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Best Fireworks Festival "Nagaoka" Nigata JAPAN


The Nagaoka fireworks Festival Show will launch 20.000fireworks in two nights(2nd and 3rd ,August), and will be held against the backdrop of the Shinano River,the longest in Japan. The most spectacular and magnificent fireworks color the summer night sky of Nagaoka,and attract us. The breathtaking Nagaoka Fireworks will make unforgettable memories in your hearts. [Fireworks program August 2, 2019] 0:00 Ten chi jin Fireworks 3:05 Phoenix Fireworks Wishing for Recovery 6:33 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama 7:55 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama 9:00 “Furusato Wa Hitotsu” Fireworks 12:50 Kome Hyappyô Fireworks,1-foot-diameter shell (100 shots in sequence) [Fireworks program August 3, 2019] 16:30 “Kono Sora no Hana” Fireworks 20:10 Phoenix Fireworks Wishing for Recovery 23:35 “Furusato Wa Hitotsu” Fireworks 27:05 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama 29:30 Kome Hyappyô Fireworks,1-foot-diameter shell (100 shots in sequence) [history] The year after the Nagaoka air raid on August 1, 1954, the Nagaoka citizens rose to reconstruction, holding the "Nagaoka Revival Festival" on August 1, the fireworks display revived in 1954 and celebrated 70 years this year It was. Looking back on the history of "Nagaoka Fireworks", the thoughts of "memorials", "reconstruction", "prayers for peace" that the predecessors have connected have been born. The strong feelings put in Nagaoka fireworks have not changed even after 70 years, and are well handed down among us living now. [camera] SONY α7S II [7SM2] Nikon 14-24 f2.8 Commlite ENF-E1 PRO #MHide

Synchronized Fireworks Show - 4 [FWSIM]


This show was produced using FWsim which is a fireworks simulator. Visit FWsim here: 🤍 Like if you enjoyed! All of the songs used in this show where edited and do not belong to me. Search the song title for the full song. Songs used: Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity MGMT - Kids Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze Zedd - Dovregubben Katy Perry - Firework Thanks for watching!

[4K] 桑名水郷花火大会 2017 2尺玉17発! NTN100周年記念 超特大仕掛花火 - Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival -


本動画の再編集版はこちらから。 The better version of this display is at the following link. 🤍 2019年の同花火大会の動画はこちらから。 The following link is the same fireworks display held this year. 🤍 2018の同花火大会の動画はこちらから。 The following link is the same fireworks display held in 2018. 🤍 2017年7月29日、三重県桑名市揖斐川の河川敷で開催された桑名水郷花火大会からNTN提供の超特大仕掛花火の模様を撮影した映像です。 今年はNTN創業100周年という事で、いつもに増して大変見応えのある20分間でした。この20分間に打ち上げられた2尺玉の数は計17個。どれも素晴らしく綺麗で迫力ある花火でした。 前日までは雨予報でしたが、当日になり曇り予報に変わり、花火打ち上げ時刻には程よく南風(打ち上げ場所の下流から上流へ)が吹き、花火大会には絶好のコンディションでした。 実は今回、この桑名水郷花火大会は初めての観覧でした。非常に評判の良い大会なので以前から一度見てみたいと思っていたのですが、なかなか来る機会がなく... 実際に生で見た本大会の花火は、噂通りで桁外れにスケールが大きく見応えのあるものでした。 来年も絶対見に来るぞと思える素晴らしい花火大会でした。 撮影器材 (equipment) : Samsung NX1, Samyang 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Samsung NX500, Samyang 12mm F2.0 撮影地 : 三重県 桑名市 揖斐川河川敷 location : Ibi River, Kuwana, Mie, Japan AQUA Geo Graphic (English) 🤍 AQUA Geo Graphic (Japanese) 🤍

15 Rare Fireworks That Look Incredible


Lord of the rings meets the real world. These rare fireworks use different techniques, with awe inspiring results. From Dragons, to shape shifters, here are 15 rare fireworks that look incredible. #fireworks #top15 Several segments are licensed under creative commons 🤍 For more video information, please visit our website. The Top Fives show brings you informational and entertaining top five videos! Join us and subscribe for more. Follow Josh on Instagram! Founder and producer of the Top Fives show. Stay up to date with the channel and everything YouTube and business related! 🤍 Follow us on Facebook! 🤍 Contact us via the email form here: 🤍 Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.

