The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter World

Never played Monster Hunter before? Interested in Monster Hunter World? Look no further, here's your complete beginner's guide!
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957 комментариев
he doesn't get to the tips until 3:45 ...
Step 1: Don't die of hype before the game comes out.
H4ZZ0R Gaming
"This my friends, is Monster Hunter World." ~a single tear rolls down the cheek.
yari leewens
even as a veteran this was a fantastic and informative video helping not only introduce the game to newcomers but also to bridge the gap between previous titles and World. My only gripe with this video is that I can't hear you clearly, Alex, over all this HYPU
Tyto the Owl梟
Seriously Capcom should hire you for all the work you did for them.
Jude Mathis
Longest 16 hours of my life.
Auron Kardek
Monster Hunter World ULTIMATE already ???
Elder Maxson
(for me)
Cesar Lagunas
Who ever bought digital copies get ready for midnight !!!:DDDDD
Pro tip: this game is less about reacting to attacks and more about preparation and anticipation.
Quentin Smith
Well, basically summing it up, Monster Hunter is much like real life. One mistake, and it may cost you your life.
Scotty J
It's downloading now, never played the game, great guide you've earned a sub from me👍
King Rexy
Does anyone else feel like they woke up to early today? I wish I just slept tell 11
Damn every thing really do look cooler when you’re not bouncing off the monster with white sharpness lmao
Andhika Maulana
I choose the series that will be a legend. Never knew it will go this big since the 1st game came out. Long live MH
I'm watching this while taking a small break after playing for eight hours straight, brushing up on old type and tricks.
"And Soon PC."
7 Months Later...HA!
Rage Against My Hairline
Thanks very much for this; I was so very lost when I started and this really helped :)
Step one: spin vigorously
souw i am interested in the Heavy Bowgun...the Shield on it to be Exact... does it Block Random or if i am aiming ? how exactly does the Shield on the Bowgun work ?
Search no further, we have the ULTIMATE guide over here~
Marcos Sanchez
I’m absolutely in love with the fact that the main theme is soooo low brass heavy. It almost sounds like a trombone choir 😍😍
Aaron Brooks
The Tyrannosaurus Rex is ruining my life
Jake Thompson
How is the music? MH4U had a fantastic soundtrack, and would get me so pumped to fight monsters, is the soundtrack in this one just as heart pumping???????????????????
NxA Kush
I can't get the game till Valentines day

(Edit: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭)
Jordan Taylor
Excellent. Just what I needed to know as someone new to the series. Looking forward to checking out all your videos.
I gota say I'm loving that new opening for your emblem. Keep up the good work!

Side Note: Turning on Notifications ^__^
Carpe Mkarzi
Cool, unless I win your give-away I’ll see you when this drops on PC. Nice intro to the game.
Thanks Arekkz, this is just what I needed! Excited to finally get to grips with this beloved series. 💚
CrazyJay 5000
It's been a long time coming guys. We're almost there though!!
james quinn
I’ve been waiting for this since the first trailer
alex lachica
Dancing around with the longsword is really beautiful and fluid when you know what you're doing :D
Pablo Velez
My first monster hunter game and I'm so excited to start. Ill be keeping a eye on your page for all the help videos.
Thank you. That really help me understand what I need to focus on in Monster Hunter World.
Dan Charlton
Awesome vid mate, always appreciated. Every morning I hit the notification box and hope theres something new from ya.
Very_Manly Hunter
love how they show scences of hunters getting beat
Joshua Bruce
Thank you so much for the tutorial! Amazing game.
Wright Way Gaming
CAnt wait to dive into this tonight when i get home super hyped, going to record every monster i Kill haha
Bossu Sugoi
haven't been this excited for MH since I modded my psp back then to play portable 3rd
Thank you for making this video! Plan on getting into this when it hits PC!
arshia hooshmand
Soooo I've been counting the days until i get my hands on this game....i just realised i don't have any money , don't have the time or friends to play with...see ya in spring
It’s been good watching your channel grow man !! I’ve been here for a while and all I can say is that your my number one channel for all gaming !
Nora Anthony-Taylor
Last saturday, I knew nothing of MHW and MH in general. Now, I'm so hype to play this game tomorrow I can't stop watching videos. Thank you for these!!
I remember when I first brought the game on PS2... The memories. I didn't know to craft and only brought shops from the weapons until about rank 3 where I realized that you could upgrade them haha
It's been fantastic seeing how the game has grown over the years. <3 I can't WAIT for MHW tomorrow!
Bark X
Thanks for improving your intro-screen ^^
That intro music( ̄∇ ̄)
Brings back memories
I think the next time one of my friends ask me about monster hunters world I’ll send to watch this video
Goosebumps man, goosebumps. Can’t wait for the preloaded game to be playable!!
Sophie Archer
whens the dual blade weapon tutorial? ;3 they are by far my favourite weapon and this is my first MH game
I actually just wanted to know how much it's different from 3,4,gen and the other games
Getting a new pc soon (gets shipped the next days) and I get the game tomorrow
My current pc couldn't play it until now that's why I'm 1 year behind
Trigger BladeX
Just wanted to say, thanks. This game looks really interesting to me.
Mikerino Huh-erino
That was almost a Skill-up sized intro to the video, history lesson obtained doo doo doo
Eye C U
*shows image of MHTri on PSP, a game that only released on Wii* Hmmm ;)
alex scott
"sigh" I have to work tomorrow, so I cannot stay up till midnight to play the game.
Verrin Bladeborne
Your guides are very comprehensive and easy to follow, thank you for the information.
boy, your channel's gonna blow up [even more] after this game releases :)
Freesia Crieyer
I've played MHFU,P3rd,4U&Gen; I keep asking myself why am I watching this video. Apparently the best answer I can find is QUALITY CONTENT. Good as always^^/
Thx for the guide! It's really useful even i've played since first generation.
You should make a video on multiplayer mechanics. Me and my buds (all new to MH) are having a hell of a time joining up on exhibitions sos flares.
Nash Roque
Any idea if it will go cross flatform? Just wonderin' 🤔
when a Broken part of a monster drops, do i need to pause fighting to pick it up, or it's picked up automaticly, or by the cat?
I keep seeing/hearing that there's only like 30 large monsters does anyone know how many there actually are
@Arekkz Gaming, as much as i'd love to have been taking my time.. that HR6 requirement for the hzd mission pressured me into rushing through it. Wish they hadn't done that.
I'm borderline depressed that I have to wait so long for this to come out on PC.
Thanks for these helpful videos, whenever the PC version will arrive and I fix my overheating problems, I'll get this game
Excellent! Definitely a must-share vid for all my friends who are new to the series :)
Jimmy v
Almost 2 mins in and still haven't got a tip
Edwards Ramos
I’m so hyped. I’m actually drooling while watching this
Thanks for the video, quick question, does your party size effect the health of the monster?
Dan F

