Anthem Is Bricking (Some) PlayStation 4 Consoles...

Anthem is causing some PS4 owners a lot of trouble. The game is causing systems to lock up and even brick a console in one reported case. Sony is issuing refunds and the whole situation is a mess. Let's discuss.

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1 217 комментариев
For 6 years of development, sure looks like 5 months.
So EA basically published a piece of malware.
Bethesda: It just works.

Bioware: *Pours beer on your PS4.*
Fallout 76 : Im the most bugged game in this Generation
Anthem : Hold my bricked Console
Remake Remodel
EA's killing studio's and consoles. Savage.
The Soulja Console never had this issue
Miss Meow Meow!
My ps4 jumped out my window when i tryed to put anthem in it XD
The problem is that they’re playing an EA game.
Radical Greek 3
The game was so bad ps4 refused to play.
Anthem is so depressing that consoles are now commiting suicide
You guys heard of those USB PC killers? Yeah now they are back but in the form of EA Games
Justin Y.
Been playing RE4, a game from 2005 is more fun anyway.
Who needs Anthem when you can play RE2 Remake?
Aaron Greenfield
It just works, said no one!
Bioware about to change its name to Malware
Goku Black
Thanks for the refund of that 60 dollar game! Now what about the 400 dollar console the game bricked?
reason number 742 on why you should never buy an EA game
Freddy Cunningham
Bethesda- no game can have worse launch glitches

EA-Hold my beer
It bricked my Switch, I don't know how that happened.
It's sad when you realize the disastrous launch was quite expected...
Erick Alvarado
Bioware: Do you guys not have back ups?
It's like watching a sprinter trip over every hurdle until the last "jump" breaks their neck on the fall....absolutely embarrassing
*Laughs in Metroid prime 4 delay*
General Penny
Ok. I'm not surprised. Amused, yes. Surprised, no. I don't know why.
Let's see what's next.
Thomas Stodghill
I'm glad I didn't get Anthem yet. This bug is inexcusable.
Champion Absolute
I just started playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Dragon Age Inquisition. Why tf would I want to play a game like Anthem? 🤔
I feel ripped off and I didn't even buy Anthem!
I have an unbelievably small penis, but
Im convinced that EA only exists to ruin gaming
Eville Caston
Can confirm, my nonexistent PS4 exploded in an imaginary nuclear blast because of this game.
Conner P. Kelley
Why are you making excuses for this mess when literally no other developer has this "bug"?
the patriot
EA : After game developers our next target is console developers
Richie, I'd would want nothing more than to brick our coffee liaisons. I've been waiting forever! But I don't know how to quit you!
Call you later.
Love you,
So glad i didnt get Anthem and put it in my LE KH3 console
between this and fallout 76 I really hope developers will finally stop sending games out that are halfway done.
Billy Ritchie
Well guess I’m not getting this game good luck BioWare your gonna need it
Aaron Greenfield
It's almost taken my xbox out on several occasions. I would get a loud pop, and the sound would go out, and I couldn't get it back until I reset it!
Nick Vancil
I'm liking the video just because of the cucumber that comes across the intro guy
Brick me daddy 😍😍😍
Leroy Clark
At least the game is not breaking cucumbers..... Right?.......skipembopdobadumbop! Boom! Are something like that. 😁😊😛
Daisuke Young
Anthem, with exclusive console bricking mode!

#OnlyOnPlaystation #4ThePlayers
hedgehog the sonic
Anthem bricked my Neo geo!
Death Life
Souja Console and OUYA is still the best it can play ANTHEM without being bricked
Random thought; you look like a band member of the sludge metal band Crowbar 😁🤘
"skipping a buttoned up"
-Youtube autocaption of your intro
Meanwhile, Xbox owners are laughing their heads off.
Sony says they won't refund but every time I've tried to they've given me one 🤷‍♂️
Luis Acosta
Just another reason not to buy Anthem
Anthem: took 6 years to make and makes players Cry because it bricks their PS4

Kingdom hearts 3: took 6 years to make and makes players cry because of it's story.
matthew davis
PS4 breaks down for about anything these days now messages that can Brick your system now a game can brick your system 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️I’m switching to Xbox
Derrick La Saga
That's what they get for not making Sheppard Mass Effect games anymore.
Brent Granger
Sony once had the problem with that Playstation Underground disc that blanked your memory cards.
Elusive Logic
I helped fund Anthem by purchasing Mass Effect Andromeda at launch. I just wanted to apologize.
I'm so glad that I prefer quality single player games horizon zero dawn and Red dead redemption 2.
J.G Jonny
*Who doesn’t like bricks?*
Everyones Grudge
Is this the end of Bioware?
Tim Nash
sounds like over heating the cpu and video chip. the solder inside the chip probably messed up. same thing what happened to xbox360
Knight Owl
Ubisoft: sure the games broken but we’ll fix it later but don’t worry it won’t hurt your console
EA: hold my beer
Uriel Garcia
No way!!! My ps4 was bricked and Anthem Unbricked it and updated the graphic ship to a 1080ti! Thanks EA!
Sweet Kandi
76 in the corner like 😁😁😥
keish allister
Don't you guys have bricks?
Gene Parmesan
The intro to this video changed my life. *UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*
Howard Blaylock
Everytime I try to launch Anthem. Madden opens
Mac Omegaly
A SOLUTION is avalible, to partly recover your system. Boot into safe mode by holding the power button on the system.
Solid state drives are most vunrable. The system data is getting corrupted. It can be rebuilt, but ANTHEM will currently continue to damage your hard drives. It's writhing large data over and over again. Bad design or Data level DRM, I don't know.
EA challenges everything....even morale decency and common sense. It is why I refuse to buy anymore of their games
since Mass effect 3.
Step right up on the roulette of death!
Hermaeus Mora
Hopefully Microsoft Buys Bioware with all the rights to it's IP's
Most importantly, Mass Effect.
Dodged that bullet.
Not blaming them?
Rich you're out of touch again. Even the demo was buggy.
Sounds like to me that Bioware is really pushing the limit of how much graphics the current gen consoles can handle to me; especially with the wide report of system run really loud and shut itself down. It looks and smells absolutely like an overheating issue. I'm guessing the base version of the consoles (not pro or X) must really have their hardware pushed to the limit and may be a little beyond with Anthem because Bioware is afraid of further downgrading graphics from the E3 "gameplay/in-game footage" trailer. They probably should have downgraded graphics more.

