✔️ Is Monster Hunter: World Worth Buying? 200 Hour Review - Worth It for Newcomers? PS4 Pro

Today We Finally Review MH world. So many people ask me if monster hunter world is worth buying and after 200 hours of gameplay I feel I can give my Honest Opinion if Monster Hunter World is worth it.
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I'm 150 hrs in and I can tell you it's absolutely worth it. Just the fact that you can get that many hrs out of a game is great in itself. But this has 0 loot boxes and microtransactions to boot! People complain about the story but I honestly don't think it's THAT bad. Combat is great and even though you're fighting the same monsters, the combat can change from battle to battle. Solo or with friends, good times to be had with this game!
Revolver Kogami
And i am after 10K hours in the whole series that the whole series is worth buying
Mustang_ HR
If you a game take more 50 hours I think it's worth buying because most of games these days are so short
tome alves
Boggles me players that played 100+ hours of a game and then complain.. usually a 50 bucks game plays out for 8 hours tops and you put it away..
Ryaquaza 1
Yes, yes it is, Simply yes
Kris AK
Honestly, best thing about MHW, the community. Never seen a more helpful non-toxic community ever. Usually when you get a game in a series that blows the popularity up and you get a surge of newbies, the vets are a holes, but not the veteran hunters. These guys are pumped the game is big now.
Trial ZeeZ
I hate how Beelzeguese thinks he can abuse me everytime im fighting other monsters 😫
Samuel Leis
Holy hell monster hunter world is about HUNTING MONSTERS!?! MADNESS!!!
Only game I've played similar to this was lords of the fallen, this i so much better and I've only played 24ish hours and I'm hooked
Unlike a lot of games these days, this game actually feels like a complete game with no micro BS either.
I was very hesitant to play this but once I did and I finally got my first new weapon and armor set I fell in love this is the first MH game for me and I can say now I'm a fan
I'm a veteran of the series, gotta say, I don't know if I can go back and play the past MH games anymore lol And at least a year after each game's initial release, there will be a whole new difficulty called G rank after high rank which will wreck your shit. And I'm sure this game is going to be the same. Also I think 31 monsters are just tip of the iceberg, they may keep updating new monsters and returning the old ones. Big games like this should have over a hundred monsters like the past games lol I'm really glad people are enjoying this game
Just A Fan of Fantasy
I spent at least 20 hours in low rank because I didn’t want to progress the story because I was having so much fun, and also about another 80 hours in high rank to complete the game, I know it takes 60 hours to get to the final boss but the best thing is augmenting your armour and that 3 elder dragon tempered quest Jesus that’s just worth spending 260 on trying to get.
Gaymer Stream
As someone who is new to the series I think Monster Hunter World is amazing. The variety of weapons, monsters and just the different types of quests there is very little not to keep you busy. I would get so frustrated when getting beat by monsters but then I would do research for the best type of weapons and watch Youtube videos (actually how I found this channel) and the amount of joy I got after beating a boss after it downed me dozens of time was euphoric. The multiplayer is confusing at the start when looking to join specific individuals but you get use to it.
I am about 70 hours in and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
Chuck Norris
Well I am now at 340 hours of gameplay. This is definitely a game worth buying. This being my first MH game I had to do some adjusting. Up until now I have never played a game like the this. I mostly played Cod, Ark, Eso and early on PC it was Asherons Call and WoW. So this is quite a bit different than what I was used to. It's not a run in and start swinging game it it more tactical know which attack to use at what time to avoid getting your face smashed in. Warning. Not very user friendly in the beginning but you get used to it. Luckily there are a ton of great videos like this one to help you along the way and a very helpful community.
Bought the game yesterday for 22$ I'm having a hard time getting in to it. I still can't figure out how to play online, does the base function as an online lobby when playing online?
Rooster Blaster
The answer is just yes, no is not an option
Yeon Sha
I love the game that "oh my god, how did you get that badass looking armor?,how did u get that rare sword? How did you get that navigator woman to find a powerful sword and secret map, can't believe you let her drunk before she tell the truth about everything, u cheat." My mannn, there's no way a cool game like that exist. Okbye
brian wong
9:03, The real question is, how is that worker by the fire still alive?
300+ hours in.

Short answer: Yup.

Long answer: Yes, but be aware it's for a specific person.
I've made my mind seeing your Palicos customisation... I need this game !
Vennon Lacy
I love this game so much I even created a second character where I use the longsword hunting horn and Lance and each weapon feels like I'm playing a entirely different game
I love everything about this game. The biggest thing that bothers me though is ...... no ....... nargacuga 😭😭😭 ugh I loved that fight the most and th3 armor is one of my favorite. Fingers crossed it will make it in the dlc
Parkash Vyas
Absolutely spot on review, thanks.
