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Ep436: Awesome Vintage Garage Sale Finds! 😄👍 Shop With Me * How To DIY Yard Sale Sourcing!


Welcome to our latest video where we showcase some amazing vintage garage salerfinds! In this video, we came across a stunning multicolored sparkling glass bead bracelet that is simply gorgeous. But that's not all, we also found three old boxes of vintage and highly collectible Christmas ornaments from the mid 1900s. If you're a DIY enthusiast or a reseller, you know that yard sales and garage sales can be great resources for finding unique and interesting items. Our videos document our adventures as we scour through these sales, looking for hidden treasures to add to our own personal collections or to sell on for others to enjoy. In this video, we take you along with us as we share our tips and tricks for finding these rare vintage items. We also discuss how to identify the real gems among the less valuable pieces, and how to negotiate the best price with sellers. So if you're a fan of vintage items and love the thrill of the hunt, be sure to check out our latest video. You never know what amazing finds we'll come across next! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our adventures and tips on how to find the best vintage items in your area. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, our videos are sure to inspire you and help you build your own unique collection. In addition to the multicolored glass bead bracelet and vintage Christmas ornaments, we also showcase other unique items we found on our shopping trip, including vintage clothing, kitchenware, and more. We discuss how to determine the value of these items and how to incorporate them into your home decor or fashion style. Overall, our video is a great resource for anyone looking to get into the world of vintage collecting or reselling. By following our tips and tricks, you can turn your yard sale and garage sale finds into profitable treasures, or simply add to your own personal collection of unique and one-of-a-kind items. So, join us on our adventure and let's discover the world of vintage together! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more amazing finds and tips. Thank you for watching! #vintagefinds #yard sale #garagesale #collectibles #reselling #DIY #vintagechristmasornaments #glassbeadbracelet #midcentury #vintagestyle #vintagehunting #thrifting #thriftstorefinds #retrostyle #vintageclothing #home decor #vintagekitchenware #vintagecollectors #treasurehunting #antiques #vintagedeals #ebayseller #etsyshop #fleamarketfinds #vintagejewelry #rarefinds #vintagecommunity BECOME A MEMBER: 🤍 SUPPORT US via PAYPAL: MEMBERS ONLY VIDEOS LOCATED HERE: 🤍 MEMBERS can go to the COMMUNITY section of our page to find MEMBERS ONLY POSTS & to learn how to use our CUSTOM EMOJIS located here: 🤍 CHECK OUT OUR NEW MERCH STORE!: 🤍 Our NEW SHOP has even BETTER QUALITY clothing at CHEAPER PRICES giving our fans the ULTIMATE BARGAIN on our BEST MERCH EVER!!!! DON'T LIKE CHANNEL MERCH? but you still want to support the channel? Wish there was something cool? - Rob and Karen style? CHECK OUT BAMF APPAREL! 🤍 100% ORIGINAL & EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS! Extreme Apparel for your Extreme Lifestyle!! All proceeds from BAMF Apparel support this channel! - - CHECK OUT OUR CLIPS CHANNEL!!! 🤍 FOLLOW US ON: ~~~~~~~~~~~ Facebook: 🤍BargainBarons 🤍 Instagram: 🤍bargain_barons 🤍 - - FAN MAIL: ~~~~~~~ We would love to hear from you!! Send us a letter or package for a live reading / unboxing on our show! :) Bargain Barons PO box 20055 Cornwall Center Regina SK S4P-4J7 Canada

Installing $7,000 garage doors at the shop. Worth it? | WORKSHOP RENOVATION 19


In part 19 of the workshop renovation, I had some very fancy garage doors installed in my workshop and finished up the ceiling work. Was it worth it? // Thanks to Harry’s for sponsoring! Redeem a Harry’s Trial Set for just $5 when you go to 🤍 Learn more about Wayne Dalton Thermomark 530 insulated garage doors : 🤍 🛠 Tools Used On Garage Door Installation (affiliate) : Impact Driver : 🤍 Track Saw : 🤍 Scaffolding : 🤍 Cardboard Spray Shield : 🤍 Spray Shield Holder : 🤍 Graco Magnum X5 : 🤍 Diamondback Spark Toolbelt : 🤍 TrueWerk T1 Shorts : 🤍 📦 Materials Used : Sashco Big Stretch : 🤍 GRK R4 Screws : 🤍 GRK Trim Head Screws : 🤍 TapCon Screws : 🤍 👖 Get 15% off TrueWerk clothing using code CRAFTED15 here : 🤍 📹 SUBSCRIBE : 🤍 💰 BECOME A MEMBER : 🤍 MERCH : 🤍 📲 FOLLOW CRAFTED WORKSHOP! INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 PINTEREST: 🤍 Chapters : 00:00 Prepping for the new garage doors 01:21 Removing the old roll top door 01:57 Adding framing around door opening 02:17 Installing garage door panels 03:13 Adding the garage door spring 03:53 Installing the last panel and rails 04:45 Adding the jackshaft motor 06:55 Before and after sound test 08:03 Installing the plywood ceiling 10:29 Adding trim and caulking 11:00 Painting

11 Simple Ways to Organize Any Workshop


✅️ SUBSCRIBE to my channel: 🤍 ✅️ GET THE PLANS AND TEMPLATES- ►My Miter Saw Station - 🤍 ►My Drill Press Cart - 🤍 ►Base Cabinets - 🤍 ►Upper Cabinets - 🤍 ►The Whole Enchilada Plan Bundle (Save 65%) - 🤍 ✅️ TOOLS AND SUPPLIES IN THIS VIDEO: ►Small Parts Containers - 🤍 ►Woodpecker Cubby Drawers - 🤍 ►Label Maker - 🤍 ✅️ WHAT TO WATCH NEXT ►My Shop Tour - 🤍 ►My Miter Saw Station- 🤍 ►The Ultimate Table Saw Fence - 🤍 ►My Router Slab Flattening Mill - 🤍 ►My Dust Collection Cart - 🤍 ✅️ HOW TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ►NEW MWA Woodworks Logo Merch! 🤍 ►DOWNLOADABLE BUILD PLANS - 🤍 LINKS TO ALL THE TOOLS I USE IN MY SHOP ►🤍 *Disclaimer – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ✅️ WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME - ►Downloadable Project Plans : 🤍 ►My Website: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Pinterest: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 - 11 Tips to Organize Any Workshop ⏱️ Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:55 Tip #1 01:47 Tip #2 02:22 Tip #3 03:30 Tip #4 04:13 Tip #5 04:32 Tip #6 05:21 Tip #7 06:45 Tip #8 07:42 Tip #9 08:20 Tip #10 09:15 Tip #11 #organization#woodworking#woodshop