You see. This fiasco might have been completely avoided if publishers stop promoting unrealistic "in-engine" pseudo CGI as gameplay. And even if you have to do it to compete, please don't make the trailer graphics miles ahead of what the current gen hardware is capable of to avoid trapping yourself between a rock and a hard place known as the inevitable graphics downgrade moment later.

In other words, stop running exclusively optimized demo segments on some $5-10,000 custom PC equipped with the latest twin GTX Titans overclocked to the extreme with maximum amount of rams the best motherboard could allow and the best CPU in the market extremely overclocked all bounded to the world's bulkiest experimental cooling system.
It could be a virus just saying
MrHayven Games
Sony is NOT giving refunds,they denied my refund request.
um, yeah, we can't throw flak at Bioware for the bug

but we're not going to talk about the fact that Bioware banned a streamer for "ruining the economy" in a PVE game...?
David Prodigy
32k reviews, just got notification 9 minutes ago
Kirk 480
Ea should stick to making sports games...
Rich you're forgetting to mention that Sony isn't refunding everyone just like that. Some of the same people on the reddit post you're talking about are also saying that they're not getting refunds from Sony
Eunhyuk Park
Anthem + EA = Mediocre Game.
Apex Legends + EA leaving the devs alone = Godlike game.
Michael Pfister
also crashes pc requiring a reboot to resolve, when closing 8/10.
It bricked my PS4 pro BUT I have been able to turn it back on after unplugging and replugging it back in and waiting 15 mins
Been boycotting EA games since Battlefront 2 fiasco, and I've missed a number of controversies as a result.

I highly recommend doing this, bois and gorls and everyone in between.
Solo Nepeon
Well if a power outage happens in my hood all I need to do is pull the Switch out it's dock & play lol.
Star Ace232
Don't worry buy this $25 add on to fix the problem, then pay $15 to install, secretly micro transactions
Paul Ziegler
Sounds like Anthem is exceeding system vram forcing the game to use the hard drive corrupting the file system.
Michael Hill
It's about time we sent EA a few bricks of our own.

Also, it's not an overheating issue. When the ps4 overheats it has its own error message.
Hector Pena
As someone who lives in a Hurricane prone area on the planet and a somewhat weak power structure in my country... I dont know how my PS4 hasnt gone down yet
I have the cuh-1200 model, the matte one.
Kakashi Shinoda
If this happend with my kingdom hearts 3 limited edition ps4 pro i would kill someone at EA for it.
Christopher Sullivan
After the huge upset of messing up mass effect and Star Wars I decided that I will no longer but any other games by BioWare/EA. Much happier for it.
Anthem jet packs +PS4 pro jet engine noise + EA micro transactions = Major Shut down 👀🙈
Soki Moh
Anyone wanna Anthem on Switch? Just don't expect nintendo gonna refund your bricked Switch.
The Anthem of creation is REAL!
And it can destroy PS4s!
...That's the reason this is happening right?!
If it isin't, then they have a real problem!
Game software should not hurt systems!
Y0uT008 and P3d0ph1l35
Anthem is like a girl with 5 lbs of make up that you hook up with. Wake up, then realize, my god...what have I done? Unfortunately...simps will be simps.
Cody Clark
Nice MS plug. Even though people are experiencing the same issues on Xbox 1.
Magnus Krantz
Halo MCC hade the same problem. No bricked consoles but stuff worked in-house.
bryce donelan
I think Anthem is very well done have no issues with this game on my xbox since i bought it, Rarely if I play it alot it freezes anyways have a blast with Anthem everytime I play.
PissyS4 has always been a Brick when it comes to Exclusive Shooters, Racers and Multiplayer Games😏 Nothing new here 🤣😂🤣
Ryan The Ready
This game is a whole new kind of crap. How. HOW. AFTER 6 YEARS ALL THEY BUILT WAS A GLITCHY MESS THAT CAN BREAK CONSOLES. They didn’t put any hard work into this game.
Walter Lewis
If the Console is getting bricked because of Anthem Sounds likes a Class Action Lawsuit is in Order!!!!!
It is my understanding that AAA has dropped play testers in favor of BETAs and/or "we will fix it post launch" as a business model.
El Paco Machin
That's why I only play Sim City 2000 on Origin