Astro A50 Headset Set Up with PS4 + Firmware Update Guide (@ASTROGaming)

Astro A50 Headset Setup with PS4 + Firmware Update
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I wanted to make this video to help people get their Astro A50's get set up on their PS4 for game and chat audio. Hope you enjoy!

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John Guardian
Is this up to date? Audio Output Settings has only two choices "Primary Output Port" and Audio Format (Priority). It does not show "Output to headphones".
Alonzo Herring
So what if my computer isnt reading the mix amp?
Andrew Horner
Thank you for the video. It was helpful and informative. Cheers.
A nice and straightforward guide. Helped me through my setup. Thanks!
Wait a second. Really important question. When you connected USB from ps4 to Mix Amp, are you giving it power usage only or is it for headset connectivity for ps4?

See I want to know if I can connect with PC's usb hub and still be able to use PS4 without connecting it in front of it.
Craz Sam
I tried to do this but after i select 5.1 dolby digital does not give me the option for output to headphones
Alex Valentini
in the video you ve installed the firmware 4193 for the transmitter , why you don t install the firmware 5037 for the headset?
Best ps4 a50 video I've seen. Thought mine were broke, thanks a lot.
Polly Walnuts
Just received my A50 and your demo made my day much easier...You should have your own show on T.V. Great video, easy to follow and looking forward to more of your knowledge. Thanks.
Thanks for the video. I didn't know you had to re-pair the headphones to the mixamp when you hook it up to a new device.
Anyone else have a problem with charging the headset? Like the orange light stays on for a bit after you've disconnected it then it turns to a red light turning the headset on and stays like that.
david daves
Thanks man realy helped me out :) 👍
rock head
Question I really found your stuff helpful but why when I a,
M in the audio output settings the chat option it's not on .?
When i open the update window it says "no device connected".
+CazuaLLUK will it keep working even though you dont update it.
+CazuaLLUK will it keep working even though you dont update it.
keziah zuinghedau
HALP I turned on my headset and it wont turn off and plus i have no sound
+CazuaLLUK will it keep working even though you dont update it
Leave a like if you found this helpful or enjoyed it! :D
+CazuaLLUK will it keep working even though you dont update it
Bungie Informer
I thought the A50's were 7.1 Dolby Digital
Cameron Kromar
Thanks that helped a lot, I was having trouble until now
Team KBM ™
thank u mate you have helped me so much !!! :)
Maxime Gaudet
+CazuaLLUK Thanks for this tutorial, it is really helpfull. +1 subscriber
thankyou so much <33
when i select "all audio" can i hear than both? i think so 😫
The only PC/Laptop I have is a chromebook. Thanks mum.
No matter what I do, I can't get the mic on the headset to work. What should I do ?
why does my left speaker sounds like its all crackling with the volume is turned up just a bit.... think my speaker is blown out or somthing ?
Cxllie Callan
Very helpful man really appreciate it! Subbed!
Do u have to connect the headset to the ps4 controller to chat?
thanks man, appreciate it:)
Martin Galan
Thx a lot for this!!
Mohammed Al Khozai
What happens if u select 'all audio" in output to headphones?
Tazaiyar Ahrayah
Can his be done from a windows table! Because I don't have a PC or laptop
Thank you, very helpful.
Matt McDermott
What's plugged into the opt out port?
will it keep working even though you dont update it.
will it keep working even though you dont update it.
Chris Kane
does the astro a50 Gen 2 Require an firmware update?
Very helpful, thanks.
If this headset are 7.1 why the hell the ps4 only says 5.1 dolby???????
I'm looking to upgrade my headset and have been looking hard at the a50 gen3. My biggest question is can you adjust your game and chat audio separately like how I can on my turtle beach headset?
Jonny Strickland
k, so the output to chat audio does not show up for me. I've wen't to devices and i can't even do it from there. Wtf is going on with my headset :/ Any advice?
David Black
do you still need to do this update cause im about to buy a pair of these.
Can you still get Game and Chat audio through an Elgato with the Astro's?
Akhir Wright
thank you so much all the other one's wasn't as detailed as this video was , very awesome video very excellent I am subscribing!
why isnt my microphone not working it says "your microphone has been switched to the usb headset" can somebody help!!
Trent Costigan
Thanks mate really helped
Mirage HD
How can I charge my headset
xX Jays0nLyrics Xx
say basically again ! do it i bloody dare you ! lol jk awesome setup video. thanks
thanks for the help man
You need a MICRO usb cable, not a mini. Just sayin
I use a laptop with Windows 8.1.
Just to be clear, does the wireless mixamp power need to be connected with a USB port or the Optical port?
I'm currently planning on getting A50's on December.
PS4warrior 97
Output to headphones doesn't come up for me
Aaron Fontaine
Once u update can u use it on the ps3 still
Whenever I try running the firmware update it says my PC cant run it.. how can I fix this?
Do you have a video comparing the a40 and the a50? Trying to figure which would be best to get
Julia N
Thanks for the great tutorial
Hairy Guy Gamer
Do you still using this headset? can you tell me the name of that cable that you have but isn't from astro but is similar?
Thank you.
Mo _
I am having a problem with the microphone. ..everyone tells me it's way too loud and players end up muting me...any ideas how to fix????
I did update the transmitter, but the headset won't update. It shows failed to update message after freezing at the start point !!
Marcelo Flores
do these headphones allow for really high volume in comparison to voice chat ? my turtle beaches are good in terms of voice chat , but game volume seems too low especially when playing a game like Rainbow Six Seige
If u buy a new set of Astros do you still have to update them
When I stream, will people hear me when I talk?
If I buy ps4 a40s with mix amp will they work on my PC
Why would I only want chat audio with the A50s?
ricky jordan
do you still need the chat cable conected to the controler or has that been fixed ?
every time i unplug my headset to use them they shut off and wont trun back on help anyone?
arjan virdi
if i get these for ps4 and ps3 can i switch easy?
Joel Soh
Do you need to connect the mic to the ps4 controller or is the microphone wireless too?
Pat Bennett
Thanks heaps.  My headset stopped working on the PS4, so this helped enormously.
I don't have a mixamp with mine what do I do
SomeOne 17
thank you .
Thanks for video. One question. Does the astro A50 allow for actual 7.1 on PlayStation? Or is it 5.1? or stereo?
Brady North
my headset won't turn on
Well, my mix amp won't go into pairing mode. I hold down the power button and nothing happens. Also my headset light is orange, not red. No idea what that means. This is really pissing me off. Please help!
i don't get it even after the firmwire update it still wont work properly. the audio is fine, and the chat from me to others is ok. but i still can't hear my friends when they are talking to me. i tried looking it up but with no result.
Taran Hase

