Yakuza 0 Vs Yakuza Kiwami: The Best Starting Point

Play Yakuza! I don't care which one, but this video should help you decide if you're still on the fence or can't decide which early game is the best starting point. Yakuza 0 and Kiwami are both on PS4 and PC and are your best bet as they're the earliest games chronologically. I'll be comparing them because I want to spread the good word and talk about the Yakuza series.

My capture card died for this video. It wasn't an honorable death, so if some of the Yakuza 0 footage looks a little choppy, that's not an accurate representation. Blame AVerMedia for that one.

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Mr.Miles Chief Engineer
I'm a bit surprised to see the low view count on this video. The production is pretty solid.. It's well scripted, well read, clean audio, decent visual edits, everything about it passes the quality test, in terms of production.
I'm even more surprised to see the rest of your videos do more poorly, even though they seem just as well done but you do release them regularly.
Sometimes, i really don't understand YouTube.
Anyways, great work and you've earned a subscriber here.
I got Yakuza 0 two years ago and still haven't played it... I should probably change that. Great vid man!
i personally started with Yakuza Kiwami.
then played Yakuz0.
however thats because i got Kiwami first for free from the PS4 monthly thingy. That was what introduced me to this fantastic series.

But i recommend starting with Yakuz0. It builds the characters youre gonna see again in Yakuza Kiwami very well.
Kiwami is a slightly inferior game, because Yakuz0 was built on the shoulders of giants.
PessiOpt 9
Yakuza 0 is not canon, holy shit what happen at chapter 17.
Here is my playing order:
Play Kiwami until final chapter then start Zero, beat it after that return Kiwami and beat it. That's how exactly I play. Thanks to PS Plus I intoduced that awesome series I highly underestimated so much in past (I simply thought it is a japanese GTA and I was so wrong) . Boy, just first ten minutes was enough for hooking me up. After so much fun I bought Zero and Kiwami 2 without hesitation.
Zero is absolutely better game and has so much more content that's why starting with Kiwami is better choice. You don't feel a downgrade. But one think make Kiwami stronger than Zero is it makes you love main protagonist Kiryu. You love Majima eventually too in Kiwami but Zero is the game where Majima actually shines.
Other than that the order is not really that important. The references works both way. Like in that Cult sub story if you played Kiwami first you immediately remember that discipline guy and get the reference. If you played Zero first, you understand what Goroma Jima incident is.
Watching one of my friends stream Yakuza and oh boy all the weird side stuff is crazy!!!
I been putting off this series for way too long- it’s time I dive into it. There’s a Collectors Edition coming next year that includes 3,4,5 for $59.99 which isn’t bad.
getting Yakuza 0
G Pad
I’m still in the middle of 0, Austin literally just finished it and he’s been telling me about how much he loves it. I NEED to get in to this series.
Wannabe Reviewer
Great job with the video! And lol at the "Kiryu doesn't kill" xD

well, to be fair in the very first raid there was a guy that was beaten, then received a hit in the head, then beaten 2 times again, and then thrown from a 3rd floor from a building after massive damage, and still survived.
I'm currently playing through 0. For some reason I can never play more than a couple of hours of it before getting bored and switching to something else.
Megumi Bandicoot
I played through both then k2 now the remasters of 3-5 are pretty much confirmed!
Raidon Shin
I feel like starting with Zero is a good point story wise, but I don't wanna start with the best and feel like future games aren't as great...so conflicted
Rizz CS
I recently picked up Zero and im love with this game, was thinking of picking up Kiwami but i was told its not as good as Zero, im not really a story guy, what i loved about Zero was the side missions, mini games and businesses, my question is how does the side content in Kiwami compare to Zero? Is there anything that was in Zero that isn't in Kiwami?
food wich
I just beaten Kiwami today and beat Yakuza 0 last week, both are the first entries of the series for me and yeah, I 100% agree with this video.
Miguel Pavón
This series should get more attention outside Japan
The story,the characters,the combat...Everything in this games is amazing
I’ve played 0,Kiwami,Kiwami 2 and 6,I can’t wait to play through 3-5 now that the remasters will come out.
And Judgment is the best Spin-Off(fight me lol)Still I hope they bring Kenzan and Ishin to the West too.
Wannabe Reviewer
By the way, who is your favorite character and why is it Nugget the property manager chicken? xD
Abbreviated Reviews
Why have a Glass Cannon when you have a Marlin Cannon?
Glad to have you on board the Yakuza Train
- blank -
And now im 80 hours into yakuza 0
Bob the builder did 9/11
My first jump into the Yakuza series was with Yakuza kiwami in November of 2018 when it was a free PlayStation plus game at the time I was craving a good story game and Yakuza kiwami was just what I needed I'll soon be starting Yakuza 0
Layla Tsueen
I think playing kiwami first made me appreciate majima and nishiki much more. I really loved the Kiryu nishiki bromance dynamic and it was really nice to see after being rivals in kiwami. Majimas story absolutely tore my heart out and now I understand him better too. Yakuza 0 is the better game on everything minus the combat though, it's quite easy compared to kiwami and feels more clunky but overall still better, I think the best should be saved for last so imo kiwami first then 0 then kiwami 2 and so on
Dont say my name unless you know me
Guys can you explain to me what is going on with yakuza series lol is the game continuing? From the last game or is it different ?
Also does yakuza 0 have better story than yakuza 1?
Having heard so many great things about Yakuza Zero without knowing anything about the series, I'd really like to give it a shot. Amd now that I have a decent gaming rig, this seems like the perfect time to try it out (assuming it's on Steam?).
I can’t agree more that 0 is the better game. I started with Kiwami through ps+, and I freaking loved it. The story kept me engaged enough to overlook the lack of an English dub, the combat had a satisfying impact I rarely see in action games and it was refreshing to see side quests that were more than just go to place and fetch the thing.
When I got 0 a few months later, it had everything Kiwami had and more. Actual arcade cabinets with functioning, classic games, a wide variety in side stories and mini games and collectibles that have me looking over my shoulder to make sure no one’s watching and judging me. And the combat had me getting in fights so I could soak in what a badass I was. Especially with Majima
Windex man 2
Get yakuza 0 first
F Tolennar
Im not good at computer stuff,
But between kiwami 1 and yakuza 0, which one is more lower spec friendly?

Sorry bad english