PERSONA 5 - Battle and Dialogue Gameplay

Played on PS4 PRO, recorded via OBS, sorry for that mouse pointer lol
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Steven Bowser
"dialogue gameplay"
Skips dialogue
The Wizward
Wonder how this translates to Smash...
Aizen Sosuke
Am I the only one or this game particularly remind u of Jojo and the stands
Dallas Fitzgerald
Why in the world would you record a video like this, include "dialogue" in the title, and skip through all the spoken dialogue?
Curseius Gaming
for being dialogue gameplay you sure skipped it all.
The girl in the bikini kinda looks like Catherine.
This game looks so sick
Giovanni Paradiso
Ah... the good old persona <3
Soon as i saw it was turn based I immediately canceled the order
Akioblast 95
The best voice acting since persona 4, they make them sound like Harry Potter casting magic
I also wasn't very fond of turn-based games but i took a chance with Persona and i LOVE it. 20+ hours of gameplay so far and it's so good. the story is intriguing and the gameplay is actually fun for me .

I'd encourage people to take a chance on it.
kawaii JP
decided. i will buy Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.
JAMI Muhammad
Persona heavily is pulling off blue dragon
philip valenzuela
Turn based is 😍😍😍
Yo what’s the song in the background?
Felix Arsene
If you think we can just pause the video to read the dialogue, then you are screwed. There are many uploaders better than this
RedTheYiffer Furry Filth & misc stuff
Meh, I personally think that lisa the painful has more fun combat.
Shivam Solanki
I so wish they release this game on PC! I am a huge fan of RPGs
Turn based RPGs were my childhood XD
Akis Mou
Sooo... its an anime final fantasy game?
David Thorpe
After reading the reviews and looking at this footage, I’ll take a pass. Thanks for sharing, you just save me a few quid
Ginny Rose
Nice was looking for another turn based game after finishing DQ11, I personally love strategy and turn based rpg games, Disgaea, Digimon Cyber sleuth 1&2, FF world etc. If anybody has others to recommend please do ^^.
Burner Account
Imagine if GameFreak used the Battle System from Persona 5 for Pokémon Switch?
Hope this game comes for Switch!
Cool Ripple User
I don't know If I like it turn based was never my thing after games like final fantasy or dark souls
Kleanthis Athenian
Seems like a nice game. To bad its too late for me, I am not 15 anymore lol..
Habitual Assassin
Do you remember what difficulty this was on?
Sucio Thach
hm nah
I think the only way I can truely enjoy a turn-based RPG is with no graphics/animations/visual whatsoever. I've played a handful of text-based RPGs and I didn't even recognize that's what they were because I imagined my own visuals that would flow together and form a battle that was cohesive and "action-packed", not the 'standing around' that these graphical ones display. The meta is practically the same, but without the visuals of people standing 10 feet away from each other doing nothing, while I think. The game can describe what happens while I imagine it, simultaneously allowing me to focus on the stats of the fight, or the story at large. Undertale seemed to do a good job of combining story/world-building with its turn-based encounters, but again, it's highly text-based.
Captain Hyrule
Story is awesome but turn based battling is so boring, just my opinion I always liked that you can move your character and make combos, positioning your character, dodging, aiming. But even if you hate turn based people should give it a chance
Pastel Wraith
Oh, it's a JRPG.... This also wasn't a great chunk of story I'm sure, but the game looks like it's all flash, little substance.
David Walker
i like turned based for like gba and whatnot but for consoles like this it's a turn off I'm glad the newest final fantasy is kinda open world
Still looking for something like Nocturne
Felix Arsene
Gonna report you for misleading here. Dialogue gameplay? You skipped there voice acting!
Puteri Marisa
Who cant understand the gameplay at all? No? Just me..??😶
Maçã Verde
If you don't want to show the speeches just edit the video before posting.
Late to the comments, but you guys disappoint me. Turn based games are strategic and classic to the RPG genre. Just because there aren't as many RPGs that follow this format doesn't mean the game isn't fun. Most of the commenters are just here because of smash and being unfamiliar with persona or just too young and probably never played a turned based RPG. I'm here because I want to pick this up again. Don't knock it until you try it
Yves Gomes
Can you carry many healing items and just spam items to win, like in FF XV?
Morgana in smash > Joker in smash
Roel James Ramos
GO PIKACHU!!!!! Wrong game...
Z Rus
Persona 5 still not on PC
This turn based gameplay is the ONLY thing stopping me from getting this game. I heard it’s REALLY good but I’m not a huge fan of turn based AT ALL.
BoJack Horseman
Hey gaiz, here's a battle and dialogue video of Persona 5! *Skips all dialogue because it sucks in English compared to original Japanese*
Arsene Lupin
best game ever
Yahir Mijangos
so this is the jojo's ripoff?
The first 2 minutes of this video might actually be the most boring thing I've seen on YouTube...
Zeldedede Ab9
Looks like another generic anime swordsman. Should fit well with the FE cast in Smash.
hsjak jsjksns
Shawn M.
Oh Yea, now I remember why I hate games likes these.
Well I couldn't care less about this random dude getting into smash, I hope the next dlc fighers won't be as disappointing.
The Batman Guy
People find this fun? Wtf.
Harraz Hafiy
Davide Vecchio
This game Is trash