Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 15 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

The Yakuza series as seen a significant surge in popularity and fan following over the course of the last year or so, a period of time in which we've played not one, not two, but three great Yakuza titles.

Well, a fourth one is on its way as well. Yakuza Kiwami 2, the remake of the PS2 title Yakuza 2, and part of Sega's efforts to recreate and bring to current audiences all the older Yakuza games, is almost upon us, and we're, understandably, quite excited about it.

In this feature, we're going to take a look at the fifteen most vital pieces of information that you need to know about the game before it launches on the PS4 at the end of August.

Note: Some of the English subtitles footage as seen in this video have been taken from Youtube user: Reiji Arisu:


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Gabriel Gabe Logan
Don't really need to know anything lol just buy it Yakuza games are always a buy for me.
Adam Velazquez
Played Yakuza 0 loved it then played Kiwami loved it too. Can't wait for this one, the Yakuza series is a very underappreciated series.
Akira Oni
The way you say “yakuza” and “kiwami” triggers me
Makoto and Majima's resolution is something worth waiting for in Kiwami 2.
yakuza 3, 4, and 5 are being remastered to so the enire series will be playable on one console.
I already preordered the game when the demo dropped lol. I am 100% behind sega on localizing the entire series( plus the samurai one).
Just got to say if I was the dude who hit Kiryu on the head with a bottle and he turned around to look at me like in the video I wouldn't have to worry of getting my ass kicked, fear alone would have killed me off before anything else.
Eldrige Besong
That guy who gets thrown off the train landed on his neck German duplex style 😂
Thanks for that breakdown of MuhJeema. I LOVE gaming lists! Next time try to make a Top 1000 things to know about Yakuza before spending your hard earned cash! Yeah baby! The things you covered are VERY important too! Wow wee I love the gaming press. You nailed it! Bravo
You saying yuh — kooza bothers me so much
For anyone who hasn't played the ps2 original: you're in for a treat! Still the best game in the series story- and character-wise.
eating only apples
Yakuza is not hard to say. It is not "YaKOOza". There is no ooo sound and definitely no emphasis on the second syllable. They say it enough in the games. Ya-ku-za.
FINALLY! It comes on PC on 9th May!
Cynical Nihilist
Yah-koo-zah Kee-wah-mee. How hard is that.
Kamisu Bear
Its pronounced like... "Yahkoozah"
Only in sense that that U always makes an oo type sound. Yakoozah actually looks hella wrong... just... be weebier plz. Learn yerr japanese pronounciations. Ill work on my english spelling. XD
Cristopher DeJesus
i got triggered everytime he said Kawami instead of Kiwami
Deedric Kee
Game sounds incredible, I must have it now. I love these type of games
first day purchase , i dont need to know anything.
Love the Yakuza games! Can't wait for this, and hope they remake 3, 4, and 5, as well.
Michael Breen
With Tatsumi "The Dragon" Fujinami being in this game, I have a feeling he might not be in WWE 2K19 like he was in the last three WWE games.
I can't wait i'm updated and ready! plus I have Shenmue 1&2 to start the week before.
Every title from japan to amaricans "lets mispell everything", the nuke hit the wrong target :^l
Nostalgia Verse
It's the best Yakuza game remade in the Yakuza 6 engine. That's enough to warrant a must buy.
Andrewking 99999999
Kiwami 2 releases soon, Ryuji will get his ass kicked for the second time by me.
Irsyadi Aryadiva
Susumu Terajima was voicing Jiro Kawara in the original game, but in the Kiwami 2 version, Kawara's face were modeled after the actor.
Nguyễn Hải Dương
Too bad I've already finished the game before watching this.
Boogie Down
Kenshiro (Kazuma) vs Raoh (Ryuji)
People who are getting upset on how he says the game title are weebs get over it and just play it
I'm wondering if Yakuza Kiwami 3 will happen or we'll just get Yakuza 3 HD.
A S A P Dream
I really hope they add climax battles in this
AHK Al-Kaabi
Its 30 fps :(
Lucifer Morningstar
I want Yakuza 0 on dragon engine...
U Work 4 Me Now
I love yakuza but hate the dragon engine
Doom Slayer
Can't wait!
what about cabaret club?
M. Lankhof
So did it in the Netherlands, Dec 2017
I'm going to buy it.
I read this is the last they will make in the Dragon engine like 3 4 5 are not getting done I hope I'm wrong
Did they fix one of the failings of Dragon engine, static discussion scenes? People didn't really move their hands and only few important people were doing more than stand.
workplaydie wpd
The wii u ver worst selling by a mile...😓
Wait Chono is in clan creator?
Please oh please let Hōsei Tsukitei from Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! be a person that you can get in your clan that Chono can slap or at least someone that looks like him.
Colonel Kenpachi
So ya I'm buying this
its not ma-jima its ma-ji-ma and its not mo-ko-to its ma-ki-to sounds but spelt differently gosh have you not played zero?! or paid attention??
** khaled
Just buy the damn game you won't regret it
sebastian godoy ortiz
Yorha Lolibot
I'm already pre order this game (ง ˙o˙)ว
It's yakuza game so it's a must buy for me
Would it be better to purchase physical copy or on PS Network?? I heard somewhere physical copy doesn't have bonus stuff and only PS Network does 😐
Shahzar Khan
Pre ordered ! Can't wait.
The Phantom
Hope it runs better then Yakuza 6 on base PS4.
Thanh Hảo Lê
Before you MUST buy
shon new
Ironically the main bad guy is the kid who stole pants from highschooler from Yakuza 0.
Vishan Silva
This game is everything can’t wait to play this game shit is tight.
Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third
Okay, I get this video was more intended to promote Kiwami 2, rather than actually inform people of what they need to know, but you titled it that way so I gotta point this shit out cause it’s very important potentially negative details about the game that might make you want to think twice about buying it.