Tsiya Ama
So worth it. First console game I've played in 20+ years and I'm about to hit 100 hours.
I remember when I first started playing this game, my first MH game mind you, I was just swinging wildly at shit, and was like man idk if I'm gonna like this game. Watched a few weapon tutorials on YT, and that was all she wrote. About to hit 300hous
Totally worth buying just watching videos on this game makes me wanna play it lol. I kept going back to the game because of the story and combat
Marcology Network
I hope they change it to warframe style, like you can see other players in Town or HQ.
Fantastically thought out review and yes it's a must I'm literally lost in the monster hunter universe and this is the first time I have tried it since monster hunter on PSP. The game for me is GOTY material and with free dlc is just going to get better in the future!
Sean Zyprexacus
You just convinced me to buy 😊
Joe R
i don't normally comment on videos but you covered so much and show me the same as watching 20 videos lol. well done mate
LoneWolf k
I got 80 hours in and I'm loving it😉
davian johnson
I tried getting my friends on it but they are so hesitant. The DLC content being free should be enough go buy this game. They play dark souls 3 with me but not this. I don't get it. I know they are different but a grind is a grind. Anybody looking for a rank 70 person to join their squad I'm open. I need people who play on a constant basis to hunt
Klok Kriger
Love this game, 200 hours in and I’ve not even thought about going back to Destiny. That was my game, they didn’t care about the players, now this is my game. I wasn’t sure it would scratch the same itch, but it really does. Love, love, love it!
Cyra Wolfire
Worth it! Sooooo worth it! The experience of playing this is worth it alone to me.
TazeFia _
I'm at about 100 hours and trust me when I say that each monster feels different in some way. The grind really isn't that noticeable after the first few hours so I can easily say that I love this game and would easily recommend it.
I wish I could go back to the time before I played mhtri, so I could experience Monster Hunter for the first time again. Learning how to beat the monsters was the most rewarding gaming experience of my life.
Ghost Face4606
Really reminds me of dark souls
Michal Drzymalski
Great review man! You’ve sold it to me 😎
This is my third in the MH series, and it's amazing. I'm about 170 hours in, and there's still loads to do. Hoping we get word about G-rank pretty soon though. Also, I just wish some of my favorite monsters were in the game. I miss the Agnaktors and Silver Rathian and Gold Rathalos, maybe we will see them again at some point.
Michael Blue
"extremely pleasurable" , guess we know who got an orgasm from MH world
The answer is obvious :D
thank you so much for the video now i'm going to buy it on pc , but I have one question at 5:31 what is your class your weapon looks cool ?
Alec Cilliers
Thanks for the great review. Gonna give it a try
i was planning on getting the game before watching this video, but this video shows how a game so good is so good.. it looks really good.
Thanks man i wanna buy this just to slay monsters sounds fun to me im not bothered by t he rest of it
Bacon Sir
6:30 - I believe it's x2.5 as much health, just putting that out there
Norberto Peres
12:50 how did knew😂
Jacob Richardson
early squad! yes this game is totally worth it!
vor panzer
240 hours and i still have 6 types of weapon left for me to try out. This game is stealing my life.
Silver Ray
Master the pleasure, play MHW :)
Dan Aldom
Best game I’ve played in a long time
James Wilson
I didn’t realize it till you mentioned it but you’re right it is satisfying when you learn a monster and complete demolish it flawlessly.
Super worth it. I'm no veteran of the series but I really enjoy playing Monster Hunter World. I haven't finished the story yet but I'm close to 50hrs of playtime. Super worth it.
Love this game..I was stuck on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for years..and now I can finally lay it to rest. This game is addictive and great even though its hard and frustrating..yet rewarding when you finally beat a Monster. 5 star game
Great video. I bought the game. Going to play later. My first ever monster hunter game
No Sleep
Definitely. And I'm only 40 hours in.
K-plus tunjevina
Decided to get it for PC. This and Tarkov will be eating up my unproductive free time.
Tony Satonam
Ive played around 100 hours, and theres alot left to do still, Im hunter rank 33, augments unlock at HR 50, Im still missing like 2 palico gadgets, still have alot of badass weapons and armors to craft. If you play the game for 60 hours, thats like $1 per hour of entertainment? Is it "worth it"? OF COURSE IT IS! :D GOTY 2018
Palico watcher outfit looks adorable:)
Big fan of HZD, currently downloading this game
always loved been support just feel so helpful so made a hh with wide range 5 speed eating 3 recovery 3 and now can carry the team through the hardest of monsters
Richie Sensei
Dumbest question ever!
Hey obviously Christmas was a few days ago and I’ve got enough money to buy the game (digital or physical) is it worth playing in 2019?