5 Tips to Take your Garage to the Next Level


Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video! Head to 🤍 and use code SHOPNATION20 to grab your “box of awesome” and get 20% off your first box. Get a 10% discount on all Giraffe Tools with code: Shop Nation LED Lights: Screw Bulb Replacement: 🤍 Screw Bulb (Ridiculously Bright) Alternative: 🤍 Barrina Light Strips (4'): 🤍 Barring Light Strips (8'): 🤍 Garage Flooring: Leggari Epoxy (what I used): 🤍 "Good" Epoxy Flooring Kit Alternative: 🤍 "Better" Epoxy Flooring Kit Alternative: 🤍 12" Floor Tiles (Self-Draining): 🤍 12" Floor Tiles (solid): 🤍 Flat Rubber Workout Mats: 🤍 Textured Rubber Workout Mats: 🤍 Garage/Shop Utilities: Giraffe Tools has BLACK FRIDAY deals from Nov 18-30! Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer Pro: 🤍 Giraffe Tools (Basic) Pressure Washer: 🤍 Retractable Garden Hose Reel: 🤍 Retractable Air Hose Reel: 🤍 Retractable Power Cord: 🤍 Wall Mounted Shop Vac: 🤍 Wall Slat System: Crownwall 4' Panels (16 sq ft coverage): 🤍 Crownwall 8' Panels (32 sq ft coverage): 🤍 Mesh Storage Basket: 🤍 Wire Baskets: 🤍 Wire Shelves: 🤍 Assorted Hooks: 🤍 More Hooks: 🤍 Elevated Storage Solutions: Garage Gator Platform Lift: 🤍 Garage Gator Bike Lift: 🤍 Fixed Storage Rack: 🤍 Fixed Bin Rack: 🤍 Shop Nation Links: Shop Nation Website: 🤍 Instagram (🤍dreamshopnation): 🤍 Timberland Pro: 🤍 This video is sponsored by Bespoke Post. #garageorganization #garage #shoporganization #diygarage

C6 T56 disassembly! Are we crazy?! Transmission rebuild Pt 2


We pulled the transaxle and torque tube down and now it’s time to find the broken pieces inside our T56 transmission!!! YT DEETS Thank you for supporting companies that make our series HAPPEN! Permatex is our go to for epoxies, silicone, threadlockers and so many more products we use left and right in our shop- 🤍 Scoop up your next oil change from Kendall Motor Oil! 🤍 OFFICIAL TIRE PARTNER: Continental Tire! Our link below! 🤍 PEAK Auto for all the COOL FACTOR we need!!! Join the #PEAKsquad for free perks and that car fam feeling! 🤍 CRC Auto for SO MANY of our favorite products like Brakleen! 🤍 Chicago Pneumatic for both electric impacts, compressors AND air tools! 🤍 Flying Sparks Garage official Website: 🤍 •INSTAGRAM & TikTok• •🤍flyingsparksgarage •🤍imemilyreeves •🤍pilotreeves FACEBOOK! •Flying Sparks Garage •Emily Williams Reeves

BUILDING A LS1 TURBO VY UTE!! - Part 13 - Dramas On The Dyno


In this episode, we finish of the last few items on our list of things to do before Daniel the owner comes to pick it up and take it home. If you would like to support the show, Hackshop Garage Merch is available at 🤍 Tiperformance's parts list 'As seen on Hackshop Garage' 🤍 Also be sure to follow our socials for up to date content. Instagram - 🤍Hackshop_garage Facebook - Hackshop_garage Nathan - 🤍crazycamo

2022 Shop Tour : One car garage woodshop


Annual shop video tour of my one car garage woodshop that measures 12’ x 21’.

Barn Build Gets HEAT and AIR CONDITIONING! (First Time EVER!)


For the first time in a guys life, he'll have heat and air! Head to 🤍 to check out Sunday and get 20% off customized Lawn Plans! #sundaypartner #sunday #lawncare Check out our other YouTube Channel: 🤍 Merchandise can be found at: 🤍

