Shadow of the Colossus PS4 7th Colossus Gameplay Walkthrough - Hydrus

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Part 1 - Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake Gameplay PS4 Pro 4K Cinematic Setting
Thanks to Sony UK for the Review Copy
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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake Shadow of the Colossus ps4 4k ps4 ps4 pro
92 комментариев
You know what I love about you the most, Riot? How you apologized to every monster you hurt!

😢 This game is great, but I don’t want to hurt the monsters either!
Having thalassophobia. it would be tough for me to fight that boss lol
I remember when I played the original, I was able to see this Colossus(Hydrus) just sitting frozen in the water before the cutscene. It was really creepy! I could see the electricity and everything.😱😱
Iván López
This game is just too damn beautiful
Nathan Cole
Imagine a actual good lord of the rings game with this engine and graphics
NY Gamer
Game looks pretty cool. I think I'm gonna hold out for the re-re-re-mastered ps5 version of it though.
This game is mesmerizing. Ahh the good old days when i played the hell out of this game on the ps2...good times
Dan D
I really like this game a lot... but do the controls while riding the horse irritate anyone else?
Shannon Curtis
the thing I fear about the ocean is the darkness deep with thing's like sharks lurking in it
Ramr Ganteng
This my nightmare. Since It was swimming deep inside to the water and i have thalasophobia 😭
Ava Van Pelt
I love this game and literally cannot wait to board the Nostalgia train.
Gaming Gear
Yu know the difference between the original hydrus and this one the old on didn’t have light coming
From it’s sides
Stone Quillian
Wow. Back in the old game, the lights on Hydrus didn't have lights on the sides.
Smerk Kwads
Its been a long time since I've played this game and I don't remember this boss. :(
daddy fatsacks79
Most epic boss battles in gaming history
The next Colossus is Very easy
Alex Hyura
Im play in this game long long time ago in ps 2,, im defeat the last boss,,, and this knight be a baby,,
lol need more powahhhh!!! lololol
Dexy Iwersen
Bro, seriously love your content and this game is just amazing! I remember playing it on PS3 (never got it on PS2) with such Awhh and I love your take on it. Subscribed
Torsten Matthes
Thank you for doing all of this...I enjoy every video...remember la noir....great videos...keep it up
Kuroyoru Umidori
oh didn't know the game released already
Next episode noww
Lucas Facey
"You have no idea how hard this is."I killed dis boss!
Travis JB
Me having thalassophobia plus bathophobia.....I really had to face my fears when I wanted to finish this level 😅😅😅
Partha Nandi
How come the scenery change so completely from 4:58 to 4:59. LOL @GameRiot
Lee Marcus
You've got good times ahead my man trust me. Such a good game! :)
One of my favorites canals
King Dedede
This seems much less terrifying than the original
Don't forget you can climb the trees with fruit on. There is moss and vines running up the trunk!
Sam Farrell
I really want to play this game but this part has always put me off as I'm terrified of water and things in it 😭😭
Alex Hyura
Light of sound,,, thy next foe
ivan david
Hermoso juego
black fire
Are you going to play more ufc3
Cant wait to see Malus and Pelagia
Why embargo, WHYYYYYYYY. I wanna see more of this, I feel the same it is so sad seeing these Colossi die and no I don't think I would go around killing innocent creatures for the one I love to come back to life. I know what you mean about doing crazy things for Love but I couldn't personally no matter what. I'd never even heard of the original when it came out on the PS2, so wished I had though cause I love this game and can't wait to see more :)
Jessica Vega
does anyone know how to dive on PS4 controls? I knew how back on ps2 but have forgot since then :p
black fire
You should play more ufc3
Jeebs Gold
That is so damn cool! He notices the bird's approach then tracks it with his head as it flies by!
Shannon Curtis
I like this game for the creativity of the shape of the foes,  but now that u mention it with games of killing,  I do with when it comes to a few amount of Horror Survival Games I do wish they give the characters u play some super human abilities,   Super Power vs the super natural wouldn't mind that evening out the odds
Ricky D
what an unbelievable looking game!!! this is the perfect example where both art and technical power can come together to form a sum greater than its parts. the devs/Bluepoint studios (Ithink?) have really outdone themselves this time!!!
Woop !
This is terrifying...
Stephen Isaac
in case you didn't know that wander skin changes after he slain 4 colossi.
Ian Enniss
oooooh Daiiiimmm
Penji booce
Nova Tk
Stingy stingy
Gaming Gear
Also hydrus is my favorite collosus
MaderinMacho (1000 suscriptores subiendo video v:)
no sabes jugar friki
John James
Krishna Kanth
High res 4K mode please.....
Krishna Kanth
4K mode please.......
- Mechanoid -
so all colossus have hair even the aqua ones... okay..
Could do without his commentary tbh, kinda spoils the atmosphere
JJ Villy
It’s a video game dude. Feeling horrible for killing it is ridiculous lol