Magic Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks in 4K | Disney Celebrate America 4th of July Concert in the Sky


Enjoy the Disney Celebrate America! A 4th of July Concert in the Sky Fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in 4K! This was filmed on July 3rd 2022 at 9:20pm Thanks for watching! Like the video by giving it a Thumbs Up and Subscribe for more 4K WDW Videos! #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #magickingdom Subscribe to my channel here: 🤍 Ways to support 4K WDW: 🤍 If you would like to have your name at the end of my videos, visit this link here: 🤍 T-SHIRTS: 🤍 Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Welcome to 4K WDW! We share our daily walkthroughs, experiences, and more at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Resorts with no commentary, so you can enjoy the natural sights and sounds of WDW! All videos are posted in 4K, and sometimes even 5K resolution! We strive to bring you the highest quality videos of Walt Disney World consistently, so you can truly feel like you are at WDW whenever you can't be there yourself! Please Subscribe to our channel and press the notification bell to get notified every time we post a new video every day! Thanks for watching everyone!



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[4K] Happily Ever After Fireworks - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Resort


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10 Most Impressive Fireworks Displays in the World


Fireworks have been used for centuries across the globe as a form of celebration, dating back to 7th century China when they were believed to be invented. Every year fireworks displays around the world seem to get bigger and better. From Hong Kong’s $8 million display to Paris’ Bastille Day celebration fireworks that center around the Eiffel Tower, these are the 15 best fireworks displays around the world, including some of our favorite spots to watch fireworks this July 4th. Share your favorite fireworks display in the comments below! Please subscribe for more videos!



#CodyBPyrotechnics #Fireworks 0:00 - 0:39 Intro 0:40 - 2:46 What on earth are we doing? 2:47 - 5:40 Our Firework Show Set-Up & Walk Through 5:41 - 5:56 How to navigate this video 5:57 - 9:07 Opener 9:08 - 10:08 4,000+ SALUTE SHELLS OMG 10:09 - 10:43 WOLF HOWLING TO BROCADE INSANITY 10:44 - 11:22 200 CANISTER SHELLS 8,000 ROMAN CANDLE BARRAGE 200+ SALUTES 11:23 - 12:36 WILLOW CANISTER SHELL INSANITY 12:37 - 13:21 Crowd Reaction and Re-cap on what just happened 13:22 - 13:42 Outro (thank you all so much for 400,000 subs!!) Check out my pyro themed clothing line here: 🤍 Buy REAL fireworks online for discount pricing and have them SHIPPED to your doorstep almost anywhere in the USA using ONLY my link: 🤍 ^ get an additional $10 off your order by using the code: CBPYRO10 when you check out! If you’re thinking of purchasing equipment to help you shoot more than one firework off at a time, you can get mortar racks, tubes, and firework stability racks all in one place here: 🤍 ^ get an additional 10% off your order from Red Beards Fireworks Showcase by using the code: CodyB10 If you need help saving money throughout the year to purchase fireworks, Acorns can be a big help. I have a link you can use to sign up and we both get $5 when you use it! 🤍

I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000)


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London's 2021 fireworks 🎆 Happy New Year Live! 🔴 BBC


Subscribe and 🔔 to the BBC 👉 🤍 Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 🤍 As Big Ben strikes midnight, the nation comes together to welcome in the new year and light up the new year countdown to 2021. New Year's Eve Fireworks 2021 | BBC #BBC #FireworksLondon #BBCiPlayer #NewYearsEve #HappyNewYear2021 #2021 All our TV channels and S4C are available to watch live through BBC iPlayer, although some programmes may not be available to stream online due to rights. If you would like to read more on what types of programmes are available to watch live, check the 'Are all programmes that are broadcast available on BBC iPlayer?' FAQ 👉 🤍

Top 5 Biggest Firework Shells In The World Ever || Moments You've Never Seen Before!


