🔧 How to Boost PS4 Internet speed - Faster downloads, Lower Ping and Fix LAG!

The ULTIMATE guide to getting faster wired and wifi on ANY PS4 to fix lag, lower ping, increase download speed and upload! ✔️
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This video will teach you guys how to increase wifi speed, wired speed on ANY ps4, including the original ps4, ps4 slim and ps4 pro! - Helping you optimize your internet settings for the Best ping, Fix lag, increase download speeds and upload speeds and get the MOST out of your PS4 and Your Connection.

DNS Benchmark tool:

Easy DNS Settings for fast results
(Watch how to find your BEST DNS in the video for BEST results)

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

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Oh my god thank you so much my downloads are 60 minutes instead of 1 hour!!
streak max
Who watching for 2k19 trash servers
Anyone 2019?
Fortnite dank memes
Any one trying to get 1 ping instead of connection timeout?
Anyone else trying to download bo4 faster?
Kenan Kurtovic
imma just copy everyone else

OMG dude it goes from 2 hours to 120mins.THank YOU
I here for my 1100 fortnite ping
Toxic_SycThe Fortnite
Yo talk faster than my WiFi runs😂
RaVeX ViiPer
Thank you so much man it went to 1 hour to 59minutes man thank yoi
Bo Fehdi
Who else watches this 2018 for red dead?😂

Lol love you guys thanks for the likes hope u get better internet and enjoy ur game
HavoK Gaming
He called the settings icon a briefcase...*face palm*... ITS A TOOLBOX ICON!
Jackson Lahay
My download went from three hours to 1 hour thanks for the video it really helped
Thanks man actually worked, 3hours to 72minutes

Edit:it actually went down to 24minutes a little while after, no joke guys try it!
Shadowblade933 P
Your so lucky your first test was 91 mbps mine was 1.0 mbps.

Edit: oh my god thx for the likes 😁😆
Dogface YT
Thank you it said 12 hour left after that it now says 84 min
Blur Aero
When I don’t stream I’m at 30 ping but as soon as I stream I’m at 1100🤦🏾‍♂️
cool chris
It's not showing me the wifi frequency bands :(
Terra Warrior
His internet speed is 91mbps
And I’m out here 1mbps
Is it bad I couldn't watch this video because my internet was buffering too much? haha xD

Edit: Ive fixed the internet how haha
Clash of Wolf
Thx man this helped me so much it went from 1 hour to 70 hours I’ll defo be dropping a like because u helped so much 👍🏻
jangalexis Ruiz
Could I use this for a Roku cause the lag is killing me on certain services.
Lelouch Lamperouge
Thanks for wasting my time.
Passaba Portara
how about Australia ? any primary & secondary to recommend please ?
Haythem Ahmed

Why even bother covering that id ?
jackfrostgamer77 Stein
Ty u so much it changed.😁😀

To 580 kbps
69.3 kbps it's my real speed 😢
Thank thou, the internet up here aint it chief
Jose Alvara
i play upstairs and my internet is set up downstairs but why does it lag so much
Octavian 716
This helped a lot thanks
Thanks bro my speed went from 72 mb to 89 mb
Nice Memer
Omg man ty soo much for this vid i was having problems with my conection and i found why
ProGamer Elite
Wow 267.9 kbps
Hydra Throw 2
bro Thank you so much
_ Eczo _
Thank you soooo much!
Achmad Budi prasetyo
My nat 3 is failed but everything is connected. Help please...
I don't wanna using cable because it's too far
Ak Vince
My router doesn’t have the option to do this 🤕
“A Rooter” That’s a first for me
My internet connection interupt... Thanks..
Yousef Gamer
I always watch these bs videos hoping that this one will be actually helpful
But I always get disappointed
daniel 12
Thank you man it worked!
Riley Freeman
Can anybody tell me some good routers I can use I’m over here getting 2mbps with xfinity🤦🏽‍♂️
Jorel Grant
Oh my god it work from 60minutes to 1 hour now
Edit:got emm
Gaming With Jazz
Uhhhhhhhhhg what the heck I hate my connection it was so good before idk what the heck happened
Hell yea thank you so much!
Mine went from 365 days and 14 hours to 364 days and 14 hours!
Frickin love you dude ❤️
Carter Gray
Thank you so much... my game was going to take 90hrs+... I left a like
Samuel Deslandes
US and Europe,can i use the US one if i am in SOUTH AMERICA?
Nils Knauer
Thank you so much ping
My ping is now 40 instead of 180
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Great video. I can finally stream battlefield v without as much quality drop! Thank you!
Misael Zavala
Don’t know if comments are sarcastic or actually telling the truth
Alejandro'sGaming YT
Thx my went from 4 hours to 12 mins you are the ducking best no lie this got you a sub
Gaming IR
Life saver went from 99+ hours to 99+ hours

