PS4 Pro vs PS4: PSVR Comparison

With the PS4 Pro now on sale, we've heard plenty on how much of a difference Sony's new tech has made to your TV viewing experience - but just how much of a difference does it make to your VR gaming time?

We used Robinson: The Journey as a way to test the two consoles in a blind test. A stunning, and perhaps, the best looking VR game so far on the Playstation consoles.

Is it worth the upgrade or does Sony's standard PS4 do a good enough job?
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Testing just 1 (!) game and then draw conclusions on whether the PS4 Pro is a worthy addition to the PSVR? Serioulsy?
there is a huge diffrence with vr worlds graphics with the ps4 pro alot more detail in the shark cage experience. looked alot clearer and seems like more of a close up and personal experience
James Frog
I have the Pro and VR and I can tell you the VR is better on the Pro.
Sinclair Webber
Nonsense I've had the VR for a month now and upgraded to the pro yesterday, I can undoubtedly say there is a big improvement over the Standard PS4. The London heist is one game where it's obvious
Apparently Monster of the Deep has a HUGE difference, and I love that game, so i'm looking forward to getting the pro!
Obi Ade
Cant believe they have a PS4 hanging on the wall with what looks like a sticky pad setup, lord Kaz wept...
GAMER SNACK | جيمر سناك
Man I've tested the same games on PS4 and Pro there's a huge difference!! So much better on Pro !
Arnold Rivers
Really don't agree with your playtesters at all. It makes a huge difference. Higher resolution and super sampling. Everything looks more crisp, clear and vivid. Aliasing is MUCH improved. I recommend getting one for VR if you can.
Laura tgGamer
The improvements are subtle, yet do so much. For example in my experience, Driveclub VR has a lot of jaggies which makes looking into the distance quite cumbersome. You weren't able to judge a corner that well untill you actually got close to it. On the Pro, while the game still has jaggies on some parts, the track/environmet looks crispier/smoother. At first, I didn't stand still with the difference. I just played the game, thinking there wasn't much difference. Untill after driving a few corners, I started thinking "wait a minute, why is driving around not so heavy on the mind anymore? Oh, I can see the corners way into the distance very clearly now." You don't have to concentrate on seeing the corners anymore, instead now you can just concentrate on how to take the corner and already prepare yourself for the next one, because you can clearly see it.
The improvements look small, because you don't actually stand still to what those subtle things achieve. Some don't see it. Some maybe because they have gotten used to the PSVR graphics on the regular one, they adjusted to it. I only played Driveclub a few times on the regular on and at first the blockiness is rather aparant. I have someone in my friends list who played a lot of Driveclub VR on the regular one and he doesn't notice the jaggies anymore and doesn't see much improvement on the Pro. But he knows the tracks inside out, so his brain fills in the "blanks".

In the past, you could clearly see differences between different generations. The last so many years, graphics already looked good, that it is hard to see the difference nowadays until you start looking into the details and such. And if you can appreciate them.
omg their so cute especially the guy on the right omgggg
I just got my ps4 pro and I love it. I still have my original ps4.
Harry Scott Elliott
They're all blind haha. I have a pro and can notice a huge difference
pipiripau 78
I'm glad I watched this I'm still trying to make my mind up. I have a slim but I've already got the oculus rift.
if you're getting it just for vr wait a bit, I can notice hardly any difference and on stuff like batman etc it's the same the lettering us and bit clearer and it loads a bit faster . if you think it's going to make you're vr become like you're TV ain't guns happen. the average person wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I have both and average vr
Frederick Chan
Great advise!
Thank you for making this
nicholas georgoudakis
Dame I now I need pro😞😤
Johnny Parker
I’ve tested Driveclub VR and GT Sport and I don’t see a difference
Juan Garza
I thought the guy in the right was Tim Tebow. Well when you see him from the side.
Meow's Gaming
OMG I can make the same noise as them Lmao well I am not the only kind
Tina Goodwin
answered my question. excellent video
thanx guys i was very curious about this
Should I sell my old normal PS4 so I can afford the Pro?
