Sony Updates PS4 to Prevent Text Message Hack (System Update 6.02)

Sony Updates PS4 to Prevent Text Message Exploit/ Private Message Hack - PS4 System Update 6.02 is now available. This is a follow-up to our How to Avoid Getting Your PS4 Bricked (PS4 Message Hack Fix) video earlier this week. Users are reporting their consoles are being bricked by a mass message (PS4 private message or text message via app; a question mark inside of a square i.e. a character or string) that is going around. How to adjust your privacy settings you don't get your PS4 bricked and have to do a factory reset or soft reset.
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Dude it shows your ip??!!!!??
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Question to anyone is it safe to get a vertical stand or leave it flat and why
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At last @ sony..
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Nice video
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Still not working