PS4 Firmware Update 5.50: 6 Features You May Have Missed | PlayStation 4

PS4 firmware update 5.50 is out today on the PlayStation 4, and we've put together a list of six features you may have missed.


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Careful Taylor Swift might want you to pay her for using her image. Lol im jp
Paul Bowler
Glad we can finally delete old notifications now, that's bugged me for ages as well.
something to say!!!
wish u can trade some digital games for a credit....there are some games I bought I wish I never bought!!!
Jmack 4275
I don't really like taylor swift all that much, but man that wallpaper looks badass on ps4
I'm going to put a naked chick on my wallpaper now
TheEnd Zezo
that ps2 theme brings memories!
Taylor swift background
I already created my own theme a long time ago... I sent a custom picture, of whatever I wanted, to a friend through messaging app on my phone. Then open up your messages and open the pic, take a screenshot of it (bc it's shows the whole image by itself) and then set the screenshot as your custom background in themes. So that part of the update wasn't a big deal. I had a bunch of custom images (screenshots) for my background.
Simon Dearing
I wish they'd add the option to turn the light bar on the controller off.
The custom theme write be perfect if I could change the music. Doesn't have to be a personal song, just want to change that stock bgm
Installing whilst watching this lol
Mexlycan Lobo
I want backwards compatibility.
So a video showing what's on the update list apart from the L1 and R1 thing? Funny though because I accidently found that out by putting my control in my pocket this morning and seeing it jump back and forth. Then I tried and was like cool thing to note for future use. Didn't know it was part of the update
Andrew Edder
Bruh how’d you get that ps2 theme tho? 🤔
Where did you get the PS2 theme from ?
Taylor Swift? Seriously?
tony carlyon
Most of this should have been implemented a long time ago.
Still waiting to change my user name.
Andrea D'amore
I want the PS3 video chat feature to return on the PS4 please
Robert Alexander
Deleting notification s is a welcome
Cereal Killer
Another update is when you press the power button it turns off
Ps4 gang who is with me ✊✊✊
Kevyn Grams
What? Who would be watching this video on anything other than a PS4? Shame on you people.

As for 5.50. Been extremely happy with this update. Much more stable than the 5.00 Firmwares, and the UI has been cleaned up a lot. Would have liked some actual features, but the conviences are well worth it. Hopefully 6.00 will bring some new functionallity/features (Improved Web Browser, Dolby Vision, PS1 B/C, Calender, Video Chat, and more).
U want kewl backgrounds for ps4 go to
eyal schwartz
The update won't download for me
machine JJ
PlayStation level 43?, wow I thought I was killing it with level 11.
Ice Dragon
Are we finally getting closer to having custom PS4 dynamic themes like the PS3.
Eg. Downloading a custom theme that changes the sounds and layout of the XMB off the internet.
YES! Notifications can finally be deleted💣
Prodigy Nick
Aye thank you bro I didn't even realize these :)
Ransom Seraph
Good helpful video. Thank you.
Deleting messages and hiding library items is awesome.
Next they would allow us to select to different backgrounds for your screen and lower screen. More colors main theme (there's no green for instance or white or black)
Also let us change our region for crying out loud
I’ll tell you what feature I got form the update..a bricked Console!
my favorite feature of this update is finally being able to delete notifications. That stuff was getting on my nerves making my OCD go all crazy.
The Duelist
Thanks for the run down 👍
Who uses the library ?

