Tutorial: How to Change PS4 Slim Hard Drive and Install System Software

So you've got a shiny new PS4 Slim and you wanna upgrade his HDD. Well my friend, you've come to the right place. I'm gonna show you how to change the hard drive, and install the firmware properly. No headaches, no hassle, all for 3 easy payments of 599 US dollars.


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Darryl Fletcher
I replaced the 500GB hard drive to a 2TB. I followed your instructions to the tee. I get to the reboot and install the new system update, and it keeps telling me that the update can't be found. Please help.

Update: After I realized that I installed the 300MB file (it's easy to get confused with there being three links) instead of the 900MB file, I corrected the error and the system has been updated and the gaming has begun. Thank you for your easy to follow instructions.
Justin Stewart
I kinda wanna get a slim because it's pretty much silent. My Ps4 right now is sooo loud
dead meme
The firmware link is dead...
Stephon Duncan
was the initial HDD 15mm? if so, does this mean a 4tb will fit comfortably on the system?
Norse Lavenza
wow this looks so much easier then the orignal ps4 lol that one was a pain in the ass to take apart
Ryan deserves more subs he is a great youtuber
Thanks for this straight to the point, quick, and effective video. I just needed some quick clarifications and you got right to the point with no tangential info.
Rae Coronel
Thank you for this video.. Finally changed my PS4 Slim hard drive to 2TB. Whew!
Kungzy TF
LOVE THIS GUY FOR HELPING ME Definitely deserved a sub and like and hitting the bell
The PS5 better have SSD storage. If not I am emailing a pic to Sony with me shaking my fist at them.
Omar Fuzzy
thank you for the tip about holding it in place!!
I thought I was doomed.
excellent tuitorial. thanks friend!!
Robert Boeiend
Great vid, nice and short but you explain everything I needed to know
Peter Chiu
Thank you, it was clear and stright forward i just upgrade my to 2tb yes!!
david tellez
For new updates did I have to update it manually
Can you use a USB drive?
what TV size and brand?
question for Ps4 pro i wish install my 2tera disc ps4 normal. its possible ?
Question: how easy it is to back up your save and trophy data to PSN from the PS3?
Phillip J Fry
I wanted to ask if I can use a 4TB harddrive swap ?
Hey can someone give me some examples of 1 or 2 tb hardrives that can work!?
Drop 1TB 850EVO inside!
Will you be doing the ps4 pro or is this the same way to upgrade it ?
Brandon O'Sullivan
Great tutorial. Clear, concise and informative. Thanks.
so if I don't have an external drive along with the hard drive I just bought then I'm screwed?
ITZ_HeRO 213
thanks man you really helped me
you are the best
SL Cool J 2K3
Thanks for this video. it sure helped me get this done, on my video. :-)
Eduardo Corrochio
Aren't those triangular 'flaps' on the hdd chassis, bendable for the purpose of fitting/holding in place thinner drives?
Jorge Mata
You're really making me want to go out and buy a ps4 slim man, even though I already have the original lol.
Outside The Box Podcast
hey question. You available?
Guardrail- Lover
well i gonna buy the 1tb version of the system
Galaxy Tech Review
5:06 THIS is what got me... thanks man!
Ice Motkány
hey. can i use a 2 TB HDD with 7200 rpm, or is it not necessary? 5400 rpm is enough?

