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The BEST REL Subwoofer For Home Audio Sound Systems?


Is Subwoofer Needed For Home Audio Sound Systems? Here is one of the BEST Audiophile Subwoofer For Music. REL T5X: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 REL T7X: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 REL T9X: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Study Paper: 🤍 REL's guide on how to connect High Level input: 🤍 relevant videos: Ultimate subwoofer shootout: 🤍 Detail into REL T7X: 🤍 *My Daily Components (All Tested And Proved To Work in Blind Tests)* Fancy speaker stands I use: 🤍 Speaker stands I use (budget): 🤍 Desktop Speaker Stands I Use: 🤍 acoustic panels I use: 🤍 acoustic curtain: 🤍 my fav hifi tweaks: (Isoacoustics devices) 🤍 Speaker Isolation Feet I Use: 🤍 Turntable Isolation I Use: 🤍 Component Isolation I Use: 🤍 Support on Patreon: 🤍 follow on Instagram: 🤍 follow on Facebook: 🤍 Follow soundstage take 2 reviews: 🤍 0:00 Why REL Subwoofers? 7:11 REL T5X 10:34 REL T7X 11:54 REL T9X 13:30 Final Remarks 15:45 Bonus Questions #homeaudio #hifi #audiophile

REL T7X Sub Review (+ REL's setup process)


I compare the new REL T7X to my vintage REL Strata III to find out whether this little subwoofer can outperform it's much larger ancestor. Also, I share REL's process of how to setup a subwoofer. Link to manufacturer's website: 🤍 Link to my Patreon page: 🤍 Featured demo tracks (YouTube links are for illustration purposes only. Use uncompressed audio): Artist: Jennifer Warnes Track: Ballard of the runaway horse Album: Famous blue raincoat 🤍 Artist: Adam Ben Ezra Track: Can't stop running Album: Pin Drop 🤍 Artist: James Horner Track: Cosmo... Old friend Album: Sneakers soundtrack 🤍 Artist: Duke Ellington Track: Afro-Bossa Album; Afro-Bossa 🤍 Artist: Pan Sonic Track: Current 1 Album: Katodivaihe 🤍 Artist: Jose Carreras Track: Agnus Dei (Bizet) Album: Ramirez: Misa Criolla 🤍 Time Stamps: Intro 0:00 Design & features 2:55 Sound quality 6:03 Setup process 9:09 Conclusion 13:35

What Makes a REL Acoustics Subwoofer Different? Lead Designer Explains What Sets the Company Apart.


Join REL's Lead Designer and discover the features that set REL's home theater subwoofers apart from the competition. Learn more about REL Acoustics at 🤍 Hi, John Hunter with REL here. Let me walk you through a little bit about what makes REL different as a super subwoofer supplier and the things that make us unique. The way we approach this entire endeavor is completely different than anybody else in the world of subwoofers. First of all, what's really difficult to do is to get a subwoofer to seamlessly blend with your existing speakers. 0:30 To sort of chameleon-like adapt to it and simply extend the low frequencies down in a way that's natural, holistic and allows you to hear the entire universe of that recording in a way you've never experienced before. How does that relate to home theater? All of it, all of it translates over to home theater. Here's the problem with home theater sound, in many cases, the special effects you're hearing you've never, if you're very lucky, never experienced before. In many cases you’ve never heard the sound of a two 23 round going by your ear, but in the movies, we get to hear that effect. 1:00 You get to start with that big, fast crack as the gas comes out of the barrel and then you hear the zip as it goes by your ear. The concussion of a bullet exploding out the end of a gun barrel is unbelievable. And if we get it exactly right, it makes you duck. 1:30 All of those things happen when we get music right that's the funny thing. Why? Because all of the sounds we're used to hearing in real life have their basis in this kind of organic naturalness by doing what we do. You ground all of the movie in naturalness so that when the special effects happen, they're startling. So, let's talk in specifics about some of the things that make our approach to subwoofers very different than anybody else's. Right off the bat this connector, which is different than you're used to seeing, most subwoofers of course just plug in with an RCA into one of these. 2:00 We also offer something, it's not unique other people are starting to copy us, it's called a high level input. A high level input actually takes this plug connected up back to your main amplifier, to the exact same terminals that feed your loudspeakers. Why? Because that is the signal that your ears ultimately are going to hear. That's what's actually presenting the signal to the speakers and we derive that. And it's the only way to get it as complete and natural as possible. There are plenty of engineers that will argue that the only way to do it is to use these little RCAs. 2:30 We offer those too, and that's fine. And if that's how you'd like to do it, you can do that, but it costs nothing to listen does it. And if you do it our way, we can guarantee you that you'll hear immediately a great deal more naturalness to the presentation of the entire system. So, starting with how we connect going through our filters, going into the amplifiers. Our amplifiers typically are not multi thousand watt behemoths. 3:00 Boy, when I read some of our competitors stuff I’m like, oh my goodness, why does that person need a 3,500 watt amplifier? Pretty simple, there are no free lunches. If the moving parts, this driver, is the element that actually makes sound right. It moves back and forth. This pistons in and out, and the moving parts of this on a REL are vanishingly light. Why is that important? Because that's the amount of amplifier you need to excite this, to get it moving. 3:30 If we built it, like everybody else built theirs, very, very heavy, what you'd wind up with is something that requires hundreds of watts just to get it moving the first little micron. So we're wasting energy, and we're actually producing something that's really slow. Why does that matter? Because your speakers are not slow. The speakers in your main speakers, the drivers in there are very light. Even on a relatively inexpensive pair, a little five and a quarter inch or six and a half inch driver in an almost any speaker that cone weighs nothing. It weighs far less than an ounce. 4:00 So when you start looking at some of these things that our competitors do, where they have these massive magnets, really rich and butch looking and you start going, wow, that's really impressive ask yourself why they're doing that. In many cases a subwoofer is the least welcome element in a person's home. Why? They're inherently larger than people want them to be. People would love them to be the size of a baseball and be hidden underneath the couch or tucked behind an occasional table in the corner. 4:30 We work as hard as we can to do that, but we work really hard to make sure that this may be the best looking thing in the living room. The physical structure of these all takes its cues from exactly what's needed and then reinterprets them in a way that's both functional and physically beautiful. So, what do we do? We actually tune the...

The NEW REL Classic 98 Subwoofer. Why is this SUB DIFFERENT?


Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 #HiFi #Audiophile #Stereo Today I talk about the brand new REL Classic 98 Subwoofer! This is a subwoofer that blends the past with the modern day in looks and sound. This one is more rounded, punchy and organic sounding vs the modern day subs that cost a fortune and travel to the subsonic depths. This sub looks awesome, costs less and performs in a very musical way. It's also super easy to set up and dial in. This is a fantastic quality subwoofer that will pair well with speaker such as Heresy IV, Dynaudio Special 40, Harbeth, etc. In fact, this would be the perfect sub for your Klipsch heritage speakers in looks and sound. This one is brand new from REL and comes in at $1399 retail. Enjoy! My Written Review: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍stevehuffofficial More info on the REL Classic 98: 🤍 My Digital Stills Camera: 🤍 My Video Camera: 🤍 My Lighting: 🤍 My Soft Box: 🤍 My Main Video Lens:🤍 My Main Photo Lens: 🤍 My Music Streamer: 🤍 My Telephoto Lens: 🤍 My Microphone for my Video Audio: 🤍 The Mic Adapter I use for my Camera 🤍 The best bang for the buck TUBE HiFi on Amazon Prime: 🤍 Media Contact/Review Contact: stevehuff1🤍

The REL T/5x sub will radically IMPROVE the sound of your speakers


More info at 🤍 Earlier this year I reviewed the KEF KC62 sub 🤍 And the SVS 3000 Micro sub 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:18 REL T/5x 1:27 Design details 4:16 Specs and other numbers 8:09 Speakers used in this review 8:40 The Music! 11:57 With Zu Soul VI 13:05 So Steve, what do you really think? 14:05 Audiophiliac Viewer System of the Day! 15:06 Outro Check out the PATREON 🤍 ————MERCH——————- Audiophiliac T-Shirts and Mugs! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍AudiophiliacMan Instagram and IGTV: 🤍 #subwoofers #relsubwoofers #audiophile Looking for great sounding FREE UNCOMPRESSED or processed music? Check out these videos about the two MA Recordings samplers: 🤍 🤍