And the rest of these things were iin the update notes
PinPon Papitas
Finally I can hide my BRAZZERS App
This update just broke all wired ps4 controllers.
Nugget Nugg
PS2 Background😍😍
It's Five
I'm changing my name by making a new PSN account. It cost me £40 but worth every Penny
Alistor Hill
Still no trophy tracking
Man said beeta😭🤦🏼‍♂️
First Name
7th Trick: Broke EA servers. But they are fixed now.
Fiery Tiger's Jungle
Things PSN needs to be good:
1. Name Changes
2. Increased Party Limit
3. Ability to extend Share-play time
4. Ability to actually DELETE games from library - got quite a few betas and old games on there (yes, I know you can hide them - but they're not 100% gone)
5. Send voice messages to communities (you can on messages and party, so why not communities?)
Jase InthepLace
I wanna delete messages for good not reappear when you send one message again lol
Crashing Diamond
how to get ur ps2 lookin back round
Yeeea but what about gif support for background images?
How can I get that glorious dynamic PS2 background??
I see everyone use that ps2 theme lol
OMG...YES!!! For handling clutter
Instahawk 84
How do you get that ps2 theme in the background
Gen. Griviouz
Of all the images you pick Taylor swift to show as an example 😵
I don't see how a custom wall paper is a new feature I've been using one since 3.50 firmware update
Presidential Phantom
I didn't get that super sampling feature added to the update.
They call Me RAIN
What about ID name change
Will super sampling help frame rate stability on my pro? I am playing on a 4k tv if that matters.
Jamal Nazeer
Hi sir.
Please tell to me how can I install debug setting and in my PS4 version is 5.05
Erin Jacob
Why can’t we get an amazing update like those of the xbox
I hated the notifications two.
The update was okay... I still feel that Sony can improve the ps4 home screen especially on Pro with extra Ram... They need to bring back the old Ps3 Ticker from the United States version where it shows you what's in the PSN store instead of waiting for it to load up on from the App on the home screen
What is this for a Dynamic Backgeound? Looks awesome and I want it too. :)
Matt Douglas
I like that it's now easier to toggle on notifications for when friends come online
Sonu Sharma
can you share game ?😊
B h
That ps2 background 👌
Man the notification sound needs to go back to the original
Does the update enable true 4K yet?
It's about time they added back being able to clear notifications idk why they took it away in the first place. I didn't even know they added that back lol
Sabre Flurry
I see Friday the 13th the game, such good fun
Wow level 43 in trophies. Nice
How you get that PS2 theme?!?
Usman Rashid
Don't care about the update.... The game is all about jailbreak....
Thanks for the info.
Wait how you make the folders lol
BenTheArctic Wolf
Wallpaper people downloads memory stick
Ty very much for your info. Did not really read update.
Name of ur walpaper?
craig H
One thing I have noticed is my pro has 2.20gig used for the other folder in system storage which I can't clear. I tried everything including rebuild database.
Sagi Skins
What theme/background are you using?
How did you get the ps2 theme?
How did you get the ps2 theme?
Reypure207 DR
"Batas" not Bitas
Tyler Ramirez
Finally got to delete the notifications thank goodness
For me the ONLY useful thing in this update is the ability to now delete notifications. As for the custom backgrounds/wallpapers, we've been able to do that for quite a while now.
Coolkid 2099r
Another 1 you missed was if you press R1 or L1 they switch ends from ps store to libary
Johnathan Franklin
You gotta sub bro
Those dislike are from a Xbox fanboys...smh
red king country
I got a error n had to initialise my game
Frank h
When you guys updated ur ps4 is it slow c like mines is taking 15 hours😫
Austin jh
How did u get that background lol
The Raging Demon
Thanks Harry potter
Lyrical Gaming
Still no name change option
Ninja Scroll
Theres a note in the video settings that says if you have a 4k tv setting the resolution to 1080p may give you better framerates. Are they talking about in all games or just pro patched games or what? Its very vague. I thought boost mode did that and also pro patched games usually let you choose better framerates
Thanks for this.
jabnnel maxime
This update broke my control... pls I want solution
scarface XD
Thanks mate!
Tyree Wells
Still no option to play music from phone while playing games
Why would we have missed them they were all listed when we got the update
Jordan Dobbie
Xbox has this first. Xbox just bettet
What about the playing PS3 games or changing your account username I want that more then this update
I've been able to add any picture as a theme for a while now through the PS app. Also, I've had all my VR games in a separate folder, the little icon isn't needed.
this video in 60fps because only the PS4 menu runs on 60fps 😂
John Plays
Phew I thought you meant by them removing features in the new update