1. One of the districts/cities in the original Yakuza 2 is not in the remake.

2. Although the Dragon engine has been improved upon, the fights in the story mode are still piss easy. This is especially a shame for the fight with Ryuji where he’s a complete pushover compared to his original encounters, lessening his overall impact as this intimidating antagonist.

3. Probably not a good game to start getting into the Yakuza series. You’re better off trying Zero if you want to get into the series, cause gameplay wise, starting from Kiwami 2’s Dragon Engine to Yakuza 3 - 5’s combat is going to be somewhat jarring.
Homagni Dutta
I just got into the series with kiwami. I played the game for 18 hours straight. There's just something so addictive about the graphics and design language. Walking at night feels very very alive and I've never seen characters in a video game to be more alive. Japan knows how to tell a story and not to mention those random majima encounters are hilarious coupled with other pedestrian encounters and I never really got bored.
Magnus Kevinsen
How about you pronounce KIWAMI even more ridiculously?!
Yakuza 0 is surely the best
One more thing,No more flirting with cabaret club girls which is sucks
Based Inked Savage
Just buy
Texas Tex
Kelvin Martinez
What's sup GamingBolt :)
Played the first remake about a month ago. Blind buy and all and was blown away how fun it was. Found out that the games like 0 and 6 just kept the series getting better. Played about half way or so into 0 and I love it. I still need to pick of 6 and I will for sure be getting this game. I'm a fan of Asian mob movies and cop stuff like dead or alive, triad movies and even ichi the killer has a little bit if this series in it to me. Also it's just a bat shit crazy and fun game series imo.
No English audio?
Jesus Christ, you butchered every possible pronunciation.
God Hand
It better not have borders
Bad vidia boys
Maurice Phoenix
Lots of repeating scene😞
It’s so annoying that in every Yakuza you have to “clean up” the situation, Kiryu should have stayed the Yakuza leader and he could prevented all this drama and killing 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tron Edge
This game wasn't remade from the ground up. They put the dragon engine on top of the old game
Tyler Wise
This guy is a real expert on Goru Mahjeema
Uchenna Obi
Dragon engine is not their first title using it. Yakuza 6 used the dragon engine
Raz Kelly
Preet Dhanoa
#1 if they dub it in English instead of sub
xxXGravy TrainXxx
Spoilers much? Disliked.
U Work 4 Me Now
This game disappoints me so much.
what YouTube deems appropriate 1
Japan's GTA