The Most Common Mistake We See. Buying a Tzero MKIII Instead of a T/5x


Hey there, John Hunter here. We get people who consistently underbuy RELs. Let me explain that. We're really proud of our Tzero MKIII and the T/5X. There's a great pieces for slightly better than entry level systems. What we find though, and this is oftentimes the people new to it, and they oftentimes have actually already invested in a real system. They've got a good pair of five to $10,000 speakers. They've got a really high quality integrated amp, they've got a good DAX streamer, they've got good cables. They're there. And then it's like the stylist scratches across the record. What? And they will come in on something like an Amazon store or to one of our e-tailers. And without asking anybody anything, without checking our website, where we give specific guidance on a lot of the best speakers out there, they make the decision that they're going to buy a Tzero MKIII and the T/5X. And some of this is so far off the hook that it's hard to believe. I remember the guy that wrote into us on Zendesk. We have a contact us at piece that's assembled around Zendesk and he was in high dungeon with me. Mr. Hunter, I've watched many of your videos and I have to say I disagree violently with the contention that your subs keep up with these speakers. I'm thinking, what speakers does he have? So I read on, he had a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 802 D2s. It was a few years ago. A $20,000 speaker, a 20,000 pound speaker, and in a room that was roughly 35 by 24 with 11 foot ceilings. And he was in high dungeon because our then smallest subwoofer couldn't keep up with what was ultimately a $75,000 system in about a 12,000 square foot room. What is he thinking? Not 12,000, sorry, 7,000 cubic foot room. He's nuts. So I don't understand where the disconnect is there. These are fantastic things. If you've got a little $2000-2500, 2000 to 3000 pound pair of high quality stand mounted monitors, fantastic. You'll be in love. It does a great thing. Medium sized room, not a ginormous room. You're gonna love what a T/5X does. In a smaller room, yet again, the Tzero. There are all kinds of people who have a small flat, they have a good, inexpensive pair of speakers, you know, a very modest system. You know, one of the things that we love to pair because they outperform most speakers up at $700 or $800 is project audio's little speaker box fives. They're some that are in the neighborhood of 400 Euro, $400. They're amazing, natural, beautiful. They throw a lovely sound stage and you drop a Tzero MKIII underneath that, unbelievable. I've shown that to many, many friends, who think they can't afford this stuff. But please, if you're building up a system of significance, don't make the mistake of judging us because you mispurchased a piece that was never intended for you or anybody like you. Right? Please go on the website, check out our speaker pairing, subwoofer pairing tool. And by all means, if you don't see your speakers or you disagree or you have questions, if I'm gonna be using it with theater analysts, call us. There is nobody that answers a phone at REL who will try and upsell you. You're not gonna get that guy or that gal and they know exactly how to walk somebody through and help you decode your room issues and your system matching issues. But don't make the mistake of dramatically under purchasing and then returning it and going, well, I guess that didn't work for me. Of course it didn't. It wasn't intended to.

Will Subwoofers Upgrade your HiFi?: REL S/510 REVIEW


This is my video review for the REL Acoustics Serie S/510 subwoofers being used as a pair for HiFi 2 channel music use. I have had these in my system for a few months and used them with several different speakers such as the TAD CE1 and the NEW Mission 770 as well as others. I have been using the subwoofers with REL's Bassline Blue high level cables. 🤍 🤍 Speaker Reviews I have used the REL with TAD CE1 🤍 Mission 770 🤍 I mention a DALI record in this video its available to buy from DALI here 🤍 I offer a Professional Dirac Live Calibration Service, for more information please visit 🤍 If you would like to know more come and visit my main website 🤍 Come and see me on Facebook 🤍PursuitPerfectSystem On Instagram 🤍terrypursuitperfectsystem For Exclusive content, Extended Reviews and Sound Demo videos consider joining my Patreon 🤍 Chapters 0:00 Intro 2:48 First Impressions 5:10 The S/510 8:32 Subs with Vinyl 11:00 Subs with Digital 13:10 Serie S vs T9X 14:31 Final Thoughts All the music in my videos comes from Epidemic sound which is subscription service allowing copyright access to unlimited music - follow this link to sign up 🤍 The HiFi System used for this review Acoustic Treatments from GIK Acoustics 🤍 Music Source Custom Built Audio PC featuring products from JCAT XE USB Card, Optimo 3 Duo Linear Power Supply, Signature Cables USB and SATA, Net Femto Network Card, JCAT Grounding Cable 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 JCAT OPTIMO NANO x 2 🤍 Speakers Mission 770 🤍 Amplifier Audiozen Embrace Hybrid 🤍 DAC Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 🤍 Power IsoTek EVO 3 NOVA / IsoTek Genesis One / IsoTek EVO 3 Titan 🤍 🤍 Tellurium Q Statement Analogue Cable 🤍 Power Cables Tellurium Q Silver, Silver Diamond 🤍 Tungsten Grooves W70 Isolation Feet 🤍 HiFi Racks - Quadraspire Q4 Evo 🤍 HiFi Racks Podium Reference. Thanks for watching - Terry Ellis Pursuit Perfect System #HiFi #subwoofer #hifiaddiction Some of the links in this video description are affiliate links which means the seller pays us a small commission for introducing you to them, you as the customer pay the same price. This small commission helps to keep the lights on and the videos coming, I thank you for your support from simply clicking the links and shopping as normal. Video Equipment Camera Video Monitor / Recorder 🤍 Hard Drives 🤍 HDMI Cable 🤍 Lenses 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Are Subwoofers Important in 2 Channel HiFi Audio? The REL S/510.


Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 #HiFi #Audiophile #subwoofer My Website: 🤍 The Music Room REL Page: 🤍 Today I review the REL S/510 Subwoofer and give you my honest thoughts about what this did for my system. I have disliked subs in the past and have not used one for 30+ years in my stereo 2 channel audio system. Will this change when I try the REL? Find out my thoughts after spending over a month with the REL S/510! Enjoy! Media Contact/Review Contact: stevehuff1🤍

What Size Subwoofer Will Pair Best With My Speakers?


Learn more about REL Acoustics at 🤍 We get it in a variety of different ways. How big a sub do I need? How big a sub do I need for my room? Do I need a 12 inch? Really what people are talking about is trying to match the scale of the performance of the sub to the scale of their system and their room. So a bunch of factors pop up here. When we start talking about that some of it is just pure, dumb, common sense. Right, we're looking at it going, okay sir, you've got an eight by 10 foot room maybe a 15 inch sub is not right for that space. Then we got into actually matching with the main speakers. So, understand this fact, smaller subwoofers tend to be quicker and they also tend to have greater reach up. So, there's a natural inclination to run a small piece with very small speakers. Let's say we've got a pair of nice little speakers that run out of gas completely. They're gone, they're done by 60, 70 Hertz, which is not particularly deep. Would you try and put it with a really powerful, say a 12-inch design that really is fantastic from 20 to 40 Hertz, 45 Hertz. And then as it starts to get up into higher frequencies, it itself is rolling off. So, you've got two different curves going on here. The main speaker is dying away up high, and the subwoofer is really good down low and then it also dies off at some point. You may have a half octave gap, so it's extremely important you understand small subs for small speakers. That is a generalization, but a pretty good one. So, let's say you get into the intermediate, which is where we get a lot of this crossover. You have a good pair from a well-respected speaker brand, let's say it's a relatively modest floor stander. Sells for a couple of thousand. It’s got maybe a couple of six and a half inch drivers and a tweeter, 30 inches tall. Now we're getting into this crossover area, right? Is it right with a 10 inch or 12 inch? I'm making huge generalizations when I say this, and the answer is both may work just fine. It starts to get into your objectives. Be honest with yourself. Are you somebody who really values super, super dynamic loud home theater performance, having a little extra isn't the end of the world. We make sure all of our subs and I want to emphasize this for our home theater subs. A lot of audio files cringe when they hear the term home theater subs, because they're so used to hearing big, soggy, slow, heavy sounding pieces. We don't do that. Everything we build is quick. So when you start looking for example, at our 10 inch version or our 12 inch version, both of those will work in terms of speed and immediacy really well. It really starts to get down into personal preference. I can tell you that there is in general, a correlation between physical size and how deep something will go and in general how loud it will go. So, when you look at one of our little babies, a Tzero MKIII, It's about a 10 inch cube. It's not going to play anywhere near as loud as say an HT/1003, which is roughly double that size. Great question. Thank you.

