PS4 On And Off DIY Fix

TronicsFix shows you how you may be able to fix your PS4 that turns on then right back off with this DIY video.
Order the kit here:

We take a PS4 that turns on then right back off and repair it. This repair includes removing the hard drive cover on the console and the other top cover to access the APU and heat sink clamp. We then put spacers under the APU to create more pressure on it which helps it get a better connection to the motherboard.

This fix generally works for quite a while but there's no way to know for sure how long it will last. Some consoles have lasted more than 1 and a half years.


Tools I use:
-Protech Toolkit:
-Torx Security T8:
-PH00 Phillips:
-Tweezer Set:
-Electric Screwdriver:
-Thermal Paste:
-Canned Air:

Equipment Used:
-Hakko Hot Air Station:
-Nozzle for hot air station:
-Hakko Soldering Station:
-Hakko Air Filter:
-Kester Solder:

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Fabian Juarez
Omg bros it works thank for this video bros thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂👍🏼🙏🏼
Dead Street
my ps4 comes on for about three to five minutes before shutting off.
Nevin Fritz
Used these steps to back off the screws and my power supply turned on again. Hope it works for a while longer. Thank you for the tips.
Mr. Parker
didn't work..

update: worked for my PS4 and has been working for months. Thanks Tronicsfix
Jack Tatum
This Actually worked. 2 washers I had in my kitchen drawer this whole time. FIXED IMMEDIATELY
Moa Savali
Thanks for the quick reply back. You've been very helpful.
what do you think the problem is if it beeps but no blue light?
i finally fixed that was powersuply issue
Joe Hernandez
Wow this worked! Thanks
Alexander Acosta
I saw videos saying that i needed a new power supply till i ran into your video, i couldn't find any washers at home so i used 2 bobby pins and hand tightened the screws.......and boom there it is turned right on. Thank you for your help, i hope it last forever because as far as i know u just saved me $40-$70 buck. Hope is long term. Thanks again
Robert Evans
just performed this on my system and yes it works perfectly with no issues. thanks TronicFix 👍👍👍👍👍
Been doing this for 1 year now I added pressure on the ps4 I add a pressure and adding and removing you just have to find that good spot where it holds on and works
Stephen O'Hara
totally worked for me  thank you
thanks man I repaired it you are the best
Seemant Kaul
Worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much saved me from buying a new PS4.
Mine was acting up so much, not starting up, shutting down in middle of game...I was about to buy a new one, but with the announcement of Google Stadia, I didn't want to invest so much.
For the people asking about the washer size, I took out the screw and took it to the hardware shop. Bought 6 washers that fit the size. The shop didn't even charge me for those (that's India for you, I guess)
I know it worked because my ps4 would beep and shut down Everytime after a cold boot and would come up only after the second cold boot. But ever since the washer fix, it boots up EVERYTIME.
I am so happy, i can write a book about it, almost wrote a chapter here 😋
Nick Bartosic
It's been over 2 years and my PS4 is still working after I ordered the washer mod and installed it using the video. I had no audio/video unless I put pressure on the top of the system before the fix, haven't had any issues after installing the washers. Thanks again!
Owen Grant
? Tightening screws fixes issues, what?
Johnny Lobes
2 washers worked for me!!! Thank you!
Ali Burnham
mine still doesnt work and it beeps starts up for about 2-3 seconds then cuts
Mes amis je vien d'essayer et ca fonctionne .its works thanks!!!
Nadir TV
will it work because I'm a YouTuber and this could end it
I tried this and it didn't work... HOWEVER, I used the good old oven trick to reestablish the BGA connections and it worked! You have to put the motherboard in the oven for 7 min at 210°C on an aluminum foil at mid height. (Tip: remove the coin battery, and the detachable connectors before putting it in and set it to cool for 10-15 min).
Lord Cthulhu
if this doesnt works imma wait for ps4 pro
Elijah Sedgwick
So if mine is a power supply issue which it is because I have to unplug it for it to beep again
My HDMI broke and had it repaired and got it and it turns on then off
Lucas b
my ps4 had the same problem it blinks and turn off some how i fix it, after weeks now it just makes noise and no blink.....i think its the power supply ....
John Williams
I think the washers worked for me. One question...could my AVR be causing it to shut of as well. Seems like the amp switching coincides with shutoffs as well. Thx!
Jesse Peterson
mine doesn't have that clip. it's one of the unchartered limited edition. no clip :(
Nicholas Parisi
thank you so much was about to buy new power supply cause all i read said it was that. tried this and it worked
John Rodgers
hi , thanks for the ideas on fixing my ps4, they really have elpt, keep up the good work
Ian Robinson
I have the power supply issue and I was wondering if there's any other way than buying a new power supply ?
After the fix it turns on for me but only when the HDMI cable is disconnected. While connected it returns to previous problem.
B Nguyen
Thank you it worked for me
Jake Dooley
Thanks so much! I had to replace my buddy's HDMI port, but freaked out when I reassembled it and it wouldn't power on anymore. Turns out I just tightened that clamp a little too much!
Jonathan Rahmqvist
This really works! Thanks!
My ps4 was dropped on the floor so i tryed this four times. So dont give up after the first try.
Juan Luis Perez
Thank you, that solved my problem. Lets see for how long but I really appreciate the help and the quick video showing the differences to help with troubleshooting.
Danijel Radosevic
Thanks man it worked ,i puted 2
my ps4 beeps then makes a quick zap noise then shuts off is that a power supply issue
James Agena Georges
Thank you, Fixed
Bruh Bruh
I left the PS4 running with a game playing. A person in our household sees it and proceeds to unplug the power cord from the outlet (without exiting anything or turning off the PS4). Now I tried turning on the PS4 but it doesn't respond, either through the controller or the power button.

