Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 15 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

Hollie has got her hands ALL OVER Majima in Yakuza Kiwami 2, and tries to explain to Dave why this is a very good thing indeed.

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I think Holly flipped the city names. Kamuorocho is the ingame standin for the actual red light district of Tokyo.
Another reason not to kill ourselves
Hollie: Give me Yakuza kiwami 3 Biatch
Sega: NANI....!!!
Unstoppable Fizz
If you bothered to play Yakuza 0 you'd understand the eyepatch DAVE! This has been my judgemental gamer internet moment for the night.
Ash K
im from New Zealand and i just love every single thing about theses yakuza games played yakuza 2 on PlayStation 2 have been hooked since. my favorite would be yakuza 3 or 5 cause they were soo fun to play. Well all yakuza games were great.
Frank Keskic
Really can't wait for Kiwami 2. I've played 5, 0, Kiwami and 6. Just keep giving me Yakuza SEGA I will buy all of em.
For anyone unaware, both Yakuza Zero and Kiwami are both £11.99 on the PSstore till the 4/7/18, perfect time to get them before this comes out.
Andrew Owens
I'm currently mid way through Yakuza Zero (due to Hollies' infectious passion for the series) and I'm really enjoying it! Looking forward to the rest of the series!
Just like gta? Compared to the yakuza games gta v is like nyquill.
English dub? your opinion no longer matters. Yakuza noob
Will be buying this game
Darsh Jalan
Seeing majima remember makoto and confess his love for her in the karaoke song really hit me with the feels:(
Pelvis Wrestley
Gotta love it when they sing in English and transition into a music video.
Mark Causey
My first Yakuza was 3 on PS3. Really enjoyed it. But for some reason I didn't play the others. Bought Yakuza 0 few week ago and just finished it, brillant game can't believe I waited so long. Defo b playing though them all this time round 😀
Yakuza 0 and kiwami 1 comes to PC now. Now every one can play a yakuza.
I love when they hook Dave and Hollie up for games like this... Hollie's otaku elation contrasted against Dave's bemusement is brilliant. (Hollie: I picked up Yakuza 0... everything you've said is true <3 )
Hami Chahal
Sega doing good job but i wonder why capcom stopped making this kind of game like final fight streetwise? ?
You know what is gone in the present Yakuza series?
F*cking Boss coffee. Damn I miss my PS2.
Kimmania Filipino Gamer
Yakuza 2 is my favorite in the series! At the time it had the best story and gameplay. And no, Holly you're not the only one who was nagging the Sega people to remaster the Yakuza games! :D
Wow, looks graphically really great.
On of the very few games from Japan worth playing these days for current gen machines...
Midas the Great
No, you should honestly play them in release order, much more fun that way. Zero has so many references, that they're lost on someone who starts with it.
super psycho
Aww maijma give money to his best bubby kiryu.aww that so cute !!!( i love maijma so much)😄😍
Kinoshita Yuuko
How tf did I miss the notification for this? Woo. Feels early.
"Nobody threatens my boys but me!"
That's Majima alright
Shayne Persad
Im just excited for the future Jo Amon fight as well as I am for this game.
kurt phipps
Played them all except for number 2,how do you miss that lol
Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman
Hmm...my least favourite in the series, but still a good game. Also, I skipped 2 myself and then got it later on after beating 1, 3, and 4...plus the game that shall not be mentioned.
Rumuel Nathanael
Put back all Majima's fight styles from 0!
Is that the engine they used for Y6?! ..wasn't expecting that!! 😁
Vieto Vitay
i think you messed up the city name its actually kamurocho in this game and kabukicho irl
I miss Majima in 6, and 1 and 3 and 4 and 5. And, heck we should be able to play as Majima in every Yakuza game. Let it be Majima everywhere, boys!
Aman Garg
Probably free on the PS Plus November 2018 monthly release. Can't wait
Robert Uy
upgraded cell phone to flip phone. waiting for the sony experia with the keyboard.
The !st Winner
*Y* es! *A* nother *K* iwami *U* nderrated *Z* ealous *A* lternative *2* other game titles and genres alike. Lo♥e this series!
David Rattana
Kiryu is still my favorite character but akiyama is me second
Seth Rios
"Kabucharo" XD
Ron Arcius
Gotta love it when Hollie is super-geekin’ over Majima-chan 😍
Them talking over the karaoke made me pop a vein
Tony Knight
Is this game dub to? Or only Subtitle
No more Majima and Makoto. ( ; _ ; )
Sheena Moore
I can't wait for this game to come out!!
i love Yakuza games cant wait for Kiwami 2
ParaDox no oNe
All the yakuza games are amazing
Cat Loza
She loves majima and man, do i have to agree with her!
Pawankumar Yadav
Yakuza is one the best game series. I think its better than gta. Better story, character development, score. Kiryu kazuma with majima are some of the best gaming character. I know yakuza 7 will not have kiryu, but I really hope kiryu return in yakuza 8. There’s so much more yakuza creators can do.
The_Frosted_One Gaming
OK....I'm listening....I laughed so hard Dave.
I picked up 0 last week during the sale and am excited to start it!
Timeless soulja
I was surprised to hear Dave I knew Hollie would come through in the end:-))