REL's T/Zero MkIII subwoofer wows the Audiophiliac


The all-new Audiophiliac Podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts. OR direct from my website 🤍 Please check out the AUDIOPHILIAC PATREON 🤍 ————MERCH——————- Audiophiliac T-Shirts and Mugs! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍AudiophiliacMan Instagram: 🤍 #REL #audiophile #subwoofers Looking for great sounding FREE UNCOMPRESSED or processed music? Check out these videos about the two MA Recordings samplers: 🤍 🤍

BADASS! REL HT/1003 MK II Subwoofer


REL HT/1003 MK II, 🤍 0:00 Meet the REL HT/1003 MK II 1:33 Tasty interviews 2:30 HT/1003 MK 4:54 used with Zu DW6, Maggie LRS+, KEF LS50 META, PureAudioProject Duet15 7:44 The MUSIC, with LRS+! 8:57 With Zu DW6 9:59 Duet15 11:01 With LS50 META 13:36 So Steve, What Do You Really Think? 15:06 Audiophiliac Viewer System of the Day! 15:49 Outro Twitter: 🤍AudiophiliacMan Instagram: 🤍 #subwoofers #audiophile #hifi

SUPERCHARGE Your Home Audio Speaker System With The NEW REL Subwoofers


How do you make your loudspeakers sound better in every way ? Quality musical Subwoofers ! Yes... Subwoofers meant for music Winners were all contacted and giveaways sent. There are accounts that are impersonating me to scam others. We only message from our official account. Which means this one with the videos, subscribers that it has. Another big sign is that the name is highlighted. REL T5X: 🤍 REL T7X: 🤍 REL T9X: 🤍 REL's guide on how to connect High Level input: 🤍 relevant videos: Ultimate subwoofer shootout: 🤍 Support on Patreon: 🤍 follow on Instagram: 🤍 follow on Facebook: 🤍 Follow soundstage take 2 reviews: 🤍 Speaker stands: 🤍 Better speaker stands: 🤍 acoustic panels I use: 🤍 acoustic curtain: 🤍 BDI Cabinet I use: 🤍 🤍 other BDI Cabinets: 🤍 🤍 my fav hifi tweaks: (Isoacoustics devices) 🤍 This video is not sponsored for more info on how we work: 🤍 #subwoofer #homeaudio #speakers

If You Only Watch One REL Video, Watch This One. The Simpler Way to Connect Ground. It's Safer Too.


Hi, John Hunter here. Listen. On our traditional RELs that use a high level connection, which is supplied by this cable that we include with every one of our high level empowered subs. It's pretty simple. We're going to make it simpler. So in the past, what we've suggested, nice click. That's now connected up and this end goes to your power amplifier, right? Everybody who's been doing this for years, knows and goes, yeah, okay, big deal. So we have two hots. Hot colors are hot, red is hot, yellow is hot. Red traditionally is used for right channel. Ground red is right and yellow goes to left channel, not ground. Excuse me. Hot, hot, hot. So what do we do with the all-important ground and why is ground important? Ground is important because if we don't complete the circuit, it can hum with certain kinds of amplifiers like class D amplifiers or balanced differential amplifiers. We float this, but I've got a better way to do this for everybody. Follow along. This is really simple. I'm not going to pull this off, but we come sort of pre-stripped a little bit here. We can pull it off. But instead of trying to connect this to the black terminal on the output of your amplifier, so you know the red and black terminals, instead of going to that ever do this. Strip this back a little bit. Find a chassis, ground or bolt anywhere on the back panel. If you see a random screw, just pull this back a little bit, tap it to it. If your hum goes like that, you found ground. Always go to chassis ground. And it gets away from all of the complexities of connecting high level, every one of them. But I have a class TM, great. Go to chassis ground, who works great. What about balance differential and balance differential amp, there are actually two hots and no ground? Go to chassis ground. It works brilliantly every time. So it just eliminates all the complexity of connecting up one of our high levels to your power amplifier. And if you just look for the screws on the back, the best example of all are the Marantz receivers. They use these beautiful copper, some kind of a copper alloy on their screw head. So when you look back there, you see copper, copper, copper, copper all the way around the perimeter of the rear panel. Every one of those is a grounding point. So just find which way everyone is closest to the channel that you're connecting up to. Take it right to that, tap it. You'll hear hum goes away instantly. Unscrew that. Wrap this around a bit, tighten it back down. Clip off the rest, you're done. Whole thing takes 30 seconds. That's the smartest way to actually obtain ground on a real high level circuit..



In this video I am visiting REL Acoustics on my way to complete a Dirac Live calibration because I wanted to see and hear for myself the new No.31 and No.32 reference subwoofers that have just been released. What a treat to be the first person in the UK and one of the first in the World to get to see them. The No.32 is the new flagship subwoofer but very close to it is the No.31 being designed for smaller rooms. For more details about the No.32 see here 🤍 For more details about the No.31 see here 🤍 The FINK album mentioned in this video link is here 🤍 In this video I mentioned the REL S/510 subwoofers, see my review for them here 🤍 In this video also features Dynaudio Evoke speakers, a REGA CD Player and Puritan Labs mains cables and conditioning. If you would like to know more come and visit my main website 🤍 Come and see me on Facebook 🤍PursuitPerfectSystem On Instagram 🤍terrypursuitperfectsystem For Exclusive content, Extended Reviews and Sound Demo videos consider joining my Patreon 🤍 Chapters 0:00 Intro 1:20 No.32 7:23 No.31 13:29 Closing Thoughts All the music in my videos comes from Epidemic sound which is subscription service allowing copyright access to unlimited music - follow this link to sign up 🤍 Thanks for watching - Terry Ellis Pursuit Perfect System #HiFi #BestSubwoofers #hometheatre Some of the links in this video description are affiliate links which means the seller pays us a small commission for introducing you to them, you as the customer pay the same price. This small commission helps to keep the lights on and the videos coming, I thank you for your support from simply clicking the links and shopping as normal. Video Equipment Camera Video Monitor / Recorder 🤍 Hard Drives 🤍 HDMI Cable 🤍 Lenses 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

KEF KC62 vs REL T7X vs SVS 3000 micro - The Ultimate Compact Subwoofer Shootout


This is the subwoofer test for Audiophile subs and Home theatre subs. The new REL T7X vs KEF KC62 vs SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer. This video is not sponsored for more info on how we work: 🤍 REL T7X: 🤍 KEF KC62: 🤍 SVS SB3000 Micro: 🤍 Chance to Win The NEW REL T5X: (open world wide, winner pays shipping): 1. Subscribe to NBT Studio and turn on the bell notifications (2 chances): 🤍 2. Subscribe to REL and turn on the bell notifications (2 chances): 🤍 3. Watch the full video and comment with which subwoofer you would choose (1 chance) 4. Share this video with the link (1 chance per share/limited to 5 shares MAX) 4. Like NBT Studio on Facebook (1 chance): 🤍 5. Like Rel on Facebook (1 chance): 🤍 Bonus: Like this video (1 Extra chance) Bonus for Patreons. NBT Studio Patreons automatically gets 10 additional chances PATREON: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #hifi #subwoofer #hometheatre

NEW REL T9/x Flagship T Subwoofer with "XTRA" Musicality REVIEW


This is my video looking at the brand new REL Acoustics T9/x Subwoofer which is the new flagship subwoofer from REL's T series of subwoofers. The new X range which stands for "XTRA" is replacing the existing T/i range of subwoofers which is REL's more affordable range of subwoofers. What is exciting about the new X range of subwoofers is REL has designed them to closer match the performance of the SERIE/S range of subwoofers and the look and design too. This is not a full review because I could only test the T9/x for music over high level and I only had it for a very short period of time so its a bit more than a first impression, but definitely not a full review. In the video I am using the subwoofer with the Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature speakers review here 🤍 I am also using the subwoofer with the Leema Tucana II Anniversary Amplifier Review here For more information on the Professional Dirac Live Calibration Service I offer please visit 🤍 website If you would like to know more come and visit my main website 🤍 Come and see me on Facebook 🤍PursuitPerfectSystem On Instagram 🤍terrypursuitperfectsystem For Exclusive content, Extended Reviews and Sound Demo videos consider joining my Patreon 🤍 Chapters 0:00 Intro 1:05 Background 2:38 NEW T/X Subwoofers 4:05 Lots NEW 7:44 Performance 11:50 One "Negative" Thanks for watching - Terry Ellis Pursuit Perfect System #RELT9X #subwooferreview #BASS Some of the links in this video description are affiliate links which means the seller pays us a small commission for introducing you to them, you as the customer pay the same price. This small commission helps to keep the lights on and the video coming, so we thank you for your support, simply by clicking the links above. Video Equipment Camera Lenses 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Better for Movies or Music? REL T9x Subwoofer Review & Demo