5 Year Evolution of a 2-Car Garage Shop | Shop Tour 2022


Let me show you around the shop and our studio and show you how I maximize the space in my 2 car garage with organization and shop layout. 731 Woodworks shop tour 2022. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and help support this channel. *Videos To Watch Next* Shop Tour 2021 - 🤍 Tool Wall - 🤍 PLANS: 🤍 The Story - Where My Joy Comes From - 🤍 Power Tools in the Shop Festool Miter Saw - 🤍 Wen Drill Press - 🤍 Kreg Router Lift - 🤍 Bosch Router in Router Table - 🤍 DeWALT Router - 🤍 Rikon Bandsaw - 🤍 Grizzly Mobile Base for Bandsaw - 🤍 Shapeoko 4 XXL CNC I Use - 🤍 SawStop Table Saw - 🤍 DeWalt Planer - 🤍 Wahuda Jointer - 🤍 Laguna P Flux 1 Dust Collector - 🤍 Laguna Air Filtration - 🤍 Festool CT36E Miter Saw Dust Extractor - 🤍 Festool Workbench Dust Extractor - 🤍 Festool Sander - 🤍 LED YouTube Sign on Tool Hutch - 🤍 Festool TopRock Radio - 🤍 Stop Block System on Miter Station - 🤍 Hand Tools and Organization in the Shop Omni Tool Wall - 🤍 Two Cherries Chisel Set - 🤍 DowelMax Dowel Jig - 🤍 Tool Box Organizer Trays - 🤍 Tekton Wrench Set - 🤍 GearWrench Stubby Wrench Set - 🤍 DeWALT Socket Set - 🤍 Incra V27 Miter Guage - 🤍 Bora Lumber Rack - 🤍 Huskey Tool Hutch - 🤍 Rockler Clamp Racks - 🤍 Festool Y For Hose Splitting - 🤍 Festool Blast Gates - 🤍 Irwin Forstner Bit Set - 🤍 Favorite F-Style Clamps - 🤍 Favorite Parallel Clamps - 🤍 Milwaukee Organizer - 🤍 Ridgid Organizer Boxes - 🤍 Massca M2 Pocket Hole Jig - 🤍 Fastcap Track Saw Rack - 🤍 Other Shop Items LED Lights - 🤍 Mr. Cool Mini Split - 🤍 DeHumidifier - 🤍 Shop Flooring - 🤍 Studio Equipment - Sony A7IV Camera - 🤍 Sony 16-35 GM Lens - 🤍 Canon M6 Mark 2 - 🤍 Sigma 16 Lens for Canon - 🤍 Go Pro - 🤍 Comica Microphones - 🤍 Secret Labs Chair - 🤍 RGB Background Light - 🤍 Stage Skins Background - 🤍 LG Widescreen Monitor - 🤍 MacBook Pro Laptop - 🤍 StreamDeck - 🤍 RodeCaster Pro - 🤍 Rode Microphones - 🤍 Follow me on Amazon for reviews of my favorite tools and supplies: 🤍 Join this channel Patreon to get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, member-only live streams, discounts, and other perks: 🤍 I get my stickers from Sticker Mule. Use this link to save $10 off your order: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:57 Shop Storage and Organization 1:13 Miter Station Set Up 1:48 Tool Organization Wall 3:08 Shop Layout Tips 3:45 Router Table Set Up 4:40 WEN Drill Press 5:48 Miter Saw Dust Collection 6:51 Clamp Storage 7:26 Rikon Bandsaw 8:34 SawStop Table Saw 9:39 Outfeed Table 14:09 Lumber Storage Ideas 14:30 Garage Mini-Split 14:43 Shop Dust Collection 15:55 Simple Shop Cart 16:44 Tool Box and Hutch 17:28 Hand Tool Organzation 19:47 Shapeoko CNC 20:54 Shop Flooring 21:14 Shop Lighting 21:36 Shop Dehumidifier 22:13 Insulated Garage Door 22:46 731 Studio 23:40 Lighting Equipment Used 24:02 Computer and Audio Equipment 24:53 Shipping Supply Organization 25:26 Camera Equipment 26:28 Best Computer Chair 26:50 Important Question 27:12 My Favorite Tools 28:13 Where Does My Joy Come From?

The Cheapest DIY Shop/Garage Setup On Youtube!!!! | Cost Breakdown


Its been 3 years in the making but I'm finally done with my little budget shop/garage project. The most shocking thing to me is that it all only cost $5,500 which is a reasonable budget for most folks. I never intended for it to be so functional, but here I am restoring and building cars with it, so I guess it actually works. . How I Turned A Carport Into A Garage- 🤍 . My Dream Man Cave/Gaming Setup Tour- 🤍 . Full Cost Breakdown wont fit here in description so it will all be at the end of the video . Main cost items listed below Enclosed Carport Garage $1,700 Quick Jack $1,300 46" Husky Tool Box Setup (main box) $2,231 26" Husky Tool Box Setup (electrical) $329 Shop Essentials Total $5,560 Entire Husky Tool Box Setup Husky Mobile Tool Box 46x24 inch $350 Husky Pegboard $60 Milwaukee Drill $110 Milwaukee 3/8 Fuel Electric Ratchet $180 Milwaukee 1/4 Electric Screw Driver $69 Milwaukee Cordless Soldering Iron $79 Milwaukee Rapid Charger m12 m18 $80 Towel Holder with Tray $35 Magnetic Tray $15 1.5ft Magnetic Bar Free Small OBD2 Scanner $25 DIY Wire Spool Free Seneo Wireless Charger Free Olympia Vice $25 Ram Pro 12" magnetic Bar (4) $30 Harbor Freight DIY Spot Light Free Husky Flexible LED Light $18 Little Flexible LED Light $8 Tool Box Top Total $1,084 Big Top Drawer Kobalt 300 Piece set $270 Pittsburgh 1/2 Torque Wrench $25 Duralast 3/8 Torque Wrench $37 o2 Sensor Tool $30 Craftsman 1/4 Palm Rachet $18 Misc $50 Socket Organizer $37 Big Top Drawer Total $467 Wrench Drawer Pittsburgh Ratcheting Wrenches $27 Coilover Wrench Free Kobalt Wrenches (Came With Kobalt Kit) Free Wrench Organizer $8 Wrench Drawer Total $35 Screw Driver Drawer Pittsburgh Screw Driver Set $15 Husky Ratcheting Screw Driver $16 Husky Screw Driver Set $19 Random Extra Bits $10 Screw Driver Organizers $32 Screw Driver Drawer Total $92 Zipties $25 Bottom Drawer On Right Side Porter Cable Grinder $30 Wagner Heat Gun $25 Other Heat Gun Free Bernzomatic Torches Free Bottom Drawer On Right Side Total $55 Plier/ Wrench Drawer Plier Organizer $30 Picks $10 Random Pliers $10 Scissor's Free Stanley Pliers Free Milwaukee Vice Grip $18 Milwaukee Snip $15 Craftsman 12" Adjsutable $20 Small Husky Adjustable (from an old kit) $5 Other Random Adjustables $15 Rivet tool $10 Plier / Wrench Drawer Total $133 PPE Drawer Safety Goggles/ Glasses Free Microfiber Cloths $10 Hardy 5 mil Gloves 100 pack $17 Hardy 7mil Gloves 50 pack $19 Hardy Green/ Black Gloves $6 Monkey Gloves 15 pack $22 Hardy Grey/Black/Red Gloves $10 PPE Drawer Total $84 Oil Tools/ Brake Tools Drawer Oil Filter Wrench Free Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench $10 Hyper Tough adjustable Oil Filter Tool $16 Other Oil Filter Removal Tools $20 Multi Use Transfer Pump $13 Brake Caliper Spreader $10 Brake Line Cutter $10 Brake Line Bender $15 Oil Tools/ Brake Tools Drawer Total $94 Dremmel / Interior Drawer Husky Stackable Organizers $8 Interior Removal Tools $15 Interior Clips Free Metal Brushes $7 Dremmel 200 $65 Dremmel Accessories Free Screw Extractor Set $20 Speed Out Extractor Set $15 Milwaukee Drill BIts $22 Random Extra Wires/ Chargers $10 Dremmel / Interior Drawer Total $162 Entire Husky Tool Box Setup $2,231 Husky 26x12 inch Top Tool Box $89 Doyle Wire Stripper $25 Weller Sodlering Iron $52 Small Weller Soldering Iron $25 Klein Tools Non-Contact Sensor $21 Flux/ Solder/ Electrical Tape $20 Voltmeter $40 Battery Tester $15 Fuse Tester/ Fuse Assortment $14 Heat Shrink Assortment $12 Wire Connector Assortment $16 Heat Shrink / Connector Free Electric Box Total $329