Ivan NoCap
I just got a vr and it over heated and broke ._. And that after that my psn got hacked loving life 🙃
Black Panther T’Challa Lem
Thanks guys
Toasted Prinny
anyone know if the PSPro would lessen the amount of nausea gained through use of the PSVR?
Baked Belgian Waffle
What about watching YouTube in VR ? When i watch with a ps4 slim, most of them are blurry or vhs quality....will a ps4 pro make a difference?
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James Jiao
Will get the VR for myself next Xmas :)
Bryan Henne
Bottom line lets be real 1080p just as good as 4k ps4 as good as pro xbox one as good as s and x
Firmino Zz
Argh! Time to upgrade my ps4 slim to pro!
Random Awesomeness
Great video. Keep it up!
they make them like this for a reason. more $$$
funktastic- trials fusion
if you can tell the difference between both consoles this answers its own question. of course it's night and day, not night and day would have seen some ppl being unsure. what a daft conclusion hahaha. also the point about not all giving the same reason tells you that it improves in so many different ways. people have their own map in our eyes and in a virtual reality situation if all are picking up different aspects which is better this is a massive accomplishment in emersion in which the vr experience could only say is a complete upgrade on the pro. this sort of thing is similar to the movie theatre and tvs today that produce life time visuals, it's in everyone's interest that thy could not agree the upgraded parts, this without a doubt suits everyone's individual eye and sight, it concludes that the psvr is infact a fantastic machine, it also concludes that playing it on the pro is infact upgraded to a point that we can't pin point were the improvements are but everyone agrees there is and this is is true to a life like scenario. every day life is different to each and every person, thus bringing the virtual experience alive. do you know why some like ice cream and some don't, do you know why some like cinema mode or natural mode on their TV. nope because we all look for different things so again I will point out that out off all that tested it every single one found something that's improved but could not agree on what, then this makes the psvr on the pro better in all them ways. saying that's not night and day is like saying a jaggie is one of mic jaggers off spring of his early sexploit days haha, great video tho done very professionaly good job.
Good info
I wish we could get info from Sony or the developer themselves. I fear all these reviews are all placebo results.
Jafar -
why your chest have beard?
shadow rider
love the vid, was curious about the difference between ps4 and pro in terms of the looking through a pair of tights effect you get with the vr. The images all look great even with the ps4 but that horrible aliasing effect really makes how clear it is kind of pointless!
So, 8 months on any change here? Are never games taking better advantage of the pro hardware??

I'm only really interested in the psvr upgrade not 4k, so not feeling convinced atm!!
eccentric777 AQ
Alex Stefan
Psvr works on slim ps4????
Dark C Long
that mean Ps4 pro can improve PS VR at 720p ?
Andrew Balfour
It's the connections on the back of the pro where it makes it more worthy of purchasing.
If you squint your eyes you can see a slight difference from the Pro to the amateur.
Dan Smith
The testers just said positive things about both.
Matt Ware
What headphones are you using please ? Are they plugged in to the PS4 or Bluetooth ?
I don't have VR PS4, This VR PS4 good?
I don't see any difference in this video between ps4 pro and regular ps4 on psvr, the gameplay on psvr looks exactly the same.
Juan Rodríguez
I do have a question... !
Is the PSVR an accessory of the PS4 (or PS4 pro) or does it work in a different way as if it were a different video game console?

I'd appreciate your answer since i'm about to buy a ps4 pro.
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I don’t have a ps4 pro but I just bout the vr and I can’t buy the pro
Disorganized Gaming
i tried PS4 VR for the first time today and my legs felt weak and unbalanced why is that?
Can ps vr work with ps4 slim?
Charles Achaw
Why did you even make a vid when the thing is obvious
is it worth to sell my ps4 and get the pro???
Can we really not get an honest review here on youtube anymore, or is it truly preserved for the money grubbing liars?
You guys were paid to do this.Still thank you for the review nonetheless. I hope you guys are successful have a good one.