The power button literally doesn't do anything; and if the PS4 is plugged in, the controller light blinks twice or thrice then stops as if it has turned on the PS4 already. (but when the PS4 is unplugged, it only keeps blinking) When I press the eject button, it only beeped once.

I've tried various solutions around the internet such as holding the power button, replugging both power cord and HDMI, trying another outlet and power cord, and tilting it different ways. I was able to manually eject the disc inside, which causes the eject button to beep 3 times now.

I've seen people say that it could be a power supply issue, so I went ahead and bought one online since the warranty is void already. After replacing the power supply, nothing changed. Still the same symptoms.

Anyone here who can help me fix the PS4 or at least give me an indication as to what the problem could be?
Leonard Williams
bro this just helped me out so much now I know I need a new power supply
Mine stays for several minutes then turns off. how do you fix that?
Juan Pablo Robledo
This worked for my PS4 but...
How long is this good for?
Will I have the same issues later on?
holly cow this works I had dropped my ps4 from a book case and presumed it was broken and for 5 months its sat there I found this vid randomly and with using his tips I fixed it thancks for the help.
Why my ps4 turns off by itself?
Miri zehhh
Thanks man I thought this wouldn't work but I guess I was wrong u saved my PS4 bihh. I subscribed and liked 👍🏽
chad stendal
i've tried everything, and it finally worked thanks to you!!!!!
Jeffrey Page
what size are the washers exactly?
CJ Huddleston
this worked! i watched endless videos with different techniques and have tried so many ways to try to get it to come on but none of them worked until i tried this, thank you!
Andreas Fogh Krogh
Thank you so much!
Pure Notorious
mine turns on then beeps help
hi ei
It worked, thanks man! I used rubber band instead of washers, 1 layer worked :D Had no washers at hand.
Frankie C
Ok so I had some washers, used them, and now the power will stay on but the blue light never turns white. It just pulses blue. I've tried many different things to fix this and nothing works. It won't go into safe mode, nothing. Do I need to have it reballed? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. This started because my ps4 got smashed (don't ask) and the hdmi port needed to be replaced, as well as the power supply. I got a used power supply and had he hdmi port replaced and carefully reassembled everything (I had to get a new shell for the console as well). I go to plug it in, power it on and after 1-2 seconds it clicked off. So like I said I used the washers and it worked. But now the "blod". Again thanks in advance for any help
Nick Vinnicombe
This Fix seemed to work, but now the console doesn't always power on right. Sometimes it powers on fine, sometimes it turns on then shuts off. When it shuts itself off you can hear a click (before this fix it would only turn off then on). Do you know what might cause this?
Junior Sevilla
Make a video about the blue light of death and how to fix it please
Corvus 47
i had "i have to unplug it and plug it back again" power supply issue
then i had buy the new power supplier but it didn't worked
what's happened?
De'White Wig Hurz
why does my ps4 not have a clamp, like yours?
Adan Alcauter
Your vid is the best!!
If the your power cord is really hard to take out is that a sign that the power supply is bad
It didn't work for me :(
chris larkin
Hey guys if you have a warrantee and don't want to void it give your playstation 4 a good tap on top and flip it in its side to relieve pressure and get the parts moving.
