Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review | 46 Hours Later | Backlog Battle

Here’s our highly anticipated review of Yakuza Kiwami 2! Does Yakuza Kiwami 2 step up to the legacy of the Yakuza series? How is it compared to last year’s Yakuza Kiwami? We’ll answer your questions and more in this latest episode of Hours Later reviews!


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Amazing review! The best I've seen!
GamE FrEak
PS store should offer every game in this franchise in a bundle pack with reasonable price cut.
Yakuja 0
Yakuja Kiwami 1 n 2
Yakuja 6
I really wish gamer will one day understand how amazing this franchise is. One of the true best open world game is Yakuja. Such a small map with a ton of things to do.
I was going to play this game last year but it got lost in the shuffle. I really don't know when I'll play it. I am a bit burnt out on the series right now. Judgement looks cool though.
Gaming Gems
An absolutely fantastic review :D
the original yakuza 2 was the first yakuza game i played and i had no idea what to suspect at first but after playing it when a friend let me borrow i was really surprised how different it was and i loved it. i have not whent back to that version in years so i really cant wait to play this kiwami. the fact that its based off the new yakuza 6 engine is nice since i thought that game physics wise was one of the best. lol they added the toilet mini game i remember watching a video on them years ago and thought it was so strange yet awesome.
Kevin the Giraffe
The "did you know" snippets are an interesting way to keep otherwise generic game-play footage interesting. I think it would be worth having more of those pop up in the video.
Dilwale cricket
Nice review brother keep making awesome review videos
The anthem at the end though.
It’s A Trap
Next game should definitely be about Majima
I'm still on Yakuza 0. I love it, but I'll still be pretty behind in the series for a while. Can't wait to play Kiwami 2!
Darius Loera
YAKUZA Kiwami 2 or 0 which should I get?
The Golden Bolt
Great review as always! I've heard iffy things about Majima's story, but the rest of the game seems like an absolute banger. I've gotta take the time to finish 0 and Kiwami, my copies of Kiwami 2, and 3-6 are sitting patiently on my shelf!
One thing I hate about this game is that heat burst or what's it's called can't be activated unless ur heat is full,but in yakuza 6 u can activate it almost directly but then it was kinda op