#guinness #biggest #firework #top5 #shells #worldrecords Sources of the top 5 biggest firework shells: 5. 🤍 4. 🤍 3. 🤍 2. 🤍 1. 🤍



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Best Backyard Firework Show Ever.


Backyard fireworks MERCH-🤍 Follow my Instagram! 🤍 In this backyard fireworks video, I was at the best backyard fireworks show I have ever been a part of. I had to opportunity to sit up close to a pro backyard fireworks show.

4K Amazing Fireworks Show with Sound! 1 Hour Holiday Mood! Relaxation Time!


Abstract Liquid! - 🤍 Lava Lamps Video! - 🤍 1 hour of Best UHD 60FPS Fireworks Show with Sound for Christmas and New Year's mood, great for relax, help sleep, study, meditation and background music screensaver. The Best Relax Screensavers! Great as a TV Screensaver for the office, lounge, waiting room, Spa, Restaurant, etc. Play it in your Roky, Apple tv, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc. #4k #screensaver #fireworks

Watch: Fairport Harbor Fireworks Display


Can't make it out to a fireworks show tonight? Take in the sights and sounds of the Fairport Harbor Fireworks Display!

4th of July Fireworks Show 2016


Link to ground zero view: 🤍 This is the July 4th, 2016 show I did at the 441 Urgent Care out at The Villages.

$10 VS $2,000 FIREWORKS! *Budget Challenge*


We did FIREWORKS Budget Challenge! ANOTHER BUDGET CHALLENGE! ► 🤍 EPIC SUMMER MERCH! ► 🤍 CHECK OUT THE PODCAST! 🤍 For this budget challenge and 4th of July, we each dropped the plinko ball down the board to determine our budgets to make the best fireworks show possible! We had a $10, $500 and $2,000 fireworks show! The show could have snacks, decorations, outfits and of course FIREWORKS! BOOK US ON CAMEO! 🤍 Follow us on INSTAGRAM! ⚡️Justin - 🤍 ⚡️Andrew - 🤍 ⚡️Hyper - 🤍 ⚡️Hyper Fenton Spotify:  🤍 VLOG CHANNEL - 🤍JStuStudios ­­­­­­­­-­-­-­-­-­- Our motto on this channel is LAUGH DAILY! Why is this our motto? Because we believe in the importance of laughing daily, we strive to bring joy to people's lives by watching our content. "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22 We love this verse and it is the driving force behind our videos and why we do what we do! ­­­­­­­­-­-­-­-­-­- • Questions about MERCH? Email our merch support! : support🤍 • Contact (Business Only) : jstu🤍 ­­­­­­­­-­-­-­-­-­- Thanks so much for watching and for all your continued support. We are so grateful for you watching, commenting and being a huge part of this channel and our crazy adventures! You guys rock!

New York 2022 Fourth of July fireworks show


Hundreds of fireworks lit the sky in New York during the Fourth of July.