What armor set is that!!??
As overused as the phrase is, I think the best way to describe Monhun's fighting style is "Like Dark Souls, only deeper."
Just bought this game and this video answered the main questions I had. Thanks for the vid 👌
Carlo Ignacio
HEYYYYYYY CAN YOU ANSWER ABOUT THE HUD? Did they tweak it? Thank you so much Azerkz
Ben L
Love the intro! Keep it up!
Victor Thipsomphou
Good job Arekkz on a well done introduction for new players!
I'm going to solo every monster until I have collected everything and then like I always do I'll help new players who are struggling.
Robert Helie
I was lookinh for a recommendation for weapon choice im going to be joining a hunting group with a LS DB and HBG and wanted to know if there were any weapons that could really compliment that group
PeFe Gamer
When Arekkz forgets the best system a monster hunter game has ever been on....

(*Hint: It's the Wii*)
The Elder Gamesmen
Thank you so much for these videos. I'm a totally new to the Monster Hunter series, but I am excitedly diving in on Friday.
Too much "intro", jeesh
Ripe Apple
Im going to stay up till 4am over here from the west to play this LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!
For some reason I'm getting the same feeling I got when I played blood-borne for the first time. Just bought the game and kind of intimidated to play it.
European hunters where you at?

Kevin Smith
Can you do videos on how to upgrade your weapons and armour as I’m confused how you do this especially the weapon trees
Connor O'Neill
When you're the 666th view
Carl Springer
Let me just say Thank you Shopto for shipping the game to me an entire day early, but more of all Arekks for giving my daily fix
Ocean Man
Will you do a playthrough? Also could you a guide on the weapon progression system and sort of explaining what is what(you know sharpness, elemental damage, so on and so forth)
Does anyone know if Xbox users will be able to pre load the game??
Skitch 1965
Man I just started and missed the pop up on how you dismantle the armor and get resources back in your inventory
The Unity Dev
New Monster me like lets run in circles to see what It does
Lijah Ayala
Add me as a friend psn name is ayala7, I really want to get into this series, the game has a learning curve but seems very rewarding!! Keep up the good work A! Been watching your vids since Destiny vanilla!!
Sassy Sasquatch
Holy shit, 4 minutes of bs. Cmon I know you need to get that watch time and ads but seriously
Just Mistic
I already pre ordered XD. If anybody wants to play add me on psn Mistic_Slayer
Cronos Videography
Quit teasing us with so much cool videos about a game that we still have to wait a day for.
Paul Walker
Just wondering (as a complete noob to MH), are there any weapons with supportive abilities?
Thanks Arreks for making awesome quality videos like this! This is the video I'm showing all my friends to get them into monster hunter! And you explained everything beautifully! I hope to hunt with you someday!
Guerrero Colombiano
Thanks. I buy this game when it come out but i never play it^^.. I going to give this give it a chance thanks man!
Charge blade or Greatsword?! My dark souls roots say greatsword, but my fighting game roots say charge blade!!
Raven Starz
For MHW pc what is a endgame set for Longsword users who enjoy crit damage?
but also dislike roars