Making the Most of a Small Garage - It's Shop Tour Time!


Let's finally take a tour of SomeGuy's Garage! Check out where I keep all my tools and equipment, this serves as both my shop and vehicle parking. #tour #garage #garagetour Check out some of the more in depth videos here: Folding Workbench - 🤍 In Floor Scissor Lift - 🤍 Tool Box Tour - 🤍 Moving Lathe - 🤍 Milling Machine - 🤍 Traxxas Xmaxx - 🤍 Casemass - 🤍 Wall Control Pegboard: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Join us on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:29 - Dimensions 01:35 - Insulation and Heating 03:46 - Electrical 05:39 - Compressed Air 06:40 - Workbenches 08:24 - Storage 13:05 - Equipment 14:44 - Other Tools 15:21 - Outro

Prototype Machining from a Garage Shop with Metal Parts Machine | Machine Shop Tour


Explore how a one-man set up can be successful with automation. A literal “mom and pop” machine shop is using lights-out machining to run parts with 5-axis capabilities, cobots, pallet changers and more. Want to see your shop featured? Tell us what makes your shop special: ShopVideo🤍 FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: - Twitter 🤍 - Facebook 🤍 - Instagram 🤍 - LinkedIn 🤍 Visit Modern Machine Shop online at 🤍

Simple Hacks For A More Organized Shop/Garage


Guys I don’t make videos longer than 15 minutes very often. This one is worth the watch until the end. So much valuable information and really smart ideas for making all of us more organized and saving us time. Big thank you to Doug for showing us all these tricks he’s learned over the last 30 years. Link to remote controlled shop vacuum - 🤍

Two Car Garage Wood Shop


This is a tour of my two car garage wood shop was started a little over 5 years ago. It's 415 square feet with 12 foot ceilings. A lot of my shop cabinets have plans available on my website. Visit 🤍 The giveaway has now ended. Congrats to the winners! Tools mentioned in the tour:(Affiliate links) Rockler Marking and Measuring Tool Pouch 🤍 Rockler One-Handed Bar Clamps 🤍 Rockler Precision Miter Gauge 🤍 Rockler Sure Foot Clamps 🤍 Rockler Jig Making Hardware kit 🤍 Rockler Doweling jig 🤍 Rockler Dust Right Quick Change 🤍 Festool Track Saw 🤍 Festool Domino 🤍 Mirka Deros 5” Palm Sander 🤍 Saw Stop 36” 3HP Cabinet Saw ISOtunes Pro 2.0 Shinwa Ruler 🤍 Jimmy Diresta gear 🤍 Zilla 50’ Extension Cord Reel 🤍 50’ Klutch Air Hose Reel 🤍 California Air Tools 8 Gal Compressor 🤍 Milwaukee Ratchet set 🤍 Hitachi 23 Gauge Nail Gun 🤍 Bostich 18 Gauge Nail Gun 🤍 Armour tools auto adjusting clamps 🤍 Rigid Spindle Sander 🤍 Magid Safety glasses 🤍 Glue Bot 🤍 Savage Seamless Paper 🤍 Seamless Rack 🤍 Foredom Flex Shaft Carver 🤍 Table Saw Blades I use (affiliate links) Note because I have a 3 hp saw I use “ industrial” 1/8” kerf blades. If you have a lower power saw you'll want to use "Thin Kerf" Blades. Cutting splines, crosscutting, and general usage | Freud 10” x 50T Combo Blade Industrial 🤍 Thin Kerf 🤍 Ripping and milling | 10” x 30T Glue Line Ripping Blade Industrial 🤍 Thin Kerf 🤍 Plywood | 10” x 80T Freud Ultimate Plywood Blade Industrial 🤍 Thin Kerf 🤍 Videos Mentioned in Shop tour 5:31 Outfeed table 🤍 5:48 Under table saw storage cab 🤍 9:00 Finishes video 🤍 12:59 Seamless backdrop 🤍 19:50 Adam Savage Tool cart 🤍 32:40 Installing dust collection 🤍 35.27 Tambour Shop Cabinet Part 1 🤍 Part 2 🤍 Shop Tour Playlist: 🤍 You can support the channel by joining the Patreon! 🤍 🤍 Instagram 🤍almfab 🤍 Pinterest /almfab 🤍 Facebook /almfab 🤍 Music: 🤍

A Look Inside Our 2 Car Garage Dream Shop! Full Shop Tour


To kick off the new year, we are giving you a full shop tour and a little property tour! We tell you our goals and dreams for this house and property that we can't wait to tackle this year! Thank you all for being here and let's kick butt for 2023! Thank you iFixit for sponsoring this video! Right to Repair Movement: 🤍 Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bit Set: 🤍 Pro Tech Toolkit: 🤍 Minnow Driver Kit: Pocket-Sized: Minnow Driver Kit: Pocket-Sized Everyday Carry Bundle: 🤍 All the Tools We Use in Our Shop: 🤍 Miter Saw Station: 🤍 Router Table Build: 🤍 Workbench Build: 🤍 Closing in Our Carport: 🤍 Get 10% off Ariat: 🤍 Woodworking Project Plans 🤍 SOCIALS: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Business Inquiries: Team🤍