🔥 FIREWORK SHOW BY CAFFERO 🔥 Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel!🔥 Music: Ran-D - Living For The Moment (2020 Remix) My latest music: 🤍 Listen to my album 'We Rule The Night' : 🤍 Connect with Ran-D: 🔥 🤍 🔥 🤍 🔥 🤍 🔥 🤍 Spotify: 🔥 🤍 🔥 🤍 Merchandise: 🔥 🤍 Connect with Roughstate: 🔥 🤍 🔥 🤍 This production is powered by: 🔥 Caffero Fireworks 🔥 Fort Pannerden 🔥 Roijendijk Licht & Geluid 🔥 Roughstate 🔥 Zeplab 🔥 Hardstyle Pianist 🔥 Ruby Prophet 🔥 TVL Media 🔥 Dutch Drone Gods 🔥 Gedaan Creative 🔥 Pim van der Hoeven 🔥 Visuators 🔥 Cross Video 🔥 Attention to miniscule details, translating intense emotions into sound and striving for the highest standard have been lifelong values that Hardstyle pioneer Ran-D possesses. As one of the most thorough, yet down-to-Earth figures in the Hard Dance industry, Randy Wieland’s knowledge extends into all aspects of production as his enthusiasm and drive shines throughout all of his creations.

New Year's 2022: Sydney, Australia puts on spectacular fireworks show


Once again Sydney, Australia went all out with their famous fireworks show over the harbour and Opera House, ringing New Year's 2022 with music, lights and a full display for over 8 minutes after midnight. For the second year in a row, crowds around Sydney harbour were limited in an effort to keep them safe amid COVID-19. For more info, please go to 🤍 Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: 🤍 Like Global News on Facebook HERE: 🤍 Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: 🤍 Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: 🤍 #GlobalNews #NEWYEARS2022 #NYE #NewYearsEve

Rich City Cente Fireworks Show


RichCityCente Firework Show 4th of July

Grand Rapids July 4th firework show 2022


Grand Rapids July 4th firework show (July 2, 2022)

5 Firework Shows That Went Horribly Wrong


5 Firework Shows That Went Horribly Wrong SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ► Music Licensed From SoundStripe/Envato Elements For any and all copyright matters, please email me directly at UnderworldCopyright🤍 Unless otherwise created by Underworld, licenses have been obtained for images/footage in the video from the following sources; 🤍 Underworld is creating the best new educational videos about the lesser known stories from around the world. We post Top 5’s, Top 10’s, Caught on Camera and much more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to never miss an upload!



Backyard fireworks MERCH-🤍 Follow my Instagram! 🤍 In this backyard fireworks video, I had a crazy backyard fireworks show! In this video I lit of bling bling by brothers, uncle same by raccoon fireworks, hit the road jack by brothers, and fear in my enemies eyes! If you enjoyed this firework shopping video please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks! Donate here! 🤍 : OR search 🤍backyardfireworks on the Venmo app and click Business!

Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)


Katy Perry's new album "Smile" out now - 🤍 Katy Perry Complete Collection on Spotify: 🤍 Katy Perry Essentials on Apple Music: 🤍 Watch your favorite Katy videos on YouTube: 🤍 Follow Katy Perry: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Weibo: 🤍 VK: 🤍

FULL Disneyland Forever 2019 Fireworks at Disneyland Park!


Step into the magic and discover how magical Disneyland can be... forever! Remember to leave a like and subscribe for more content from this channel! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram (I use this the most) 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Have a good one.



