Creating Cyberpunk 2077 | PS4

PlayStation goes behind the scenes with CD Projekt Red to bring you an exclusive look at their ambitious upcoming project, Cyberpunk 2077.
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Marcin Iwiński

We are so happy to be showing you more! You have no idea how shocked we were when the 2013 Teaser Trailer pulled in 13.9M views and almost 200k likes, and then we released the E3 2018 Trailer which pulled an INSANE 17M views with nearly 400k likes, and then we also released the behind closed doors demo which pulled in another INSANE NUMBER THAT WE NEVER EXPECTED! 14.2M views with 500k+ LIKES! WE'RE MIND BLOWN! We never EVER expected this amount of support and it's very humbling but also VERY terrifying! We REALLY HOPE that Cyberpunk 2077 lives up and EXCEEDS your expectations! We love you all so much!
MRB National
woahhhhhhh a developer open about the process of developing their game and being honest with their community AND caring about the product they’re making??????

Ain’t that just dandy.
Wake me up when the game is released.

*closes cryo chamber*
The announcement trailer came out when I was a freshman at college. Now I'm employed, married & about to finish my Master's next year. Time flies.
*When it's Ready*
BanzTag TV
It's so odd hearing Geralt praising something that isn't a Swordsmith's Craftmanship
CDPR : Coming when its rdy.
EA : Here take it , its broken.
l m
This is great and all BUT do you guys not have phones?
Direcode Vincent
Even if the game doesn't live up to the hype,I'll buy. I'll support these kinds of development practices any day, out of my heart . Not just because it was enjoyable or not. Just to stick it to the EA and the likes .
Bamm Boozoled
That’s how all games should come out..When It’s Ready!
I think they made this video to troll EA and Bethesda.

And I love them for it
1980:"there will be flying cars in 2019*
2019:" *Geralt of Rivia* narrating Cyberpunk 2077
Cale The Nail! PB
Geralt of rivia: is that sword I ordered finished yet?
Blacksmith: when its ready

Literally a quest in witcher 3
Templaric Legion
"PlayStation players" I wonder how much PlayStation paid for those 2 words.
If u haven’t bought the Witcher 3 yet do so. Cdpr needs the funds rn
Cavlakli Baris
This will bomb the whole gaming industry ! I bet !
Geralt Of Rivia should just narrate everything.
Szilárd G
CD Project Red: "Coming: When it's ready"
EA Games: We have spent 2 weeks in developement! Release this game already!
Lol using Geralt to narrate your game...nice touch CDProjektRed!
I'm 28 years old now. I figure I can wait at least another 30 years for this game.
Pearl Vesper
Everyone is ignoring the fact that they have stated they expect a Q4 2019 release. The game has been in development for seven years, I think it's almost ready guys.
Lord Kenneth
That should be your new slogan, CDPR.. “it’s coming when it’s ready”.

Basically an insult to companies like EA.
Novax Forever
CD Projekt Red gonna set a new standard in gaming! Ty for your hard work for bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to life! 👍😍🔥🤘😭☺
Why are you doing this?
Why are you reminding me that your amaizing game isn't out yet?
Are you mocking me? Do you enjoy my suffering?
"It was vital to make the player character, V, fully customizable."


Wait, you mean that level of "customizable"?

Conan: Exiles - Why not?
I'm worried for Marcin Iwinski's health. He looks severly stressed and overworked. Such a cute guy shouldn't have to be like that. :c
Geralt how did you end up narrating game trailers? Run out of monsters to kill?
Volker H
Geralt, is that you narrating Cyberpunk 2077?
im really happy for my grandchildren about this !
Matthew Ashley
I'm starting to think this game is actually gonna be released in 2077 tbh😂😂
Mike Jay
Is that Geralt's voice narrating this? It sounds just like him.
adrian colthirst
When Geralt of Rivia becomes a narrator.
Please take your time, finish the game. We have patience for a completed, well designed, and fun game.
i've never really played video games, but this looks fairly tempting!
I love how they got Doug Cockle (Geralt, White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken) to narrate this video. His is the voice of CDPR.
Roger Dalton
I only hope it comes before 2077
Mike T
“work on it is far from over" I've never been happy and disappointed at the same time.
Kyle Long
This game and the dev team gives me hope for the future!
Jack Lazer


I can't wait but after this past year of game releases I understand the need to wait, but I can't wait.
ME: counting how many years left till 2077...
CD projekt Red seems like the second coming of pre EA Bioware
Wait a minute. Is Geralt narrating the video?
Daniel Nobre
I really hope they commit to “when it’s done” indeed. But at the same time I can’t help thinking they still have to be very careful with how they handle timings.

In game and software development long projects are really, really hard to keep going, specially on the later stages. This is usually because:

a) funding/budget concerns - risk of just stop being profitable, having stakeholders pulling investment and not being able to resource properly

b) people moving away from the project as they leave the company or to other projects due to burnout (these are just part of life, there is no way around it). The newcomers to the project will not have the same level of attachment and commitment usually, so gradually the quality of the delivery starts to die down and gradually so does the motivation leading to the eventual death of the project.

c) technology evolves/changes quickly - of course Duke Nukem Forever is the cautionary tale for this that we all remember, with its constant need to update to new engines and shifts in gameplay mechanics that kept becoming an industry standard while they were developing the game. It’s became a cliche example by now. But it still applies in a way. People’s focus can change quickly into the new “hot thing” on the new “hot platform”... and when developing for so long it may feel that, suddenly, the platform in/for which you are developing is outdated.