We review the REL T9x Subwoofer for home theater and hi-fi. BUY HERE: REL T9x: 🤍 REL HT1205: 🤍 REL HT1508: 🤍 Edge of Tomorrow 3D: 🤍 Edge of Tomorrow: 🤍 Monster Hunter: 🤍 Fury: 🤍 NEMO's Channel: 🤍 Got questions? Get fast responses here. Visit us at Patreon. Support the channel and get perks and other benefits. Consultation, Advice, Review Requests, huge discounts on audio and video gear. 🤍 THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS! Review Room: 🤍 *ENTRY LEVEL SYSTEM* Denon 4700x: 🤍 Pansonic UB820: 🤍 Zidoo 4k Z9X: 🤍 Panamax PM8 Conditioner: 🤍 SVS Soundpath: 🤍 SVS SB2000: 🤍 *Equipment used for review* JVC NX7 4K projector: 🤍 Sony 65A9G: 🤍 Sony 75X900F: Amazon - 🤍 B&H - 🤍 XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses: 🤍 Trinnov Altitude 32: 🤍 McIntosh MC255 McIntosh MC257 Pro 4K HDR: 🤍 Panasonic UB9000: Value Electronics - 🤍 B&H - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍 Oppo 203: 🤍 AppleTV 4K: 🤍 Speakers - Bowers & Wilkins CT 7.4: 🤍 Subwoofers - Rythmik F18: 🤍 Salamandar Talia Seating: 🤍 Middle Atlantic Rack: 🤍 Niagara 3000: 🤍 Niagara 5000: 🤍 Shot on: Sony a7c: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Sony 24mm Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Shure SM7B: 🤍 More Equipment: 🤍 Follow Us: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Listen to our podcast here: iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Anchor: 🤍 Google Podcasts: 🤍 Breaker: 🤍 Radiopublic: 🤍 For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, you can email me here: sparechangereviews🤍 #hometheater #REL #Subwoofer DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, in turn I may earn from qualifying purchases.

The REL T9/X Limited Edition Subwoofer Review. New and Improved to TRANSFORM your Audio System!


Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 #HiFi #Audiophile #Stereo Written Review: 🤍 See more info or buy direct at REL: 🤍 Johns T9/X Limited Video: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍stevehuffofficial Today I talk about the brand new REL T9/X Limited Edition in RED. This is a museum quality subwoofer for those who like looks, style AND performance. At $1650 this subwoofer is what I call a bargain for any mid to high end system. The REL T9/X Limited Edition Subwoofer will transform your speakers and become one with them all while elevating your audio system to bring more bass depending the foundation of your music. 80% of our music is comprised of bass frequencies. Instead of paying more for new speakers, I would suggest trying something like this as it can make your speakers sound like they are mew and vastly improved. I hope you enjoy this video! More links below: My Reference System: REL subs that are also fantastic, for less and for smaller rooms: T 7X: 🤍 T 5X: 🤍 Enjoy! Media Contact/Review Contact: stevehuff1🤍

Subwoofer How-To Class D High Level Connection w/ REL


Jarred from REL shows us how to connect a REL t9x using high level on an XTZ a300 amplifier and Perlisten R5t speakers. Sneakers Soundtrack: 🤍 YouTube Channel Membership with perks: 🤍 Demo Discs: 🤍 Got questions? Get fast responses here. Visit us at Patreon. Support the channel and get perks and other benefits. Consultation, Advice, Review Requests, huge discounts on audio and video gear. 🤍 THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS! Review Room: 🤍 *ATMOS VIEWER* 🤍 *RECOMMENDED ENTRY LEVEL SYSTEM* Denon 3800H: 🤍 Pansonic UB820: 🤍 Zidoo 4k Z9X: 🤍 Panamax PM8 Conditioner: 🤍 SVS Soundpath: 🤍 SVS SB2000: 🤍 KEF Q150: 🤍 Recommended Gear: 🤍 *Equipment used for reviews* 🛒*VIDEO* JVC NZ8: 🤍 Stewart Filmscreen G2 Screen Sony 65A9G: 🤍 Sony 85X95K: Amazon - 🤍 XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses: 🤍 🛒*AUDIO* Trinnov Altitude 32: 🤍 McIntosh MC255 McIntosh MC257 Speakers - Bowers & Wilkins CT 7.4: 🤍 Procella P6v MKII Subwoofers - PSA 2112M REL 1205 mkII: 🤍 🛒*SOURCE* Pro 4K HDR: 🤍 Panasonic UB9000: Value Electronics - 🤍 B&H - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍 AppleTV 4K: 🤍 *ACCESSORIES* Salamandar Talia Seating: 🤍 Middle Atlantic Rack: 🤍 Niagara 3000: 🤍 Niagara 5000: 🤍 🛒*2 CHANNEL SYSTEM* Perlisten R5T: 🤍 Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamp: 🤍 Cambridge Audio Edge M Amp: 🤍 XTZ A2-400: Audioquest William Tell: Audioquest Water XLR: 🤍 *SHOT ON* Sony FX3: Amazon: 🤍 Sony a7c: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Sony 24mm Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Shure SM7B: 🤍 Neuman TLM103: 🤍 More Equipment: 🛒🤍 Follow Us: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Listen to our podcast here: iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Anchor: 🤍 Google Podcasts: 🤍 Breaker: 🤍 Radiopublic: 🤍 For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, you can email me here: shane🤍 Music: #hometheater DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, in turn I may earn from qualifying purchases.

REL HT/1510 Predator II Subwoofer Overview | Incredible, Fast Bass w/ a Sleek New Look 💥


Check out our detailed written article 📚 🤍 Subscribe! 🔔 🤍 ➙ SHOP the REL HT/1510 Predator II Sub: 🤍 ➙ SHOP the REL S/510 Subwoofer: 🤍 ➙ Subwoofer Placement: 🤍 ➙ Subwoofer Calibration: 🤍 ➙ SHOP all REL: 🤍 From the company that only makes serious subwoofers comes a new home theater model, the REL HT/1510 Predator II. This massive subwoofer uses a 15” combo glass and carbon fiber driver with a 1000 watt Class D power amp and a very solid cabinet to deliver big, fast and dynamic bass for your home theater. This guy is not only extremely powerful but also quite musical as well! 🎬 Watch our Home Theater Showcases: 🤍 🎬 ⚖️ Calibrate your Home Theater: 🤍 ⚖️ 🎞 Home Theater Design Tool: 🤍 🎞 📱Follow Us 📱 Instagram ➡ 🤍 Facebook ➡ 🤍 TikTok ➡ 🤍 #REL #Subwoofer #Bass Chat with us online 💻 🤍 ☎️ Call for sales and support: 888.899.8776

Why do you recommend corner placement for REL subwoofers?


There are really two or three components to this. One of the things that's happened is over the years so called experts going back 20 to 30 years started recommending against this. I believe that the origin for this was that the not terribly competent crossovers used 30 years ago tended to cross over quite high. 0:30 When you start doing that putting it in a corner can really tend to exaggerate room boom. We of course do nothing of the kind. Our crossovers all start as low as 20 hertz, and I mean that it would be 20 hertz and below coming through that crossover, so we're operating in a very different sphere. The other reason we do this is, well it gets you more gain, more output, but that's not really why we're doing it. All the modern RELs play extremely loud. When you use a corner, when you project from a corner across, first of all, you're toed in 45 degrees, we're not firing down the length of the room we're toed in. 1:00 Why do we do that? Because what we really want to do is get the longest throw distance. From one corner to another is typically about 30% longer, which means that we can extend that much deeper into the bass before it hits a room boundary and folds back into the room. Getting that extremely deep bass is really the primary focus of our engineers and designers. 1:30 So the corner placement works really well. That's typical for a single, occasionally for a pair. When you start moving up into line arrays where we've got six, for example of either S or our reference class it's a very different game. There you've got so much driven base and amplifier power to throw at it that what you really want to do there is connect it up with the main speaker, get them so their time signature is exactly linked. 2:00 But for a single unit, when you're just starting off with a REL the corner placement gives you the deepest, really most comfortable low bass, and it also requires less amplifier power.