ALL CAR ENTHUSIASTS DREAM GARAGE/SHOP! FULL TOUR OF THE MOST INSANE GARAGE/SHOP! Check out Andy's website: 🤍 Products I've used in my garage: QuickJacks: 🤍 40 ft Extension Chord: 🤍 Garage door opener: 🤍 Husky 72-inch cabinet: 🤍 Husky uppers: 🤍 Husky WorkBench: 🤍 KRK Speakers: 🤍 32" TV: 🤍 Carpet Cleaner Spotless: 🤍 Shop Vaccum: 🤍 Floor Painting: 🤍 Lights: 🤍 Floors: 🤍 Sharkbite Plumbing Connections: 🤍 ▬▬FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ▬▬ 🤍Mattys.garage - 🤍 🤍hardworkforce - 🤍 Like Us On Facebook! 🤍 GET SOME MERCH AND HELP THE CHANNEL: 🤍 #Garage #dreamgarage #garageproject

DIY Dream Workshop Garage - Transforming an old room into a Man Cave with using Parkside Tools


#ErCanEverything #DreamGarage #Parkside I finally made my Dream Workshop and Studio for shooting future videos. This challenge took me 25 days every day for 3-4 hours after work. Video processing separate work, because I had to process about 250 short videos shot from different angles. I hope you enjoyed it too, and if you appreciate my work, I invite you to Subscribe on my Channel 🤍ErCanEverything to support me and continue with the new videos. 👉Part 2: 🤍 🔥My new Video editing PC Setup Gaming HP Pavilion & AOC 27" Curved WQHD 2560 x 1440 165Hz 1ms Monitor 👉🤍 👇Subscribe to my Channel🙏🙏🙏 🤍 Facebook👉 🤍 Instagram👉 🤍 👇DIY Plasma Burner👇 Make your own Plasma Burner like a Plasma Lighter, with materials at hand 👉🤍 DIY 20 000 mAh QC3.0 Supported Parkside Power Bank from 20V 4Ah Parkside Battery! Just for $1 👉🤍 DIY Rotating Table Platform from Mocrowave oven motor and Gramophone record holder 👉🤍 PARKSIDE Angle Grinder Extreme Stop vs Fast Stop (which Grinder stops first? Performance or Green?) 👉🤍 PARKSIDE Battery Powered, 60V 18A 1080W Professional Power Supply from RIDEN (RD6018W Wireless) 👉🤍 IRFZ44N Powered Induction Heater Experiment with Parkside X20V Battery on 12V 55W and 240V 100W Bulb 👉🤍 PARKSIDE PLG 20 A3 4.5A Charger Upgrade (Adding Capacity, Voltage, Power and Current Meter in One) 👉🤍 How to Build a Wooden Kids Swing at Home (DIY Project with Parkside Drill and Hilti Circular Saw) 👉🤍 PARKSIDE 226Nm Cordless Impact Driver PDSSAP 20-Li A1 Upgrade from 1/4 to 1/2 Compact Impact Wrench 👉🤍 PARKSIDE Performance Cordless JigSaw PSSPA 20-li A1 Review, Disassemble and Testing Brushless Motor 👉🤍 #Benchgrinder #AngleGrinder #CircularSaw #DIYGarage #DIY #Homemade #Garage #Restoration #Beforeandafter #DIY #Homemade #Inductioncooker #Inverter #HighFrequency #HighVoltage #HighCurrent #HeatSink #Computer #Parkside #Lidl #PowerBank #StepUp #BoostConverter #SilverCrest #TableSaw #Fence #ElectricCircuit #InductionHeater #PCBbuild #Soldering #HowTo #ToDo #Craft #HomeMaster #HomeMade #ManCave

Shop Tour 2020 - Single car garage workshop


Welcome to my workshop! Come take a shop tour with me as I walk you through my single car garage workshop setup from tools, to electrical, to layout, dust collection and more. Shop dimensions: 12 x21 = 250 sq feet. ►SUPPORT ME ON PATREON 🤍 Stickers, discount on plans & more ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🤍 ►ALL MY TOOLS & GEAR 🤍 ►ALL OF MY PLANS 🤍 ►MY MAIN TOOLS (affiliate links): · Table saw: Sawstop professional 36″ · Miter saw: Bosch axial-glide 🤍 · Planer: Dewalt DW735 🤍 · Jointer: Delta 6” (discontinued) · Drill press: Craftsman 13″ (discontinued) · Benchtop sander: Ridgid 🤍 · Router table: Homemade · Rockler Pro Lift router lift 🤍 · Porter Cable 690 router 🤍 · Bandsaw: Rikon 10-326 🤍 ►DUST COLLECTION TOOLS (affiliate links): · Dust collector – King Canada 1200 🤍 · Rockler expandable hose – 🤍 · Air Filtration System – Wen 3410 🤍 · Air Filtration filters – Outer 🤍 / Inner 🤍 · Dust extractor – Mirka 🤍 · Shop vac – Stanley 🤍 · Miter saw dust collection – · Ridgid shop vac 🤍 · Oneida Dust Cyclone 🤍 · Automated switch – iVac 🤍 · Air fine particle monitor – Dylos DC1100 🤍 ►RELEVANT VIDEOS · Miter Saw Station Series: 🤍 · Miter saw station: 🤍 · Miter saw dust collection: 🤍 · Miter saw pull-out storage upgrade: 🤍 · Miter saw station drawers: 🤍 · Lumber Cart: 🤍 · Outfeed table / Workbench: 🤍 · Clamp rack: 🤍 · Router table series: 🤍 · Router table top & fence: 🤍 · Router cabinet: 🤍 · Router Table Dust Collection: 🤍 · Flip top cart: 🤍 · Drill Press Table: 🤍 ►Follow me on SOCIAL MEDIA · Instagram 🤍 · Pinterest 🤍 · Facebook 🤍 · Twitter 🤍

