Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | PSX 2016 Announce Trailer | PS4 Pro

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Davilas Vas
2 games on my list!
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Last of Us part 2
Just have to wait.
Vlan Doom
PlayStation never ceases to amaze.
Shut Up And Take My Money :v
Your Lie in Kentucky
I'm so confused! DLC or stand alone??
Naughty Dog is DEFINATELY GOING TO bank! They are taking $120 off me guarenteed with The Last of Us Part 2 AND Uncharted: The Lost Legacy!
Naughty Dog should make the next Uncharted 4 DLC a prequel with a young Sully.
Last Of Us 2, Crash Bandicoot remaster, This. Naughty Dog I can't even...
Chloe is in fact Nathan Drake's replacement?
Shab. B
Naughty Dog gameplay, graphics and storyline man never disappointing. They're the best in the business. Also I love the idea of this game take place in India, new environment
Benito Guerrero
Naughty Dog!
You're giving us The last of us 2 and Uncharted the lost legacy, You're going to give me a heart attack!
whotf cares
looks more like Uncharted: Aleppo
2017 list of games so far :
Horizon Zero Dawn
For Honor
Last Of Us 2
And this sexy beast
As always with Naughty Dog this looks amazing, can't wait for it to come out!
Adam Vaaulu
Ellie and Riley
Kickass Kush
1:20 they are speaking hindi !
Is that nadine?
I love that they are also speaking indian
From all the interesting characters they could choose the go with Chloe and Nadine?

Chloe is kinda okay but also irrelevant to the Uncharted story.
But Nadine? She acts like a man on steroids and she isn't even a man. I can't stand her.
Keepn it Real
Ohh yea keep bringing them top sellers games uncharted last of us God of war days of gone PS4 you Rock!!😎
IAmTraSh 6
" YOU are late!I thought you were a professional "