Join me to to watch a head to comparison between two high end Subwoofers. Im going to reveal whether the premium Rel subwoofers really out class the lower priced popular subs that are often spoken about by the hifi and home theatre crowd.

Best Subwoofer for music? REL T7i Review


#hifireview #subwoofers #stereoreview #audiophile #hifi #rel Link to website : 🤍 My review of the REL T7i subwoofer One thing I did not go into detail is having 2 subwoofer makes setup very easy. I did try placing it behind the speakers, to the left and right and I prefer it outside of the speakers just next to it. I think REL has a trial period so if you are looking for a subwoofer for your 2 channel or Hometheater system, you should consider these. My room is treated so I don't have a boomy bass problem. So should you received these and cannot get them to completely disappear, it could be because you need room treatment.

REL T9x - Let's be real guys! 🧐 ... Watch this before you buy a T9x subwoofer (Review and DEMO)


Live review and test of the REL T9x - in this video I give you my sincere thoughts about it after I've been listening to music on it for a few days. Overall, I do think it is a good subwoofer, but at the price....maybe not the best option (details in the video). This video is part of my video log which I sometimes take when I am reviewing products. This is my first REL T9x review - I plan on making some more in the future. A complete review will be coming out soon once I am confident I have covered everything I need to say. If you are unsure about your subwoofer purchase, please don't run out and buy a Rel T9x until you've at least seen all my videos on the topic! Happy to help where I can - just leave any questions in the comments. Please consider I am in a listening space which is probably very similar to yours! I do have a room upstairs with acoustic panels which should improve the sound a bit, but will this room sound like yours? Didn't think so! 🍖 JOIN MY TRIBE 🍖 ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 (do it, or I contact your mother) Have a question? Pop it in the comments. #REL #Subwoofer #hifireview #homecinemareview

Watch this before you get a subwoofer. Rel HT1003 Subwoofer review !


Really good budget subwoofers for hometheatre that also works as one of the best budget subwoofer for music? Too good to be true? Well we thought so too until we heard this rel subwoofer. You won't believe it... for more info on our Reviewer info, patreon, and personal interest in our reviews: 🤍 🤍 Original price: $500 USD at the time of review; Can be found for $440 usd here (not affiliated): 🤍 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #hometheater #hifi #audiophile

How to Setup and Dial in a Line Array of REL Acoustics Subwoofers


REL’s Chief Designer guides you step by step through his setup process to get the most out of a REL 6 pack. Learn more about REL Acoustic Subwoofer Line Arrays at 🤍 4:36 Setting up and tuning the 2 bottom/anchor subwoofers 10:50 Setting up and tuning the 2 middle subwoofers 14:37 Setting up and tuning the 2 top subwoofers 17:59 Connecting all 6 subwoofers with line array connectors, RCA or XLR for LFE and stacking brackets 22:20 Fine tuning the line array with all 6 subwoofers connected. 27:20 Setting up and tuning the LFE signal if using the line area for home theater applications Why Would You Want a Line Array? Let’s explore the purpose to our Line Array approach because, let’s face it, if you haven’t heard one you might well think this is just about pure power and ludicrous mode output. While you wouldn’t be wrong about their potential for massive output the true reason for owning a REL Line Array has more to do with all the amazingly tactile qualities the highest end music and film sound systems aspire to. The sound quality, visual presentation and sophisticated forms these deliver elevates merely very good systems to a whole different and better-in-every-way delivery of music and film sound. What can be even more rewarding than buying a line array, is building one over time. By starting with just one or two RELs, and adding additional subwoofers as funds permit, you can better understand what each unit in the line array brings out in your system. You’ll be amazed at every step of the journey. Until one experiences a REL Line Array it is hard to understand the profound leap from mundane to edge of the art these afford.



In this video I am reviewing a pair of REL No.31 subwoofers which are REL Acoustics small flagship subwoofer, offering their latest and greatest subwoofer technologies for their best bass performance for smaller rooms. I have been really taken by these subwoofers for how lovely their design is and for how they have helped to improve the sound of multiple systems in my room. I mentioned my recent review of the REL S/510 subwoofers. I reviewed the No.31 with multiple systems and components Sonus Faber Serafino speakers review 🤍 Synthesis Roma AC 510 Tube amp review 🤍 Galion TS120 SE Tube amp review 🤍 McIntosh MS352 Hybrid amp review 🤍 Mission 770 speakers review 🤍 - To support the channel consider joining my Patreon 🤍 Visit my website 🤍 Follow me on Facebook 🤍PursuitPerfectSystem Follow me on Instagram 🤍terrypursuitperfectsystem Thanks for watching - Terry Ellis Pursuit Perfect System - The links here are all affiliate links, by you using them it supports this channel but doesn't effect you in any way. #Subwoofer #relacoustics #hifi Video Equipment Camera 🤍 Video Monitor / Recorder 🤍 Hard Drives 🤍 HDMI Cable 🤍 Lenses 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 - Chapters 0:00 Intro 2:10 The No.31 5:40 Test Setup 9:07 Sound 15:14 Comparison 18:29 Final Thoughts The HiFi System seen in this video Acoustic Treatments from GIK Acoustics 🤍 Music Source Custom Built Audio PC featuring products from JCAT XE USB Card, Optimo 3 Duo Linear Power Supply, Signature Cables USB and SATA, Net Femto Network Card, JCAT Grounding Cable 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 JCAT OPTIMO NANO x 2 🤍 Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server Ideon Audio 3R Renaissance USB Mk2 Black Star Turntable AVID HIFi Ingenium Plug & Play 🤍 DAC in the video Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 🤍 Chord Hugo M Scaler 🤍 Tellurium Q Statement II Digital cables linking M Scaler and TT 2 Tungsten Grooves W70 Isolation Feet 🤍 Power IsoTek EVO 3 NOVA / IsoTek Genesis One / IsoTek EVO 3 Titan 🤍 🤍 Tellurium Q Statement Analogue Cable 🤍 Power Cables Tellurium Q Silver, Silver Diamond 🤍 Tellurium Q Statement Digital cable. HiFi Racks - Quadraspire Q4 Evo 🤍 HiFi Racks Podium Reference. Sonus Faber Serafino G2 REL NO.31 Subwoofers 🤍

What are some tips for the best way to connect a REL Acoustics subwoofer high level?


Learn more about REL Acoustics at 🤍 When you get your new REL sub home, if it's not an HT model, if it's a TX and S a reference, you're going to see that it has this beautiful cable with a speakon on one end. This plugs in we'll come back to the speakon in a minute, and then you'll see three wires. Now, basic coding of life is that hot colors are hot. 0:30 That would be the red and the yellow and black is ground. Right. We deliver them exactly like this. I just took the bag off this two minutes ago. And you can see that we've actually pre-stripped this. Now this is not connected to an RCA. Just want to make very, very clear. This is a high level connection. All right. High level, meaning it's coming off the binding posts on the back of your power amplifier. The purpose of this whole thing is to give the REL the same input signal, meaning the entire chain of custody, right? Sources, cables all the way through preempt amp, all of that. That's what we need to feed through to the REL. 1:00 So that it's dynamic and tonal signature is exactly what your speakers are being sent. We don't supply them with connectors. Why? Well, because five-way binding post vary so much. Some of them work brilliantly with bananas. Other ones work really well with spades. We don't know what you've got. 1:30 We don't know how much space you have, but what we do know is if we supply it with 22 gauge, really high quality copper, pre stripped. Now we start the stripping and I'm going to show you. There's a real pro tip here, everybody that gets these the first time he asked him off. Now you got two inches of copper that wants to fray and split and short, be very careful. You do not want to have dead shorts happening. I'm going to show you and we may have to cut away here. Oh, this one's nice and smooth. You want to pull this back about half the distance. So you can see this red piece is about two inches, about 50 millimeters long. 2:00 We don't want to just pull that off. Want to leave that on. Why? Because what we're going to do is actually pull this over the connector and leave this on so that it remains an insulator. We're going to do this right now. I've just bent this into a little horseshoe, right? And I'm going to slip this over this connector right here. Just like this. We do this in the field all the time. Right, and then we snug this down really nice and tight. 2:30 There we go. Now we have a perfect really tight connection here and it can't short to anything. So if I then go for example and put on, do the same exact thing with the yellow and connect this up to this hot connector over here and repeat the process, these can't short. This is just an insulator, works brilliantly. 3:00 The other pro tip then is if your speaker cables are connected, for example spade, you would probably want to go with a banana for these. It's really important to understand you want to have a really good, solid, tight connection for your main speakers. If you're using spade, we recommend that when you go to connect the RELs up, you use a banana because that doesn't interfere with your primary connection. Conversely, this would be what I would do if the customer were using banana connectors for their speakers. That make sense? 3:30 So go with this connection. When you've got bananas that are your primary speaker to amplifier connection and go with the inverse, go with bananas on this anytime that you're dealing with somebody who's already got spades that are mounted hard, really nicely clamped down tightly at the amplifier for example.

