PlayStation 4 Pro Review

How does Sony's mid-cycle hardware upgrade build upon the success of the PlayStation 4? Check out our full review and see!

PS4 Pro Unboxing

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Official PS4 Pro Tech Video

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Liam Thrush
Bring back pros and cons
Basically, buy the Pro when you don't have a PS4.
PS4 Slim = Cheeseburger
PS4 = Quarter Pounder
PS4 Pro = Big Mac
What an absolute waste of money if you already have a ps4.
C'mon Sony... I don't want 4K. I want a stable 60fps on my games.
But can it run minecraft at 4K 60fps
Jackson Diol
You used the banana for scale again
hahaha 8.5???? after everything the guy said. lmao.
Anthony Sanchez
If you don't have a PS4, go on ahead and buy it.
If you do, then just stick with what you have. You'll be totally fine.
Maestro Jeff
I would use my old ps4 , but it’ sounds like a jet engine every time I’m playing any game. 😂
Garrus Vakarian
Didn't even mention the harddrive upgrade...
Diddy XBL
i just bought a ps4 pro and i love it
Nemo Miah
They need to make a feature for the Ps4 that you can play Ps3 games if you have the disk
Sennik Dusk
IGN Logic: 8.5, great. don't buy it. too much of a crapshoot.

this is why I don't trust the people who rate COD game of the year every year.
Brent Strawhacker
I'm sorry, but this "review" is pretty bad. You are reviewing how devs have taken advantage of the new hardware WAY more than you are actually reviewing the console and it's capabilities. In the case of the PS4 Pro, you should probably just look at the top games supporting the hardware.. why knock the pro for a dev giving a half assed patch to "support it"?

Also, what about the improvment to PSVR?!
Shakee Davis
simply trade in your ps4 for the pro, what i did and i love it.
Cian Gargan
I would buy the pro if I was buying a new PS4. It's not worth the upgrade though from a normal PS4.
I would definitely buy the ps4 pro if it could play Bloodborne in 60fps.
What is the different of Ps4 and ps4 pro?

Ps4:just have a two slices
Ps4 pro:have a three slices
Prince Groove A.K.A. Your Favorite Pony Boy
Here I am in 2019 with 4 limited edition Pros. ❤️ PlayStation
Patrice Wilson
I already have a ps4 so I'll probably buy Scorpio instead of pro
Leonardo Abreu
7.8/10 - Too much 4k upscale
Pedone Rosso
As long as it corresponds to a lower price for vanilla PS4, and many perfectly functional 2nd hand exemplars to buy, I'm all for it!
Franco Gutierrez
My ps4 with a 1 TB HDD it's more than enough for this gen
If it would make every game run at 60 fps, I would definitely buy a ps4 pro. But I'm good with the original ps4.
if u buy a PS Pro & trade it in the next day to Gamestop, they will give you $20 store credit for it...
No 4K Bluray support = fail
IGN, Can You Do A Video On Best 4K TVs With HDR That Would Give The Best Visuals For The PS4 Pro.
eh I'll pass. PS5 in like 3 or 4 years.
When you take a screenshot, will it be in 1080p like the base Ps4, or will it be in 4k?
Matt C
When you get an Xbox ad before this video
Hasan Malik
Loads of negatives and 8.5? What a load of BS
Gman 300
Ps4 Slim= Big Mac Jr.
Ps4 regular= Big Mac
Ps4 Pro= Grand Mac
Alevtina Mikhailov
Basically, we need more games with awesome gameplay than graphic upgrades.
Terrible review, didn't even adress how it impacts PSVR.
needs 1080p60fps and not non-native 4k30fps
RA1N_ tidefalcon
I have an old ps4 and I’m saving for this one for better performance and it is only $50 dollars more on the Walmart app
احمد راضي
Can I play the BF4 at 60 frames quickly on a 4K / HDR resolution?
The actual rating being a 8.5 seemed much better than the overal content leading up to that. When the reviewer was done, i thougt it would be a 7.5, if that.
João Venade
Ign: compares the ps4 pro to a banana
Blck Aidd
Ps4 PRO (8.5) VS Xbox One S (8.5)

Console war (Triggered)
Got a Xbox one s ad for a ps4 pro review.
Captain Ivan Danko
So the review of the HARDWARE is hampered by what the SOFTWARE devs are CURRENTLY doing with it... seems legit.
David Liggins
Pro...Badly Designed, Poor Controllers, No Blu Ray Player. Regular software Errors. I have an XBOX ONE S also love the white design & Great Controller & A Blu Ray Player but no VR. You can’t have everything I suppose...
Afraid of dislikes 8.5/10