*Huff* *Puff*

"Oh Relax... You'll life longer"
Avenge Zpec
Those naughty dogs did it again!
Thanks for this and for tlou part ll
sergio robledo
8:08 is that Marlene from The Last Of Us?
Nathan Arrowsmith
I missed the Naughty Dog logo at the start. I was convinced this was Tomb Raider. Funny how similar Chloe looks to Lara. Either way this is awesome!
Good Villan
I wish that this game should be in Physical Copy !
isn't that nadine?
Senhor Omar
Q fodaaaaaaaaaa n posso esperar
Battletoad _
"You Daughty Nogs" - Caddicarus
Noooo Nathan!!!!! :(
The Dave Show
oooh dammit, I really thought "SPOILER" - his Daugther would continue the legacy
Vedanth Ganesh
So I only started playing Uncharted 4, I have not played the other uncharted games. Can somebody please explain to me who these people are?
Denver LeBoeuf
It looked like an amazing game just wish had same character as 4😥
Will anyone else miss Nathan and Samuel drake
TPMK Suavé
I'm so emotionally and mentally confused right now
owna Keeper
As always we have watched the whole damn thing in the trailer so no need to buy it now. You cant fool me twice naughty dog XD
una pregunta eso solo sera exclusivo para ps4 pro? ,
A question the game will only be available for ps4 pro?
Johannes Isaksson
Chloe! OMG HI! :D
Dave Peters
Tough ladies, i love these characters, excellent stuff.
Medieval Richard
Finally the DLC is coming! I purchased this months ago!
Holly shit, i've never seen a gameplay with this level of quality.
David Stanford Jonathan Meissner
This is just simply ridicoulusly insane!! I love it!! :D So excited for this!! :D
Ira Mitroshin
Naughty Dog not only are you giving us the last of us 2 but also uncharted the lost legacy which takes place in india. You are too kind. P.S Activision take lessons from Naughty Dog they don't release the same game every year
Cole Floyd
aimee -
wow, two game trailers in one day? way too excited for this! 😊
Cee Francis
Naughty Dog = Playstation's Backbone. Always delivering 🔥🔥
I just realized that was nadine with your girl. I can say that nadine has turned good in a way
Ppap 28 Ligit Hypebeast
Then Once it is releases I'll post game play btw I'm posting gameplay on battle field 1 and watch dogs 2 soon
Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
Since when Uncharted moved from haunting treasures to haunting Bin Laden?
Kris Ektham
Does the one of them look like Kim? 😂
richard williams
is that Nadine and Chloe. I was wondering what happened to Chloe after uc3
Looks like a CGI O__O AMAZING!!
Wilhelm Schroer
hmm it would good if this was a full game and if they also bring Sam AMD sully in a adventure in brazil
Andrew Austin
Uncharted 4: Homeland expansion.
T. Riley Roo
Hell yeah! Love me some Claudia Black. Chloe is awesome but Aeryn Sun from Farscape is one of my favorite television characters of all time. I missed her in Uncharted 4.
Vitto Corleone
finally INDIA👳!!!!
After this, we need more Sully!
Jordan Dymiter
Wow naughty dog really took me by surprise I can't wait to get this
lolo Queen
oh my god I'm so happy
Lina L.
dude there's so many great games going on 2017 & 2018. im so hyper😄
Evan Londono
i charlie cutter back 😭😂
Mr Underhill
Wow! I first thought this was a cinematic trailer! Great job naughty dog!
Mr Underhill
Wow! I first thought this was a cinematic trailer! Great job naughty dog!
Elmer Osorto
This is my favotite saga of videogames, they are so innovative
Oscar Manzano
Man who remembers Chloe in uncharted 2 she was bad asf and she still is
Kevin Moura
Get ready, because if Uncharted 4 was already incredible, I imagine a lot besides the previous games of the franchise !! We are not afraid
Narko I I The RainMaker
Chloe <3
Aka DaNGeR
omg guys speaking hindi awesome this is the game that every indian wanna buy
katrachosmoke L.
wowww new uncharted that's is awesome dude...yeaaaa
didnt see this one comming.. awesome!
Δημήτρης Πετρόπουλος
Uncharted my love...
Ashika Raut
finally india and it's on Hinduism...thank you naughty dog: )
Evan Price
breathe inventory certain museum fighter cluster laugh early medical combine.
Yesnier Merced
naughty dog specailist in amazing
Davinho Gaúcho
When is
Uncharted The Lost Legacy &
The Lost Of US 2
Out In Stores ??
Mohamed Vaseem
2:57, Name board of the shop is in Tamil
Jack Marston Child
Do we need to buy it separtly
i knew chloe from the beginning
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
finally! you get to play as the bad guys for once!
Royce Perez
it is only for PS4 Pro?
So we plays heroines and that freakin awsome!
ram77 ram
They made india look like Syria in this game 😂😂😂
Rahul Maharaj
when is this game coming out
Saa Saa
Uncharted without Nate?
Kathy Saunders
I thought that was ellie and riley as aldults
dam this game looks hella good i cant wait to play it
Samuel Flores Carrasco
Rizwana Fazil
people are saying urdu that's amazing man wow
Alex Mear
is this an expansion to uncharted 4
Agu's Chanel
Omg another day for playing the uncharted series and the last of us part 2 naughty dog catch my money !
Naughty Dog! lol

Uncharted 3
Uncharted 2
Apex 0
this is gonna be the first dlc I bought in YEARS. it better be worth it
selfishgxd ‘
When it's available?
Tyree Hackett Jr
8:02 THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shafna Azeez
omg is this story happening in india tat too from tamil nadu i can see lot of tamil words here xcited
chirag yadav
sir, I have a very serious question does it will work on only ps4 pro or in ps4 also
Joe A.
Drakes out of the picture. But I TOTALLY forgot about Chloe.
Matt28 Fiorello
Will This Game Be Released On Any System This Year
sorry for my english, bcoz I'm Indian
NEROlardo 1
Guys I want to have a clash between The last of us 2 and God of war 4