New REL S/812 and S/510 Subwoofers w/ Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal and REL Acoustics' John Hunter


🤍 🤍 REL Acoustics has completely updated the already awe-inspiring Serie S. The S/5 SHO is being replaced by the S/812, and the S/3 SHO by the S/510. Join Kevin and John to find out what's new and why you need a pair (or a six-pack!) of these in your system, no matter how great your loudspeakers are.

REL Acoustics THE DEMO Line Array Serie S stacked 510 Subwoofers PART TWO @ Bristol HiFi Show 2020


Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System In this video I am in one of the REL Acoustics room having a private demo after the show finished. I have created 2 videos from this private demo, in Part TWO, this video John Hunter from REL talks about the Line Array Stack of Serie S 510 subwoofers and how you set them up for HiFi. Then we get some demos - the Best Demo of the Show 2020 🤍 🤍 🤍 In Part 2 of the video series I have recorded an excellent demo demonstrating the Serie S 5/10 Line Array and what it can do - that video is here 🤍 There will be lots of videos coming soon as a full coverage of the show - make sure to subscribe to the channel and check in the playlist for a short cut to all the videos. HUGE Thanks to my Show Coverage Sponsors - go and visit their websites as they all make great products as without their support I could not do this for you. Isotek Sytstems 🤍 IsoAcoustics 🤍 GIK Acoustics 🤍 Huge congratulations to REL Acoustics for winning my best sound / demo at the show for their Serie-S Line Array of 6 x 5/10 Subwoofers #hifishow #hifireview #homecinema I am a Dirac Live Calibrator and come and out and setup systems for customers, if this is of interest please get in touch with me terryellis🤍 🤍 Please help support the channel with a very small monthly donation of £1 or $1 a month to help us make the channel better for you. 🤍 Also please remember to share one or any of our videos on another social media platform Facebook, Twitter etc to help make the channel bigger and then better for you going forward. Please remember to Support the Channel By Visiting our website and also to get more details of the system you are listening to 🤍 Please Dont forget to Visit the Channel for More Great HiFi and AV Content, Reviews, Demos and More 🤍 #pursuitperfectsystem #homecinemareview #hifireview Video Equipment Camera 🤍 Microphones 🤍 🤍 Lenses 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 Stands 🤍

REL Acoustics T/7x Powered Subwoofer Overview


Learn more about T/7x at 🤍 Hi, I'm John Hunter. I'm the head designer for REL. We're here to introduce you to not only the new T/x range, but specifically this the 7/x falls between the T/9x and the T/5x. Think of mama bear perfect here, and what we are using is an active 8 inch driver, and down firing 10 inch passive. 0:30 The passive gives you that extremely low floor rumble. The active gives you the quick agile tuneful stuff that we need in bass to be accurate and musically relevant. It's driven by a 200 watt amplifier with completely new limiters. And the limiters allow us to extract about 40 to 50 Watts more on peaks and very loud passages than the outgoing that used exactly the same model amplifier. So, we're getting more from the same kit as we get better as designers and engineers. This is where many people have their very first experience with REL. 1:00 It's incredibly critical to us that you get so much for so little. Everything is tremendous on this piece. We even offer, for the entire range, an optional wireless system called arrow, and it literally plugs in the back. Couldn't be easier to use. It doesn't require you to go download an app from the apple store or from Google. It's literally plug in, snap, a couple of switches and you're done. We're really proud of the T/x range and this is right there in the middle of it, doing everything you would want a sub to do. So, every time I start a project I start with the drivers. Mentors have taught me over the years that if we don't get the drivers perfect. Not good, perfect. 1:30 You'll be chasing your tail all through the project. This is a very long stroke, 8 inch active driver. It's very light. We use a special version of pressed pulp for an incredibly lightweight cone and we stiffen it with a very thin, we're talking five grams of mass for the dust cap stiffener here in the center. The center caps are critical to not only the stiffness, but also how it damps the main cone. We don't want echoes to keep rippling, false echoes, to keep rippling across the cone. 2:00 So, it's incredibly important to us that we wind up with a composite that's very quiet and very pistonic. We had to engineer a completely new suspension to this because the outgoing model was a little soft for using a larger cabinet volume. What we've got here is less back pressure and a bigger cabinet. And what that does is it allows us to use much different suspensions. And at this point, we're moving from say a well-tuned family sedan over to something much more like a sports car racing suspension on this piece. 2:30 It's much stiffer. The spider does a better job of keeping very long travel concentric. So, your voice coil is moving back and forth even further than on the last generation. We had to do the same kinds of things to the passive radiator. Passive honestly, took me longer to get right than the active. So, we worked on every little facet of the drivers. The net result is they are faster, louder, and they have more excursion for the same amount of power. They're just more efficient in every mechanical sense of the word and they sound better as a result. 3:00 So, our amplifiers are incredibly important, obviously they produce the power, but more importantly, they're also responsible for controlling the drivers. It does us no good if a driver has excursion outward and loses the plot because the amplifier doesn't have a stiff high current power supply. This is a real 200 watt mono block power amplifier. I stress that because there's a. It's been kind of a numerical inflation of numbers in the subwoofer came over the last 10 years. 3:30 And while power is a good thing, and more power is an even better thing. It's got to be really high-quality power. We also have our famous high-level connection. The high level of connection is responsible for actually taking the signal off of your main power amplifier. So, if you've got a receiver, the two channels that are feeding off to your left and right main speakers. We take that and without borrowing any power from it at all, we take that into our piece, and it allows us to sound exactly like your speakers. 4:00 It's really, really important to understand this. It's critical that whatever you have, if you have a medium-priced receiver that's great. No problem. Your whole system sounds like that and that will condition this. REL are justly known for our cabinets and how beautiful they are. We use a different spray technique than most people. So, we use a double coat. When we go to sand and spray, each coat has one first, perfectly horizontally, and then immediately after that's done you turn the spray gun, and you shoot vertically. 4:30 What that does is it evens out the spray pattern and you get incredibly flat consistent layers of paint. And at the end, it's what allows us to then buff them out by hand and create this beautiful mirror like finish on these....