Ultimate Detailers Garage | 60X60 | 3 Floors | Epic Shop Build


A tour of the ultimate garage for car enthusiasts. $1,000,000 60x60 garage/shop build with 30x60 basement and 60x60 living space on second floor! A total dream detail shop layout in my eyes! Some people call it a barndominium. Others call it a garage mahal. I've seen a lot of videos on shop builds and garage builds and warehouse builds and this fits in somewhere on that list. All I know is it's amazing and it's on 7 acres of private land. I cant wait to build something similar for Status Detail HQ one day! This is for sale too! Send me an email if you are interested in buying it! statusdetails🤍 Want More STATUS? Like, Comment and Subscribe for more content! #dreamshop #dreamgarage #detailing STATUS DETAIL APPROVED CAR CARE PRODUCTS! 🤍 OUR YOUTUBE 🤍 OUR INSTAGRAM 🤍 OUR FACEBOOK 🤍 OUR TIKTOK 🤍

Ultimate Garage Wood Shop Tour!! Getting Tools CHEAP Tips!!!


Building out a Workshop takes time, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In this video I walk you guys through my woodworking shop tour and share my secrets on getting tools cheap. Find My Shop Tools in my Amazon Store: 🤍 Get 10% OFF on ALL my Favorite Total Boat Epoxies and Finishes here: 🤍 My Recommendations for Beginner Tools 🤍 Amazon to my Shop Tools 🤍 10% OFF on All TB Epoxy and Finishing Products 🤍 Follow Me on Social Media: LINK TREE 🤍 Get your Komar Gear Here 🤍 HUGE THANKS to my Sponsors TOTAL BOAT 🤍 Timberland Pro 🤍 Harvey Industries 🤍 2020 Shop Tour 🤍 OTHER VIDEOS TO WATCH Our DIY Dream Home 🤍 Mini Split Installation 🤍 Miter Saw Zero Clearance 🤍 Ultimate Chicken Coop 🤍 10,000 Pencil Table 🤍 Wood Lowrider Bike 🤍 Router Table 🤍 Concealment Flag 🤍 Backsplash Tile Installation 🤍 TOOLS Table Saw 🤍 Welder 🤍 Oscillating Sander 🤍 Metal Peg Board 🤍 Reciprocating Saw 🤍 Bosch Drill and Impact Combo 🤍 Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw 🤍 Bosch Sander 5” 🤍 Bosch Sander 6” 🤍 Wood Glue 🤍 Finish Nail Gun 🤍 My Quiet Compressor 🤍 My Grinder 🤍 Pin Nailer 🤍 Jig Saw 🤍 Bosch Circular Saw 🤍 My Router 🤍 My framing Gun 🤍 Inflatable Shims 🤍 #woodworking #shoptour #woodshop Music By: 🤍

DRIFTING! We blow off some steam after a rough week getting ready to go RACING!


It’s been a ROUGH WEEK for us here getting the cars, trucks, and trailers ready for Racing season. What better way to relax than beating a 79 AMX to death on the RC dirt track behind the shop? 🤣

WHAT’s IN THE SHOP? Lucky’s Garage Shop Tour


In this episode I take you on a shop tour and give you an update of all the projects. Check out my merch and new sticker packs. 🤍

12 Minute Dream Garage! - DIY Timelapse Shop Build- Post Frame Pole Barn Shed Construction Building


Here is a timelapse of the entire garage build series so you can see the process from breaking ground to putting a car on the lift and epoxy floors! Amazon link to building tools: Kobalt 24v Tools- 🤍 Paslode Nailer- 🤍 LED Lights- 🤍 LED Bulbs- 🤍 Garage Build Playlist- 🤍 This video is being represented by LADBible Group. To use or license this video please email licensing🤍

Garage Workshop [AI HD] | S12 E1 & 2


"If only I had a workshop like Norm's, I could build anything." Norm puts an end to this common viewer lament when he shows how to turn an average garage bay into a great home workshop. Using common building materials and hardware, he builds all the elements needed to make a workshop functional cabinetry, storage units, and a portable chop station. The genius of Norm's original design, however, is that each element can be put away to make room for the family car when not in use or easily transported to any space a woodworker decides to set up shop. At the conclusion of this ambitious two-part project, Norm gives his list of must-have bench top power tools to ensure that every home craftsman will be able to utilize the workshop to its fullest. _This is an HD version created using an AI program._ Season: 12 | Episode: 1 & 2 Original Air Date: January 1 & 8, 2000 To purchase the measured drawing: 🤍 Visit our website at: 🤍 _The New Yankee Workshop_ is a co-production of Morash Associates, Inc. and WGBH Boston #NewYankeeWorkshop #NormAbram #woodworking #howto

Gas Monkey Garage Shop Tour | July 2022 | Ford Era


Hey All, We were out in Dallas, Texas & went to visit 🤍GasMonkeyGarage & Got a full shop tour & vehicle check. Trucks For Sale - 🤍 To stay up to date follow us on Instagram 🤍 or the personal 🤍 You can support the channel by going to 🤍 and getting some cool merch!

Gecko Fixes Cars at His Repair Garage | Educational Videos For Toddlers | Gecko's Garage


Learn about cars and how they are powered in this video for children and toddlers. Gecko takes Evie the Electric Car, Sophie the Sports Car, Leo the Limousine and Tony the Taxi back to his Garage to fix them and get them back on the road. Subscribe to Gecko's channel here 🤍 Gecko's Garage is a big truck cartoon series for children all about fixing trucks and vehicles, including monster trucks, buses, ambulances, construction trucks and lorries.

Building a MASSIVE back yard dream shop - HUGE LIFTS INSTALL!


So grateful for my friends over a Bendpak! This is such an amazing dream come true, and I cannot wait to put it all to use. ➥ MERCH: 🤍 ➥ INSTAGRAM 🤍 ➥ TWITTER 🤍 ➥ GRIOT'S GARAGE - code "SHANKS" 🤍 When you use code "SHANKS" during the month of September, you're entered into winning a FREE Griot's power washer & kit! SEND ME STUFF: 📪 P.O. Box #1297 102 E Broad St. Forney, TX 75126 MUSIC: Jordyn Edmonds / Lakey Inspired / Muse Maker

👍Easy garage/shop organization screws, nuts, bolts and hardware!