Recently, I realized there is a large uptick in viewings of our fireworks videos, at every year-end.  Watching firework is a popular summertime activity in Japanthe Japanese tend to watch fireworks videos mainly during the summer. I assume that the many viewers watching our fireworks videos at year-end are overseas. This makes sense to me, particularly because it seems that watching fireworks to welcome the new year is a popular activity outside of Japan. I decided to make this video and upload it in this period of time, especially for our overseas viewers so that they can see how amazing Japanese fireworks are. This video includes my favorite fireworks displays from six different fireworks festivals. I picked these fireworks festivals not only for my love of them but also because of the previous popularity with our overseas viewers. There are many other great fireworks displays in Japan. Please check out our other fireworks videos and I will continue to upload further Japanse firework displays on this channel. Here is some information on the six fireworks festivals in this video: 1. Nagaoka Fireworks Festival from 0:11 When: 2nd and 3rd of August (the dates may change in 2020) Where: Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is one of the most popular and famous fireworks festivals in Japan. There are many large scale displays, including 90cm (36 inches) diameter shells. The "Phoenix" display is undoubtedly the highlight of this festival. Viewers tend to love the Phoenix because it reflects a prayer for successful reconstruction of the damage caused by the Niigata Chuuetsu earthquake in 2004, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and other Japanese disasters. It is also a prayer for world peace and a wish to convert all world bombs into fireworks shells. 2. Ebisu-Ko Fireworks Festival from 6:00 When: 23rd of November Where: Nagano, Nagano, Japan Ebisu-Ko Fireworks Festival is one of the few large-scale fireworks festivals held in autumn. I love this fireworks festival because two great fireworks (pyrotechnics) companies, Beniya Aoki Enka and Shinshu Enka, display their talent. They showcase their display at other festivals but here, the quality of their display is heightened and is rarely seen elsewhere. The heightened quality of their displays maybe because both companies are local to Nagano city, where Ebisu-Ko is held. 3. Tonegawa Fireworks Festival from 14:48 When: mid-July (the date may change in 2020) Where: Sakai, Ibaraki, Japan Tonegawa Fireworks Festival has been growing each year. I think their fireworks display has the best scale and is the most attractive fireworks festival held near Tokyo for now. Four great fireworks (pyrotechnics) companies, Yamazaki Enka, Nomura Hanabi Industry, Beniya Aoki Enka and Marugo, showed beautiful displays this year. Just last year, only three pyrotechnic companies had participated in this festival, which is indicative of the festival's growth. 4. Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival from 25:45 When: late July (the date may change in 2020) Where: Kuwana, Mie, Japan Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival is held in a small town named Kuwana, near Nagoya, the biggest city in central Japan. This fireworks festival is famous for 60cm (24 inches) diameter shells, which rise 500m high and opens to 600m in diameter. We can see about 20 of the 24-inch shells during the festival every year. My favorite fireworks (pyrotechnics) company, Ina Kako Horiuchi Enka's, 24-inch shells are simply amazing and their accompanying soundtrack is always outstanding. 5. Shinmei Fireworks from 39:26 When: 7th of August (10th of October in 2020) Where: Ichikawa-Misato, Yamanashi, Japan Shinmei Fireworks has been one of my favorite fireworks festivals for a while. My favorite fireworks (pyrotechnics) company, Marugo, shows their best work at this festival. I have seen Marugo's fireworks displays in many festivals such as Nagaoka, Tonegawa, Akagawa, among others, but the display here is undoubtedly special. Similarly to Ebisu-Ko, Marugo is located in Yamanashi where Shinmei is held. Therefore this display is also heightened quality which is rarely seen outside of Shinmei. This show is one of my all-time favorites. 6. Akagawa Fireworks Festival from 44:42 When: mid-August (15th of August in 2020) Where: Tsuruoka Yamagata Akagawa Fireworks Festival is my favorite fireworks festival in Japan. We can see many large-scale displays from great fireworks (pyrotechnics) companies such as Isogai Enka, Marugo, Beniya Aoki Enka, Ina Kako Horiuchi Enka, and others. In 2020, they will hold a special display commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Akagawa Fireworks FestivalI just can't wait for this. AQUA Geo Graphic (English) 🤍 AQUA Geo Graphic (Japanese) 🤍

KC Union Station Fireworks


Amazing Pyro Spec Pro Grade fireworks show by Fireworks Over America and Pyro Spectaculars at the 2022 American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) conference at Union Station in Kansas City.

We got to do a FIREWORKS SHOW for a CONCERT!


