PS4 Firmware Update 6.50 Play Your Games On Phones/Tablets | Name Change ?

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77 комментариев
No name change...again
danger kill
No change name???

People : TRIGGERED!!!!
Rise -
Where is name change at idc about anything else 😂
Setimo Games
Remote play on iOS only on Sony phones. But we already have that years ago. I want remote play on any phone (I try to download remote play and say my phone is not a Sony phone -___-)
Barry Taylor
Thanks for the video just waiting for your next one with the new sales on and the numerous amount of easy platniums available lol
how to play on your phone on this application ?
Ser Josh
I could care less about name change eh. I want the region store change where we can buy other countries deals and sales and whatnot
Gurpreet Chadha
Hey, Can you do a video for new EU sale please ?
Really want this name change to happen 😂😂😂
Willi Bald
You could make videos in your language 🤦‍♂️
Can they plz make the name change happen? 🥵
Han Aykun
You're wrong man, it's not available for "android phones" , remote play is only available for the Xperia and android tablets. (Not counting IOS) What kind of high end bullshit is this? I can't freaking use remote play on my Note 4.
Fxckin God
Joshua Heller
Still no name change option?
Mr. Milk
What’s the point of this if you can’t even use your controller? I was excited at first, then realized I’m stuck with only crappy phone controls.
No namechange 😡😂
Another update about nothing 👎
Ps now for all regions I want 😉
Luis Rafael
No entiendo nada pero megustan tus videos 👍
Oma Klecks
12,99 for the App?.?.
Solid Dante
It cost money on iPhone.
MrsQueenBiizh [tini_da_biizh]
I wonder what I got the PS VIta for now ... pppfffff
Shock N_Awe
All I want is to be able to set my games Alphabetically like the PS3 and Vita.
Tio Droid
Just Iphone/Ipad no android
Nishit shetty
Bro i still can't download remote play app on my phone

Why tf it is not available on android 😡f sony
Joachim Lindemann
Are u english man?
Harlem Vibez
To hell with playing on my phone where is the name change 😩😩👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Wann kommt diese Funktion aus anderen Ländern Games kaufen?
Linus Gale
No name change mention, dislike for clickbait
Meyek Seyemon
Why do you people care so much about name change! Just make a new account! 90% of you people have a trophy level under level 10 anyway! With a few indie platinum trophies you can get your level back in a couple days. Smh.... Never in my life have I seen so many level 5 people complain about a name change!!!! And for the people that say they DONT care about the trophies then that makes it even easier to just make a new account. You have nothing to lose!