APEX Legends – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

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Respawn has released APEX Legends, a battle royale shooter set in the titanfall universe. This video compares the graphics of APEX Legends on PS4 and PS4 Pro.
Grafikvergleich von APEX Legends auf PS4 und PS4 Pro.

System used in this video:
ONE Gaming PC
Hier kaufen:
AMD Ryzen 2700X 8x3.70 GHz
32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Palit GamingPro OC
ASUS TUF X470-PLUS Gaming Mainboard
1 TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCI SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Candyland is part of Webedia Gaming GmbH in cooperation with ONE.de

PS4 v PS4 Pro ps4 v ps4pro PS4 PS4 Pro
856 комментариев
Arthur Morgan
I like the fact this game gives you rewards by playing, something fortnite really doesn't.
The teams that suffered for this video.
I prefer no shadows in fps games. Graphics dont matter to me cos I wanna see nothing but the enemy dead
ultra instinct goku
the fps in ps4 is trash for a good gameplay
The only difference i see is price difference
Flavio GO
1:25 PS4 Pro > PS4
Both runs 60 FPS both do good job
That teammates would be hella pissed on you dude xD.
Ps4 pro steady 60 fps baby😎
Optimus 474
Why i don't see any difference
Oh i am watching in 144p
Gregori Athanasiou
Shadows only dude
JMP Podcast
After watching a lot of these comparison videos I'm glad I stuck with my regular PS4. Just not enough of a difference to make the change/spend the money.
Ny eyes sees no difference but my wallet sure does
Shin Valentine
The pro is like steadier in fps, bruh 👌🤯 on PS4 hopping like crazy when moving.
Tristan Thauvin
Thanks now I know PS4 pro is useless 👌
Ps4 pro wins
prateek upadhyay
I think the only noticable differences, apart from resolution are LOD , shadow quality and anti-aliasing
Moni Zahariev
This is outrageous how can you put me in 60 fps and not have shadows 😂😂😂
Morzan the God
1080p or 4k on pro? Supersampling? Boost mode? Add get into a match in skull town and 1v1 someone with an r 99 when you got a non pro. Its quiet drastic.
h3 Chi
Now ps4 pro vs xbox one x
Timon Sprecher
No difference still have the pro😂
There is no point for this video
CL1P3 Fortnite
Yo I got the PS4 pro 💪🏽
ultra instinct goku
i have a ps4 :(
TechZ GamerZ
The latest video ive seen
Spoderman Samtroxi Ortiz Peralta
Bueno somos gamers no microscopios
Final Fantasy Worker
When you run this video at 360p....
Jorge Peralta Bogado
Hay muy poca deferencia casi imposible de notar a simple vista
Ps4 ps4 pro..not much difference really.
It's better than not have shadows to see the enemies but okay
Urticant G
Ps4 pro was definitely worth the money
My friends on base console complain about erratic framerate and 720p dynamic at times
Henrik Ekholm
Do: playstation pro vs xbox one x
Mir S
wow my ps4 slims runs this on full hd ultra 60 fps?
Tayvin Szegi
Soooo pretty much get a ps4 pro if you want shadows in the game 😂😂😂😂
Logan Mclennan
I play pc but the ps4 pro should have a 75hz cap tbh. It would pull it off in 90% of games
JungleJuice 4
The pro is more detailed seems like
When it comes to the contrast and the color saturation the PS4 wins,
But when it comes to the sharpness and the fps the PS4 pro wins
Nerd of Skittles
ps4 wins
مجاهد سعادة
thx bro
the best
M Mehdi
normal ps4 plays Apex at 60 fps ??
UncleDrippy Drew
You should have done pro with boost mode on
Cesar C
We want to see the comparisons of XBOX ONE X vs PS4 Pro.
AUDI*RS6 doublesorti2pots
Hours map? 😂✔
Valkyries SS
60 fps what a joke, console for peasants.
Go ps4 pro vs pc 😂
QayyimTGC / ScorpnzKing
It doesn't matter which console your playing for Apex. It's the same Apex.
Cesar C
PS4 Pro vs XBOX ONE X ???
Super Gogeta
Ps4 pro just looks a bit more realistic
LolChen Games
Xbox one vs Xbox one x
Rietje !
I'm wondering how Nintendo switch world run the game 🤨
James Barry
Great editing and music!
Ps4pro 60FPS
Good shit. nice vid.
Lmfao ain't no damn difference
i want buy a gaming pc with
gtx 1060 and i3 8100
but i havent money now
and i most save my money fpr 1 year for buy a gaming pc
but when i want bux ps4 pro
just need save my money 4 month ?
what is better ?
Богдан Лебедев
Тени зарешали,а так нет разницы почти
Finally 60 fps
Finally EA Did a good work
Ps4 pro just has better shading on apex and more contrast
Let us stand united, my PlayStation bruddas
Keiny Lai
Man, that's some good music.
Kam XD
well i need good led mine is 1080i not even 1080p so yrah mone looks worst
Apex Legends Funny Moments & Epic Plays - Augmentik
I dont see a difference
We-Shall- Overcome-The-Tory-Government
Hardly any difference .
Hey, guys,can we sign off?
Lakhvir Singh
Afcause ps4 pro has best graphics
I onlye see more shadows lol
Matthew Mage
Ps4 Pro alot better it looks an plays real smooth with 4k tv
Inv1der GaMes
На телефоне вообще не понятно)))) даже на обычной ps4 краски выглядят сочные почему-то
Forgot about the huge lag difference 🙄
Badboy DCX
Pretty big difference damn I hope the game gets optimized better
Michael Vinicius
I prefer my rtx 2070
nicks YTC
Yup ima go blow some money on a pro just to see some shadows
Hahahahahahaha 47 fps at times on ps4 and 55 fps on ps4 pro. PC MASTER RACE
Matthew Fierro
The side by side was to much for the eye to catch but the three example really shows the way you layered the image. But honestly it looks easier to spot enemies on the ps4 in some spots lol
Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro
Angel & Ashley nation
Its just more shadow on the ps4 pro thats all no different hmmmm?
David Restrepo
Now do Xbox One vs Xbox One X
PS 4 slim vs PS 4 vs PS 4 pro Apex Legends!
Boa_ Mamba
Ps4 recording with fortnite is a joke guys
Kimi Winter
Lol my 300$ pc can run at 90 to 80 fps playing apex
I miss VHS
Original looks better
Sravan Kowshik A
I only see improved shadows, nothing else.
A monzon
Jonathan Sanchez
As a competitive player its best for less shadows trust me
Gaming RealmHD
Oha nice. 60 FPS auf der PS$ Pro? Grafik auch voll top! Aber schade, dass es nur zu dritt geht. Cooles Video! Abo verdient und liked.
Bivo Gaming Squad
Ps4 pro😎
Andrei Felos
So basically it's the same Mãrie cu aceeasi pãlãrie....
Manuel Bludau
Can we get a low mid high ultra video in comparison?
CoD / DC fan
where is anthem ? Candyland
Maurilio Oliveira
Não há diferenças
Attila _Carbo
Really different, right?
Luis Dawg
This is a pretty good br.
spiderman with a simit
Them idiot in the comment "oh! Pc wins!" Or "ps4 pro win, graphic looks more better".

We really dont care.
kiss ^^