not seen a more nerdier guy in my life, no offence intended.
Tinker Benson
I hate to be mean but I really really really really hate your sarcasm in this video
Rizwan Shahzad
Noobs have ps4

Normal people:PS3



Like if you agree😁😁
Gill Bates
I'm glad to say I'm an OG and have a launch model ps4
Mohamed abdo
Who is watching this in 2018?
aadam khan
how much dose the ps4 cost you
Joseph Johnson
vin rocker
4:27 I heard that
Seyi Hopewell
my sons ps4 turns on blue and then turns to white
donna verrall
I am getting a ps4 for Christmas and i am getting read dead redemption 2
Rachael Ngumi
I wish I had a ps4
Tyrell Stone
i just bought a ps4 slim and i wanna know do i have to set up a gmail for it or wht??
My ps4 died but i know am going to get the ulitimate ps 4
PLP 420
+Gamersbit plz can you giveaway this ps4 to ne plz i subbed you...plz bro i beg to you
Ishanna Troupe
I am going to get one too
dennisophia maria
I like so much the PS4
freelow gamemaster
good i like ps4 more than in xbox one.
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Am I gonna get a PS4?

No. Because my uncle gave me a Wii U without asking.
Santha Raman
Ps 4 in rs 201 it is fake or real please reply
Any One wants to sell your ps4 😔
Sheriff Sule
Target is not in Canada any more because it's the worst it's now in America
Sajal Khamrai
I also want one! Can you buy one for me?
Who is watching in 2017
Kvng Emmanuel
My girlfriend is finally getting me a ps4 tomorrow
Jackson Playz
If I had to choose between Xbox and PlayStation I would pick PlayStation even I have both
Gaming 24x7
This guy looks like Alex in pals. Like if u agree
Aidan Patrick
"Snip" is always the best part
saksham singh
sir plz give me ps4 plz sir reply
Nashwinder Singh
Just to ask Ford Horizon 3 got ah in PS4
alvin ignacio
we have a ps4 we have 15 cd's
I wish i could have ps4 one day :(
عاشقت السلايم سلايم
يارب يكون عندي سوني 4 😢😭
Bhavishay munjal
who likes xbox one s
Bhavishay munjal
not so good not so bad
Im gonna get a ps4 !
Ww E
You have the best PlayStation 2014
Onill Escalera
Xbox sucks ps4's better
Alexander Rainey
it's 2017 and I still don't have a ps4
عامر العامر
Bacon Pizza
I'm getting a PS4 for CHRISTMAS!!
Лёня - FNAF GO фантайм Фредди
PlayStation VR
Sheriff Sule
Xbox is just a box with a drawing of a x
Sabina Maharjan
i need a PS4
YaBoy LV
"I have no friends"😂