Shop organization idea for all of your screws, nuts, bolts and hardware! Come along in the MEGA Shop today as we start organizing the shop for the farm! Shelving Link: 🤍 Coupon: FARMER10 TOOLS/GOODIES FROM THIS AND PAST VIDEOS ON MY AMAZON PAGE HERE: 🤍 (Stoney Ridge Amazon Affiliate Page) #diy #workshop #doityourself Follow the Farm on Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Friends and Supporters of the Stoney Ridge Farm: TYM Tractors: 🤍 Join The Superfans! Monthly Donations to help Feed the Animals here: 🤍 Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This Video is for entertainment purposes only. Stoney Ridge Farmer videos may contain paid sponsorships.

Building A Home Shop/Garage on a budget PT1


In this video we are getting starting on building out my new shop. This goes over the plan of how I am going to make a budget shop build work by utilizing a structure that is already on my property. I also go into detail on how to pour a shop slab for beginners. Thanks for watching!

Genius Tools For Garage Workshop That You Need


Everyone needs a good set of tools in the garage or workshop. Doing your own car repairs saves a boatload of money and time. And so lots of people dream about converting their garage into a workplace, or at least a much more functional one. For a homeowner, a well-equipped garage not only makes projects around the house or working on your car possible, it can actually make them more effective and even enjoyable. Keep in mind that the biggest advantage of tools is productivity. Simply put, they enable you to get more done in less time and effort. REMA-MASCHINEN Web: 🤍 DRAPER TOOLS Web: 🤍 MAGIC CREEPER Web: 🤍 TEXA Web: 🤍 BETAG INNOVATION Web: 🤍 SCANGRIP Web: 🤍 CHI LEO Facebook: 🤍 ATLAS Web: 🤍 FACOM Web: 🤍 MYPARKER Web: 🤍 KÄRCHER Web: 🤍 KEN-TOOL Web: 🤍 YOST VISES Web: 🤍 STOREYOURBOARD Web: 🤍 SEALEY TOOLS Web: 🤍 WALKTHRU GARAGE DOORS Web: 🤍 FLEX Web: 🤍

DIY Garage Metalworking Shop Makeover and Organization // Shop Project


Thanks to CRAFTSMAN for sponsoring this project! Check out the CRAFTSMAN V20: 🤍 // CRAFTSMAN Storage and Garage: 🤍 My metalworking shop has always been a bit of a mess, but it had gotten REALLY bad lately. I went back to the drawing board and gave that side of the shop a complete makeover, reorganizing it and optimizing the tool layout and workflow. I also skinned the walls with OSB, to make them look better and also make it easier to mount things on the wall. Hope you enjoy the video and are looking forward to more metalworking content in the future! 👕 Get your Build It Yourself merch! 🤍 📹 SUBSCRIBE : 🤍 💰 SUPPORT ME : 🤍 📲 FOLLOW CRAFTED WORKSHOP! INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 PINTEREST: 🤍

Building a Showroom Style Garage [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]


Support the team! Buy your car parts & some merchandise here: 🤍 Every $1 spent = 1 entry to WIN our STI! For more information on Laticrete, visit: 🤍 or email socialmedia🤍 to get a quote for your own garage! Concrete Polishing, Staining, Coating & Restoration: Orion DCP: 🤍 Quick Jacks: 🤍 Meguiar's: 🤍 Lights from 🤍obsessedgarage 🤍 GWS painting & construction 🤍 * ►Build Mod Lists & Current Sweepstakes: 🤍 ►throtlVIP What is throtl VIP? throtl VIP is the #1 car club in the world, built for ALL car enthusiasts. We're on a mission to educate, entertain, and inspire car enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a novice or an expert, throtl VIP is perfect for you. Take advantage of our amazing benefits like 10-40% off of new performance parts, exclusive content, regional meet ups, automatic entries to our sweepstakes, and much much more! Join Today - 🤍 ►Shop Car Parts: 🤍 ►Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 ►Shop throtl Merchandise & Apparel: 🤍 ►The Oil & Fluids we use on all of our builds: MOTUL: 🤍 ►Sell all Your Old Cars and Parts on our FREE Classifieds: 🤍 ►Download our FREE Mobile App: 🤍 ►Camera we use: 🤍 ►FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! OUR INSTAGRAM (🤍throtl) ► 🤍 OUR TWITTER (🤍throtlmktplc) ► 🤍 OUR FACEBOOK ► 🤍 OUR TIKTOK ► 🤍throtl ►Business Inquiries: For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact us directly: info🤍 ►WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Our Dream Garage Workshop Makeover! (plus filming studio)


We finally did a garage workshop makeover after moving to the new house! Thanks to our sponsor Squarespace, go to 🤍 for 10% off your first purchase. Check out the materials we used below! 👇 🙏 Other sponsors: Rockler: want a SawStop and the largest selection of woodworking tools? Rockler has you covered. Browse their selection here: 🤍 Massive Resin Counter w/ Heart Rate Monitors: 🤍 Become a Patron: 🤍 Become a YouTube member: Click the “Join” button below any of our videos Want behind-the-scenes content? Check out the Aftershow for: • Original expectations vs reality • A big idea we ditched half way through (phew!) • More thoughts on the floors (and one unfortunate discovery) • Unique difficulties in editing this video • Things we want to do in the future • Some upgrades we love that we weren't able to fit into this video If you're a Patron already, watch it here: 🤍 If you’re a YouTube Member, watch it here: 🤍 Not a Patron yet? Join here: 🤍 Not a YouTube Member? Join here: 🤍 Want more E&K videos? We have more channels: 🎮 Gaming: 🤍 🎙️ Podcast: 🤍 🎮 Gaming Uncut: 🤍 👫 E&K TBD: 🤍 📺 Twitch live streams 🤍 SOCIAL/SUPPORT LINKS 💵 Patrons can watch our Aftershow here 🤍 👕 Merch 🤍 📸 Instagram & 📣 Twitter: 🤍evanandkatelyn 💬 Discord 🤍 👽 Reddit 🤍 TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate) Sawstop table saw 🤍 Gray cabinets - small 🤍 Plastic shelving 🤍 Metal pegboards 🤍 Rainbow light 🤍 🛒 Our favorite tools/materials on our Amazon page: 🤍 🛠️ All our favorite tools: 🤍 🎥 FILMING GEAR (affiliate) 🤍 🎼 MUSIC Bassa Island Game Loop, Bumbly March, Burnt Spirit, Captain Scurvy, Corn Cob, Del RIo Bravo, Deuces, Fig Leaf Rag, Firebrand, Friendly Day, Hackbeat, Hand Trolley, Hep Cats, Investigations, Jaunty Gumption, Marty Gots a Plan, Scheming Weasel, Sing Along With Jim, Sneaky Adventure, Sneaky Snitch, by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) Music from 🤍: Licence: CC BY (🤍 Additional music via the YouTube Audio Library