"crapshoot tho"
Papa Chanka
Could you imagine a multiplayer fps in high frame rate mode? That would be godly
"I hope developers provide the high framerate option on every game going forward."
Alex Stewart
Mordor is two years old
Kenneth Singh
7/10- should have been called neo instead of pro
I wish i have a ps4 you guys are lucky to have a ps4 but me unlucky😢😭
Shayne Rowe
I own both consoles and the xbox still offers more bells and whistles than the playstation. No trolls pls.
loving this system nba 2k17 looks way more awesome and feels better on pro in 4k and plays smoother
Too many layers - 5.5/10
sorry vince, why didnt you review nba 2k17 4k, pes 2017 4k, there are about 15 games native 4k for ps4pro
Deva Aulia
so even if the pro have stronger power , it's not gonna be utilized by a game unless the game release a patch? that's awfull
Paul Williams
It should be native 4K not just upscaled. And no 4K blue ray
"Premium looking machine" nah fam they half assed the look
Michael Collins
How can you say it's average and give it 8.5. Review made it seem like a solid 7 to me
I had to buy a Pro as I was running out of space with my standard.

Get a PC...
Emosss 074
No thanks. Im keeping my money for the Switch.
grafix grafix grafix, what about making a full decent game and not all the half assed money grabbing attempts?
You say "Premium Looking", I say Big Mac.
The Guy
Hahaha I will sell my ps4 and buy ps4 pro
Alex K
Still stuck with the PS3 :(
Can someone plz inform me......Y do I own an xbox
Luis M Velez
Got PS4 pro for only $90 I'm so lucky 😁😁😁😁😁
Paul Barnes
playstation 4 pro an extra 10-20 fps wow lol still can't run game's at 1080p 60fps it even is struggling with 30fps 😂 😂
LOADING TIMES - any difference??
8,5/10 if you don't have a PS4 yet
6/10 if you have
But I prefer Xbox one S
YoungNinja- 117
I prefer better perfromence over better visuals.
Star Wars Battlefront EA is trash!!! Don't buy EA games.
Big Stank Dick Dad
i literally got an xbox one s ad for this vid
That much negatives and it got an 8.5, what a bunch of BS
Ryan Fanstone
N. O. P. E.
Im sticking with the original
Ill just wait til the ps5 releases..
Mr. Andy
You give 8.5 (great) to something you just said "it isnt the biggest difference from the standard ps4". Amazing.
Jeff Freeman
get a new b-role person. looks like go pro quality!
ZrAckl Fr1
they should just focus on 1080p 60fps or maybe even 120fps
Altaïr Ibn La Ahad
I am happy with my ps4 and i really dont need a "pro" version just because of better graphics or what ever.
Wasnt this supposed to compete with scorpio?
For the looks of it they should compete with butterflies.😂😂😂
"You didn't mention this! You didn't mention that! WAAA WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"
Advent Seph
complete turn-off: it's louder than the original ps4
Justin Degler
It's all about the Grafix!
"good" to "underwhelming"... lmao!
gameplay > graphics
marko marin
I hope I can play witcher 3 in 4k
I have a GTX1070 PC with a 1440p Gsync monitor.

I'm still excited for the PS4 pro!
The one thing i can appreciate with this is the higher frame rate option. (Coming from an Xbox gamer)
Wow I got a Subaru ad, better than xbox though
Łukasz Wincza
While on PC 3440x1440 100FPS ULTRA Settings no drops and eveything better. PCMR
DAFUQ has to do the banana with the ps4 pro !! 1:00
Neon Eviscerate
Just reminding y'all that it's not 4K gameplay you're getting from this.
after all the cons hearing an 8.5 seems suspicious its rigged i know
If they wanted to make it truly successful they should have made it to be able to handle 4k at 60 fps NATIVELY, with 0 yes Zero upscaling and make standards!
Andrew Haymore
What PS4 theme is @ 0:20? cool background
so.. PS4 PRO would hav bad graphics on a normal LED TV ??
Danish Nazir
Hahahaha 1:02 banana for scale. IGN you 9gagger. lol
I'm a huge Xbox lover by this is still cool for the people who want it! I love the high frame rate mode!
Carlo Flores
PS4 pro $399 1Tb
Xbox 1S $399 2Tb
Then the extra steps to make the game awesome, well look awesome... that's about it...