Danny Ortiz
it worked thank you so much! hope it lasts!
Edson Santos
my ps4 is switching on just for 3 o4 5 minutes then turns off automatically.
what can i do ?
This worked for me (for about a month). Now its dead again. Regardless, thanks for the tips.
Double o
Can you use metal washers over nylon
Your the best you save me from buying a new ps4 I got my ps4 working 😁
540 Boyz
1/4 inch nylon washers?
Juan R Dominguez
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 congratulations, excellent work
My fan sounds mad loud but I used metal washers does that matter
Levi Helton
Does this work for ps4 pro?
Miles Lofgren
I broke the metal power piece that sits in the copper, where do I find a new faceplate? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.
Worked. I had this same problem, so i took it apart. Reapplied new thermal paste, cleaned the heat sink and installed 2 washers each. Its been almost 8 months now and my ps4 still works perfectly
sir shall i buy used ps4 with same problem . So i can repair and use it . Ps4 which i am talking about is for $195.
If Chosen
You fixed my day, THANK YOU!!!!!!!
ram doe
How you put the cover back on!
Esequiel Hernandez
thanks so much it actually worked
kevin kelly
Hi, what dose this actually do to make it work..
Will changing the paste fix it also. Thanks
jerry herrera
what size washers do I need man
Peyton Howell
Mine won’t install an update
Chris Jericho
My ps4 blinks twice and turns off and always blinks at the second attempt what's the problem sir ?
Omg it works!!! Thanks :D
Marx Romero
How much is the power supply
Thanks sooo much I did this but I didn't use washers I used penny's and it worked !
Anthony Lavender
I had a different fix. I replaced my HDD with the standard Sony one. I let it sat in a well ventilated room for about 4hrs. After that I replaced the HDMI. Then I rebooted the system in safe mode downloaded the most recent update from the Internet. this worked for me. I'm guessing the HDD lost it connection somehow.
Liberar Venezuela
I uncovered it and I noticed that the fan tries to roam getting to give just a vuekta and goes off ... is it power supply?
you didnt explain what causes the problem and what the watchers do to fix them. Everything else is great.
Rayan Saade
i had the same problem after unpluging and pluging the ps4 and trying to turn it on many times i took a small break to watch this video before opening the ps4 i wanted to try one last time and it worked
What if 3 dosent work then what
Kendall Flemmer
i just unscrewed then rescrewed the first two and it was fixed nobody buy his kit
FM Attack
i notice there is some foil under the clamp, mine doesn't have that
Guys, mine ps4 run normalny and then suddenly turns off, after that when i start him he goes beep and after 1,2 sec off... that last long like 1 2 hour at least then i start it again normaly until agan it turns off randomly
Any suggestion?
Angel Lopez
This just fixed my PS4 thanks so much!!!
Loris Bremner
How do you fix a PS4 Pro?
Double o
Mine now sounds like a jet engine
Thank you for this vid it resolved the issue regarding not starting up/staying on, however now it runs louder than ever. Anyone else have this issue? Solutions?
Chucky Cage
Thanks for the video, but this console pisses me off. I've had my old ps3 since 2007, still works with no issue. But the PS4, which I've had for a year, is already crapping out on me.
Ayman RZ
@tronicsfix My ps4 turns off while playing a game for a couple of minutes without any warning.. it's like when power get cuts off...what will i do?
Shadd Jonez
hey do u take ps4 shipments..i need hdmi. work done.