Today I give you guys a full tour of my new shop! This shop is an old mechanics shop that's fully equipped with two lifts, a tire changer & balancer, a air compressor with air lines ran throughout, a bunch of 120v outlets, a bunch of 220v outlets, and more! Patreon ► 🤍 Shop Real Carbon Fiber Accessories ► 🤍 Use GG10 for 10% OFF! OTHER VIDS!! Drift Truck ► 🤍 Adventure Bus ► 🤍 Rally Miata ► 🤍 BE MY FRIEND!!!! Follow me on Twitter ► 🤍 Follow me on Instagram ► 🤍 AWESOME Welders & Supplies ► 🤍

Building A Home Shop/Garage on a budget PT2


In this video we are continuing to make progress on my home shop build. We start off by constructing wall frames, building the roof covering the walls with various materials. This would be a great video for anyone searching how to build a shop or how to build a home shop on a budget. Thanks for watching.



BRAIN TIME ► 🤍 1) 3D Wheel Alignment Stand(Preview) 🤍 2) Jemms Nutrunner (Preview) 🤍 3) Car Bench UL-300 (Preview) 🤍 4) BlueCave Storage System (Preview) 🤍 🤍 5) AHCON DSL3500 Double Scissor Lift 🤍 6) Equalizer™ TSK710 Terminator 🤍 7) WDT-250 Water Drain Cleaning Tool 🤍 8) Laser Tools CV Bootgun 🤍 9) Febi joint play tester 🤍 10) REMA TIP TOP 🤍 11) Wheel Slogger 🤍 12) Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP 🤍 🤍 🤍 13) Strut Coil Spring Compressor Tool 🤍 00:00 - AHCON DSL3500 Double Scissor Lift 00:56 - BlueCave Storage System 01:47 - REMA TIP TOP 02:37 - WDT-250 Water Drain Cleaning Tool 03:27 - 3D Wheel Alignment Stand 04:22 - Jemms Nutrunner 04:54 - Wheel Slogger 05:39 - Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP 06:29 - Strut Coil Spring Compressor Tool 07:10 - Car Bench UL-300 08:02 - Equalizer™ TSK710 Terminator 08:57 - Laser Tools CV Bootgun 09:52 - Febi joint play tester For copyright matters please contact us at:🤍

DIY Overhead Storage for Garage or Shop | Motorized Shelf


Rising Shelf Plans: 🤍 My Entire Collection of Project Plans: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 | Website: 🤍 Watch the newest videos: 🤍 Things I Used in This Project: DAP Tank Bond Threadlocker: 🤍 DECKED System (click here to build a system for your truck): ISOtunes Hearing Protection: 🤍 (use code APRIL for 10% off) Big thank you to Sweet Heat for sponsoring this video! Sweet Heat's patent pending reflectors fit any round top patio heater and will convert your 360º heater to a directional heater. After installing a Sweet Heat, you can start saving up to $3.75/hour on propane right away, because you are no longer wasting energy where it's not needed and only point it where you want it. Click the link to get yours: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Manufacturing and retail site: 🤍 Want to support me? Support the companies that support me: Triton Tools: 🤍 ISOtunes: 🤍 Armor Tool: 🤍 Welcome to the official April Wilkerson YouTube channel. I’m April and I’m the creator of Wilker Do’s. I'm not professional or have any training, so I just pick the project I want to tackle and figure it out step by step. On this channel you will find a variety of content like DIY home improvement, How-To’s, construction and more.

Building my Dream Motorcycle Garage - Motorcycle Shop


Hey guys, finally today I can show you how I build my dream motorcycle garage - motorcycle shop! In my case this will be mostly dirt bike garage - dirt bike shop, but we never know what the future brings ;) Check out the video and let me know your thoughts! Cheers! Dirt N' Iron merch: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Brought to you by: Factory Links 🤍 🤍 🤍 Dirt Bike TV 🤍 🤍 PureMoto 🤍 🤍 To Map out your next big trail ride check out on X off-Road discount link 🤍 how to build dream motorcycle dirt bike garage shop

60x40 Barndominium Walkthrough/Tour (Shop House, Garage With Living Quarters)


Floor plans at Follow me on instagram and tik tok 🤍Create_208 Email me Wecreate208🤍

Ultimate Dream Garage Makeover DIY | Part 2 | Home Gym and Workshop


Interior Garage Lights: 🤍 Address Numbers: 🤍 Zevo Fly Trap: 🤍 Greco Sprayer: 🤍 Husky Toolboxes: 🤍 Exterior Lights: 🤍 Rogue Squat Rack: 🤍 My Tools: 🤍 _ Before I start building cabinets for the custom basement bar, I need a workshop! The time came to finally clean out the garage and give it a makeover. In Part 2 of this series, I complete the renovation! I put in a new epoxy floor, install a Rogue squat rack, install tool box cabinets and garage storage, organize the garage, and install new lights. I also make some exterior upgrades as well including new exterior lights, new address numbers, new garage door, and a brand new driveway! I packed a lot in this episode and hope you enjoy the content! Let me know what you think! Thank you for watching and hopefully you found the video helpful! _ TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

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