I know that if there are people who are able to manage these typical issues with very long development processes is CDPR (and Rockstar), so I do hope they manage to pull this off.
Zabin x
CD Projekt Red + Geralt narrating ... enough to get me excited
charly power
CD Project Red please take your time! we can wait
iiam_ RomieRome
I absolutely love open world games... CANT WAIT!
It's still coming: When it's ready.

Take notes EA and Bethesda. (Activision too)
so nice that Ciri opened a portal to our world so that Geralt can do this video.
Daniel Szulc
CD Projekt Red makes Poland Great Again ^^
Hank Storm
Let me guess, runs 30 fps on your outdated toasters you call ps4
Whats the game based on? The keep saying source material.
"When it's ready." I love that. I wish more gaming companies would take their time with games.
"Coming: When it's ready"
This is all I needed to know the game's going to be worth it.
Decent MP3
Geralts Voice in these Videos is literally the best thing I have seen in a while :D
Wolverine Prime
Ya I think a third of the total views of the gameplay demo vid are from me. Watch it almost every week. LoL
Boistory 4
Coming when it’s ready that line sounds boss but I’m just toooooooo hyped I can’t wait longer
I think there should be a TV show in-game about Battle Royale. You could bet on winners and there could be common BR tropes and clichés...
Jashandeep Cheema
Take time cd project. I want fully detailed world. You got my money.
Mark 0
This is how you build hype. Transparency and open comms, instead of trying to force half baked content down our throats.
FINALLY something that looks FRESH! So fresh and so clean!
adnan rafiqui
*EA left the chat*
*Bethesda left the chat*
Looks great. I just hope those health bars above enemy heads can be turned off/optional
Rudy The Demon
This is how you stay involved with the community unlike so many other companies
Marcin Napiórkowski
I'm sure that this game will be my favorite even more than the witcher !
*In CD Projekt Red we trust*
Muhammad Suhail Khan Malik
is 2077 the release date or sumthin? even if it is, i'll come out of my grave to play it. :D
Are we gonna hear Geralt’s voice in the game?
Stephan Couderq
Having numbers pop out of your target takes the immersion away...I hope that is optional.
Friendly Reminder
Take your time making this game please! We want so much colliding buildings, interactive player via ai, places, different ways to get around and online multiplayer. So take your time projekt cd red.
Nour M. Salah
Geralt of Rivia narrating this makes me even more hyped. CDPR ❤️
Fernando Valles
They are taking forever to make this but the game seems so ambitious so I'm worried but excited and hopefully they fact it has been so long doesn't further delay it
Gizmo fromPizmo
Yeah maybe I'm too cynical but if GoG isn't the cashcow it was supposed to be chances are "when it's ready" might come sooner than we think.
Daniel Goodrum
I'm definitely getting a copy of this game! cant wait!
Please make this game everything you promised it will be. But please don't bankrupt yourself in the process.
"Coming...when it's ready."

This is what I wanted to hear more than the release date.
Demétrius Cunha
All aboard the Hype train.
was this narrated by Geralt of Rivia
sam wardin
These people look so tired creating this game. I'm gonna buy this game for sure.
Hazardous Gaming
presented by geralt in title would have helped your video lol
Based Rami
Gotta love CDPR, giving us a character customization just so we can make Garelt again.
Ardit Sadiku
2:56 R.I.P hand...
"it's coming when its ready" More games need to think like this, because a lot of games release way to early
Re'lar Kvothe
Take my money please!! I have never been more pumped for a game.
Dave Cullins
We've waited for so long already so waiting even longer won't be hard.
I'd rather have a polished diamond tomorrow than and pile of rocks today.
Geralt's narrating skills are second only to Dandelion's.
I'd pay more than $60 for this
Claudio Andrei
best selling game of the decade, trust me
Anyway I think they will release this game on 7.07.2020. There will be never such an opportunity to release game on more nominal date again.
random lurker
2019 is the year if SLAV GAMES
The fact they've kept this game hidden no footage to public till 2018 was unreal and the fact they said it's coming when it's ready instead of releasing half a game then the rest through updates/dlc is amazing a game company that knows what they are doing is very rare these days

Ps I hope I ain't dead when this release
Alex Nichols
this would be amazing in VR
Not very often these days you end up seeing concept art in the final product, except with more detail added along the way. Well done CDPR.
So, will you censor this game too, SONY?
James Ward
Ima definitely getting that it kinda of reminds me of Shadowrun for the Super Nintendo just far more advanced of course
Sandhiren Pillay
Y'all at CDPR building up to a release window announcement aren't you?
Captured from pc 😂
Thanks, Geralt! I'll believe anything you tell me!
Nick Piovesan
Plot twist: releases in 2077
Did they blur out a storm trooper or something in his shirt? 0:18
It's coming when it's ready...
EA take notes 🙏
Wojtek Sz
I had a dream, that one day RED's will co workin' with Mr. Kojima, one day... I'm telling You...