REL Acoustics T/9x Powered Subwoofer Overview


Learn more about T/9x at 🤍 Hi, my name is John Hunter. I'm REL's head designer. We're here to introduce you to our new T/x range, which we're very, very proud of. The T/x falls below S and Reference. And because of that, this is an extremely important range to us. This is where many people have their first experience of REL. So, it's really important to us that you have a fantastic experience. The T/9x, which we're looking at here is the flagship of this range. And even though it's the flagship, as you'll see, it's pretty compact. This is not a huge cabinet. 0:30 It's driven by a 300 watt amplifier and dual 10 inch drivers. The one you see here on the front is active and has extremely long stroke. And on every inward stroke, it drives a down firing passive radiator on the bottom. And the point of the passive is to fill out the lowest frequencies that sort of creep along the floor. T/9x is a brilliant piece. We'll walk you through some of the specifics right now. The 10 inch drivers used on the T/x took months to pull together. 1:00 The reason for this is simple. We're trying to get more dynamics out of this. These needed to be faster on the one hand. Great, but they also had to be able to handle more power, more about that in a moment, and they have more stroke. Why? Because we're dealing with a desire to get deeper bass, more output, and in order to do that we had to completely retune the suspension. So, what we have here is a very high power and very high, current 300 watt amplifier. This is a class A/B design, a class A/B is a classic amplifier with large transformers designed to output tons of current. And why is current important? 1:30 Think of voltage as something that will get a driver started current is that which will stop it and keep it under control. We prefer power supply designs that are really high current, because it's important to us to have that start, stop control. What's significant about this we're using, by the way, exactly the same amplifier that we were with some revisions in the old models. The reason we use these is they are dead nuts bulletproof. We have hundreds of thousands of these in production and almost none of them fail. So reliability is incredibly important to me. It just, it can't be any other way. 2:00 So, we wouldn't casually move away from this. What we're able to do though, as we've learned through doing the reference models, through doing two almost three generations of Serie S, we've gotten very, very good at titrating the last little bit of power in our limiters. So, with the ability to get all the power out we're probably legitimately delivering about 60 Watts more to the driver on big peaks with this version now with the new limiters that we've developed versus the previous model. So one of the things REL is really famous for is our high level connections. This connects right here and we supply actually a 10 meter cable, which for those of us who don't know metric it's about 33 feet. 2:30 What that allows us to do is connect up to your power amplifier, the same thing that is driving your main loudspeakers. We connect up to that. We take no power. I want to be very clear about that. We simply use that as a preconditioning signal to feed into our big 300 watt amplifier. And what that allows you to do is have a perfect seamless blend when you get it right. 3:00 It's exactly the same signal your speakers are receiving, and it allows us to do a perfect, seamless blend of our sub with your speakers. When you do it properly, when you crossover properly, you cannot hear where one stops and the other begins. It's just a perfect handoff and to get that right, our filter network up here is incredibly quick. Eight milliseconds, which I would guess is as fast as anything, maybe faster than anything else out there, except our reference units which are four millisecond. 3:30 So very quick, very fluid. The musicianship that comes through is incredible and that's critical to us and it's critical in home theater. If I could just say that going back 15 years, 16 years ago, one of the things I was committed to doing when we purchased REL was taking a category that was back then brutally ugly and really making them something that people could feel proud to have in their home. With these latest ones, I dare say, we've really taken it to an entirely new level. 4:00 So, in conclusion, the REL T/9x is the flagship, and It's an unusual flagship in that it's really big, powerful, and very, very fast, but we've managed to slim it down to give it the appearance of something that's really a medium, very comfortably medium-sized chassis. It's not big, it's not blousy. It's really quite tight and crisp. Given that these lovely radii that are almost a neoclassic form these days brilliantly finished and five coats of hand rub black lacquer. Everything that you see here, feel on this as authentic. It's fast, it really...

Do You Want a REL T5x in a Stereo System?


How did REL T5x integrate it with KEF LS50? Read my written reviews with scores at 🤍 Support the channel via Patreon (BIG thanks to current patrons!): 🤍 REL T5x on Amazon: 🤍 Try Roon: 🤍 00:00 What to expect 01:54 About T5x 04:22 Placement 12:14 Tuning the sub 15:16 Sound 24:04 Sound shading 25:14 Conclusion Follow me on Instagram for behind the scene stuff: 🤍 Test system: Pi2AES Streamer + Allo Shanti Denafrips Ares II DAC Hegel H90 Integrated Amp KEF LS50 speakers #hifi #audiophile #subwoofer #REL

Build a WOW System! REL Subwoofer Six-Packs


To learn more, call or visit a ListenUp showroom: 🤍 Shop REL: 🤍 When John Hunter from REL finished setting up six Carbon Special subwoofers, stacked three high on either side of a pair floor-standing speakers to demonstrate the 6-pack concept, to say we were a little bit scared would be accurate. We were thinking, “This is a massive amount of bass and we are about to be blown off our feet like the scene in Back To The Future when Marty plugs his guitar into Dr. Brown’s giant amp. Should we be wearing protective gear?” But what actually happened was quite pleasing—sublime even. We were treated to a literal wall of buttery, beautiful low-end brilliance, ranging in frequency from upper mid bass to deep, deep low bass. It was full, detailed, emotive—beyond engaging like beginning at the very best music venue in the world in front of the best sound system ever created with a band playing the best show they’ve ever played. It was that good! And far from the full onslaught of the deep bass we expected. When you stack six REL subs (already a very musical subwoofer with lots of resolution) three high next to your main speakers, you are able to bring out a range of low frequency sound that you aren’t able to hear with just a standard set of mains and a single sub. First, you are getting all the low end in stereo, which gives you width and depth. Then when you add another level, you introduce height to the mix, making the sound bigger and more dramatic. Furthermore, without the floor to react to, the second tier of subs produces higher frequency bass, so you are now getting fuller range in the low frequency. Finally, a third tier gives you even more height and scale. And, being even farther from the floor, another tier of upper bass frequencies. With a complete six-pack, an already good sounding system becomes simply amazing. The six-pack is able to bring out layers upon layers of frequencies stand-alone main speakers just can’t produce, giving a system more energy, liveliness, and emotion. But what about footprint and price? “I don’t have that kind of space or budget,” you might be thinking. Well, you can build a six-pack with a number of REL subwoofer configurations, ranging from large top-tier models like the reference No. 32, coming in at around $55k for a six-pack, down to the Serie HT/1510, coming at around $9600 for a six-pack. So there are options when it comes to space and budget. Furthermore, the performance you’ll get is comparable or better to a much more expensive system built with a pair of ultra-performance main speakers. Which means in the end you can achieve a dream system for far less money. Once you think you’ve heard it all, somebody like John Hunter from REL shows up and completely changes the concept of a super system. Looks like I’ve got some subwoofer shopping to do. 0:00 Intro 0:41 6-Pack Concept 5:42 Build Options 7:15 Home Theater Application 8:30 More Build Options 13:40 Where to Find

Can it get better? NEW REL Subwoofer HT1205 MKII Review. #first


Discord Link: 🤍 REL HT/1205 MKII: 🤍 Other Reviews: REL T5X: 🤍 REL T7X: 🤍 REL T9X: 🤍 REL 1510 Predator II: 🤍 Speakers Used: Buchardt S400 MKII: 🤍 Focal Kanta No1: 🤍 Focal Aria 906: 🤍 Dynaudio Special 40: 🤍 Preamp & Power Amplifiers Denafrips Hestia: 🤍 Kinki Studio EX-P7: 🤍 Kinki Studio EX-B7 mono blocks: 🤍 Source: Bluesound Node 2i 🤍 (all music is hi-res streamed from Tidal) DAC: Denafrips Ares II or Venus2 🤍 Speaker & Power Cables: Maze Audio Ref4 🤍 (rest in peace Kent) Interconnect Cables: Analysis Plus Oval One RCA Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX V2 XLR 🤍 Your results may vary based on your ears, room, and associated equipment:

Connecting a REL high level to your speakers instead of the amplifier & why it's an upgrade


This is a great question, and before I jump into the answer, it'll be bisected a little bit. Here's the only caveat. If you have a high-end amplifier, a balanced differential amplifier, which is a very different way of generating the signal don't do this. A balanced differential amplifier doesn't have a traditional ground. It has two hots, one going out one going in. Again, one's positive, one's negative in polarity, and you could do damage. However, with the other 85% of the world, which has all the conventional class AB amplifiers class D receivers, all of that is fine. So here's what you do. Why do we use high level? We use the high level connection because what we're trying to get out of it is the closest thing to what your speaker sees. Right? So start with the source, whether you're streaming, whether you're using, you know, an old school CD player or CD transport like I do you've got the source, you've got those cables you've got in the case of a high-end system, perhaps preamp and amplifier. Maybe it's a receiver, but all of those things in the aggregate are what actually drives your speakers. So now let's jump back to the question. So now what we've tried to do is give you everything that will precondition. When I say precondition, I mean the dynamic signature. A small, not great power supplied receiver may not have the big dynamics that big separates would have, right? So when you listen to exactly the same subwoofer on the system with big high, current monoblocks, and you listen to it on an inexpensive little $500 receiver, the thing you'll notice right away is whether there's a subwoofer there or not there's so much more jump there's so much more dynamics to it. That's what we want to build forward. So let's take it to the next step. What is left, but for the speaker cable, right? So we've gone through all of that stuff, the preamplifier to the power amplifier and the speaker cable that runs to your speakers has its own effect, especially if you're talking about a high end system. So I actually think it's a really clever way to do it and I'll explain the best way to do it is to actually wind up with stereo pairs of RELs. Because otherwise you've got a really tricky bit of wire extension. Think about this. You've got a speaker here, you've got a speaker here. All's going well. John says, hey you can hook up to the speakers and it's arguably an upgrade, right? Because now we've inculcated the signature of the speaker wire. This is exactly what your speakers are seeing and receiving. So now we hook up our high-level cables to that one for the right one for the left. It all works great or it doesn't work great if you have, if you're trying to do it with a single sub you're now need to extend the wire for whichever channel that is. If the REL is closest to your right speaker, great I get it. Then you'll need to run a wire 8, 10 feet over to your left speaker and run it up the stand and connect it that way if it's standing on the speaker. So it gets a little bit weird when you're trying to make. Single brow with a stereo pair of speakers and you're trying to do it, but yes, you absolutely can do it. And it actually is a, is a form of an upgrade by doing so, because now you've got the entire system whatever's being fed. Your speakers is now absolutely what's being fed. So great question. Thank you. By the way, guys, um, either reach right into this. If you're watching this on YouTube or, uh, reach out to contact us🤍, if you have any questions we're here to serve, um, we, we try to make this really accessible and fun and answer all those questions that are kind of populated around that don't think there are any stupid questions that never are.

