SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS PS4 Ending & Final Boss (Shadow of the Colossus Remake)

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS PS4 All Endings - Ending & Final Boss This is the Shadow of the Colossus Remake & Final Boss Fight.

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Eastern Traveller
evil or not, in the end Dormin kept his promise to revive the girl
Saif Vampe
i really do respect dormin for keeping his word of reviving the dead girl
Gianfranco Debonis
everyone the first time Agro falls.:

Imma end this last Colossus whole career.
I never noticed this but in the remake they added and extra sad "Agro..." Yet another good thing this remake does right
The ending that gets sadder the more you watch it.
this is taking the friend zone to an another entire level
Shadow of the colossus : Defeating 16 colosus, you bacome a baby and the girl alive.
The Last Guardian : You get back to your village and your giant flying dog alive at the end.
Emma Harvey
I love that dormin kept his promise and brought her back.. but does anyone else feel like he knew he’d end up as an infant and thus need someone to take care of him?
Phantom 404
Gotta be honest here...

*Horse dying is sadder than anything else in the entire game*
Thien Pham Thanh
19:34 this part hurt me so much
Cahyo Amiseso
I played this game over my final semester assignment 11 years ago. Now look at that gorgeous graphic in PS4. Wow.
Trico Animates
I never saw or played Shadow Of The Colossus, i did not cry when the guy was stabbed or when the girl was revived. BUT I MADE MY ROOM INTO A POOL OF TEARS WHEN I SAW AGRO LIMPING
Vĩ Huỳnh Quang
All the efforts to save the girl, and in the end they can't be together. A painful ending
Dave Mire
why does the game troll you at the end and make you think you can get away from the seal? (an alternate ending would have been kewl)
And The Girl Don't Know Who Do this T_T
Only thing that couldve made it better is an alternate ending where Dormin isn't (aren't) so slow and uncoordinated and you have a fighting chance to defeat the shaman and soldiers
The saddest part is....idont think the girl knew who the players character even was...she doesn't react to the horse at all...if they were partners , she would have recognized her man's trusted war horse...assuming being dead for that long doesn't mess with memories. The players character seemed to have betrayed his tribe/ Templars, over a girl that was sacrificed, whom he had feelings for, but was never able to express, due to some circumstance.
Voivoda Dracula
I love Dormin's voice
Freak Show
Why doesnt anyone hang on to the ledge of the pod it makes it more dramatic to see your grip run out while your loking at her
Peanut Arbuckle
This whole final segment had me in tears, but man, when Agro came back limping, I started BAWLING. Never has a game made me cry this much. Such a beautiful game.
bro no
So glad my boi agro didn't die
Despite being apparently "evil", at least Dormin is a colossus of his word. He did revive her in the end ^-^
Starving Soldier
They changed dormin's design to make it look more friendly, maybe that means it's not evil
Francis Acupan
This game is f**king art, man....
S.A.M Unknown
I feel sorry for the horse. Also, i kind of want a sequel game just showing the girls journey
anabelle del rosario
What a badass ending...
I love how they made this ps4 remaster to remember someone!
Finaaaaaally, I knew I'd heard the piece of music "swift horse" in this game somewhere, it was really bugging me. It plays during the unlocking bonus material screen, post-credits, and only ever after your first playthrough, after that you never hear it again.
Gotta do it for the booteh, oops, turned into a babeh. The real ending: horse died of injury, girl and baby died of malnutrition. Girl is in the middle of nowhere with a hungry baby and dying horse. Sad.

Just joking. True ending: The girl is Freya, who made contract with the Dark God, the boy is the first transformed titan. Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan begins.
Mr F
Best ending videogame history ever had! Poetry
random dude
Wait, what happened to the arrow in wander's leg before he pulled the sword out of him?
Daveson 808
I hate the ending it’s sooooooo sad whhhyyyy did it have to end like that I feel like ima cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
•_• R. •_•
30:07 Best horse in existence. It tried to reach it’s master even though it was severely injured.
Rich K
One of my favorite gaming experiences. I felt like a part of me died at least 18 times playing this masterpiece. Hail to the great team ICO... Thank you...
One day Hollywood will make a movie about this game for sure
kapajko999 h
Noooooooo my favorite horse :((((
I always thought there was a secret ending to this. Think about it, what do u think would happen if u keep aggroing the soldiers so that they would bring your hp down to zero? Plus the secret garden that reduces your hand grip to normal? Before fighting the last boss, make 2 save files. Your normal file and the challenge file. On the challenge file go to the secret garden and eat enough fruit to bring your hp and grip to almost normal. In case your not sure what the normal bar looks like, quickly start a new game to see where it begins. Reason for this is because you might need just enough hp and grip to kill the last boss.

I did it as if eating one more fruit, would bring me back to full default. After that save the game before fighting the boss on the challenge file. Warning once you fight with him be ready to die in simple one shots with his blast attack. Rest alot in between claims and yes its possible to kill him like this.
The whole struggle to this is once the scene starts as you fully corrupted, your health bar will stay in default and you must do all that you can to have the soldiers kill you by keeping the aggression on. Now I'm sure your asking if I did it to the very end to see if its true. Sadly after literally 80 tries I finally got to the part with the soldiers. I'm not lying but right when I needed 2 more hits to die, I lost aggro and I couldn't stop them from running away.

