PS4 HDMI Port Repair - White Light of Death Fix - No Signal

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►Tools for This Repair:

Please do not attempt this repair if you do not have the skill or equipment to do so. We show you how to correctly replace the HDMI port on a PS4. This job can be done in about 20 minutes if you have the experience and tools necessary.

PS4 HDMI Port Repair Tips:
-Be sure that you are using a good HDMI port. Many that you buy on Ebay and Amazon don't line up correctly
-If the port is not hot enough it will not fall out and the circuit traces may tear off of the motherboard...still fixable but MUCH harder to repair.
-Don't use a heat gun...just don't.
-Soler each of the 19 pins on to the motherboard. Make sure there is no bridged solder pads and that each pin is soldered to it's corresponding pad.


Tools I use:
-Protech Toolkit:
-Torx Security T8:
-PH00 Phillips:
-Tweezer Set:
-Electric Screwdriver:
-Thermal Paste:
-Canned Air:

Equipment Used:
-Hakko Hot Air Station:
-Nozzle for hot air station:
-Hakko Soldering Station:
-Hakko Air Filter:
-Kester Solder:

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Max Ketschik
Never did a repair like that, but i definitely like the quality. Precise, not too long, just professional. Thumbs up!!
Phill Wilson
Nice tip using the tweezers to prop the port up. I've never seen that before
He said "I'll stop talking" at the perfect time, because I was becoming frustrated lol.
Ado Lomauri
Hello, can you tell me witch flux do you use for soldering when you place new HDMI port?
Damn you are more than a professional, you are an EXPERT!!!NICEEEEE
Frank Jones
Great video, would love to send you my ps4 to fix but I'm assuming you don't take them from Canada, maybe I'll try fixing it myself haha
Matt Kerr
Great tutorial. Easy with the right equipment which most people dont have. You take a lot of pride in your work that HDMI port will last the life of the console now especially if you used 60/40.
Tee Jay
140 for a repair at my local shop. I'll take my chances
Excellent soldering job. Look forward to more of your videos.
Thanks for posting this, it worked perfectly.
xFrozte -
Can I ship mine to you to do this I don’t know if you still read comments from 2 years after though
Jaime Mendoza
you are a pro! great Job
mustang mike
Hey Steve my names Mike just had a question I got a ps4 that was smashed I put new case fan and battery it boots to wlod so took apart I'm grounded all over the place, got any suggestions on what would cause multiple grounds and boots to white light
Segas i am
I had tons of problems with a loud PS4 and started looking for some serious guides.

What made your videos better than most, was your way of explaining everything. (you made ifixit look like amateurs).

Keep up the good work! You just saved me from more, gray hair... 😂
I replaced thermal paste, but this is another level
My hdmi looks good and my cable is fine and TV but it's still flashing to no signal and to signal
BloodFlow HigH
That's a lot of HDMI ports and Cool video Tronic.
im from taxas how long would u think to ship it and get it fix and get back?