Jonny Allison
This is not even a comparison. This is just play testing a single game!
K1V474 Vaughan
haven't got a ps4 at the moment but looking to buy for the PS vr so still not sure whether to buy the slim or pro ?
Παναγιώτης Σκαρπέτας
you should test again with boost mode on
Crow Migration
Eh, I want to try it but not upgrading to ps4 pro just for it. I was hoping the price would drop to 100 but looks like it was discontinued and the price is still 160 used.
Dion 78
Console has only been out 9 days and optimising a game does take a while to prefect.
Every time i play a PS4 video i get a XBOX ad. I have never saw a PS4 PRO ad. The PS4 PRO ad should go like this. PS4 PRO, the PS4 you should of gotten the 1st time.
Bandile Zipozonke
thanks guys i want to buy the vr but was not sure if it would work on the base ps4
David Liggins
Question I have both consoles and PS4 is a clearer image why..?..Still blurred but 10% clearer?
on sonys website it says ps vr doesnt go above 1080 and doesnt use 4k. there really shouldnt be a improvement
One Chill Sloth
I have used both and the PS4 looks fine you can pay the extra $100 for a pro but it wouldn’t change much
usernametaken 56
This is good to hear because I have a slim and I'm loving the PSVR on it. I think it would be silly to drop 399 on a Pro for a tiny improvement in VR when the PS5 is right around the corner and will blow away the Pro in every way. I will save my pennies up for a Samsung Odyssey so I can get the best of both worlds, PS4 and PC.
Ange Alexiel
so the difference is the same when u compare side by side a PS4 game and same game patched for ps Pro , slight upgrade, but far from 2 times better... that's the main issue sony is facing with ps4 pro , cos most devs will not make the effort to push the pro to it's limits for sure... that's a shame .
Nico Antonio
I'm at the point where I have to go external hard drive on my PS4 and it's the first gen I found out bc it only has 2.4ghz wifi. I want vr so I know u need USB ports and with an external drive taking up space I know I get annoyed unplugging and such so I'm going pro w/ vr so I can plug everything in including the external when I eventually need it bc of the 3rd USB port on the back then this year and when the Scorpio comes out and completion begins the pro will start getting much more content to give me a return on my investment. Plus I've never had the newest system with all the toys within the first year of launch so that will be awesome too. If I didn't have a UHD tv though I would have to pass on the upgrade bc it would make no sense
Michael W
We won't really see many differences between the PS4 & PS4 Pro until later on since the current games were built with the PS4 in mind, and the Pro versions are just patched PS4 games. While there are some games that have noticeable upgrades, those games a few and far between. Once developers are building games with both systems in mind we'll eventually start to see much better upgrades. Horizon Zero Dawn will probably be one of the first games with a noticeable upgrade.
I've got an old ps4 but want a VR headset,
Sir Shanksalotz
Pro isnt worth it
Remco Emons
There is no diffrence,The headset stays the same,u cant boost the vr with only ur console , is maxed allready
I bought the pro and played many games with PS4 slim and the PRO and frankly I barely noticed any differences. However on a 4K tv then yes there is a huge visual difference.
They picked the wrong game for the testing it is as simple as that. Drive Club VR is a night and day diffence in the gaming experience. Textures on the PS4 are blurry and you can't see very far which results in objects popping up very late on your screen. Also the overall graphical fidelity is lower. These were the sacrifices that had to be made to keep the performance and framerate at a constant level. The Pro has none of these problems. It simply looks and feels better overall. And there are lots of such examples. Same can be said about Rigs which in my opinion is still the single best VR game for the PS in general. It plays a lot better on the Pro. And I own both the PS4 as well as the Pro so I got to test it a lot first hand. The Robinson game really is a bad pick for the test. They should do the test again and pick at least 3 games from 3 genres. I would suggest Drive Club VR, Rigs and Farpoint because they are the games that felt the most different to me. Although Farpoint demonstrates it even better than the other two. Choosing a game from the start line up to test a systems performance is poor judgement as no developper is able to fully utilize the new hardware on their first try. To sum this up we will see games that increasingly showcase the difference in performance between the PS4 and the Pro. Also don't simply draw the connection between VR and Pro as the Pro also performs much better for non VR games. The upgrade is definetly worth it if you can afford the cost.