If you fail this then you must try to kill the last boss again because of this games issue of checkpoints. I was so mad that I never tried it again. This is not a troll but simply a older player that cant spend the time anymore playing this game like how I use to. If any other player wanting to see if this is possible then please do try and contact me on this and record yourself because I would be so happy to see if I'm right or wrong. This always bothered me and I'm the generation that first played this game so it would be amazing to see this case closed once and for all.
Cash Keppel
Argo: lets go grab the baby
The Phantom
Still haven't deleted my ps2 save. Over 500+ times I've beatn' that game I believe
Agro: "Hey did I miss anything?"
the lavsz
30:59 Nomad Colossus
hyper gamer 69
I bought it on PS2,I'm buying it again in PS4
Marcelo Aravena
I wanna believe that he now lives in that eagle flying high and happy because he saved her loved woman
Sir. Alonne
29:30 muy feliz y triste a la ves :'v
His lover became his mom
ايبرو Ibro
Soundtrack name pls
Don’t judge YOutube
Wow everything we wanted to happen happened when we die I mean we killed every colossus for the girl yeah dormin kept his promise to revive the girl so I guess where ever our body is he is happy
This game is the greatest game of all time and shall forever it will be...
You have to play Shadow of the Colossus first then "Ico" it's the continuation of the story. It's only available on PS2 and PS3. To bad it never came out on PS4.
Gamerz Joao the cat
malus have screams of pain i now that because he scream every attack
General Slug
So this is a prequel to another game is what I hear
King Zach
Played this on ps2 then ps3 and will more then likely buy it again for ps4. Loved this game so much and still do
Erich Lee
The saddest part is they cannot go outside that temple cause the bridge was destroyed hahaha 🤣🤣
Pedro Miguel
21:09 - By their works you shall know them.
34:45 sentí una sensación bastante extraña, nostalgia, pena? Como es el mundo y como todas las cosas tan lindas y simples tienen tanto misterio? Me dejo bastante extraño a partir de ese momento... Me llevo a otra dimensión, como si estuviera realmente en el juego...

Ni que decir de su hermosa música de fondo, es extraño pero me hizo de sierto modo hasta llorar y reflexionar...
Gotta be honest here: this guy sucks at this game
The horse dies.

ME: Well that's depressing.
Silgrim Marak
The Shadow of Zelda or The Legend Of Colosus
that Priest in the end of game is ico. he has head boundage and ico sword
Playlists- -Watch my
that intro tho lol
I nearly cried both when argo fell and of course the ending. Such a beautiful yet poignantly sad game :(
Q nostalgia 😢
orlando polo
Wander 💔
Kenkkazen Gaming
R.I.P. i got crying big
Why i dont remember this 😅
Kiyahni Redd
6:11 ouch 😐
Faqih Faqih
Hope they create a sequel for this. The ending is open so there are rooms for the next story.
Jonas Polsky
Kept you waiting, huh?
Is there still no way for the true hero, Dormin, to win that battle?
Kay Kay
Kurt Stark
why they took off the eagle scream at the end?? that part was the cherry on the top oh this master piece ending
Arezki Abderrahman
the horse is there!
Why the horse😭😭😭
Tony Melo
Damn... I really want to play this game now.
poor wander.
Anas khan
Reminder of good old times... I completed this game in PS2 I have PS4 but still it is the best game with all the emotions.
Petich Kentang
So on the end you were the bisa fi8
Saygın Cock
All time emotional game....
Marcos Castellanos
0:30 😔
i couldnt make dormin spit fire in my run
Name Withheld
23:14 You know you can walk and smash those guys? But what happens if you do get them? I tried but was never able to get them all
Young Wolf
24:31 a god screaming 😮
Why does the hero in this game look like he's 12?
Tanner Borgers
jump man !!!
e J
Dormin : hey emon
Mikey Kennedy
Nice thumbnail, dickhead.
Youcef Habib
The best game ever
Senoir Montique
Is this the temple in ico?
John Doe
I respect Wander. Sure his devotion to Mono is questionable, but I admire his determination, courage, questioning of morality and ethics, and his smarts. If only there was a more clear cut happy ending for him.
Jack VN
alex lugo
I just wish they put the 24 Colossus
lee zhi hong
At least she get to be alive and be the demon dormin's mom
Haruka Kazawa
Maybe when u become shadow before u turn become baby new born in the holy water.. If u are jumping to his gf.. Maybe there will be secret ending?
Gaming Of Family
*so sad for Ending 😢😢😢😟😟
Jay's Brick Co.
When I was a kid, I COULDNT READ!
I was maybe 5 when I had mistaken Jak and Daxter and Shadow of the Colossus for a Zelda title.
As much as I wanted a Zelda game I wasn't disappointed to say the least.
jude star
Dormin is a monster because the giant were guardians
Rosa Zamora
He might go to hell for killing that many gods
1000% Hack
This is a sad story 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
Navil Rodriguez
Que tal esta.... valr la pena cambiar por battelfild4?
Cool! you can jump up to her!