Red Dead Redemption 2 – PC 4K Max vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

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This video compares the graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. PC is set to maximum possible graphics and played with native 4K resolution.
Driver: GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.12 | Patch Date: Nov 07 2019

System used in this video:
BoostBoxx Exxtreme PC 5410
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Intel Core i7-9700K, 8x 4800 Mhz (OC)
32 GB DDR4 3000 RAM
ASUS ROG STRIX Z390F Mainboard
250 GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 PCI SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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RDR2 PC v PS4 Pro v Xbox One X
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This video compares the graphics of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. PC is set to maximum possible graphics and played with native 4K resolution.
Driver: GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.12 | Patch Date: Nov 07 2019
RoySamuel Excellent
Cant go wrong with either version this game is a piece of art
Emil Ganev
Xbox One X performance to price ratio is insane .
The thumbnail is literally the same image x 3
kevin chadwick
I say to really see a difference here we’d have to see in natively running in person
god... i love the water physics on pc... but they are FPS killer lol
Der Finder
Rockstar just knows how to make a game look insanly great
Grant Starrett
2080ti: *Turns on frame scaling to 2.5*
Batman Just Made RED HOOD TW'sMWM
First PC after XB1 X are Brilliant.
Kristiyan Ivanov
Now put the prices for each platform in order to achieve these settings or similar. Mind blowing
Егор Димов
Кто уронил мыло на плойку?
I think another difference is the much better anti aliasing on pc. You cant see it on youtube. But the game looks great on all platforms👍🏻
Paul Carvajal
I own both PS4 and XBOX versions of the game on Pro and X. The visuals of the game are very different. I do like the One X version because of the sharper texture and higher frame rate. However, the game feels much smoother on a PS4 controller for some reason. I like both versions, but I still find myself playing the pro version.
i have the one x version and they looks amazing! the different brightness inside a shop is a setting problem =) in my version is the light in the shop darker^^ PC looks great too, but i'm still happy to own the x1x version ;)
King Ramses
Regardless what platform you get them game on it’s a graphically amazing game
Wow I can't believe they look almost the same
Mert Uçar
PS4 blurry games give me headache man jeez.
Bikertyke 1965
Completed it on normal PS4. I thought it looked really good. Re playing on PC with Xbox controller as I prefer that. I'm averaging 80fps and basically going around hunting and robbing. Played hardly any story. Love this game
i cant see the difference anymore...
it's so goddamn wellmade
DrinxtXz TheMaster
Lo estaba esperando con ansias <3
The Entire Population Of Syria
What's the name of the soundtrack? I can't find it on Spotify.
Can’t wait to play on my pc
Aaron Jones
It looks foggy on the PS4 pro, hope it the weather and not the graphics....
Tyler Cook
Is there a way you can do just pc and xb1? I feel like the ps4 pro kinda messes it up for the fact it doesnt compete with either of them.
MrMoro11 Tv
So far CandyLand is the best in terms of comparing between PC, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro. Because in others the PS4 Pro graphics are very blurry as they record it in 720p resolution.
does someone know the name of the song used in the video?
SebaCod Py
the big difference of course its the fpssss
Gemini Twins
Наконец то, дождались. Год бета-теста не прошёл даром. Картинка на П.К. просто поражает своей реалистичностью, а какая оптимизация! Спасибо этим нищебродам: пока они обжирались мылом, шлифую для бояр игру, мы ждали и тихонько посмеивались, над их инфантильной натурой, предвкушая самый максимальный экспириенс. И вот этот час настал. Все графические ползунки в потолок, только 4к ультра, 60 FPS - мы не терпим компромиссов. Этот графон, данный мощью «не моего железа», не доступен для консольных обывателей. Ты разве не видишь разницу?! Я тоже. Но этому виной you tube и наш восторг. Как можно поганить игры, выпуская их на эти мерзкие приставки. Стезя консолей это Марио и Тетрис. Ну вы же сами все понимаете. Короче, я на you tube, проходить RDR2. Все,go, со мной - напишем, что консоли опять соснули. Вот умора... всем мир.
Citizen #839X
DX12 & Vulkan rules! :)
dillon shane
so it looks the same lol
Julius Sincero mais Babaca
No Xbox tá bem melhor, o PC parece que tá com sombremanto mais destacado e mais nuvens, já PC parece que tá rodando em um PS3.
Franci Gabriel
Low, medium, high and ultra please
Msuryo TH
Clear 😂
pls do pc low vs consoles.
Patryk Rybarczyk
Damn this game look so good jesus
Cmdr Flint
I loved the game on the 1x last year, bought it again simply to get 4k/60fps, 30fps with significant drops on the x was hard to stomach.