Why HiFi? What does HiFi mean to an Audiophile ft KEF REL Acoustics PS Audio Audioquest IsoAcoustics


Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System #hifireview #homecinemareview #headphonesreview This video is my first Mini HiFi Movie I shot with a friend of mine and his amazing HiFi system. I wanted to try and look at the question - why HiFi? Why does a person decide to spend the time, money and attention it requires building a HiFi system. What does it mean to them and what do they get back from it? This has been shot and produced in a semi corporate / semi movie style all by myself. I did all the camera work, sound, lighting, editing and everything else. Huge thanks to my friend Tim for coming on camera and being my main actor and for allowing me to show his amazing HiFi system in this video. I hope you enjoy it. His system consists of KEF Blade Speakers 🤍 REL Line Array - 6 No. 25 Subwoofers 🤍 PS Audio Full Reference HiFi system and Mains regeneration 🤍 All Audioquest Cabling 🤍 IsoAcoustics GAIA and OREA Isolation 🤍 MiniDSP DDRC for Dirac Live 🤍 Project Turntable 🤍 Orotofon Cartridge 🤍 I am a Dirac Live Calibrator and come and out and setup systems for customers, if this is of interest please get in touch with me terryellis🤍 🤍 Please help support the channel with a very small monthly donation of £1 or $1 a month to help us make the channel better for you. 🤍 Also please remember to share one or any of our videos on another social media platform Facebook, Twitter etc to help make the channel bigger and then better for you going forward. Please remember to Support the Channel By Visiting our website and also to get more details of the system you are listening to 🤍 Please Dont forget to Visit the Channel for More Great HiFi and AV Content, Reviews, Demos and More 🤍 Video Equipment Camera 🤍 Lenses 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights 🤍 🤍 🤍 Stands 🤍

REL T9x Subwoofer, Most Musical Subwoofer Money Can Buy!


REL Acoustics T/9x Subwoofer Price: 1450USD each (March,2022) 🤍 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Pros: Deep Articulate Bass, Great Build Quality. Cons: None. Demo Music by Evie Sands: 🤍 , 🤍 Sound Sample with REL T/9x Subwoofers: 🤍 Sony HAP-Z1ES: 🤍 SMSL D300 DAC: 🤍 Denon PMA-SX11 Integrated Amplifier: 🤍 KEF R11 Speaker: 🤍 🤍 Associated Equipments, Musician Aquarius DAC: 🤍 Polk Reserve R200: 🤍 ELAC UBR62 Speaker: 🤍 Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB Cable: 🤍 Mogami AES Cable: 🤍 iFi SuperNova AC Power Cable: 🤍 iFi Nova AC Power Cable:🤍 PS Audio AC-12 Power Cable: 🤍 Mogami Gold XLR Cables: 🤍 Oyaide Black Mamba Alpha AC Power Cord: 🤍 TBR Custom Speaker Cable: 🤍 TBR Custom AC Power Cables: 🤍 , 🤍 Hey! Only Option To Listen YouTube Sound Demo is with good headphones, not your favorite sound system because listening to two rooms at once is not a good thing, no matter how good your sound system is., Closest Possible You Can Hear My YouTube Sound Demo is with Sony MDR-7506 🤍 or MDR-CD900St 🤍 If you use these links above to purchase any items from Amazon or eBay(No Extra Cost To You), I get a small percentage which help support my work and helps me keep going. Video Timeline 0:00 T9X Design 1:45 Set Up 8:51 Reference Music 14:30 LFE & High Input 15:00 2.2 16:00 At The End 17:12 2.2 Sound Sample 18:28 2.0 Sound Sample

Why We Typically Recommend a Stereo Pair or Dual Subwoofers for Home Theater and 2 Channel Systems


Learn more about REL Acoustics at 🤍 The text below is a transcription of the video. We have sold a huge number of subwoofers in the last few years as stereo pairs and customers these days are often just coming in and sort of demanding stereo pairs, but they don't exactly know why. So let's sort of demythologize what stereo pairs are about, why it's a good idea, and also how you can start in many cases with a single and add one to wind up with a stereo pair down the road. 0:30 What stereo pairs do is really interesting on a technical basis what they can do is really smooth out the evenness of response throughout the room. So when you have two sources that are making low bass, they tend to create peaks and valleys, but if you place them properly, you can smooth things out. Now, the real reason, the sonic reason especially for two channel that you want to do stereo pairs is, is it allows each side of the room, so your speakers are actually operating in asymmetry whether, you know it or not. There are no even rooms on the planet. I'm reasonably convinced. I've probably worked in 1500 rooms. 1:00 Some of them very expensive. None of them are symmetrical, meaning that the right speaker and, the left speaker are actually seeing completely different effects. When you set up your speakers, whether you know you're doing it, or you accidentally stumbled into it, that's what you wind up dealing with. You somehow over the span of a month or two or fiddling with it figuring out how to get your two speakers to work in a room where this half of the room is very different than this half of the room. 1:30 When you go to do a single subwoofer, you don't have that benefit. What stereo pairs allow you to do is get this subwoofer perfectly locked up to that speaker. That subwoofer perfectly locked up to that and when you do that, the coolest thing on earth happens. The stereo image, which most people's stereo image if these are the two speakers. They tend to have a kind of a U shaped soundstage. The lead singer is right here. No problem. He sounds great. The drum kits back here, but it starts to get a little murkier. Things like floor toms kind of go bump as opposed to a real snap, you can hear it hit and it pops. 2:00 These things all exists between the two speakers and back, the further back you get the darker it gets in effect within the recording. When you properly set up a pair, you get the outer two thirds of the sound stage. You literally open this up and people can't believe it because in many cases they've been using these speakers and one of those subwoofers for two and three years. They know what their system sounds like and when you get those things opened up and you get those outer two thirds to work it's kind of shocking. 2:30 It's troubling at a lot of different levels and then you start to relax and go, my gosh, things are exactly where they should be. I can hear the clarity in the foreground. Here's the saxophone. You could hear you know, the bell of the saxophone rotating around its spotlit mic. Things are layered exactly where they should be and you just hear so much more intimacy and clarity and depth into the music. So that's the why. I want to stress this. You do not have to start, unless less you own balanced differential mono blocks, and if you don't know what those are, don't worry about it because you don't own them. 3:00 Balanced differential amplifiers is significantly different than a normal amp and those require stereo pairs right from the beginning. Some very strange things can happen if you try and take two completely different grounded amplifiers in their own chassis and connect them together. Everybody else. You can start with a single there's nothing wrong with it. You'll get huge amounts of enjoyment out of something like these little T/5x's and run it and enjoy it for a year. Find out what it sounds like. Then add on the second one. Yeah, it'll take you 10 minutes to reconnect, but add on the second one. Retune each one, individually one sub at a time. 3:30 Undo the, this one, come back over and do this one. Get it perfectly, made it to its mate, and then put them together. Do a little fine tuning. You'll just be shocked at the amount of clarity and improvement you get out of the entire system. Remember, we're not trying to get more bass. We're really trying to define clearer space and that's really the beauty of stereo. Several offers.

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