which one is a good HDD to replace the old HDD?
Great Tutorial!! Very simple and easy. Great job. Thanks!!
David Johnson
pls give a specific info of the hard drive to ger
Fox McCoy
Just did it mate, thanks for the straightforward video
I did this today, thanks for the great tut. I was still nervous though, but now I've got a 1TB slim
Erick Biersack
Can I use the hard drive of my first ps4 in this new ps4 Slim?
Neequaye kotei
can you do same for the ps4 pro? I need to know please
baked snake
Would it be easier to use an external hdd (for the game installing) instead of doing this now that they support it?
will there be coming a newer version off the nyko bank or something new if someones knows?
Adrian Rodrigo Palafox Nogales
any HDD is compatible, or there're certain requeriments?
M.kanukaiah Mamindla
Can we fix 3.5 Inc 2tb harddrive
Christopher Joseph
Can you fit a 2.5,15mm 4TB drive in it?
I had a stock 1TB ps4 that i bought bought for 250 GBP which was brand new.
Scott Ryan
OK this has me confused
will this add more storage to ur PS4 or just replace the original hard drive
Rolling Batman
ive always been an xbox fan but Playstation makes it so much easier to change the hard drive i might swich over
Frank Torres
it really helped, thanks man
Douglas C
Don't lose the parts, dawhat?
David Johnson
can I use my laptop internal hard drive?
Dante N.
Awais Akram
if I update a brand new ps4 slim , do I have to do the second step ?
You should do a video of your recommended hard drives for the slim and this might seem like a very stupid question but this wont affect the warranty, will it?
How much would cheap 2tb hdd for it ?
Everything Tiff
will it be a good idea to get a 4tb hard drive to replace the 500 gb hard drive
i just got the PS4 Slim i want to upgrade it to 1 or 2 TB's, do i need to get the update from sonys website if the playstaion is new?
Armani Ortiz
do you have to install the firmware to change hard drives ???
Daddy Geralt
Can you do the same with a Ps4 Pro please?
does it matter if you have used i for a while or does it have to be new
Jojo Feliciano
Thanks! Good thing I saw this, was currently downloading the 300mb fw. Now downloading the one used to properly reinitialize the system. Thanks again!
Roger Batista
can u make a ps4 slim gameplay video vs the og ps4
2.5 or 3.5?
Alex Garcia
If I already have a ps4 with an updated hard drive do I still have 2 go on the website and update it? like I wanna put my current hard drive into a new slim model.
pufi cicc
Hope to see a vid like this for the PS4 pro as I want to upgrade the hard drive as soon as i get it
Phántøm ReaPeR
Hey what is max storage drive we can install ?
Before you remove the old HDD, this video should have told to back up all installed games, but it doesn't.
Noob Saibot
0:00 I swear I heard that sound from a game definitely, but I forgot what game oooooh
Nur Joo Han Guna Segar
thanks for the tutorial
the alloyedsloth
wait do I use a USB stick or the HDD that's already in the ps4 slim to update it?
Don't have the new PS4 but this video will definitely help those out who do have it. Good job, Ryan. Well made video.
Fahmi Nagi
can i put a new 2TB ssd in it ?
Thanks dude =D
card collector 550
Sata SSD’s are WAY faster that a hard drive
David Bello
Can you give me the exact link of the HDD?
Art Euro
A1 tutorial. Thanks bro, I’m satisfied with the outcome.
Hey Mistic, I'm upgrading my original PS4 to Slim, how do I transfer EVERYTHING from my old one to my slim. Do I just put my old hard drive in the slim?
Krishnakant Bhardwaj
Ps4 slim support god of war 5
I would like to see one with a pro
Georgie Tamayo
I need to change mine out ASAP haha 😬
Justin Turner
Once you install the hard drive and firmware can you unplug the flash drive? or do you need to keep it in your ps4 to prevent the firmware from going away?
Jude Heath
And does the USB used to install the system software need to be cleared? Or can it have other files one it
You are the man thanks broski
Omar YouTube
Thank you sooooooo muck pro
Ryan seems like the type of guy you could just go get a beer with and chillax
sabina yesmin
I need the correct link
Would the old ps4 hard drive fit in that?
Matthew who?
Thank you for this vid. Desperately need more storage space on my 1TB PS4!
dash Gameplay
can i install 4tb 2,5 in the ps4 slim ?
Jai Jai
is 500 gb not enoughf?
Boku 123
Can I do the same process with a 2TB laptop hard drive
Jay Just Games
Hey Ryan, I have a 2TB hard drive currently in my ps4. When I get the PS4 Pro at launch I want to use my 2TB hard drive. Can I put it in before booting up the PS4 Pro without downloading the update from the Internet since it will already be on the 2TB drive???? Will I need to still back up all the games or will they remain?????
Krypt DaLa Krymm
Kyle JW
Great information, thank you. I still don't understand how I download the software from the site if my PlayStation 4 slim is in the rest mode/loading screen.
Theron Cude
does the hard drive have to be no bigger than 2.5?
Wouldn't you be able to make a mirror'd image of your previous hard drive through your computer?
Felix A.
But imagine i played a lot of games on my ps4 slim with the 500gb hard drive. And i want to uprage to 1TB, do i loose all the data of the ames i played before? Do i have to start everrything again?
Fanny Cárcamo
Hi, when i tray to install the software, appears an error SU-30645-8, the file is damage, Do you know how to solve it?
why safe mode? ive seen tutorials that don't do that.