Runs pretty well at 4k optimised settings (mix of medium and high), generally 70-90fps.
Andy Badwool
When the time comes you gotta run and don't look back
Meh, tomato, tomato
Liam Featherstone
All compared in 1080p 60fps as that's all most phones can watch it on
Lev Adrenalin
A better optimization would be great
Nasri Rosman
A slight enhancement.. Nothing too noticeable..
30 fps at 4k on a 2080ti.. ouch.
luis moreno
Xbox One X se ve increíble lo más cercano a PC por un precio muchísimo más barato 💪
Alexandre Consoni
Name of the music please
I've been checking back on this channel everyday for this video. Finally!
Even in my regular ps4 this game looks amazing !!!
Ben Smith
what anti aliasing?
Jim Milton
Well iam sure it will run really nice when the next gen of nvidia cards comes out this game just isn't made for the hardware of this time its truly the crysis of this time
ReNeGaDe Productions
I've been told the PS4 Pro sucks but I never really saw what they meant until now. The PS4 Pro version is so blurry and foggy that it looks like Transit from Black Ops 2.
Grammarly Sucks
All look fairly similar
Matt Aslin
weather is amazing on pc but the consoles do such a good job in comparison with everything else. good job RS
Бахтангир Нарзуллаев
Спасибо большое))
Ralphey Brertton
First 158 view
Hunter Bonford
Pc gamers will finally experience what we did 1 year ago. Was it worth the wait for slightly better graphics

The diference on PC is not Big than i've have imagine.
xxexclusivexx92 92
These videos are so unnecessary...bro you do know on xbox x and pro your tv plays a major role in graphics and smooth fluid movement in other words your display...if you have a high end tv like I'm fortunate enuff and know how to master color space and overall calibrate your tv picture settings to your tv best potential certain games will look jus as good as PC...talking from my younger brother owns xbox x and I have the pro and on our 78 inch curved samsung 4k KU7500 series tv you cannot tell a fuckinf difference between the x and pro without a you people feed into these marketing schemes...yes x is better on paper but on display you cant tell a fucking difference
Sérgio Batista
Xbox One X and PC have very good graphics.
Daniel Rodriguez
Anyone who can play this should just be happy! Enjoyed playing it on XB1X
Jeffrey Croft
Wait until mods come to pc
stinkline 87
They all look pretty much the same just one looks darker and lightly darker and other looks brighter
Steven Jones
Playing 30 fps on my Xbox one x hurt my eyes then yesss finally out on PC and I'm back to to 30 fps with my 2080ti nice one rock star
8 plus apple
Графодрочеры🤦🏻‍♂️ все три одинаково смотрятся
xroberto30x mejia
Pc has definitely the best graphics but its curious that the xbox one x looks good I mean a xbox one x is 350 usd and a 2080 pc is around 2000 usd but pc offers more fps and quality no doubt
So rockstar implemented a bunch of options that are extremely expensive and waste your GPU usage for basically next to no visual improvement.
PC 30 fps
Seems like you're spending all that additional hardware on slight refinements to console visual features.
I'm still happy with my one X copy, but the PC version will most certainly age better in the coming years.
Now if we could get the first game on PC too...
I don't see a big difference between the three. PS4 PRO has the lowest res, but graphics details have only minor changes. Maybe not the best examples choosed.
Did you put mxaa x8?
nistel SE
even japanese gamers moan rdr2 is way ahead on xbx1x than ps4pro, lol.
Dominico Mucci
Poor PC dying race. Kinda sad they have to wait so long to play these things... Everyone else has moved on long ago...
Hvn De
pc just for framerate
Akjotei La man
2:30 no pc o kra e até mais rico
Honestly Xbox takes the cake for this one.
I see a lot of people praising this port and while increasing the resolution is nice, I don't think its all that worthy of it. Maxing the settings is so expensive but good luck actually seeing what good it does.
Onur Celiker
PC all the way 🙂
If I didn't have pc, I would get the game for Xbox one x.
Bro this game is so big you have to use two discs to install it
xbox x hold up pretty well to pc
Jose Alberto
La unica diferencia es que si no le metes ultrazoom a la luna ni lo diferencias lo de sombras son chorradas el resto es lo mismo la diferencia es que en pc ni con la 2080ti va a 60fps
main advantage for pc should be framerate and aiming
Θανος Συρο
from another point of view: 2.300 € (modest) vs. 320 € vs. 390 € Graphics Comparison...
p.s i do own a ps4 pro & a 2.000 € pc
Raden HZ
Poor PC have a bad port.
i cri evertim
You can't really distinguish the difference by just watching the video. Try playing it, you'll see the big difference.
Jack Burton
For hells sake put the PC and x1x next to each other and not the ps4 pro between the two!!
Mike Kos
PC epic, but XBX1nice.
PedrauM ?!
Are you going to do a detailed graphics comparison of the settings on pc? Like each level o lighting, texture, Ambient Oclusion? I'd like to now.
krnt jthrvuk
I'll take a pc for 1500$ + the game for zoom at 90% and see the difference between my ps4 Pro and pc
Gaming Freak
But can it get to 60fps?
H-Berg, Mike
PS4 🤢- Not aging as well graphically. Glad next gen is around the corner.
Владимир Нон
Пк при любом раскладе побеждает. Приставкам в плане графики тяжело с пк тягаться.
Tom Riddler
This game looks awesome on all platforms.
Shadow 32
أنت يا صاحب القناة ليش محسسني أني شريت الps4 .
s̴h̴a̶d̵o̴w̷ ̴ g̷a̶m̸i̴n̸g̶
i play on pc and i do reshade but the xbox one version its nice
Daryl keam
I am a pc gamer and a ps4 pro gamer. The pc is a bit better. But cant be justifie the price vs ps4 pro price.
Tito Tran
pc version is 60fps for all i care, it has been a long time since i wish console could deliver 60fps instead of 4k
Luc Wijngaard
Such differences
Pol Smit
next Last of usa 2 )))
Demostra como a rockstar oseia o pc !!! Nao mudaram nada de 1 ano pra ca. Nao usaram o potencial do pc e ainda cagaram na otimização!