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I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy

Cody Ko

Cody Ko

Описание видео:

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I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy
I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy
I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy
I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy
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The Broken Mask
2023-09-23 22:00:27

"That was probably gonna sound ok to drunk peoples''

This is pretty much the mindset you need to dj.

2023-09-23 04:45:11

He literally just exposed most of the celebrity DJ's 😂

Jared Thomas
2023-09-20 11:21:09

I enjoyed the video, but I wish you had demonstrated it using a more budget-friendly controller. This would have shown that you can still achieve great results without needing top-of-the-line equipment.

Ahmed J. Magdoul
2023-09-17 22:09:34

Did he just admit to committing a federal crime by using Youtube2mp3 😂😂

Denny Fernandez
2023-09-17 08:08:30

sure. its this kind of easy to get a song. maybe thats how rich kids do it. 😂😂😂

2023-09-15 05:08:57

Dillon Francis coming out wearing an Aaliyah t shirt made me so happy

J Harri
2023-09-13 15:43:02

Bro I think it’s hilarious that you photoshopped some AirPods into the thumbnail

Canna Ballistic
2023-09-13 03:23:31

Bro booked a gig 4 weeks out without having any gear.
Had a producer make a song within 1 week.
Is friends with Dillon Francis who would likely be charging a kidney for lesson time..

Likely spent $5000 just starting up 😅

This is a good condensed preview of what it's like to become a dj.

If you weren't Cody, you would be playing in your living room/bedroom for close to a year before getting a gig for exposure. 😅

Csp Delta
2023-09-10 08:16:09

you gotta become an underground rave dj that's really where people only go to dance and maybe also do drugs

2023-09-05 20:20:56

Mainstream djing is fake and pathetic, true djing and music production is in the underground, where artists actually make their own songs instead of buying ghost songs :P

2023-09-03 08:29:08

Its not easy guys 😅

Boca Nejra
2023-09-02 13:24:47

The crazy thing is that they will agree to book anyone who calls and has a minimum follow up, without really caring about his real musical knowledge or DJing exprience and asking for like your mixcloud or a mixtape so they can see if you have any skills actually, the kind of music you play and so on. This just shows how little the bar owners care about music, as long as people pack the bar they'll be happy. I'ts actually pretty frightnening. Loved the experiment though, you have balls. But hey, you are a youtuber anyway, so it should be easier for you, where most people would get crazy anxious.

Leo Medina
2023-09-02 01:11:41

hahaha this is
too good!! thanks for promoting our Dj world!! by the way, playing one gig one night doesn't make you a professional Dj, there is a lot more about being professional but good try!! Love the video by the way!!

Mosh Magbanua
2023-08-30 16:03:48

what's the tri-bike at the back?

Drift Machine
2023-08-29 10:59:17

Do you sync and beatmatch?

Ashley Paine
2023-08-27 11:43:41

I stopped watching after you said you were a dj previously. Dumb videopremise to prove its easy when you have prior knowledge of how to dj.. Im learning to dj i wouldnt say its as difficult as it was for me to learn to play the multiple instruments i play but its not 'easy' and if you were truly starting from scratch, your video would illustrate that

Mathias Dolberg Clasuen
2023-08-24 18:30:37

okay... so its easy if u can hook up a profesional dj and learn from him? everyone can do that right?

Juan Carlos Robledo
2023-08-22 21:10:38

you just prove that you can became a DJ being trash

Juan Carlos Robledo
2023-08-22 21:10:25

you just prove that you can became a DJ being trash

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