PS: it’s like someone else doing Rob’s segment, it’s just wouldn’t work🤪
*this is a remake, not a remaster 7:30
Chris Jones
I love these games so fun and the story is great on chapter 6 of Yakuza 0 so still have Yakuza Kiwami and 6 to play before this one
Samuel Rowley
Majima is life! Can't wait for this.
Sven Bätz
Watch a man profoundly confused by the concept of counting from 0 to 6
I never played any yakuza games.I am looking forward to this one
Kiwami mean "Ultimate" if anyone is wondering.
Suwa Hyon
man can't wait at all
danny Quiñonez
Ok ok quede flipando ya lo dejé descargando pero ojo es un juegazo
Hell yes! Can't wait! :D
Is. The. frame. rate. better. That's literally all i want to know.
Charlie Milroy
How did you play as Majima? I played the whole main story of kiwami 2, but didn't run into the part where you play as Majima
Charlie Milroy
Taiko drum master is in Kiwami 2, I didn't see that in there, where is it?
I love yakuza games °_°
John Doe
Do you want to unlock all skills?Then the side-quests,arena,RTS mini-game,and everything else are mandatory
Going from 0 & Kiwami to 6, it's really staggering how big the jump is graphically. I know they were originally PS3 games, but they still looked really good on PS4. I'll have to log into my Japanese account and download the demo right now.
Bruce Wright
Fahd 7
We need jet Lee remake !!
Tinky :}
I haven’t any of the others but I’m going to get this one
Pelvis Wrestley
YAY it's Hollie talking about Yakuza. ♥️
Thorsten Brandt
More Yakuza 😎😘😇
The Young Family
Looking Forward to a kiwami 4 & 5. My favorite is Akiyama. So playing with him in a kiwami style would be amazing!

Hollie how can we make Yakuza kiwami 3, 4, & 5 happen??? I will do anything I can as a fan to make it happen!!
Pug Kun
Adil Messi
When can we play the demo?
Anton Duroj Bidstrup
Sorry to correct you but his name isn't pronounced kiru it's pronounced Kee-ree-you and you flipped kamurocho and kabukicho
I didn't like 6s fighting style. I'm worried that k2 is going to be boring too.
Grim Reaper
Rajiv Jak
i want to start playing this series but im confused on which to play first
I love how non PC Yakuza games are.
Mr_Deku _Scrub
Oh yes!!!
Martin Gustavsson
Kid Samurai
Looks great
Tee Tee
Day 1.
Ash K
is it true that yakuza 7 doesn't have kiryu? 😣☹
I would bang Holly
I think I'm skipping this one this year - yakuza kiwami 1 dissapointed me even tho it's impressive
Hey There My Dude
That karaoke scene though.....
Yakuza Kiwami 3-5 has been announced for the PS4 Hollie! :D
matthew pace
hopefully we get a demo here like we did with yakuza 6
Lord Jagi
Yakuza Dead Souls for Ps4 pleeeaaaasssssssse.
Will Yakuza 3,4 and 5 be remade for PS4, or will they remain on PS3?
The Buzzard
Am i the only one who wants a Kazama and Kashiwagi game? Showing how much a badass Kazama was.
BartjeYeYo Gaming
If you hate gameplay than this is the game for you
Cleaven Micallef
Is this from the Yakuza 6 engine or Zero and Kiwami 1's?
Sent FromHeaven
Who else here has done everything in their power to IGNORE Yakuza 2??? I know nothing of the story, haven't watched any videos on it, and ignored those recaps on each yakuza game.
Grim Reaper
Can't wait
Tim Kerkemeiker
I only played yakuza 6 so can aomeone explain why you play as the mad dog in this game?
i started with yakuza 0 im still on it, which one should i play next? the first kiwami? then kiwami 2 and play yakuza 6 last? does it matter
After Yakuza 6 I have felt empty when it comes to them video games. It was just one of those experiences. The only thing that can fix that...is another yakuza. C'mere bb
Animation Time
August 28th come by fast please ! I want this game now