#CodyBPyrotechnics #Fireworks 0:00 - 0:27 Intro 0:28 - 0:58 What are we even doing? 0:59 - 2:22 Getting ready and explaining a few things 2:23 - 6:01 Walkthrough of our firework display set-up 6:02 - 6:59 (OPENER) Gender Reveal 36s / Washington 12s / Diamonds x2 12s 7:00 - 7:52 (BODY) American Heartland x2 10s / Pigskin 9s / Exploding Rainbow 36s 7:53 - 8:18 (BODY) Franklin 12s / Special x5 9s 8:19 - 8:47 (BODY) Lone Wolf x2 35s / Wolf Howling to Brocade 25s / with Special & Franklin ending 8:48 - 9:18 (BODY) Take Two 120s 9:19 - 10:01 Dakota Emperor 48s / Crackling Mine x2 7s / Old School 10s / Lewis & Clark 30s / Salutes 100s / Big Time 16s 10:02 - 10:21 (FINALE) 100 Canister Shells KAMEHAMEHA WAVE 4” & 5” Version 10:22 - 10:29 (STRAGGLERS) This was Dakota Emperor finishing up 10:30 - 10:43 Crowd Reaction 10:44 - 10:56 Re-cap on what just happened 10:57 - 11:17 Outro (thank you all so much for watching) Check out my pyro themed clothing line here: 🤍 Buy REAL fireworks online for discount pricing and have them SHIPPED to your doorstep almost anywhere in the USA using ONLY my link: 🤍 ^ get an additional $10 off your order by using the code: CBPYRO10 when you check out! If you’re thinking of purchasing equipment to help you shoot more than one firework off at a time, you can get mortar racks, tubes, and firework stability racks all in one place here: 🤍 ^ get an additional 10% off your order from Red Beards Fireworks Showcase by using the code: CodyB10 If you need help saving money throughout the year to purchase fireworks, Acorns can be a big help. I have a link you can use to sign up and we both get $5 when you use it! 🤍



Don't try this at home is an understatement..

Katy Perry Performs "Firework" As Inauguration Day Comes to an End | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021


Thank you 🤍KatyPerry for lighting up the night with your sparkling performance of "Firework." #Inauguration2021 Watch as Katy Perry performs "Fireworks" as the First Family enjoys the inaugural firework show. Learn more about the Inauguration: 🤍 Shop Official Inauguration Merch: 🤍 Follow the Biden - Harris Presidential Inaugural Committee! Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #InaugurationDay2021 #BidenInaugural

Fireworks Show 390 from Klasek @Firework Crazy


NEW for 2022 :: available from 🤍 #fireworkcrazy #fireworks

Watch Magic Kingdom’s new fireworks show, Disney Enchantment


Walt Disney World Resort celebrates its 50th anniversary with brand new nighttime spectaculars.

Awsome Firework show - Firework Mania


1 Day of hard work



#CodyBPyrotechnics #Fireworks 0:00 - 0:34 Intro 0:35 - 2:03 What am I doing today? 2:04 - 16:22 Full Walkthrough of the Set Up 16:23 - 16:30 WATCH WITH HEADPHONES ON MOBILE DEVICE 16:31 - 16:54 Noisy Flashy x4 Salute Rockets x2 and start of Victory Ring 16:55 - 17:30 Victory Ring 17:31 - 18:01 Swords of Fire 18:02 - 18:24 Star Spangled Banner x3 18:25 - 19:04 Captain America (Bad Boy MISFIRE) 19:05 - 19:16 Battle Hymn of the Republic x3 and Ending of Captain America 19:17 - 19:47 Great American and start of Jellyfish Monster 19:48 - 20:16 Jellyfish Monster 20:17 - 20:55 Bombs Away and start of Packing Heat 20:56 - 21:20 Packing Heat 21:21 - 21:50 Patriotic Dominance 21:51 - 22:08 Stars and Stripes Forever x3 22:09 - 22:25 25 Shot Salutes x2 and start of Great American 22:26 - 22:50 Great American and start of Jellyfish Monster 22:51 - 23:17 Jellyfish Monster 23:18 - 23:57 Bombs Away and start of Packing Heat 23:58 - 24:23 Packing Heat 24:24 - 24:52 Patriotic Dominance 24:53 - 25:23 The Roswell Incident and Noisy Flashy x2 and start of Willow Segment 25:24 - 25:51 Nishiki Crown Kamuro x2 and Nishiki Kamuro Super Finale x2 25:52 - 26:08 Bring it Home x3 26:09 - 26:42 Experimental 20 Shot Rack with Ring Shells and Whistle Canisters 3 sec delay 26:43 - 27:17 20 Shot Canister Shell Racks x3 and start of Finale 27:18 - 27:44 321 SALUTES FINALE 27:45 - 27:54 Crowd Reaction 27:55 - 28:36 Recap (Audio Glitch?) 28:37 - 28:58 Outro Check out my pyro themed clothing line here: 🤍 Buy REAL fireworks online for discount pricing and have them SHIPPED to your doorstep almost anywhere in the USA using ONLY my link: 🤍 ^ get an additional $10 off your order by using the code: CBPYRO10 when you check out! If you’re thinking of purchasing equipment to help you shoot more than one firework off at a time, you can get mortar racks, tubes, and firework stability racks all in one place here: 🤍 ^ get an additional 10% off your order from Red Beards Fireworks Showcase by using the code: CodyB10 If you need help saving money throughout the year to purchase fireworks, Acorns can be a big help. I have a link you can use to sign up and we both get $5 when you use it! 🤍