This the one thing keeping me from PSVR. I want PSVR, but I don't have a pro. I only played PSVR once at Gamestop and it looked good, but they were (of course) using the pro. I asked the rep if it would look the same of the original PS4 he said yeah. Thinking that it sounded like BS I checked and found out there is a difference. Now a $300 investment sounds like it might be a $700 - 800 one. I also don't have 4k so it's a bit of a turn off.
Just Glad to see comments People claiming that Ps4 pro has better improvements in Vr over standard one Thank God I made the right choice for Pro! I was really confused if there is kinda difference!
Draw Distance, Textures and Shaders, Aliasing ... just because the Casual Gamer can't fire off the correct terms on demand, doesn't mean they can't appreciate the difference
Peder Aas
Rigs on the ordinary PS4 gave me vr-sickness after 10 minutes. On the Pro I can play for hours without any form of nausea. 'Here they lie' hasn't a pro patch and after a while plaing it I felt a bit nausea. Improved frames per second and a bit clearer image means a lot for the experience. I'd wish Sony could have set the bar higher. If the screen had better resolution and the CPU could have been a bit more powerful, we would actually have had high quality VR. How much more would it cost us? 200 bucks?
Do the Last Guardian demo on the slim then on the pro,it's almost night and day difference.
Szilard Raduly
I can't see any difference, I played resident evil but there's no difference
Jiyeon Lee
Does using the pro get rid of the blurry images like in re7 and Skyrim vr?
they tested the wrong game... is see a good difference in quality on my games battlezone rez rush of blood thumper. It's not all games driveclub still looks blurry
Its 2019. Might as well wait for the ps5 and the next psvr. Should be leaps and bounda better. Now its all about the games.
Lonnie Richman
There’s only like a 25 percent difference in the ps3 and PS4. The next ps should be much better
Does PS4 PRO VR look better than PS4 VR even if you don’t have a 4k tv?
Isaiah Schwartz
Does anyone know why the launch bundle is way over $500 now!?
Jake Taz
ps4 pro is so ugly
Nach Monaten auf der ps4 bin ich nun auf die pro umgestiegen und das einzige aber wichtige ist. Das nun das kantenflimmern bei fast allen spielen fast vollständig verschwunden ist. Das macht einen großen Unterschied und ist in den Videos nicht zu erkennen.
Joseph Vega
Don't get a PS4
Get a PC plain and simple
Fuzzy Duo
Stupid game to use for the test as there's not much of a difference. RE7 on the other hand is world's apart, the OG PS4 is only barely functional where as the PS4 PRO is far clearer and has a higher graphics preset
Krishna Kanth
Please make HDR Comparison as well......
Joel Cox
Paul P Jr
I wasn't going to get the pro cause of only slight improvement for 200 more. The VR is still an experience so anyone would be happy using either. To me even if their is a little plur in some games it makes it look real. if it was clear then clearly it would look fake. Like new cgi movies looking so fake compared to older movies of the 70s and 80s. I like that effect like on Rush of Blood. Made it scary.
Smeagol 2701
To these people saying that the pro makes it a lot better, two words; placebo affect
N nOni
I have tested PSVR on PS4 original with my friend playing Drive Club & Until down and i was so disappointed as it looked like playing games with 480P, so i was wounder if PS4 pro will fix this AA and resolution issue ?
3:30 and that is why Sony failed on this one. Instead of developers pushing the Pro's potential with the ps vr they are limited to the 40 million original ps4 users that aren't gonna waste money on a new console they already own. I know a couple of people that asked me whether they should buy the pro or the ps vr. And I always say if you don't have an xbone, wait for the scorpio and their vr project. Which seems to me like a wiser choice.