No it went from 99+ to 60 min thx
But there is no link in description for dns for different countries?
#Panjno I used the best DNS's and it 3 times worse them my origanal DNS, can u help
Hasan Ashmar
You're the best❤❤❤
From 8 hours to +99 hours😙😙
Ping 40ms Downlaod 19.9mbps

Jitter 6ms Upload 3.6 mbps

Is that good and how to fix it?
Dhillon Shaan
Thanks bro it’s really fast now 🤙🏾👍🏿
I went from 50 to 5-10 ping sike
CallMe Quinczy
Thx this actually help
It worked. You're genius!
Andrew Berndt
Step 1: Get better internet like x1.
That's it that's all the steps.
Itz DJ
Yo this works my WiFi numbers are now super low! Best vid ever
ImSoSad Now
My download went from 3 hours to 180 mins THX :)
i actually
increased 15mbps tysm
for me the max ping for all tested was 3500. And i was already using the best server
JuulGang _420
Thanks now I can stream without getting kicked out this helped a lot
Michael Cahue
90 mbps? Mine is at 584
Lemuel Shoneyin
James Dugmore
Anyone else trying to improve upload speed for twitch streaming
The Magic Of Arsenal FC
The us settings work better for me but I live in Europe 😂
Tykeveon Sanders
Call of duty 4 multiplayer?
Dark Valkyrie
Who else watching this for Fortnite?
Edit:Oh my thanks for likes!
Michael Slade
This really does work! A download went from 2 hours to 120 minutes. 👍🏻
Just your average toaster
I’m getting 30 down and 1 up and I’m paying for 100 down and 10 up
Fortnite’s the worst with lag smh over 200+ ping 😂
Faze- Warrior_Nz
Season 7 2019
GhostWolf Gaming
Yoooo OMG it really worked thx man
HuntJoz 7
Wow thanks went to 51 hours to +99 really helped
Why did you not use the first DNS server, it had the best min. and max. Ping?
Honestly bro fixed all my issues, thanks
CharlesVolant Plays
Thank you bro it works!!
Colby Dukes
Did what the video said: 3.4 to 3.4

Did what the comment said: 3.4 to 4.5
Natsu Dragneel
My WiFi is

Download: 500kbs

I'm a termite
Thanks. I was connect through LAN. Switched to 5g wifi and my connection speed went from 2.4 to 6.7mbps
didn't even make the smallest difference
Spooder Man
Dude thank you so much this actually helped, and I'm really thankful.
Michael Espeland
Holy moly, went from 12/3 too 45/40! Thanks a lot!
NotActuallyDon :bo4 and more
Yo I'm using a hot spot and it still worked thank you so much no lag<3
Deathspacito_ _
Thank you so much! This really worked I'm liking and subbing
ParaMetry Gaming
Man urso goog at helpin my downloads went from 20 minutes to 5 hours😘😘
YT Kalm
Shiii this works,connection on fortnite is way better
Native Shooter
Lowered my ping from 70-30 "DECENT"!!
yay this tutorial worked

My internet is still under 1mbps woho
david lucas
Damn, You’re the man 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
stephen turner
Helped a bunch. No more connection lost etc. Thank you!!!!
Steven Jackson
10 min clickbait for adds ... boo sir, for restating what 1,000 other youtubers already have.
Saud Hadi
Guys go friend request him his name is Panj No
I was unable to optimise my internet settings because you didn't put oceana DNS settings (Australia) in the description and my dad was to scared for me to download an unknown link from the internet because he thought our files could get hacked overall a big R.I.P.
I don't know what's worse my upload speeds of 280kps or your lack of love for Australia.
I'm just kidding dude I still subscribed and liked the video just the information didn't help me as much as it would have helped others
Why does my man repeat everything he says to drag out video length 🤔
Dominick Newman
Thanks man playing fortnite with a 1400 ping, tried this and knocked me down to a 66.🤟🏽 good looks
Will Smith
It worked . Thanks bro ✅
What the hell is a rooter