i have just got myself a pair of a50s and i am wondering if the latest update also fixes all the other updates that astro gaming have done? or do i need to download all of them to fix each problem
plz help i have done everything but the mic is still not working. advice plzzz
Cat and the hat
who else was watch this while wearing their a50
Hero of the day
hi, i have a PS4, xbox one and PC that i need to get a headset for
can i plug all 3 into one receiver or do i have to get multiple receivers?
Colin McDonald
Thanks so much my headset wasn't connected with the transmitter so I couldn't hear any sound and now it is fixed
I have an Issue with the A40s on the Ps4..

My PS4 doesnt recognize the optical device. I am still getting my sound through USB, thats why i cant use the Game-Voice control on the Mixamp. Is my optical port on my Ps4 broken? Because it works perfectly fine on my Ps3..
Can the first gen A50 wireless work with the ps4 whilst listening to music from my PC?
Brady North
my headset won't turn on
Kelan Crase
will not let me update the firmware
MonsterLover TM
Why disconnect my A50 so often? :/ Please help
CakeM Punk
Thanks man, astro official tutorial is a complete mess.
legendary OG
how long do u charge it for CazuaLLUK 
Vince Nguyen
Perfect vid, thanks buddy. The syncing was the last step, i've missed and it's great that you've had it all covered. Got the A50, to work on my new PS4, after not using it for 3-4 years. So happy :)
does this work with turtle beach headsets
Question, i usually skype with my friends on the pc but play on the ps4, can the a 50s hear both sounds?
Why did I get a "Verify error - Failed to upload correctly" when installing the TXD firmware 4193?
C. Estrada
would the a50 I use for my Xbox one work with the ps4?
rr kk
Any idea why the "output to audio" option doesn't appear on the "Audio Output Settings" on the PS4?
Markus J
Blue light? It's a white light bro=/  Not trolling, but you might wanna see a doctor about that, because even in the manual it says white light!

Great video nontheless, thank you! <3