Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review

Old and new components of the Yakuza franchise combine to create one of the series' strongest entries.

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Big Smoke
You guys rate everything an 8 i swear
Playing through 0 now and it is incredible.
Irvin Tandiono
8? It should get 9 / 9.5
YO KIRYU CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/10 NANI?!
One of the best series in gaming
The score gets blocked by the logo.
4:09 to see Haruka run into a wall
Ash Wong
the gamespot sign at the end cover up the score
Let's go ! Yakuza is incredible, anyone who doesn't like it , is not a real gamer.
Adam Velazquez
Cant wait for this one, played Yakuza 0 LOVED IT and played kiwami "liked it" so I can't wait for this one.
Can't wait to beat the crap out of my boy Jimmy Neutron......OH Crap he is not in the game.
4:10 The detail on this game is next level.
Hope she’s okay? Watch where you’re going.
cloak and dagger
Playing through 0 for the second time. Man I love that damn game
„Too much dragons“ 8.0
I need to finish Shenmue 1 & 2, and then YK2 before the end of September
7:57 Makoto from Yakuza 0
Ahmet Uyanık
and we all know all yakuza series coming pc too.
Crimson Black
Score "G" - "Great"
Tito Naj
Poor Haruka 4:10 to 4:12.
Jack Tyler
For me it is 9/10. :-)
🔥 Amazing Game 🔥
I'll buy it later this month along with the Shenmue collection..
Problem with these for me it's the movies are so drab, well acted I can tell, but, man, sometimes you just want to play and have fun. Very good games if you have patience and time.
wtf 8/10??? this must be 100/10
Gianluca Badejo
77 hours into ZERO now. I like the sound of the fighting styles that don't appear to use Tekken style button gymnastics.And Kiwami 2's mini games look much better than the shite in Zero.
Paradox Acres
Kazuma, Kazuma, Kazuma!

Kazuma, desu.
What the hell was the score... 10'o'clock? ....
5:24 You can fight Bruiser Brody in a cage match.
Joel Monserrate
YAKUZA for life! I played the original Yakuza 2 when it first came out on PS2 and I score it a 9. 5 enjoy it everyone! You want to know how it feels to be a badass in Japan this is it for you!
Kenny Nai
The only yakuza game that has romance in it
Hassan Xamir
I’m playing through yakuza 6 right and God are they both too similar
Charlie Milroy
What a great review. IGN should actually be copying in this case
Tony Jacob
Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that plays in the background when you enter the restaurant Kani Douraku....
Hadi Ferlan
3:23 Holy Moly! What is that? What Freaks is that?
Shibe World
Should i wait for PC Version? 🤔
Tactical Haven
It’s great
Original Yakuza 2 game is perfect example of how a sequel should be done. Refinement, addition and total improvement of the first game.
Ammirul Asyraf
I use to play all series already , all story line about kiryu really good
Younes Ten
This is a great game
Oliver Nelson
Wait they took our Majima's different fighting styles and he has no progression? man I know its a new added story mode but that is pretty disappointing and make it feel a bit more tacked on then actually being an extra story.
Miyuru Eranda
8 is a cunning score
Long time didn't see a Gamespot review
Matt W
Probably will be way better than the 8's ign and gamespot are giving
mike orange
Is Yuma Asami in this game must know for obvious reasons if you google her
Casey August
Yes, but is "17th December" in this game?
Yakuza 1 and 2 were the best games in the series in my opinion.
Big Boss
To this day, I've never seen a yakoza character get hit or attacked by more than one person at a time
This is a great game but i won't buy it. After playing 0, kiwami and 6 i am tired of their asset Recycling
I’m sorry.. I just don’t like the combat anymore.. the rag doll physics make it ridiculous, the heat actions lack the badassery feel now, and I honestly really enjoyed the multiple styles of 1 and 0.
goro majima
kiryu chan!
real life japanese personalities ehem..
Dontonburi? Isn't it Sotenburi?
manuviraj khare
The best thing about Kiwami 2 was seeing Kaoru and Kiryu's romance in HD with the Dragon engine.
Can anyone possibly tell me what the combat functions are like, does it compare to Tekken for instance? or is it just one of those game which just have a single kick and a punch button and the game itself makes it more variable, it's not controllable by us?
I have never played a Yakuza game. Which is the best gameplay wise. Too busy to get sucked into story and lore.
Ryuji Goda was a side quest character in Yakuza 0 right?
I wish Shenmue got this kind of love.
chris martin
Yaverunde! YAVERUNDE!! NISHIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mega Mijit
New to the yakuza series, can someone please tell me which game I should start with on ps4? 5, 0, or kawami?
I wish they made the new Shenmue like this
Youcef Ch
It's completely look like Sleeping Dogs !
it sucks that they copied the Kiryu from Yakuza 6 into this one. Shouldn't he be looking younger??
Tameem Terminator
Velin Caroline Hua
I cant Play this Game because I don't want to be Female Yakuza 😎😎😎
Ravi Mehta
Pro support? If so what exactly? Kind of important when doing a review of a game don’t you think? Less on the story spoilers and more on reviewing actual gameplay mechanics might actually make this a real review...
I'm not lookin' forward to Jirō and Jō Amon or the terrible music and voice acting, how has nobody mentioned them yet?
Raja's VLOGS
Are there any xbox fanboys or pc fanboys wants to complain about this game? No? GOOD!
Jesus, they keep milking this series. It seems like every six months I see a new Yakuza game passing through. Admittingly the games are still good but oversaturation kicked in with me 3 games ago.
Sleeping dogs , with new graphics?