awsome video btw
Jairo Rubio
I need mine fixed , I was looking into getting it fixed with you guys but how does this exactly work ? I ship to you guys? You guys fix ? How long will it take ?
Indestructible Troll
hi bro is it okay if you can do it for 60$ because 90$ is to much for me, thank you
You're boss. Keep up the good work friend.
Houssem Koubaa
where can i bay the flux liquid?
Nick Duel
I have everything but the scope and the hot air station. Just found one for $50.00 and ordered it. Considering I just got this PS4 for free I think Im still ahead of the GAME...This video was perfect, thanks!
Can you fix mine?
Man why is it so expensive? $90 for a ps4 hdmi repair is a ton
Gilda Muenda
I'm here because you broke something
Andre Champoux
Very well done and clearly explained.
The_real_andrew_ryan Official
Nice video
Is it true that of you use a brush to clean a ps4 motherboard you create a static charge and can distroy the hdmi cip?
Brett Gitchel
How much does this repair cost (how much do you charge & how long does it take from receiving to shipping back to customers) thank you, Brett
rory L
What Hot air gun you had before its expensive to buy this one immediately
jeffrey desormeaux
do i need to purchase a shipping kit if I already have everything to package the ps4?
Marcelo Tezza
Some burp added about 7 min hahaha! Thx for the video, very nice
great tutorial! keep this up man!
Ray Al
If the pins are bridged will it still work?
Thiago Turgo
Is the image quality the same as the original?
Christopher Robinson
dude I love your channel and I think you deserve to be way more popular because you put a lot of work into your videos.
You look like a slightly older, non muscular Dwayne Johnson...
Jerry Lloyd
how much dose it cost for HDMI replacement and instalation
سليمان 90
How much you charge minimum for this service?
Always saving the day man haha, nice t-shirt
Christopher Bain
Hakko is the best rework equipment. Well worth their value. I'm an electronic technician for a electrical RTU company, and I solder all day long lol. Good job on the repair. Thankfully, in my field, we can use leaded solder.
f3rns _
This was the most epic video I've seen about hdmi replacement. Great job Steve. I have a small question, would you recommend buying a ps4 pro or I should wait for a better version, regarding the hdmi port and heat. Again thanks steve for this video my inner geek loved it. Notice me Senpai :3
HAFO 821
Nice t-shirt, I sholud also get one
took me a few minutes to realise what sorda was haha
Excellent Info thanks for the video and telling us what tools you used.
Jorge Rincon
Hello, what is the recommended temperature? Thank you very much for your contribution.
Omzzy Tube Gaming
I cant do this where should i go or who should i give it to???
please help !!
i live in the uk.
West Wood
what thickness thermal pads do you recommend for replacing original ones ?
felix Walker
I'm in Canada and my ps4 I believe has this problem where can I send it to for fixing and how much would it cost
Saul 73185
Is there anyway to repair the ethernet plug on the PS 4
Mine flickers every time I move the system. Would that be the port or the HDMI cable?
TheNaol 2K
Why is it 90$ for repair don't you think that a little too much
@TronicsFix do I have to use a ps4 HDMI port or will a generic one do? very helpful video, sir.
I love your shirt!!! And by the way, I sent my ps4 over!!!!
حاتممم البلوي
أرجو الترجمة
if the pins are not lining up correctly is there a work around?
Malin Yamato af Lääkkö
looks very professional and the results are awesome.... I am a beginner in soldering and have done a number of very bad soldering perhaps because I use bad and cheap stuff. I didnt know that I need to apply soldering flux to make soldering better... To detach components have been very hard for me and by watching your work I may be better off getting one if I may afford one. Thank you for providing us with an excellent how-to tutorial to make us better at soldering.
That Cannabis Guy
You make it look so easy. Ima let a pro do mine.
Can I ship it to you if it overheats constantly and I already tried to clean it??
Alexander Wolfe
100$ to repair this is a rip off.
Malachi Spicer
Wat happen if u broke ur component
carlos samir
Good video and good t-shirt too ( I'm here because you broke something)👌👍
How much is the usual cost of fixing this
Also how long will it take y'all to send it back
yeah definitely dont try this, pulled 3 traces off mine few months ago. good video, 1337 heh
We should get recall on ps4 . Hope they do good job on my ps4 as well as you did.
TLee Tv
i was wondering if you can fix my game @TronicsFix
Emmanuel Tafari
Hey I'm in an island called Jamaica do you know anyone who can fix it here. Great vid btw
Rawh Styles
Hahaha I like his shirt! 😂
Keiron Renales
Great video.........I am a big fan of your work i actually have a ps4 right now with a hdmi port to be replaced, but no one can do it where i live.............I live in the Caribbean on a island call trinidad and tobago........!!
Mark OneRace
Love your vid and your T-shirt 😀
wish you can do this to my wii u
Valorie Guerrero
tronix fix were are u located at...?
I am planning buy new game console
which is best PS4 PRO OR XBOX ONE S?
Jason Debarbo
Will i be charged full price if i just send you the motherboarf to replace the hdmi socket?
Sunrise Tv Rental
I do mostly tv and phone repair but a customer brought me a ps4 that when he was playing his dog ran through and snagged the usb cord which in turn pulled the whole ps4 to the hardwood floor disconnecting it from hdmi. The port looks ok and I cannot see any visible damage to the board. the ps4 lights up and runs but the light just fades in and out and it does not display a thing. I already tried a new harddrive and tested the old one which was still good surprisingly. Any ideas?
Ganesha Rambaran
i cant do this where do i go i live in stafford
Liqm the Canadian
I'm in British Columbia Canada where's the closest place for me to fix it
Please help me! My brand new PS4 game got stuck in the console, I can't find the screw and my hard drive setup looks different. My model is the CUH-1115A and I really want to eject the disc. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCED
Granpa Brown
We’re do I dead mine I need it fixed Sam place HDMI BROKEN...
Matrix Maslati
too late man ,, and u make it too hard
Victor Enriquez
thanks for helping me realize I cant do this myself, $80 around here
j c
Why did my Motherboard have components really close to the port
Great job sir and thank you very much for sharing your skills with us.
Jeremiah Luna
Can you fix my ps4
Malachi Spicer
I messed up mines twice
Great video! To the point and no fluff. Very good example of how to do it right and making sure that it's better than just "good enough". Great job!
Bully Filmz
hey I put my P's4 in shop they fixed HDMI port now it's gets sound but no video what's wrong help me?? @tronixfix
Gitano Jr
What temperature you use on the hakko solder tip?
Alex Wilson
1000 degree c or f? i know that may be a noob question but hey i want to make sure
Joanna Gray
can I send my ps4 to you and have you replace my hdmi port. if so, address and how much. I'd rather pay you to have mine done the right way.
Caleb Peach
is their anything that i can do if i do not own a heat gun? could i just heat the end up with the iron then remove ?
How much does all of the equipment to fix it cost
2nd Crack At It LLC
You, sir, earned a subscription. I don't know how many PS4 HDMIs I've done, and that trick to boost the pin side of the port with the tweezers is pure genius. Well done!
Jason Garcia
Does it matter if you bridge the solder across the pins instead of doing each one individually?
micheal _199710
How can I ship it to you and how long would it take and how much would it be to fixed it
pepe luiigi
how i can contact to you for fix mine ps4 hdmi port
Says if your a average ps4 owner to not do it your self cz youll mess up. But I did it by my self an great like new lol I just followed this vid