Honestly last week I was talking to my brother about expanding my game type into games with deeper stories and they take still and strategy to play he told me he bout this so I decided to give it a try lemme just tell you a week later I have 45 hours In the game I love it but like most games it gets me frustrated
I’m 30 hours in and I’m in awe at what this game has to offer. Steep learning curve, but very worth it in the end.
Allan Beaupré
100 hrs in.
Pure pleasure..!
Look I just need to know if it gets too repetitive
j j
i'm 100 hours in and just finished the story, it was AMAZING and i still enjoy it. i even bought a ps4 just to play mhw which was so worth it. i have not played online yet so i did everything solo until now. GREATSWORD FTW
Spec 3
true fan to the series that was waiting for a big port like this is simple YES
Jaelon Mendoza
Imagine if this game had some sort of combat within players or they recorded scores for the times of killing monsters.
You know, actually, watching you play MHW and listening to you talking about it in your videos and streams has already helped me decide about this game. When you truly enjoy your game experience, you convey a very positive message about that game. I am looking forward to PC version. :D Thank you for sharing your experience in all the games you share.
Subbed thanks for this!
Alex Semper
My first ever MH game or experience, currently ~150 hours in, 100% happy I bought this as a 'risk' buy. Learned so much so quickly, still am learning things and I have loads of weapons I haven't even looked at yet. So much quantity on top of great quality with this game
Sub Zero
Yes trust me guys Monster Hunter World is Beyond Awesome for everyone who wants to buy it just do it because this is Freaking EPIC!
Its my new farming addictions cause of all teh different perks and builds you can do, its my new addiction from WF (Warframe ) and WoW ( Un-subbed and Un-installed ) I love learning each fight and what does each monster ability's actually do.... its just fascinates me and my willingness to learn
Yuki Neko
it dont get 4x of health when u have 1 person join ur party, its 2.6x health for 2~4 player party.
the reason you felt the monster have 4x health is purely imagination.
Rob Spleen
Im not that pve player and still prefer pvp games but still i love that game!
Straight up, this game is amazing.
I’m going to watch this video later. I’m new to this series and I might get it. Maybe.
Lamont Stewart
Will I always fight different monsters
Charles Phillios
Finally a game that didn’t try to rip u off
This is my best video game purchase of 2018. It's going to be a great year.
>trying to show off all the armor
>forgot to take off the gear that prevents gear from showing
_ scüp
Honestly, I found the story satisfying. It wasn't anything groundbreaking like nier automata, but it never needed to be
Heck even xp farming is fun in this game
I'm a novice of this game and I just found this game yesterday and thinking is it worth to play ? I am finding a game like have a big large world map that can free to go anywhere like Zelda or skyrim ? whatever
Andre Pakulak
One of the best and most fun games i have played in years.
Mki Nsoy
167 hours and i dont see myself stopping yet
Smash Brothers
Its rewarding* to overcome and understand a monster to continuously farm. Rather than pleasurable lol. Thanks for the positivity :) ive put in 400+hrs myself but you should be sure to explain; it is a niech game. Its a cultivation game, rather than a story enduced or multiplayer centered game. Its also not competitive.
Kirk Sibonga
This is my first Monster Hunter game and I've played 145 hours so far and I haven't watched any YouTube videos about the game mechanics or anything. The game tells you the basics and you go and figure out the best way to go about doing the stuff you need to do. I would recommend this game to RPG fans.
I dont have too much time to play a day, so is this game very time intensive? I love the game already, but seems like you cant get far with about 2 hours a day.
andy ward
If you've had 200 on it it's an obvious yes , iv done 100 hours in 2 week lol and I have a job
Noob Gaming102
Watching Hong after buying MHW
Theres only 1 answer, Yes.
Mr. Cranker
whats that switch axe at the start of the vid?
and how do i get?
Game is definitely worth the price, can’t be said about a lot of other games nowadays.
Bobby Howell
The only real flaw with this game is the match making. If it wasn't for that this game would be a perfect 10/10.
I recommend going up to the community hub and try the Arena! Talk to arena lass, I've killed every single monster in this game but I can't even believe how hard it is to defeat those special arena monsters, they get so mad and non stop attack and you have no way to escape! It's truly challenging.
liked the video just so that the like-o-meter would be at a thousand
JonX Fc
I absolutely love this game, and Ive always been a fan of games where you fight huge monsters. I come from a Ninja Gaiden/ Devil May cry background and have played the Toukiden series extensively, which i loved, and as far as these type of games is concerned, and this being my first of this franchise made a huge positive impression. I can’t tell if this or DBZ is my favorite game of this year, but its keeping me hooked all the same, i’m playing this as much as I played Nioh last year. Sure, the story seems a bit weak, but everything else makes up for it. Only problem with it is Sos flares and searching for friends, which is unnecessarily difficult at times, but other than that, its great.