Crazy Rainstorm Gatecrashes Blackpool Fireworks! 🌧💦☔️


This is the full display of of the first round of the hugely popular World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool by Fireworks Factory of Finland, not Barbados that I may have mentioned. The display was interrupted by a very heavy rain storm halfway through, but I kept the camera rolling to the end! If you like what I do, you can make a donation to my PayPal at 🤍

Fireworks Show #1 Fireworks - Katy Perry


Song by Katy Perry - Fireworks I am using the program FWSimulator Hope you enjoy!

Waikiki Fireworks Show ✨🌈 Hilton Hawaiian Village Weekly Friday Night Fireworks Show 🌴 Hawaii 5K


Waikiki Fireworks Show ✨🌈 Hilton Hawaiian Village Weekly Friday Night Fireworks Show 🌴 Hawaii 5K Hilton Hawaiian Village Weekly Friday Night Fireworks Show. From June to September, the show will start at 8 pm and run for four minutes. The show will then switch to 7:45 pm in the fall. ✨ Mahalo for watching!! ^^ 🤙 800+ Various Videos are on the 'Hawaii John' channel. 🤍 FREE PARKING IN WAIKIKI: 🤍 Waikiki Beach Walk: 🤍 Lanikai Beach Walk: 🤍 Kailua Beach Walk: 🤍 👉 Click ⚙(Settings) to change the video quality. 🌈 Support Hawaii John channel: 🌴 Subscribe to Channel 👉 🤍 🌴 Watch my videos and Hit the LIKE button. 🌴 Tap the Notification Bell 🔔 to receive all Notifications from Hawaii John. 🌴 Share my videos with your people. 🚙 GAS DONATIONS: 🤍 📷 Filming Equipment: GoPro - 🌴 I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS 🌴 👍 Please like share and subscribe and click the bell icon to get new video updates 👍 🌴 Hawaii John Channel: 🤍 🌈 Hawaii John Playlists: 👉 Free Parking in Waikiki 🤍 👉 Oahu Driving: 🤍 👉 Oahu Road: 🤍 👉 Hawaii John Shorts 🤍 👉 Oahu Neighborhood: 🤍 👉 Beautiful Hawaii 🤍 👉 Oahu Beach: 🤍 👉 Oahu Trail: 🤍 👉 Oahu Historical Sites: 🤍 👉 Oahu Event: 🤍 👉 Oahu Lookout: 🤍 🎧 Music Infraction 🤍 #Hawaii #Honolulu #Waikiki 🚫 Hawaii John Channel is set to automatically filter out potentially inappropriate comments or comments containing abusive language. 🚫

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